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How to do Communication in a Business Environment

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Introduction to Business Communication

Communication is an aid for a business to build the relationship among the employees and customers. In the business world. Efficient communication is vital for the routine functions of the business as it affects the sales and profitability. Without good communication at business has an impact on its internal and external structure of the company. Effective communication at workplace helps employees and mangers in forming highly efficient teams. It also leads in reduction unnecessary competition within departments and also work with harmony. In this study the two term are widely use that is IQ and EQ in which diff rents writers opinion is evaluated so that to find the idea of success with the use of IQ and EQ at workplace and also identify the vital role of them in communicating effectively and also addresses the intercultural elements of oral presentation.

Task 1

The famous professor Van Genderen’s has provide an article related to an investigation about the relationship between the competencies, emotional intelligences and leadership styles of Russian mangers who are working for MNCs. Through this article the primary objective of their research is to assist company working in developing their present and future business. according to him the concept of emotional quotient has become a very important for the people who are working in the MNCs as it effects people minds positively, In fact the author Daniel Goleman also believe that the person intelligence quotient is more important than their IQ ans is certainly better predictor of success quality of relationship and overall happiness in the life of the people who performing any task at workplace.

It is important to understand the EQ significances against the IQ in order to evaluate the idea of success for the corporate environment.

Physical Health

It is one of the reason that affect the working of the staff. The ability to take care body in order to mange stress which has an incredible impact on overall wellness , it is heavily tied with the emotional intelligences. Only by being aware about the emotional state and reactions helps in controlling the stress and maintain good health.

Maintain Well Being

Emotional intelligence affects the attitude at the workplace. It also help to avoid depression and mood swing. A high level of emotional intelligences always lead to directly positive behaviour and ensure happiness in the life.


EQ creates better understanding and managing the emotions. It is also able to communicate the feeling in a more constructive manner. It also makes clear understanding in the relationship in order to fulfil the desired results.

Conflict resolution

To resole the issues between the employees the EQ helps a a lot. By negotiations it is easier to solve their problems in an efficient way.

According to the Goleman

Eotional intelligence refers to an ability to recognise the meaning of emotions and their relationship, and to reason and problem, solving on the basis of them. It is also involved in the capacity to perceive emotions, feelings, understand the information of those emotions and require to manage them.

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Goleman suggest characteristics of EI as a list of personal and social form. Emotional intelligence is a broad description of an individual functioning or character that includes abilities such as being able to motivate oneself, to persist in the face of frustrations, to control impulses to regulate the moods, to keep distress from thinking negativity and to empathize and hope. And according to the Publisher Peter salovey, John D. Mayer they state EI which includes as emotional self control, accurate self- assessment, self confidences, trustworthiness, adaptability and conflict management by building bonds and team work with collaborations. Basically they define the EQ as the ability to recognise, understand and mange the emotions of others at workplace. EQ at work is about leadership, teamwork, management skills and partnership. The organisation which has emotional intelligent staff is excellent in creating influence over the staff , make business productivity by fulfil the groups desires by providing them reward for the efficient work.

Task 2

It is said that emotional intelligences is more vital than IQ because it is a skill which requires patiences and practices in nature that it can be learned. It also help in developing emotional awareness and mange uncomfortable feeling. While in IQ the person efficiency is measured through scores from one or more standardised tests which is designed to assess human intelligences. With IQ the employees knowledge can be judged but their efficiency to perform any task in an effective manner can not be measured. Hence in EQ the individual capacity and others emotions can be identified and by use emotional information company can guide the thinking and behaviour of employees so that they work with dedication. Emotional intelligence is the single best predictor that forecast the performances in the workplace and the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellences. With the increase the ability to develop the EQ it creates more trusting relationship in the business entity.

According to Van Genderen EI plays an vital role in communicating effectively. As it is become an essential part for the success of the business. Companies find issues regarding labour shortage which is important to hold the good employees. Problem also arise at the time competition when good workers feel not treated fairly at work. The best way to hold the employees by incorporating emotional intelligences into mangers personal and organisational management. Mangers with emotional intelligences understand that their staff members are first and workers second. This understanding guides how the best mangers treat their employees at all times.

