Marketing Principles

Various Strategies of Marketing Process

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Introduction to Marketing Principles

Marketing can be stated as a wide term that helps in developing effective communication between the business and target audience. Main purpose of business is to induce behavioral change on the short term or continuous basis so that large mass of customers can be attracted towards the entity. Marketing principles is the activity that helps business to promote the products and services to the end users. However, it is essential for business to provide required information to users so that set goals can be attained. It also involves crucial elements of marketing mix i.e. product, price, place and promotion so that firm can successfully launch new product into a new marketplace.

In the recent study, Appy Foods and Drinks has been undertaken that provides a wide range of healthy food and drinks options to its clients i.e. children and families. Main purpose of firm is to deliver quality healthy drinking options to its customers with no added flavors and artificial stuff. Later, a new healthy drink option has been promoted among different segments of market so that desired targets can be attained.

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Task 1

1.1 Various elements of marketing process

Marketing process involves different elements that help in satisfying the needs and wants of customers so that they can satisfy in an effective manner. Following are the different elements of marketing process...

Assessing of market and environment

It is essential for management of Appy to develop proper analysis of marketing conditions and environment where firm is going to operate. Such analysis can be carried out effectively by adopting effective external marketing tools i.e. PESTEL analysis, Porter Five Forces and Value Chain analysis so that effective market analysis can be done and results can be attained.

Identifying the target market

It is essential for the marketing team Appy foods to identify about the potential target market i.e. generation Y within UK as well as international market. It helps firm to enhance the sales and market share. Through identifying the target market for healthy fruit juice drinks it helps business to sell more products.

Setting marketing objectives

Appy foods needs to set effective marketing objectives i.e. attracting potential target market, improving market sales and size and enhancing profitability by 2020. All these objectives help firm to attain both the short and longterm goals and thus, this in turn will improve the brand image of firm in the marketplace.

Dealing with different marketing mix elements

Business plans to deal with different marketing mix elements i.e. product, price, place and promotion so that requirements of customers can be attained.

Implementation and control

At the end, it is the last element of marketing process that assists business to develop effective marketing environment as well as enhance the sales and market share. Here, business is also required to implement different strategies in order to attain desired targets.

1.2 Benefits and costs of marketing orientation of Appy foods

Appy foods and drinks involves different benefits and costs at the time of developing its products and services through either product oriented and marketing oriented approach. By adopting such approach, business can enhance its customer base and satisfy them in an effective manner. CEO of Appy foods is required to take effective decisions in order to achieve goals effectively. One of the benefits of marketing orientation is that it helps in developing customer centric approach so that company can render healthy food drinks to consumers in order to satisfy their needs. It also helps firm to enhance its brand image as compare to its competitors. It also improves the level of customer loyalty and helps in attaining high brand image in the food and drink market.

Furthermore, marketing orientation also involves some costs that put adverse impacts on the business operations of firm. Main disadvantage of such approach is that it enhances the expanses of firm which is required for huge market research. Appy foods effectively focuses on marketing orientation approach so that business is required to increase its cost on market research and then, they will be able to provide effective delivery of products and services to the potential clients. Another disadvantage of marketing orientation is that it also involves huge cost in the form of implementing latest technology so that sales and profitability of firm can be enhanced with the increment in market share.

Task 2

2.1 Micro and macro environmental factors influencing marketing decisions

Micro environmental factors

Here, Appy foods and drinks considers internal factors that influence business decisions to a great extent. It is essential for business to focus on suppliers within internal market so that required raw materials can be received on time. For instance, it is essential for firm to develop effective relationship with suppliers and also make timely payment to them. Another crucial factor is competitors that deliver different fruit and energy drinks in the market and thus, give tough competition on the basis of price. Therefore, it is essential for Appy foods to set an effective pricing strategy of its products in order to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Appy is already selling a wide range of foods and drinks; therefore it helps firm to enhance their brand value and achieve customer satisfaction.

