A case study of London Euston Hilton Hotel

Research Report on Employee Motivation Under HRM Perspective

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The particular study is based on “To investigate the impact of varied ways of staff motivation under HRM perspective - A case study of London Euston Hilton Hotel”.


1.1 Formulate and record research project outline specification

Background of the study

Motivation is the best way through which businesses can increase their performance and commitment in the workplace. Thus, it states that it is crucial for firm to encourage their workers in order to achieve desired goals and objectives. Employee motivation is crucial for achieving competitiveness and success within firm. The main purpose of motivating employees by the managers with the aim to give their best efforts towards attaining organizational outcomes. There are varied hospitality companies in UK that provide financial rewards to their workers in order to encourage them and deliver their best to firm (Karodia and Rehman, 2014). However, it is critical for service industry to provide superb, efficient and effective workplace in order to fulfill the demands of clients. For instance, if the guest does not feel satisfied from the services of hotel it affects the performance and brand image of hotel in marketplace. Therefore, business is required to provide proper training and development to employees so that they can be encouraged and thus deliver the best services and products to consumers. For the present research, Hilton Hotel has been selected which is the leading UK hospitality firm that undertakes varied methods of motivating employees and attaining results.

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Research aims and objectives

The aim is to “To investigate the impact of varied ways of staff motivation under HRM perspective- a case study of London Euston Hilton Hotel””.


Research questions

  1. What is the concept of employee motivation within hospitality business?
  2. What are the factors that can be used to encourage employees and their best effort towards attaining business objectives?
  3. What are the strategic ways for encouraging workers in order to better develop and smooth running of hotel business?

Methodologies for data collection and analysis

For the present research, data will be collected with the assistance from primary and secondary sources. Thus, with the aim to analyze the importance of motivation among employees within Hilton Hotel questionnaire will be prepared. Furthermore, journals, books and online articles will be used for gathering secondary sources (Lau and Roopnarain, 2014). Thus, in order to examine the collected data for the research proper themes will be prepared. Moreover, it can be stated that through primary data collection method it helps research to collect the data originally. It also takes a lot of time and money. While, secondary data collection can be done through reviewing books, magazines or internet. It is second hand data collection technique in which data has been already collected by someone else previously and thus it is used further.

1.2 The factors that contribute to the process of research project selection

There are varied factors that can be assessed by the scholar which helps in contributing to the selection of particular research. It is as follows-

Scope of the research- It can be assessed that if the particular research possesses wider scope then it will be chosen by the scholar.

Interest of the scholar- Researcher always selects that particular study in which it has more interest (Filbeck, Gorman and Fink, 2015).

Contemporary issues- It is being considered as another critical factor that assists scholar in terms of selecting the particular study.

1.3 Critical review of key references

According to the view point of Khan and et. al., (2015), it can be stated that employee motivation is the best factor that helps business to achieve desired outcomes. It also assists firm to improve the sales and profitability of firm in marketplace. Moreover, it has been rightly stated by the author that through adopting different methods of motivation it assists Hilton to enhance the performance of employees. However, Lăzăroiu (2015), argued that in order to improve the competitiveness and performance of business it is crucial for them to provide different types of motivation factor so that workers can attain desired results. Hence, through providing monetary benefits to workers it helps them to carry out desired tasks and attain results.

1.4 Produce research project specification

It can be assessed from the present study that investigating the impact of varied ways of staff motivation under HRM perspective helps individual to achieve desired results within Hilton. Also, business undertakes inductive research approach so that research aims and objectives can be attained effectively. Moreover, the data will be collected through both primary and secondary sources (Miner, 2015).

1.5 Appropriate plan

Task / Duration in week

















Topic selection




Preparation of project




Formulating aims and objectives




Performing historical research





Research methodology





Carry out primary research





Data analysis





Evaluating results




Conclusion and recommendations





Submission of draft





Final submission to tutor





2.1 Matching the resources efficiently to the research question

In this particular part of the research, literature review has been carried out for the purpose to achieve the aims and objectives of the study.

Concept of employee motivation

As per the view of Pinder (2014), employee motivation is the concept derived from human resource management. Through different context of studies it can be assessed that motivation refers to a reason that assists an individual to engage themselves in particular behavior. However, it is essential for hotel to satisfy the needs of workers by providing them different motivation factors i.e. intrinsic and extrinsic that helps them to achieve desired results. It has been argued that motivation is the best factor that leads to enhance worker performance within business. However, it has been analyzed that working environment affects individual's level of motivation. For instance, long working hours, non-recognition for work done and aggressive colleagues etc. are the reasons for ineffective workers. Thus, in regard to overcome such factors management of firm is required to provide them varied motivational benefits that satisfies their needs and wants and perform their best. However, through worker encouragement business can attain a competitive advantage through higher productivity and enhanced customer service. While, if there is prevailing de-motivation among workers business will be at risk in regard to finances and other strategic objectives. Henceforth, worker motivation regulates the behavior of individual and enables them to attain desired goals of firm. Thus, motivation is the effectual psychological process that provides behavior, purpose and direction to employees in order to carry out their desired goals.

