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Management styles are of many types which are used to get employees together and make them work on a same platform. Management is a very big role played by the organisation to manage their employees and motivate them to work on the same platform and keep the bonding strong be being a single sole or single unit. Management should ensure that employees should feel free to work with organisation. In every organisation there are different types of leader and also have a unique style to handle their employees according to the work management. The manager is a person who as a great potential to make the best management in the organisation.

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1.1 Management styles

Management is the function in which there manage the work in different ways to make it easy and fast. Manager styles also effects the mindsets of the employees of the company. Top management and managers determines the roles and responsibilities according to the person capabilities. The different types of management styles are as follows by TUI company which is a multinational travel and tourism company which owns many different airlines, agencies, hotels and retail stores all over the world. So this company can follow these styles to improper the working style.

Autocratic style of working: In this style of management the managers have a role of sole and are responsible of taking decisions without considering about the subordinates of the organisation. Its the process in which employees are given directions to the employees towards the work and perform the task in a better way, it also gives strength to the organisation. In this style employees don't have liberty to take decisions on their own and they are totally depended on the seniors of the management.

Paternalistic style of working: Its a working style in which the employees feel loyal towards the work and very much attracted to the company

Democratic style of working: In this working style of democratic the employees are free to discuss all the pros and cons by giving different opinions of ideas and plans for the betterment of the organisation. Employees are invited to share their feedbacks related to the work to the superiors and their also pay attention to the feedbacks given to them before the final decision take for the organisations betterment.

Laissez- Faire style of working: This is a style of working in which the managers are just appointed for their work but do not pay much attention to the organisation. In this employees are the main person who take decisions for the working style of the company and managers work according to them plans made by the employees (Lussier, 2011).

Management by walking around style of working: In this step the managers treat themselves efficient, who pay attention by being good listener and essential part of the department. Its the responsibility of the manager to guide the employees whenever their need the help.

1.2 Leadership characteristics

Leadership means the process in which the person leads the department in different ways to manage the work and employee by using varies styles of management for the betterment of the business. Thomas Cook is the well know company of travel which works in international travels. Every business requires leaders to handle the working system of the organisation so only the leadership is given to the person who can carry the responsibilities very carefully. There are different characteristic and there are as follows:

Communication skills: The leader should be good at communication skills so that the employees can easily understand the advice. Good listener and good speaker are the main qualities a leader should have .TUI company's leader should be so communicable that every employee can come and share the issues and ideas. Its the duty of the leader to pay attention by listening to the employees ideas, ask questions and also answer the queries, by this the work will be well managed.

Interpersonal skills: A leader should pay attention to the employees and advice them by giving proper feedback which will help them to polish their skills. Leader should have such a interpersonal skills that earns employees trust and confidence which maintenance good working environment in the business.

Flexible: The leader should be flexible to handle or adjust in any condition the company faces. When ever the organization is facing any type of problem its the duty of the leader to solve the huddles in the business.

Value Diversity: The leader actively takes steps to make the team strong and also checks the potential of the employees towards work.

1.3 Communication processes in selected business

Communication is the process or the way to express orders because its the essential part of the company. Its a step in which transmission of orders for each level is done for the betterment of the business because it plays a crucial role in the success of the task. TUI company can use this system so that the communication can be done easy and without making any type of mistake. There are seven elements of communication process and there are as follows:

1.4 Analysing of organisational culture and change in selected business

Organisational culture is the system of attitudes, values, beliefs and employees personality within the cooperation. In every company the employees behaviour are based on their culture which can be differed in religion, language and ethnicity. Thomas Cook provides its workers or employees proper directions and edges to promote the development of the organisation. There provide different features to the employees which helps them to improve the skills and meet the goals for the business.

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Internal analysis: This analysis puts focus on the employees engagements in the Thomas Cook. In this step the employees are engaged to the activities of the organisation to be in most of the conscious. In the above mentioned company the effective interrelation and communications are carried out by the management in both physical and web sphere which is used in electronics and online chats (Müller and Turner, 2010). The employees are invited to attend the trainings and participate in workshops which in turn increases the potential to perform the tasks. Company also conducts surveys time to time to understand the levels of interrelatedness of the workers which may be new or old to the organisation values. These surveys clearly explains about the satisfaction and the levels of the commitments. This helps in addressing the need of the consumers.


