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Business events can be defined as a practice of integrating business logics for attaining a specific objective. Managing such types of an event is very complex task for the organizations. It requires appropriate planning with time scale for attaining objective with a specific level of standard (Jalal-Karim, 2013). The current research project is based on business event management in which it will focus on career fair event for students of LSBF. Further, it will be managed by ABC ltd which is one of the leading organizations of event management. The current research will focus on planning of event, allocation of resources and execution of the event (Linskell and Hill, 2010). Further, it will compare the actual performance of the event with the expected and required level of standards.


1.1 Developing a set up plan for the event, choosing the completion date and allocating responsibilities

The current project is focused on a career fair event of LSBF which is managed and planned by ABC Ltd. This event will be completed by 20th Feb. Career fair is an event in which the students can take appropriate guidance about what career to pursue in future. In addition to this, in these types of events students who are looking for a job can easily meet possible employers. Major goal of this event is to increase the work based learning opportunities for students of LSBF. Along with this, to provide a strong network to employer for selecting right candidates especially among the students of LSBF is also a major goal of this event (Luckham, 2011). Event manager of ABC ltd is responsible for entire planning of career fair, making communication and allocating responsibilities to all team members. Including this, he/she must assure about attaining goals and objectives of career fair by event plan.

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1.2 Choosing the appropriately sized team with the required knowledge and abilities

Event manager of ABC Ltd. has chosen an internal team of operation department which includes 9 members. Every team members has some specific skills, capabilities and knowledge to complete different tasks of career fair event. Team members are capable to make strong communication, leadership, management and coordination among team members (Etzion and Niblett, 2010). Roles of each team member are as follows:

Aisha Organisation of preparing & decorating the environment facility
Jakub Communication.
Daniella Co=ordination with security in terms of orientation behaviour. Organise preparation for visitors passes & reception staff for first contact as entry.
Theo Organising transport/travel assist with facilites other logistics.
Angela Organising & running of information point of any attnedant.
Thomas & Rod Organising catering refreshments for all attendees.
Issa Organising quality project.
Chris Organising cleaning logistics.
Jerry Security.

Figure 1: Roles and Responsibilities of each team members

1.3 Appropriate documentation

There are different documents which are necessary for completing this event in an effective manner. These documents include emails, minutes of meeting, proposal of the event and contract paper between ABC and LSFB (Moutinho, 2011). All these documents are also necessary for recording important information of career fair.


Proposal of the event will include following information:

  • Event contract
  • Responsibilities of ABC
  • Payment information
  • Cancellations
  • Promotion and advertising Applicable laws and other regulations
  • Schedule
  • Contingency plan
  • Budget, etc.


Table 1: Budget for Career fair event

Payment schedule


Advance deposit


Mandatory cost


Working budget


Quality budget


Marketing and promotion budget


Total budget


1.4 Plan the actions and resources needed to achieve the success of the event or project

Table 2: Event plan

Activities of event plan

Scheduled / completion date

Required resources

  1. Formulating aim and objectives of the career fair event
  • Developing responsibility sheet
  • Communicating responsibilities to the team members

22nd January 2016

  • Event manager of ABC
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  1. Developing plan:
  • Deciding different activities
  • Allocation of resources
  • Arrangement of all resources (Kutsch, 2008)
  • Developing a contingency plan

30thJanuary 2016

  • Event manager of ABC
  • Technical resources
  • Operation management team with effective time management skills
  1. Execution of event planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and control
  • Modification if required
  • Reporting and documentation

18th February 2016

  • Event manager
  • Operation management team
  1. Evaluation process
  • Evaluation of performance
  • Final project closer

20th February 2016

  • Event manager
  • Operation management team


2.1 Organizing resources to carry out the event or project

Above discussed event play will help ABC Ltd. to satisfy all needs and requirements of LSBF in an effective manner. Along with this, career fair will be beneficial for all those students who are seeking for good job and better career opportunities (Spekman and Davis, 2004).

Activity 1: Event manager is the most appropriate human resource who can formulate aim and objectives in an effective manner. He/she is required to computer and internet connection for communicating with students, team members and employers.

Activity 2: In this activity, event manger can develop appropriate plan and allocate roles and responsibilities in an effective manner. Event manager of ABC can conduct meeting for organizing resources to carry out the event

Activity 3: Each and every team member needs to fulfill all responsibilities in effective manner. It will help in implementation of the event plan.

Activity 4: In this activity event manager and other team members can evaluate the performance of event by comparing actual and planned performance standards (Emiliani, 2006).

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2.2 Performing regular reviews and evaluations including the methods and resources

Gantt chart of this event will be a best method for regular review and monitoring of every task of event. Further, it will also help in analyzing performance and actual progress of activities on regular basis. Meeting is also one of the best method for getting reviews from different team members is also help in making effective communication which will play significant role in analyzing performance of the event (Chalip, 2004).