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Different factors that can encourage workers to achieve outcomes

According to the view of Gagne (2014), there are varied factors that can be undertaken in order to motivate employees to give their best performance and attain desired outcomes. These are as follows-

Working conditions- it is crucial for every enterprise to provide effectual working conditions and enough resources to individuals in order to execute the task accordingly. As per the opinion of Karodia and Rehman (2014), working conditions is the best way through which employee can feel empowered and satisfied because if the working conditions provided to person is not appropriate then they might not be able to attain desired results.

Pay and benefits- It is another factor that motivates workers to achieve desired outcomes. However, a low or minimum wage will affect the performance of workers and thus raise issue for the organization. As per the Lau and Roopnarain (2014), it is crucial for business to provide effective pay and benefits so that they can be encouraged in order to work effectively and satisfy the needs and wants of customers. Hence, it is significant for business to pay wages and benefits such as medical insurance and paid holidays etc. as per the position of workers so that they can deliver the best performance within enterprise.

Working hours- It can be stated that employers should fix the working hours as per the regulation of labor standard act. As per the view of Filbeck, Gorman and Fink (2015), employees of firm require to be recognized through their working style. Thus, it is essential for management to fix the daily working hours of individuals so that their relationship is not affected with management. However, for any extra working hour business should pay extra amount of wages or pay so that employees can be encouraged to attain outcomes.

Varied strategic ways for encouraging workers

It can be evaluated that there are different strategic ways through which employees of firm can be motivated. It also helps them to achieve desired success and smooth functioning of business so that results can be attained. As per the opinion of Khan and et. al., (2015), different types of strategic ways for motivating employees assists in identifying their requirements so that it can be fulfilled accordingly in order to attain desired goals.

Performance based financial rewards- Organization is required to measure the performance of workers on the basis of their capability and then decide the appropriate rewards so that they can be satisfied. According to Petcharak (2002), providing good rewards to the high performance workers sometimes demoralizes the low performance employees within firm. Thus, it is essential for business to encourage workers to enhance their skills so that desired results can be attained.

Non- financial rewards- Through evaluating the perspective of human resource management it is crucial for business to provide varied non-financial rewards instead of money such as recognition, praise, best working environment etc. so that they can produce results which money could never buy. However, all these rewards help business to develop and grow the potential of workers and achieve desired output and success of firm (Johnson, 2005).

2.2 Undertaking the proposed research investigation

In this particular section, research methodology will be prepared that provide the detailed description regarding the different techniques being undertaken by the scholar. It helps in performing the research study of identifying the impact of varied ways of staff motivation under HRM perspective in regard to Hilton Hotel (Åkerlind, 2012). Different techniques are as follows-

Research approach- In order to assess the aim of identifying the different ways of employee motivation in Hilton hotel inductive research approach will be used. Thus, with the help of this approach identified aims and objectives of the research can be attained effectively (Flick, 2015).

Research design- Here, in the present research descriptive research design will be undertaken because through using such study proper analysis of topic will be executed. Thus, it enables researcher in terms of drawing proper conclusions for the selected topic in efficient manner (Billig and Waterman, 2014).

Data collection- At the time of collection of data both primary and secondary sources are used with the purpose to gather the data for the given study. In the present report, questionnaire technique has been adopted with the purpose to collect the opinions of Hilton client base. While, for secondary data collection different sources such as books, journals and online articles are used (Reynolds and et. al., 2014).

Sampling technique and sample- In the current research sample size of 30 Hilton employees are selected. Further, random sampling technique has been used in order to carry out the results (Bauer, 2014).

Questionnaire (30 Hilton Employees) i.e. Male 15 and Female 15

1. Name
2. Age
3. Gender
  • Male
  • Female
4. What are the factors that affect individual level of encouragement towards work?
  • Financial rewards
  • Non-financial rewards
  • Public recognition
  • Working environment
5. What are the factors that de-moralize employees working in hospitality firm?
  • Low salary
  • Lack of opportunities for growth and development
  • Performance based rewards
  • Others
6. What are the things that you like the most about present hospitality business?
  • Working style
  • Flexibility
  • Training and development
  • Brand image
7. Do you feel equally compensated for the services provided?
  • Yes
  • No
8. Do you think management provides proper non-financial benefits to their employees?
  • Yes
  • No
9. Recommend different strategic ways that business should involve in its working style to motivate employees?

