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Case Study of a Travel & Tourism Company

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Customer service can be considered as the provision of service to customers so that sales of firm can be enhanced. Here, employees are required to identify the perception of consumers in regard to deliver quality services and improve customer satisfaction. Each and every enterprise provides priority towards customer needs and adopt effective customer service policies so that standard service delivery process can be maintained. Apart from this, businesses are required to value their clients by providing better customer service and enhancing the market share of firm. Service policies involves a provision to consumers to satisfy their needs during and after the purchase of product or service. Moreover, a rapid advancement in the lifestyle of people affects the hospitality firms to deliver utmost quality products or service.

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In the present report, Travelodge hospitality firm has been undertaken which is a private limited company operating in the sector of travel and tourism. Firm focuses upon providing luxury hospitality service in order to improve customer convenience. It possesses 30,000 luxury rooms and other facilities to attract and satisfy the needs of customers (Cesarotti and Spada, 2016). Also, the study covers diverse customer service policies and discusses different training session requires by employees to enhance their skills and capabilities. Report also covers improvements requires to be involves in the business so that proper action plan can be maintained by developing appropriate customer service planning and loyalty to enhance market share.


A. Customer service policies in Travelodge

Customer service is considered as the provision that helps in delivering utmost quality products or services to the end users so that their needs can be satisfied. Hospitality industry is required to focus upon customer service delivery so that they can overcome competitors and improve their brand image in market (Brady and Cronin, 2011). Moreover, it is essential for Travelodge to adopt different customer service policies in regard to attract customers towards firm such as-

Developing communication

It is one of the best policy adopted by Travelodge in regard to develop strong relationship among customers and employees. Communication is the process that helps in delivering information from management to employees in order to render the best quality services so that customer satisfaction can be attained.

Product and service knowledge

Travelodge hotel introduces a range of products or services for its customers. Therefore, employees of firm are required to be well trained so that they can inform the customers regarding the available products or services and utilize it effectively (Hansen, 2010). Through providing effective knowledge of the same it helps in improving the customer satisfaction level and also increase the brand image of firm in market.

Customer satisfactio

It is another crucial customer service policy that helps employees to focus upon the customer satisfaction by delivering them quality services and attain individual satisfaction. Cited hotel is required to comply with its customer service policies so that different dimensions can be covered in relation to operations and working of firm. For instance, Travelodge promises to provide 24*7 room delivery service so that customers can be satisfied up to a great extent (Disadvantages of email. 2015).

Competency and flexibility

Travelodge management provides effective training to its employees so that they can become competent in fulfilling the needs of their guests. Further, through providing flexibility in working hours helps in increasing the morale of their workers and they render their best performance so that sales of firm can be increased.

B. Evaluating customer service policy

It involves different customer service policies being formulated by providing services to customers in order to create positive impact on consumers and hotel. Through formulating customer service policy it mainly depends upon the welfare and satisfaction of clients and attain desired results. Also, Travelodge is required to provide specific training to their employees in order to improve their performance and render the best quality services to guests in order to make them loyal towards firm for long term (Bushberg and Boone, 2011). Further, customer satisfaction policy can be evaluated in the aspect of measuring the satisfaction level of clients as compared to competitors customers. Here, evaluating needs to be done upon the quality of service delivery such as timely services is one of the factor that attracts customer attention. Hence, if Travelodge thinks that they lack in such particular aspect, they need to improve this by rendering training session based upon customer service delivery and thus improves market share.

Moreover, evaluating customer policies helps in enabling management of cited hotel to assess the requirement of recruiting skilled workforce and thus strengthen their skills so that quality service can be rendered. Further, by delivering regular qualitative and quantitative customer service, it assists Travelodge to develop effective relationship among hotel and clients (Ganguli and Roy, 2011). Another customer service policy which needs to be evaluated that providing information about product or service so that significant knowledge can be developed among target consumers. It is the best way through which hotel can improve its brand image in market and enhance the sales and profitability. For instance, customers are attracted by the quality and prompt knowledge rendered by the employees so that through mouth publicity it increases the customers of firm. Moreover, another crucial customer service upon which Travelodge needs to rely is easy cancellation or bookings made by clients. Herein, it increases the satisfaction of clients by attaining such type of customer service and in future they chooses Travelodge for staying which increases their sales and profitability.