Macro environmental factors

It involves political factor that states that Appy Foods and Drinks performs its business functions in different countries worldwide. Therefore, it faces issues because of different political rules and regulations. Business is required to comply with the regulations of government in relation to health and hygiene factor. Moreover, economic factor also affects the business operations as there is prevailing recession in the country. Therefore, consumers are not spending much upon energy drinks. Social factor also affects the people as it changes the lifestyle of people living in different countries. It influences the sales performance of business in the marketplace. Technology needs to be updated from time to time which requires high cost and it is essential for Appy foods to implement updated technology in order to satisfy the needs of customers. Another factor is environmental factor that firm needs to keep in mind as it is related to environmental pollution. It is essential for Appy foods to use recyclable cans so that it can reduce the chances of environmental pollution. Also, different legal factors such as environment law and labor law need to be followed by business so that Appy can enhance its number of sales in the market.

2.2 Segmenting Appy Foods and Drinks products in different markets

Here, Appy Foods and Drinks segments its new product like energy drink on the basis of geographic, demographic and physcographic segmentation. Within geographic segment, entire market is divided into different geographical parts in order to provide products to the diverse public. Business selects effective segmentation criteria so that it helps in keeping in mind the requirement of products and service. Furthermore, demographic segmentation involves income, age, education etc. Appy food drink undertakes income and age factor to influence customers to purchase the product. While, physcographic segmentation assists in attracting young people who prefer energy drink on the basis of attributes, beliefs and lifestyle. With the help of such basis, Appy foods targets young sportspersons who require energy drink to be consumed on the regular basis. Therefore, sportsman prefer to consume energy drink that helps in enhancing the sales and profitability of firm in marketplace.

2.3 Choosing targeting strategy for a range of products and services

Appy Foods and Drinks is required to undertake effective targeting strategy so that potential customer base like young sportsperson can be targeted. Here, business undertakes undifferentiated targeting strategy under which business not only serves within a single market but also delivers products among diverse range of consumers. With the help of such strategy, business is able to capture larger market share and thus, it can provide required products to sportsperson as well as young children and families. Business focuses upon such strategy in order to launch its new product in the market and target customers for the same. It provides products at high prices in order to fulfil the needs of consumers related to high quality. For instance, Appy Foods and Drinks helps in increasing the sales and profitability in market.

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2.4 Buyer behaviour affects marketing activities in different buying situations

Customer buying behaviour differs from one person to another and it depends on their mentality and perception that what they will choose or not. Further, it is also treated as an emotional process which Appy Foods and Drinks has to consider in order to increase their brand image and revenue for their newly launched product. Moreover, in order to increase its sales and productivity, mentioned enterprise can use advertisement and sales promotion technique. However, buying behaviour of different customers will affect the sales of enterprise. However, some customers have complex buying behaviour and other have variety seeking behaviour. The best stage for the cited firm will be if customers will have habitual buying behaviour.

Further, the product launched by cited firmis energy drink for sports people which will majorly attract the individual who loves support and wants to stay fit throughout the day. Mentioned drink is very hygienic and made with pure ingredients. However, acceptance of the product will depend on the needs and demands of individuals along with their mindsets. It is known by every business venture that customers are the king of market and market forces rotate on the basis of satisfying customers.

2.5 Positioning strategy for new product

Positioning is treated as goodwill which helps mentioned business venture to make brand image in the eyes of customers. Positioning is also considered as developing the image of new as well as existing products in front of customers. Positioning process involves change in the perception of individuals after experiencing newly launched health drink. Further, positioning strategy of mentioned firm is good since the incorporation of their services. Moreover, in positioning strategy, cited firm creates a message regarding their newly launched product and promote that message in front of their target customers by choosing different mediums of promotion. Further, they plan to promote the product through varied channels so that they will be able to attract large mass of people.

Furthermore, Appy Foods and Drinks needs to effectively positioned their existing as well as new products so that they can earn more of the revenue and profits. Further, product should also be positioned in the eyes of all working class people i.e. whether business person or occupation. Positioning is an essential factor which gives firm a competitive edge over their major competitors.

Task 3

3.1 Developing new product to sustain the competitive advantage

In the recent time period competition has increased in every field and organization is giving their best to get competitive advantage within the same industry. Moreover, competitive advantage is considered as a unique feature about the product which is analysed by the customers after comparing the product with the substitute’s ones. More likeness from the customers will lead to a positive flow for the mentioned business venture. Some competitive advantages for the cited firm are discussed down under...

Product differentiation

If newly launched product is unique as compare with competitor’s product, then surely product differentiation will come into play. Further, price of the products of Appy Foods and Drinks differs on the basis of raw material which organization is using for producing that product (Ghuman, 2010). Moreover, aforesaid organization cares for the customer’s demand and they focus on the best quality energy drink which will be in easy reach for the individuals.