2.3 Demonstrating leadership, effective time management and skills of prioritizing and delegating

For this career fair event manager needs to have some basic leadership skills which include communication, honesty, confidence, commitment towards work, positive attitude and creativity, etc. All these equalities help in making appropriate decisions for completing every task on time. Including this, for managing time in effective manner event manager needs to focus on missed deadlines, inefficient workflow, poor work quality and higher stress level. Along with this, manager needs to try to give best solution to resolve all these issues (Weske, 2012). These actions will help in improving work as well as also play important role in managing time in effective manner. In addition by deciding priority and delegating responsibilities to skilled and experienced person.

2.4 Assessing the significance of stakeholder analysis when formulating new strategy

Power and interest matrix is one of the major tool for analyzing stakeholder’s and their needs and requirements towards career fair event. Stakeholder analysis is beneficial because it helps in satisfying the actual needs and requirements of LSBF as well as students. In addition, using this analysis event management firm can easily identify most and least important stakeholders for attaining goals of event. As per this analyses LSBF is most powerful and interested stakeholders. It can change the entire event planning if it is not in line with the goal of career fair. Along with this, sponsors are also considered as important stakeholders because they provides finance for running different activities of event but, they are least interested towards different activities of event. But ABC Ltd (Ryszard, 2012). needs to maintain communication with both of these stakeholders. In addition, government, local authorities are not directly involved in the event planning but they can affect the event plan by their formulated rules and regulations. So, using stakeholder analysis ABC Ltd can easily identified.


3.1 Taking corrective action if necessary to keep the project on schedule

Time management is one of the important task to keep the project on decided time and schedule. Regular meeting and monitoring of the performance help in managing time in effective manner. Gantt chart is also one of the important tool for managing time because it helps in completing every activity on time. In case of delay in any single activity event manager needs to motivate every employee to give their best performance. It will help in completing each and every task on time. Along with this, using root cause analysis will also be appropriate method for taking corrective action because it will help in determining the actual reason behind the delay in project (Damm, 2010).

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3.2 Demonstrating team building skills and how to diffuse anger

Communication, leadership and motivation are most appropriate skills for managing team in effective manner. Appropriate communication helps in completing each and very task of event with coordination and one time. Participative leadership is most suitable style of leadership for taking important decisions. It will help ABC Ltd in developing strong relationship and communication between different team members of event. Motivational skills will play important role in encouraging each and every team member to give their best performance (Mark, 2005).

Along with this, in case if any situation where event manager will have to face a situation of anger and disputes than he/she has to maintain appropriate communication with team members. Along with this, event manager needs to listen both parties in the situation of anger. It will help in resolving issue of conflict and situation of anger.

3.3 Importance of effective co-ordination and clear communication when liaising with the team

Communication is important for distributing information among team members of event. It is also beneficial for communicating roles and responsibilities, review of performance, monitoring and evaluation of career fair, etc (Etzion and Niblett, 2010). Appropriate communication plays important role in managing inter team conflict as well and helps in completing each and very task one time. For making effective communication event manager has used emails, meetings, verbal communication, etc.

Co-ordination is significant for accomplishing career fair event on agreed time scale. It is required for developing a successful plan for this event. Along with this coordination is important for doing all important functions of this event (Spekman and Davis, 2004).

3.4 Carrying out an identified event or project within an agreed timescale

As per the above discussion the current event has started on 22nd Jan. All minutes of meetings and mails have reflected that each and every task has accomplished on time. After completing each activity the whole event will be completed in 22 working days. Therefore, it will ended on 20th Feb.


4.1 Creating clear records of communication both internal, external and of team meetings

Minutes of meetings and emails are appropriate methods to record all internal and external communication. Minutes of meetings has helped in recording all information about the allocated roles and responsibilities to each team member. On the other hand, emails have also generated by event manager to develop suitable communication with sponsors, external stakeholders and internal team members. These communication channel helps in maintaining written record of all information (Moutinho, 2011).

4.2 Demonstrating good use of information technology where applicable

As per the above discussion event manager has used computer system, internet connection for making communication. It is one of the best technology for developing communication with large team members in less time. Along with this, internet connection has also helped in promotion and advertising of this event in different areas (Chalip, 2004).

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4.3 Producing information regularly and on time

Communication through email is one of the best way to conduct monitoring of performance of the event as well as also help in producing necessary information about the event on time. This process also helps in making necessary changes for improving performance and attaining all objectives in effective manner (Weske, 2012). All these methods play very significant role in completing this event on 20 Feb.


The current research project has concluded using appropriate planning and suitable methods ABC Ltd can successfully completed this event on 20th Feb. For this event meeting with operation team members and emails are appropriate channels of communication. These methods have also help in recording necessary information in effective manner. Effective leadership, management, communication and time management skills are important for accomplishing a successful event.


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