A. Different communication methods

Communication is a crucial component that helps in sending and receiving message or information so that desired results can be attained. In the context to, Travelodge an integrated model of communication is undertaken. It involves different communication tools that helps organization to flow the information from one place to another. It can be transferred from employee to management of vice-versa (Guitar, 2013). There are different types of communication methods adopted by organisation such as

Video conferencing

In regard to such method it helps individuals to easily communicate with the person at different place. However, Travelodge uses such method to take feedback from the top management seating in the head office at different location and thus crucial guidance can be obtained in relation to save the cost of firm as well as render the best quality services to guests.

Face to face communication

Moreover, it is another effective communication method that assists managers and subordinates to discuss the prevailing issues within the hotel and try to overcome them by effective solutions so that best results can be attained. They directly communicate with each other and satisfy the requirements of customers.

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Here, Travelodge management uses this method in order to communicate with their workers and inform them about the problems so that solutions can be obtained effectively. With the help of such meetings different issues can be solved by the managers in regard to practice effective customer service.


Furthermore, Travelodge uses e-mail method in order to communicate with the workers and inform them about the new service policies so that possible actions can be taken in relation to attain customer satisfaction. Management of hotel also uses e-mail method in order to communicate with their workers so that they can inform them about the new offers and discounts within firm. It helps in enhancing the sales and profitability of firm.

B. Analysing the influence of customer perception by customer service provision

The perception of the reflects the buyers feelings which is being possessed by them in relation to specific kind of goods and services that are offered by the business. The varied provision relating with customer service has essential impact on the buyers perception. But it is being evaluated that in order to reflect effective presence within competitive business environment executive of Travelodge needs to put direct efforts towards maintenance of the quality of product and services that is being offered to them. In this regard it has been viewed that perception of the customers is affected by the kind of services provided by firm.

For instance, customer would attain positive perception with respect to firm's service in case it is able to attain positive experience. Apart from these there are certain other factors determined that has impact on the buyer's perception of Travelodge (Deng, Yeh, and Sung, 2013). Such have been enumerated in the manner stated as under:

The factor associated with communication

It is regarded as one of the factor that results in bringing changes within the perception of buyers. For instance, in case Travelodge employees are making use of aggressive communication form wherein they behave in rude way with the buyers. Further such type of personnel have poor listening ability. Thus this communication form results in development of negative perception with respect to services offered by Travelodge (Evenson, 2011). Therefore in order to develop positive perception in the buyers mind it is essential that employees must behave with greater effectiveness. Moreover another inappropriate communication style is passive style. Under this the personnel do not make much communication. Along with this personnel making use of such style are inactive to a greater extent.


A. Assessing the sources of information on customer requirements and satisfaction levels

It is ascertained that an organization has to address the form and level of customer requirements in order to determine the values and business functions for achieving better success and attain results (Ariffin, and Maghzi, 2012). This includes a specific plan which needs to be implemented by following the steps and directing the efforts on assessing the sources of attaining the information about the customers and satisfaction level. For this process, it is necessary that the managerial aspects of the organization should create a team of experts that are capable of identifying the areas of determining information and utilize them in an effective manner. Similarly, the management team of Travelodge hotel should also ascertain the basis of the areas which are to be effectively assessed and analyzed in order to achieve greater set of objectives and overall benefits.

The team should focus on addressing information by evaluating the sources that are beneficial in establish better business strategy and address desired types of objectives. In that respect, they must consider the following aspects which are to be accordingly evaluated and structured in the organization:


It is evident that the best form of identifying the number and types of requirements among their clients (Brady and Cronin, 2001). This helps them to create and implement the form of products and services that are efficient in attracting higher number of aimed customers. Travelodge hotel is heading for acquiring larger part of the market and establish a stronger position in their concerned sector. In addition to this, the hotel manager should personally attend each and every customer for their requirements and required quality in their services.