Cost competitive advantage

In this advantage, enterprise uses skilled employees, inexpensive raw materials and superior operations for generating maximum value to the consumers. Although, some enterprises use offshore methods for keeping their cost of production as low as possible.

3.2 Distribution provided for customer convenience for new product

Distribution haveng an impact in raising convenience to individuals. In relation to this, distribution system of Appy Foods and Drinks will be competitive when it will compare with the other ventures who are working in the same industry. Further, in order to increase more of the sales for the energy drink product, mentioned company will sale it in retail outlet so that more of the customers will come to buy and due to this, sales of newly launched product will get increased. Further, aforesaid firm has a major aim in their mind that they need to keep the distribution cost as low as possible. Further, for increasing revenue, mentioned company can focus on the following distribution channel.

Selective distribution

It is a type of distribution channel which focuses on creating high market share by selling newly launched product at the organization’s retail shop or in different outlets of big retail firms.

Intensive distribution

Intensive distribution strategy focuses on making maximum availability of products within the market so that customers can get the best product at an affordable price.

Moreover, for increasing more of the sale in early time, mentioned firm emphasizes on online delivery of the product where commodity will be directly sold to the customers without intervention of any retailer or whole seller. For instance, McDonald's, Domino's and Pizza Hut have started this service which is supporting them effectively in order to increase the sales of their products.

3.3 Setting price of the new product

Different pricing strategies will help Appy Foods and Drinks to increase the sales and goodwill of their existing as well as newly launched product. Moreover, mentioned company's main aim is to increase the sales of the energy drink in the UK which will eventually help them in increasing the goodwill of firm. Thus, some pricing strategies can be taken into consideration.

Price skimming

In this strategy, organization focuses on keeping high price of all their products. This is done in order to cover the cost incurred in the development of product as soon as possible.

Competitive pricing

Appy Foods and Drinks emphasizes on developing impelling measures of pricing and focuses on keeping the price of newly launched product as low as possible. Apart from it, mentioned firm also checks the pricing strategies of competitors who are working in the same industry in order to evaluate competitive pricing measures for more growth and development.

3.4 Promotional activities for new product

For the newly launched product in the UK market, Appy Foods and Drinks needs to develop attractive promotional measures so that they will be able to improve their goodwill within UK. Further, if marketing department wishes to achieve their marketing objectives then they need to significantly follow the promotional activities. Some of the promotional activities have been discussed down under.

Online publicity

Online promotion is the latest concept and it is considered as the most effective means of promotion. Further, organization can promote the product through publishing on social media site such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Moreover, cited firm can also promote their newly launched energy drink with the help of other tools like social media marketing, search engine mechanism, etc. This process will help the cited firm in increasing the sales of product in the competitive market.

Aggressive advertisement

Aggressive advertisement is an important measure of promotion and with this, cited firm can create high market demand for their existing as well as newly launched product. Further, in this, cited firm can advertise the product with the help of various advertisement sources like electronic medium, print media, radio, etc.

3.5 Extended elements of marketing mix

Marketing mix is followed by mentioned venture only when they have adopted the marketing strategy properly and efficiently. Moreover, there are four major P's which are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. However, authors have changed the concept and replaced it with 7 P's model where 3 P's are additional and these are people, process and physical evidence.

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Employees are the essential assets of firm and they emphasize on producing the best quality of products at an affordable price for the individuals. Employees take care of hygiene factors and emphasize on delivering the best quality of products. Suppliers of business also play a crucial role in rendering the fresh products.


Marketing activities organized by cited firm constitutes some process or systems. Majorly, it includes uniformity of offering proper delivery and consumption of product. Further, they have to maintain supply of the product in all their retail outlets because customers do not used to wait for long and he or she will take no time to switch the product if it is not available at right time.

Physical evidence

Appy Foods and Drinks has clean interiors in all their outlets and such physical evidence gives individuals a sense of belief that their product will also be hygienic. Moreover, to increase their sale, they should imply some sort schemes on their new and existing products.


From the above report, it is evident that Appy Foods and Drinks is launching their new product energy drink and focusing on satisfying the needs and demands of their customers. Further, from this report, it can be concluded that firm attracts their customers with the help of efficient promotional technique by using market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy.


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