2.1 Assess own management skills performance

As a general manager of the Dorchester Luxury Hotel in London there are following skills:

Internal personal skills includes interaction with consumers, clients and communicational. In interaction the manager should talk properly to the employees. Interaction means talk or communicating with others should be properly. Manager should share all the feedbacks to the employees given by the clients which will reduce the mistakes made in the services.

Decision making: Manager play a strong role in taking decisions which is related to the organisation. Decision are made for the development of the business and earn profits. Manager is the person on whom the whole responsibilities lie.

2.2 Analyse personal strength, weakness, opportunities and weakness






3.1 Lead and motivate a team to achieve an agreed goal or objective

Jamie Oliver is the famous chef in the London and running a huge number of restaurant in Covent Garden, London. In this restaurant so many varieties of food are provided like Italian food, vegetarian and non vegetarian food etc.. This chef believes that to provide healthy food to their customers. This chef is launching a number of restaurant in Covent Garden to attract a customers. The services which are provided by these restaurants in this managers, waiters, staff all are new. There are some points on motivational and to lead the staff to achieve an agreed goal or objectives:

3.2 Managerial decisions made to support achievement of agreed goal or objective and recommendations for improvements.

In the organisation managers play a important role in taking the business decision for the achievements of objectives. The relation of employees with the managers are important to targets the goals of the company. It provide training to employees regarding their work and supervise them when problem arises in the work. The proper communication between the employees and manager helps the business to take the decision regarding their objectives. The managers also take care of the interest of their stakeholders which are having important role to fulfil the objectives. There are five steps which help the manager to take the decision about the objectives of the company.

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There are some benefits of the decision taken by the managers:


4.1 Own managerial and personal skills will support career development

The various enterprises or industries gives an opportunities to many person to develop their managerial and personal skills through career development in the hospitality, travel, tourism, sports, recreational industries. Career development in which you plan about your capabilities, experience and work to obtain new skills. Personal skills gives an opportunity to discuss your goal with partner or boss. In the context of restaurants skills set the value of the person in the organisation and for the development of their career. There are some ways in developing the the own and personal skills which support our career (Bonney and ., 2009).
The management help us to gain what are the our career plans. People who are successfully and satisfy with their work they mostly know that what they want from their work. Once if the goals are set by the person they can make a plan to accomplish the goals.Companies provides the several programmes for their employees to develop their goals. In other words, organisation generally focus on the energy of employees to follow there career path.

There are some managerial skills which help the person to support their career development:

4.2 Career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce development plan

The development plan is need for the organisation to update with their work. The performance of the manager is depend on their career that what they want from their work. If the manager know their strengths that how to dissolve any problem in the organisation and weaknesses that some work they cannot do (Mom, Van Den Bosch and Volberda, 2009). The managers have work on their weakness to overcome with their problems. In restaurant managers have a huge responsibilities to handle the customers to increase their value for the company. In personal development, the person need to follow the one theory i.e. self actualization theory. This theory tells about the desire of the employee and to become everything that they are capable of becoming. In other words, to accomplish all the goals which have been set by the person. If the person reaches on its potential goals then it is good result for their career development.

The career and personal development needs impact on the current performance and future needs of the employees (Poff and ., 2010). If the career is not set by the person that what they actually want in business of hospitality, tourism, travels etc.. then their performance will impact on the current performance in which field they are working. On the side, the person cannot fulfil the future needs also. In the contrary, personal development needs also effects on their current performance if they are not setting their potential needs. In a business of hotel industry, organisation faces the so many problems in routine work to provide their best service to the customers. The chef Jamie Oliver running a new restaurant in Covent Garden to provide various opportunities to the managers or employees who are working in restaurant to develop their career in this field.

The person should follow a 70-20-10 rule for the development of their career. The rule of 70-20-10 describes that:


The project report emphasis on the managerial skills of the person who can develop their career by using the rule of 70-20-10. The organisational structure has been analyse with the Covent Garden restaurant. The SWOT analyse of the person is good because he/she my know about there strengths, weakness and can make a career according to them. There are various business like hospitality, travel and tourism, sports etc.. in which person can make career development. Managers support the employees in regard to their work and appreciating them to achieve a potential goals. The chef Jamie Oliver provides the best services to the customers which can satisfy their needs on the demand.


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