Further, the method of attaining information from their managerial aspects and other staff members in order to ascertain the customers’ needs and determine their values. This technique would assist the team of Travelodge hotel in assessing the types of services and facilities liked by their targeted customers. The team should conduct regular checks and assessment in order to conclude the information about their targeted customers and related demands (Lightner, 2004).

B. Determining customer requirements and satisfaction levels and recommendation for potential improvements in customer service

The process of analyzing the business and market situation for specifying the set of certain action plan that are advantageous in attaining information related to their aimed respective. The main purpose of designing and implementing this process is to address the type of customers’ requirements and their overall needs in order to introduce appropriate range of facilities and services. This would help the organization in gaining more customers and marking better presence in the market (Razi and Bukhari, 2012). In that respect, the marketing or research team of Travelodge hotel has to employ proper kinds of techniques and strategical methods that are useful in addressing the types of customers’ requirements and their entire sort of demands which would support them in attending the clients in professional manner and maintain their business commitments. . . . . .

The team of Travelodge hotel has to primarily focus their attention on forming a link between their customers and business operations processed by them. The main objective of the business functions should be on satisfying the customers by offering them a high quality services and varied types of facilities (Mengi, 2009). This would help them in creating better corporate image and generate stronger brand image. Moreover, the team should adopt the following ways of assessing the requirements of their clients and their ability to achieve them:

Customer feedback forms

The method of filling up the feedback forms by the customers is the most effective ways of defining the areas related to their needs, wants, suggestions, ideas, etc. which can be only done by a client itself. Moreover, it gives an option to the clients, who have experienced their offered services and facilities, about what they expected to gain and what they actually received. This supports the customers in realizing that the organization is extremely concerned on the assessing the level of overall knowledge gained by their clients.


It is the most common and preferred methods which could be adopted by research team of Travelodge hotel. This would facilitate them in identifying the issues which are generally faced by their customers. After identifying the areas and related information, the team should properly evaluate the collected data and accordingly implement changes in their present business plan and set of offered services.


A. Discussing a plan for delivering customer service

It is highly essential for an organization to maintain their ability to provide products and services for accomplishing high level satisfaction. In that case, they should develop effective ways to create attractive types of products and services which are required by their aimed customers. Moreover, it has been determined that an enterprise need to implement a strategical plan which should purposely aim on addressing the customers’ requirements and accordingly, formulate the plan that should effectively create customer based products and services. Similar to this, Travelodge hotel is also aimed on promoting their overall efficiency to lead the business and attract the market attention in order to gain benefits and profits. Thus, they should properly assess the business and place new set of high quality services and facilities.

With an aim to deliver effective and professional forms of high quality and innovative services that should be systematically implemented in their management and overall organization for overcoming their business approaches. It is essential that they structure a plan for delivering a better form of customer service. For this they should consider the following aspects that are to be considering by the managerial team of Travelodge hotel:

B. Reviewing personal roles and responsibilities in the organization

It is evidenced that every individual should be able to perform all the specified roles and responsibilities under their position. This has to be appropriately assessed that the person should have proper knowledge, skills and abilities in order to overcome the set of duties determined under their job. It is crucial that organizational aspect should understand the form and level of effectiveness required by them. This awareness among the managerial individuals would be highly beneficial in attaining achievements and overall success, as it eventually help the business addressing the desired set of objectives. In that context, the management members of Travelodge hotel should also ascertain the level of performance required by their customers while delivering the services. Being as a front line manager, I’m responsible to address all the business operation and HR related functions that are to be evaluated by me in the management.

In that context, I need to develop effective and professional attributes for accomplishing my capabilities to provide excellence in my working and overall performance. In the hotel, I’m positioned on the post of line managers which is liable to complete all the following duties and responsibilities which are as follows:


From the report, it has been articulated that maintaining the level of customer service is highly significant for an organization and their aspects in order to attain better achievements and business success. This has been evaluated in the report that they need to follow a particular structure and set of policies and procedures that are be followed by them.


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