Dissertation Stages

Important Steps for Writing a Best Dissertation

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What Are the Dissertation Stages?

A dissertation, like every other academic document, is based on some structure. To keep track of the dissertation structure and the fundamental processes before and after the dissertation writing work; some necessary steps are followed, which are referred as dissertation stages.

Dissertation stages are some of the crucial steps that are adopted to write a dissertation successfully. As every UK university student is expected to write a dissertation in the final year of the college, it is important for them to understand the concept of dissertation stages to score excellent grades. Dissertation stages help the students to divide the academic document into manageable pieces which make it easier for a student to write this lengthy document.

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Online Dissertation Writing has a team of professional academic writers which provides dissertation writing services to the UK students. They are helping students with every problem related to the dissertation. To write an effective dissertation, a scholar must pay utmost attention to writing the dissertation stages.

Dissertation Stages Covered by Our Academic Writers

As per the university guidelines, the dissertation stages may vary from disciplines to disciplines. Therefore, there is no fixed set of rules followed while writing the dissertation stages. Although our professional writers have made an outline of some key steps that are included in almost every dissertation irrespective of the college or university. These stages help the student to keep track of the process while navigating through the dissertation writing.

The different stages of a standard dissertation can be summarised as:

Topic Selection

The first question that hit every student’s mind before working on the dissertation is How to choose an active dissertation topic? Many college students who are in the final year of their college find the process of selecting a topic overwhelming; as they often lack the experience of writing such academic documents. Our team of professional writers provides the dissertation help in every stage of the writing process. We have subject-oriented writers who give expert guidance to students who are looking for help in the topic selection of the dissertation.

Dissertation Proposal

Before actually writing a dissertation, you will have to write a dissertation proposal which is bound to receive approval from your supervisor. A proficiently written dissertation proposal will help you to form a clear direction of your dissertation work. A dissertation proposal consists of different chapters like dissertation topic, dissertation aim/objective, literature review, research methodology, findings and conclusions. These chapters collectively provide an outline of the academic document.


Once the dissertation proposal has been formulated, you will have to start the primary dissertation writing task. The first stage of the dissertation is the introduction. This is indeed the most difficult part of the paper. An introduction should include a brief outline of your written work, hypothesis and a well-drafted presentation of your thesis. One should be very specific while writing the dissertation introduction as it is the first piece of your academic document that your reader will look at. Our academic writers can assist you with any problem related to writing an introduction.

Literature Review

Literature review is the description of your dissertation/thesis with facts, analysis, evaluations, evidence and discussions. The main motive behind writing the literature review is to make your reader convinced that you have a good grasp of the previously published work and you have conducted a successful study for your dissertation. This part of the dissertation stages should be structured, as it is an assessment of research body that addresses a research question. One should include the important work of investigation to find the solution to the research problem that is been discussed in the dissertation.


To submit a well-drafted dissertation, it is crucial for a student to specify all the tools and methods that are used in the dissertation work. To write this stage for your dissertation, you can involve all the quantitative and qualitative aspects of your study tone.

Data Analysis

Every student has to submit an outcome or result of your performed investigation in your dissertation. In this section, you should explain and analyse all the data that you have collected as research material for your dissertation/thesis work. Data analysis is an ongoing process which examines not only the garnered information but also provides the direction for future study. Our experienced team members hold sufficient knowledge and essential skills that are required for a successful data analysis. Contact us anytime if you need help in writing an accurate and original dissertation data analysis.


This is the last part of your dissertation work which gives closure to your research work. An excellent dissertation conclusion is brief and relevant. You should display the analytical and rational point of view of your research title through your conclusion. To write an attractive dissertation conclusion, it is often advised to take expert help. Our team of prominent writers can help you to get your dissertation writing done at a very affordable cost.

Editing and Proofreading

An effective dissertation does not have any space for mistakes or errors. It is the most important document that you will ever write in your academic career. Therefore, a proper editing and proofreading are needed before the final submission of your dissertation. If you are working on your dissertation, you can ask a friend to help you with proofreading and editing. Online Dissertation Writing is proud to have a team which is specifically working for proofreading and editing of the documents. For every order, we provide a free plagiarism and grammar check report.

Dissertation Submission

In the final step, you will submit your dissertation to your supervisor. In most of the universities, it is essential for the students to present their dissertation in front of the committee members or supervisor. To prepare yourself for this part, you should read your academic document correctly and prepare a few obvious questions that your professors may ask.

Generating Journal

After completion of the dissertation work, many students prefer to publish their study in a journal. It is the most common method which a student uses to display his/her research work. Writing a journal includes a completely different set of instructions as that of a dissertation. It may even vary according to different publishing guidelines. To write a successful journal, it is advised to take your head completely off from your dissertation work and then start working on it. 

We can understand your pain of writing a dissertation including all the stages in a certain format, and this is the reason why we wish to assist you with our dissertation writing services. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are available 24/7 round the year to provide you with dissertation help at competitive prices.

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Dissertation writing holds utmost importance in the life of the students as their academic career is highly dependent on the final year grades. Our online dissertation writers and editors put their best foot forward to give an exceptional dissertation writing service so that you achieve the best grades with a rewarding dissertation.

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