Communicating in Health and Social Care Organisations

Need of Communication in HSC Sector

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The function of the communication is very intensive with regards to the administrations of different kinds of works as well as the pivotal concerning the instance of setting up a constructive working place inside the company. The effectual interactive technique is considered to be as a massively essential for the health along with social care division. If these sectors possess’ effective communication technique then it might facilitate them to provide the focal point for accomplishing the requirements of the people who are suffering from diseases. In the given research study a brief about the convenience of the communication aptitude has been discussed which has been divided into three main parts. In addition to this, the different aspects which might provide an impact on the communication process have also been discussed thoroughly.

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Task 1


Based on the given case study it can be identified that Mrs. D was not happy with the communication system of the Day Care which she has earlier experienced. Now in order to deal with this kind of situation different kinds of theories which are related to communication can be applicable. But taking into account this particular scenario of Mrs. D who was not happy with the communication system of the Day centre the behavioural theory of communication can be applied.   It can be depicted from the given case scenario that in case of the health care sector the workers specially the nurses and the doctors require to cope up with different kinds of patients who has diverse requirements and having their own issues. As a result it is important for the workers to have a flair communication skill so that they can easily deal with the patients (Luthra, 2014). Now taking into account the behavioural theory of communication it can be said that this kind of hypothesis offered with the fact that different kinds of persons have different emotions as well as requirements and this theory provides to deal with all the necessities. Particularly in this case in order to keep the patients happy in the Day Centre the workers will need to be more dedicated to comprehend the needs of the patients then there will be a massive needs f developing the communication aptitudes. The behavioural communication hypothesis in this regards recommends that the individual have diverse disparities which also needed to be acknowledged at the tile of setting up of proper interaction with them. So, it can be said that the effectiveness of the behavioural hypothesis has massive significance with the effectual communication within the health and communal care sector.


It is a true fact that each and every individual has got a diverse kinds of needs and demands which is granted to be as one of the most pivotal and important basics for communications. The identical communication act might never be set up at the time of coping up with the workers within the health and social care unit.  For an individual who is working under a health care system needs to have proper listening and communications skills so that they can serve the patients with an ease. In case of the health care centre diverse patients may require different communication style with an intention to gather satisfaction along with the anticipated healing (Lloyd, 2009). The style of communication might surely assist in accomplishing the anticipation of the patients too. In case of these kind of day care centre most of the patients suffers with communication problem and it is the duty of the employees to comprehend the needs of the patients by maintaining a proper communication aptitude.  In addition to this the most prominent communication standards that are normal for the whole health care unit is welcoming them in a very constructive manner, with a grin on the face and so forth these are extremely essential correspondence crucial which are required particularly in wellbeing and social care unit. Maintaining a proper communication skill offers self assurance to the employees and point to be noted that the pressure might also be decreased accordingly. As a result in this manner these skills of communication might be deployed in a proper manner as well as effectually in the health care and social care units.


In order to deal with improper interpersonal communication at the Day care Centre first and foremost it is important will be important to identify the main branch of the issues.  Once the issue is monitored then it becomes simple to deal with improper interpersonal communication.  Few of the important methods which might help the health care units to deal with this kind of issues are:

In addition to the above mentioned activities the institution can also arrange for different kinds of fun activities in which both the patients and employees need to participate so that they create a cordial relationship with each other. Last but not the one of the best possible method to deal with this of problem is call for a meeting where the employees can share their views and issues which they face at the time of managing the patients and based on that resolutions might come up.


Although there are different kinds of strategies which might be used in order to assist the patients who are staying in residential home care but taking into account the Day Care Centre and the problems faced by Mrs. D it can be said that the best strategy will be to create an arena in which major works can be accomplished through use of technology. It can be identified from the case study that Mrs. D was facing in communicating with the nurse in that case the Day care System needs to install few software though which the patients don’t have to rely on manual calling they can call by using calling button which will help in solving the communication problem to a great extent

Task 2


Communication is an important part of good healthcare service and for any organisation, it is vital that the culture of communication is a developed and effective one. In my opinion, the most important aspect of a person’s work is that there is always the importance of the community and the way a person treats others and their cultures and values with the same respect. I believe that it is also essential to be aware and provide the same importance to others’ beliefs and when there is the need to see that all value the importance of communication and are able to communicate within the organisation seamlessly. There is a need to make sure that employees within the organisation do not differentiate knowingly or unknowingly between people based on their social status, age, race, caste or religion. When there is a discrimination two things can go wrong- the first being the targeting of a single person or grouping within people based on their place of origin or religion. The both situations hamper proper communication and can influence the communication and can lead to miscommunication. The respect factor is one of the most important factors in the communication within organisations and especially in healthcare organisation. In my opinion, and from my experience, if a person is not respecting another person, it can create a sense of hatred and can make the people feel down. Another situation I might illustrate is when there is a sense of groups between the healthcare providers who act in negative ways towards a patient because of their religion or race, and even because of their age. These are the reasons why a person’s values and his understanding of the right culture make it important to become aware of good communication.

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While there are a number of techniques that are implemented to increase communication and improve it, there are also a number of legislative rules and regulations have been used in order to make sure that the people are aware of the storing communication requirement in the healthcare setup. There is also the data protection act which is made to ensure that there is good and effective communication occurring between the healthcare providers and their service takers. The information of people in the healthcare need to be safeguarded and kept confidential and is only used for internal healthcare process. There are also discrimination acts which help reduce any chance of discrimination to proper healthcare because of the patient’s sex. There is also great importance of the equality to all sexes in the working environment and healthcare setting enabling all people to work as equals and be awarded in equal way there is also code of practice which is maintained by healthcare providers to guide and implement good rules and regulations within healthcare units.