Here, different themes have been prepared in relation to the aims and objectives of the research. These are as follows-

Theme 1: Financial rewards are the main factor that affect the individual level of encouragement towards work.


Theme 2: Performance based rewards is the factor that de-moralize employees working in hospitality firm.


Theme 3: Management provides proper non-financial benefits to their employees.



3.1 Use the appropriate research evaluation technique

Interpreting the theme

Theme 1- Through the present research it can be evaluated that there are varied factors available that affect the individual level of encouragement within work. It involves financial, non-financial, public recognition and working environment. There are around 16 employees who state that financial rewards are the main motivational factors that helps individual to attain desired results. While, there are 8 people who found non-financial rewards to be encouragement in order to carry out the work. On the other hand, 4 employees found themselves motivated through public recognition and 2 from getting effective working environment within business.

Theme 2- Here, 12 employees out of 30 states that performance based rewards function mostly de-moralize the behavior of individual while working within hospitality business. Furthermore, 11 employees found themselves demoralized at the time of lack of opportunities for growth and development. On the other hand, 6 workers are de-moralized from receiving low or minimum wage rate while working in hospitality business. Overall, it can be stated that performance based rewards is the main function that de motivates the individual while carrying out their task within business.

Theme 3- There are 18 employees who states that management is successful in providing non-financial benefits to employees such as insurance, flexible working hours and paid holidays etc. Thus, it helps them to get encouraged and work towards attaining desired results. While, there are around 12 workers who are not satisfied from the different non-financial benefits received from hospitality firm. Overall, it can be stated that it is crucial for firm to provide non-financial benefits to individual so that it enhances their work performance to attain outcomes.

Evaluation of results

Here, the identified results need to be evaluated on the basis of the themes being carried out. However, it has been assessed that financial rewards is the best factor that helps in encouraging workers in order to attain desired goals within Hilton hotel. Thus, through receiving monetary benefits it assists workers to get encouraged and accomplish client satisfaction. Furthermore, it has also been evaluated from different themes that business is also required to provide varied non-financial rewards to workers such as paid holidays, compensation, insurance etc. that encourages them to work hard towards organizational goals and objectives.

Furthermore, there is performance based factor available in every business enterprise that decides the amount of growth and development of individual. Thus, it can be stated that it affects the morale of workers working in the hospitality business which ultimately hinders their performance. Here, an individual is judged on the basis of their performance and then accordingly rewards have been given so that satisfaction of workers can be attained. Moreover, it can be stated that the limitation of the identified results is that business is not emphasizing on non financial rewards such as flexible working hours, family holidays etc. Therefore, it is essential for business to work effectively in order to provide such benefits to employees and thus attain their satisfaction.

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3.2 Interpreting and analyzing the results

From the above study it can be analyzed that it is essential for business to provide varied motivational factors that affect the performance of workers within hospitality firm. Thus, it can be articulated from the present research that motivation of employees plays a critical role in order to enhance the sales and customer satisfaction within business. Employers need to provide appropriate motivational benefits to their workers in order to encourage them towards organizational goals and success. It is a crucial factor that is required to provide the best customer experience and thus improve the brand image of firm in market. Also, Hilton is required to undertake effectual human resource management perspective so that adequate resources can be provided to workers in order to encourage them towards smooth running of firm in marketplace.

Furthermore, it can also be evaluated that Hilton is also required to undertake various non-financial benefits which encourages workers to fulfill their requirements. For instance, benefits such as life insurance, flexibility, paid holidays and best working conditions are required for individual so that results can be attained. Thus, providing all such benefits to workers helps them to deliver best services within hotel and satisfy the needs of customers. Business also undertakes performance based rewards that demoralize employees because rewards will be given to them based on their performance. Top management reviews their performance and then decides to provide them adequate benefits which decrease their morale and thus bring dissatisfaction among workers. Henceforth, it can be concluded from the above research that business is required to undertake effective motivational ways so that they can encourage workers within hospitality firm and achieve desired results.

3.3 Recommendations

It is suggested that further research need to be done in order to evaluate the impact of different non-financial benefits such as family holidays, flexible working hours etc. on the motivation of workers within firm. From the above collected facts and figures it can be recommended to Hilton Hotel that it is essential for them to undertake effectual motivational factors so that best services can be rendered to clients. It also helps workers to satisfy their needs and encourage them to work effectively towards organizational success. Moreover, firm is also required to involve various non-financial benefits such as insurance, paid holidays and flexible working hours so that workers can perform their desired goals effectively.


Books and Journals


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