According to Nicholas Giordano, when working in an company, an employee with a higher EI than other can convince his or her about the certain arguments by appealing to their emotions rather than presenting facts and figures. To judge the individual EI , an employees ability to express his or her feelings, beliefs and thoughts, recognise and appreciate the potential by mange his or her personal and professionals life under stress. For best results, employees must develop communication and organisational skills for good decision- making as well as good interpersonal relations with co-workers. An individual success rate at work is depend on his EQ.

Actively listening is always make better formal communication of the business as it allows the employees to actively understand information which is provided by the speaker and display interest in the topic. It also include providing speaker with feedback, such as asking the questions are help in knowing the speaker that the message is understood. While assertiveness is not necessary to learn but it is a skill that can be learned so that business environment can be created positively and understandable. It also help to build self confidences among the staff for improving their relationship at work and inn other areas of the life as well.

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By using effective listening it builds the great rapport and understanding with the speaker and allows them to express freely their views. It motivates them to ask for more task and job and improve flow of communication effectively while Poor listening demotivate the speakers and creates more dependences on the listener. For improving the assertiveness there is need to work on the following skills:- understand the rights, thoughts, needs and desires so that they value themself and protect their rights and also need to identify the needs and wants which to require to be fulfilled at the business. By using positivity and healthy manner avoid the negative thoughts and feelings. And also allow yourself to receive the criticism graciously. With this they can effectively use assertiveness.

Thus by incorporating them in the organisation, manager can improve their flow of communication . And the communication is only beneficial when the message is sending the same as the one received by its customers. Good communication helps to boost both the employees morale and productivity at the company which helps in converts prospects into customers.

Task 3

Van Genderen’s is a professor of international business and strategic management at IMT . He refers three elements that can be effectively use in oral presentation. The modes of persuasions are also knowns as ethical strategies or rhetorical appeals that signifies the speaker appeal to the audiences. They are ethos , pathos and logos. According to him, Ethos are the appeal to the authority of the presenter. It is how well the presenter influences the audiences with the particular subject. The influencing factors for ethos are clothes, vocabulary, slang and other aspects like rank, popularity etc. While Pathos comprises the emotional influences on the audiences. The goal of each speech is to persuade the audiences, therefore it is necessary to put the audiences in an emotional state. It is important for the speaker to know which emotions exists under given situations. And logos is the appeal towards logical reasons, thus the speaker wants to present an arguments that appears to be sound for the audiences. It consists of content and arguments of the speech. Like them there also objective to influences and persuade the audiences.

According to Yunxia Zhu ethos can mean believability of the speaker,the speaker has to create his own creditability by maintaining moral linkage to the audiences by his content. Pathos as an artistic proof focuses on using the emotions as a supplement to a speakers other means of persuasions. And lastly logos is taken to mean the logical, rational, evidential of as a speaker arguments . It is more logical and exercises a tremendous influence on western thinking and is essential for the study. It plays as the major elements in persuasions.

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Intercultural communication is a unique field of study with a focus on communication and cultural understanding and identity. People with other cultures have an difficult to operate. By interacting with them in a positive manner that help in learning about others countries and customs. A culture is a complete pattern of living. Three cultural elements have the potential to affect the situations in which people from different backgrounds come together which are perception, verbal processes and non-verbal processes. In Intercultural communication the chances of really understanding each other is quite low. Intercultural includes that two parties from different cultural backgrounds are involved. The message is interpreted is based on the culture and this is the major difficulty in intercultural presentations. The two cultures never look alike. Thus the greater differences between the two cultures involved, the most difficult it is for the parties to understand each other. Co- cultural theory can be use for the co-cultural communication which refers to interactions among under represented and dominant group members. Co-cultures include but are not limited to people of colour, women, person with disabilities and lower caste classes. Therefore this theory looks at the strategic ways in which co-cultural group members communicate with others.


From the above report it is concluded that effective communication at the workplace plays an vital role in increasing employees morale and maximise the productivity. With the proper flow communication it is notices that it saves time, it facilitates coordination of the task, provides emotional and social assistances to the organisational members and help in resolving the conflicts. In the first task the relevance of emotional intelligences are evaluated based on Van Genderen and also define the features of EQ with the references of Goleman. Further in task second the EQ role in communication is studied and also explained active listening and assertiveness to improve the flow of communication. lastly in task third the Van Genderen three elements are studied and also identify the intercultural elements in order to implement effective communications.


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