Although communication is a part of the trade of healthcare, there are various policies to safeguard the effectiveness of communication and encourage people in the healthcare sector to uphold good communication skills. There are a number of regulations that are required to be followed and these are implemented in the view that these values and rules should be able to make the people understand the reasons why there is a need for good communication. These policies are a boon for the industry as the strict rules direct people to be more careful about their choices and how their communication skill s or behaviour might cause them to pay fines. There is also rules related to unethical behaviours which are always detested and people are now more aware of the situation and are appreciative of any resources and elements that help train people of the importance of good communication and values. These rules and regulations have also promoted good communication and a good setting within healthcare environment. This has created a situation where people are more interested in communicating and improving their communication skills.  


Communications is a two way process and there is a need to make sure that the communication can be improved through various processes , like the ones which are known to enhance the communication and make it easier to communicate. I in my opinion have some suggestions that can improve the way communication is within healthcare units.  

(1)Proper Training of Staff

Sometimes just training staff with theoretical concepts is not enough, real life situations and the learning process for new joined need to be interactive and challenging. There is a need for them to be able to handle different equipment’s and machinery and be able to communicate with patients in the form they understand- through words, gestures and hand signs. The essential need for training sessions is that they are able to understand the requirements of the patients and users and be able to handle them on their own.  

(2)Feedback Forms

Feedback is something which is highly important for the people who can benefit from the feedback or suggestions. There is a need to understand that improvement in communication can help if the person is able to understand and implement the required changes they are supposed to implement. There is also a need to make sure that these feedbacks come from patients, colleagues as well as the family or relatives can help provide feedback about the burse and help her assess the factors that make her good or bad.  

(3)Effective Strategies

All people must be aware of the needs for understanding the different requirements that are expected from them and also the approach towards the technology and the devices. The technology must be used for the betterment of people and people should be made aware of the facilities (Luthra, 2014).  

Task 3


These days the employees who are associated with different kinds of health care and social care units make utilization of standard ICT programming packages in order to assist the activities in health and communal care frameworks. The utilization of ICT in the health along with communal care framework comprises of a broad variety of ICT usages which starts from ambient support living, clinical x-ray technique, settlement assistance, and electronic treatment along with m-health programming usages.

A standard instance of using standard ICT software packages is Web 2.0 sociable skills along with communal programming which are apt for the use within the health and communal care sector. The use of this kind of ICT packages comprises of communal gathering facilities, associative filtering, communal bookmarking, and file sharing along with tagging. Web 2.0 expertise assist to administer the web based data along with understanding sources for instance like clinical along with exploration data within the arena of wellbeing and social care. In the actual sense, wellbeing along with communal care labourers confronts certain difficulties about the adequacy of the utilization of ICT. In the first part, programming packages is particularly intended for wellbeing and social care consists of “rigid prerequisites, for example, unwavering quality, execution, and ease of use”. On the second part wellbeing and social care experts don't believe the outcomes gave by the ICT applications. Practically speaking, wellbeing and social care experts ought to carry out standard methodology to address the issues of the ICT usages. So, it can be depicted from the above discussion that in case of any homecare unit Web 2.0 is mainly applicable.

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In general there are different kinds of advantages of utilizing ICT within the wellbeing along with communal care for the users of the administrations, care employees and care associations. The utilization of the ICT leads to the betterment of the wellbeing and communal care provision along with the results by means of effectual checking of the exercises. Exceptional approaches along with the proposal have been building up to deal with the requirements of care employees along with care administrations users. As a result the main benefits of using ICT in wellbeing and communal units are listed below:  


Sometime even with the maximum amount of dedication, there are there are some legal considerations that need to be understood by the people and the use of the ICT does impact on the health of the people. There is a need to understand that while all technologies have one fundamental reason for implementation, the success is dependent on a number of factors which are the cultural relevance. There is a need for professional health care providers to help the facilities and technologies like ICT to become successful and implement them in the different practices which are also culturally different. The use of ICT is applicable in only a few areas throughout the world, even though the facility is beneficial for the social and healthcare system. But it is also needed to understand that people are not equally befitted by technology or implement them in their healthcare equally. There is a need to also understand that not all facilities throughout the world can allow a huge budget for implementation of ICT or are able to implement them. There is also lack of knowledge within the people associated with Governments and healthcare providers who are unable to understand the benefits of the technology. ICT’s are made to suit the needs of a varied number of people, from providing information to patients, to improving their lives through constant information as well as creating and offering the needed ways to be able to provide mobile healthcare service. There are also the ethical issues that need to make user that these facilities are not impacting the legal and ethical mindset of people and need to be understood before people use these services. ICT’s can impact greatly and offer a better and more intensive tool to a better life, provided there is a need to make sure that all information is kept secure and safe and that all things are carried out in a systematic way.  


So, based on the above done study it can be concluded that communication is considered to be as a pivotal element which leads to effectual wellbeing and communal care administrations. Having a proper flow of communication assist in getting better the interpersonal association, given the fact that wellbeing along with communal care employees with the appropriate interactive skills to effectually assist the patients. The association among the care specialists and their customers is a viable apparatus for correspondence. Wellbeing and social care clients ought to see their care specialists as minding, solid, capable, sincerely steady, and sympathetic.


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