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Dissertation Writing in a Proper Structured Format

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Dissertation Structure: Detailed Explanation from UK Experts

Writing an excellent dissertation involves some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled within your dissertation writing. One of the most important points is to write this academic document in a specified dissertation structure. Most of the students feel horrified by the required number of words in the dissertation work.

To overcome this fear of writing a dissertation/thesis, Online Dissertation Writing provides dissertation structure help to the university students of the UK seeking for expert guidance. We have skilled writers who provide help in every step of the dissertation structure and make the task simpler.

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What is Dissertation Structure?

Whenever a student start to work on a lengthy project like a dissertation, the first question that comes to the mind is, How should my dissertation look like? The structure of the dissertation should answer the above question. These are written as per your university guidelines.

Although, there is no definite set of standard rules for writing a dissertation and it varies from disciplines to disciplines. But a certain set of steps is followed in almost all the UK based dissertation. For example, dissertation of a subject like science should include methodological choices and should provide the validation of the results while social science dissertation should have most of its part based on philosophical context.

The dedicated writers of Online Dissertation Writing will help you to write a remarkable dissertation in a proper structure as per your university guidelines.

We are currently operational in almost all the major cities of the UK including London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Southampton, Bradford, Winchester, Nottingham, Liverpool, England, Scotland, Leeds and many others. No matter which city of the UK you are in, you can simply fill your requirements in our order form and we will get in touch with you.

What are the Different Stages of the Dissertation Structure?

Once you are done with the final acceptance of your proposal, you will have to start the main research and writing work. Follow these guidelines given by our expert academic writers that will help you with the different parts of the dissertation structure:

1.Abstract: Your dissertation abstract is like the short introduction of your academic document. It should contextualise your research, give a brief about your methodology and summarise your analysis.

Your dissertation abstract should be simple, concise and should include the most interesting facts about your academic document. To write an attractive abstract think of a Hollywood movie trailer. In addition to this, also mention a brief about the ending/conclusion that you will make in your dissertation.

2.Introduction: This is one of the most essential parts of the dissertation structure as it includes the main aim and objective of working on a particular topic for the dissertation. This part is usually a more detailed form of abstract, and it should include the context of the work. After reading this part of the dissertation, a reader should conclude what more is coming up next and what is the author’s motive in engaging with this topic.

3.Literature review: A literature review provides the overview of the main theories related to the academic document. This is the second chapter of your dissertation and is indeed an important one because it links the context of your research and outlines the theories or philosophies that are used in your dissertation to support your writing.

In simpler terms, it outlines the previously published work related to your topic and provides a discussion based on it. Writing a literature review calls for careful thought process and comprehensive research work.

4.Methodology: This is the third chapter of the dissertation work, and it includes an outline of all the methods you used in your research work. Moreover, it also involves the justification of using that particular study material and provides a detailed explanation of the practical application of the methodology used.

You can also answer the questions like:

5.Analysis/Findings/Main Body: After a detailed methodology, here comes the most important chapter of your dissertation which is the main body. This can be further divided into sub-sections or chapters depending upon the complexity of the topic of your dissertation. Analyse your dissertation topic and discuss the findings of your research work. Make use of well-structured subheadings to help the reader to keep track of your dissertation.

6.Conclusion: Unless your dissertation topic demands a recommendation, your conclusion should be simple, brief and to the point. Give special attention to the findings of your dissertation with your dissertation conclusion. Aim for an accurate summary and conclusion and do not involve the use of sweeping/irrelevant statements in conclusion. Mention limitation and strengths of your findings through your conclusion. Do not end your conclusion abruptly; keep it clear and factual.

7.Bibliography: Bibliography of the dissertation is directly dependent on the citation and referencing style used in your dissertation work. It is based on the prescription of your professor, or it follows the university guidelines. Details of these guidelines are shared by your professor and are also available online.

One should pay careful attention to adopting any of the citation styles to avoid costly errors. To write a dissertation, there are many citations and referencing styles which follow no fixed set of instructions on the usage. Most common ones are ACS, ASA, AMA, AMJ, APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, MHRA, Vancouver and Oxford.

8.Appendices: Some dissertations also include appendices or appendix(in most of the cases appendices and bibliography is considered a single chapter) which is written to provide additional details to the reader. It includes various charts, graphs, tables and figures that you can relate to the context.

9.References: A reference serves as the acknowledgement of the sources that you used in your dissertation, which is a very important and integral part of a successful dissertation writing. If you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism in your dissertation work, don’t ever forget to include this section in your academic document.

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If we consider the technicality, little or no referencing is denoting the poor research work which is a risky and un-academic process for your final document.

The detailed points shared by our experienced and professional writers have included almost all the essential points that you can use to carry out a correct approach in writing your dissertation in a proper structure. But even if you are unsure of the process, do not hesitate to contact us for your dissertation writing. We will be happy to assist you with our services.

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