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Dissertation Proposal: An Overview

A dissertation proposal is a small record of all the research work you are going to conduct in your dissertation. It can also be used by different funding bodies if you want some funding support for your research work. Particularly, it is for the potential use of your supervisor to study your dissertation title and how does it fix any existing theory related to your title. A dissertation proposal is the demonstration of your original thoughts and intellectual abilities.

There is no fixed set of rules which defines the length of the dissertation proposal. It usually varies from disciplines to disciplines. The level of the study you are doing for your dissertation also varies the size of the proposal. It is generally 3-7 pages excluding the bibliography section. For the UK university students, it is better to check their university guidelines before submitting the dissertation proposal to the supervisor.

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Purpose of Writing Research Proposal

The main idea behind writing dissertation/thesis proposal is that it provides an overview of the plan of work, general scope of your dissertation, all your research questions, and significance of your study.

In short, your dissertation proposal should include:

1.Justification and plan of your research project.
2.Validation how the project supports the existing work related to the topic.
3.Demonstration to show your advisory committee and supervisor that you understand the method to conduct the specific research within a specific time-frame.
4.Specific writing for the audience as your dissertation title will only be considered if your professor will give an acceptance on the dissertation proposal.

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What to Include in Your Dissertation Proposal?

Every dissertation proposal is different, and it should be focused on some key aspects, regardless of the structure of your dissertation proposal. These are broadly classified into some subheadings which are:

1.Introduction: Dissertation proposal includes the first section of introduction which will define the key research question and give a small detail of the background on the title. To write a relevant dissertation proposal the first thing is to choose a relevant topic of your interest, then only you will be able to write a good introduction. If you are unable to select a unique topic, then you can contact Online Dissertation Writing for the same and we will assist you in writing an award-winning dissertation proposal.

2.The methodology: In this section, discuss all the sources that you aim to use in your research and even mention the data you will collect from those sources- either quantitative or qualitative. You should also mention the sources that you used to gather the details and what is the reason behind choosing those resources over others.

3.Aim and objective: Before writing this section, make a detailed study of the things you are hoping to achieve from your research work. Mention your objective to work on that particular title and what changes do you expect to see in the future with your research work. The complexity of this part depends on the title and various other disciplines. Don’t be overly excited or ambitious with writing this part of your dissertation proposal.

4.Literature review: This section includes the list of all the books, materials and previously published material that you are using in your research work. You will have to show a connection between the previous work and your dissertation proposal. Mention how your proposed methods are different from others and give validation to it. You should also include the analysis you made with the research sources.

5.Constraints of the research: There may be a point in the dissertation which has complex issues, mention those things in the constraint section of your dissertation proposal. It is just a display of your understanding and acknowledgement of more complex issues related to your dissertation title/topic.

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Tips to Write a Successful Dissertation Proposal

Take a glance at some of the useful tips and tricks that can help you to write an influential dissertation proposal:

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