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A complete report on employability skills for employees

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The key factor responsible for success of any kind of business organization is its employees only. Even if a firm has employed large number of people, it does not mean that the firm would be gaining large profitability. More important thing is the skills and ability of them towards their roles. For a new business organization, it becomes even more significant for managers or owners to hire the most qualitative and skilled employees for getting a better start (Crebert and et. al., 2004). In this report, different set of roles and responsibilities of employees and employers towards the firm have been discussed broadly. Along with that, different techniques and strategies for improving the operations of business have also been explained. Tesco PLC is the chosen retail firm in this report. The organization has been established in UK and it is one of the largest retail companies in Europe as well. As a major firm, large number of employees has been employed in this. It indicates that the enterprise requires maintaining roles of each employee through applying different techniques.

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1.1 Set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

In the cited firm, Tesco, roles and responsibilities of employers and employees are entirely different from each other and therefore; both of them have to work differently. However, as an employer and employee, roles and responsibilities have been discussed below::

Roles of employers in Tesco PLC:

Role of employees in Tesco PLC:

1.2 Evaluation of own effectiveness against defined objectives

Staff members of Tesco PLC have to evaluate their effectiveness against the defined objectives. This can be explained through the help of following points.

Managing self-job roles:

Quality and acceptance of responsibilities of self-jobs:

Application of knowledge and understanding of responsibility of council:

1.3 Recommendations for improvement

In order to improve the performance and production process of Tesco PLC, certain changes and recommendations are very essential to be given by the firm. Some of them have been recommended below:

Evaluation of opportunities: - The best way to improve the image of firm in the eyes of customers is to search for opportunities every time. Finding out the key areas where Tesco can provide something exclusive is one of the best ways to improve the operations of business (Mustapha and Abdullah, 2004). Identifying or examining the expectations of customers is also a good way to provide something new to customers. In this context, marketing manager advertises the products and services of Tesco PLC in targeted market for attracting the attention of customers in the best possible manner.

Management review: - Regular review of management functions provides proper knowledge of position of the firm internally. Such a review is very essential when staff members of the organization are under-performing. In the cited firm, there is large numbers of employees that are working. Thus, it becomes very important to review the management of their work after every equal interval of time.

Observance of employees individually: - In order to improve the performance of employees, it is necessary for Tesco managers to keep watch on each and every individual’s performance (Dacre Pool and Sewell, 2007). Though it is not possible for a single manager to review the performance single handedly, he must appoint particlular number of supervisors who can examine the performance of each and every employee in Tesco.

Change management: - With the increase in competition, it has become very important for every firm to change its management process on frequent basis. This will help the organization in improving the efforts in manufacturing retailing products and services. Moreover, change management will also help employees to learn the skills of different areas. So, they can be helpful at any point of time, especially in case of emergency.

Engaging co-workers in different activities: - In order to increase the knowledge of employees about various roles, they should be employed with different roles for increasing their knowledge (Saunders and Zuzel, 2010).

Training: - It is ideal for the firm to train or guide those employees who are under-performing because it is very important to strengthen their performance otherwise Tesco will have to face the situations in which it would have earn losses because of giving consistently poor performance.

1.4 Motivational techniques to improve the quality of performance

In order to motivate the employees of Tesco PLC for improving the quality of performance, numbers of techniques can be used by the firm. Some of them have been explained below:

Reward management: - Rewarding employees on the basis of their performance is one of the best ways to motivate them for much better performance (Zinser, 2003). Rewarding few employees will motivate others to achieve the same in lieu to getting rewarded. Tesco PLC is a huge retail firm where large numbers of workers is employed. Rewarding technique is the best suitable one to motivate all of them altogether and it is not much expensive too.

Housing facilities: - Large number of employees have been working in Tesco PLC and it is not necessary that all of them belong to same place or region. Some of them have to travel to a long distance for job so, it would be an ideal thing for the firm to provide accommodation facilities for those who live far away from the working place. This will save their transportation cost and firm will be able to retain the qualitative employees in a long run (Williams, 2005).

Bonus: - Providing bonus to employees on special occasions influence them to stay for longer time in Tesco. The amount of bonus may be equal for all the employees or may be different according to the position or level of them. This is a good motivational technique to retain teh workforce and to improve their performance level as well. It might be little expensive for the firm but in order to boost their performance level, bonus is very useful and an effective technique.

Transportation facilities: - For the employees who live far from the working place, providing transportation facility to them is an ideal thing to do (Wilton, 2011). This encourages the employees of Tesco to work free mindedly without bearing the tension of reaching at home. Therefore, transportation facilities can play an effective role in encouraging them in order to provide better performance.

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2.1 Developing solutions to work-based problems

Problem solving refers to finding out the best alternative solution in order to get rid of the difficult situation. This is the most basic requirement in almost every firm. However, employability skills are required by the staff members in these situations so as to tackle with the difficult situations. In order to solve the work-based problems, meetings are organized wherein; number of employees are offered with opportunities to put their views regarding the problem (Wickramasinghe and Perera, 2010). Number of alternatives are provided by each of them which can prove to ve very beneficial for the whole organization. This helps the firm in gaining a permanent solution for similar kind of situation. It is because in a business firm, some kind of problems are repetitive and managers always have to deal with them and as a result, lot of time gets wasted. Apart from that, there are different ways through which problems can be solved more easily. Some of them have been explained below:

Reassessing tools and equipments: - It order to avoid the problems that are likely to arise in the future, it is very crucial for Tesco PLC to keep proper control over tools and equipment that are existing within enterprise. Regular inspection of tools and equipments helps the firm to maintain a smooth flow of work.

Contingent situations: - Mangers of Tesco PLC should keep control over future transactions by making strategic decisions in advance. Contingent situations sometimes put the firm in difficult situations because of lack of awareness and pre-planning (Wayda and Lund, 2005).

Consumer service providing: - In order to solve the work-based problems, it is important for Tesco PLC to include the customers in decision making process. This can be possible through providing them online facilities like electronic survey or questionnaires. People can also provide valuable suggestions regarding regular work-based problems which are faced by the firm.

2.2 Communicating styles at various levels

Effective communication is the most significant element for the success of business. In the current situation, Tesco PLC needs to have sound communication systems for maintaining a good working environment (Singh and Singh, 2008). However, there are four different types of communication styles which have been described below:

Reading: - In this communication style, flow of information takes place through reading. It includes reports, news or important information regarding changes in business. Reading style takes place in a quick manner and it can be either one-sided communication or two-sided.

Writing: - Written style of communication requires pen and paper. Written messages are considered to be more effective than reading documents because it can be kept as a proof in case if any conflicts arise in the future. However, this communicating style is too much time taking and because of this, flow of work becomes slow.

Speaking: - Speaking refers to directly expressing the views and opinions through oral medium (Tariq and et. al., 2004). It is somewhat similar to reading but the only difference between these two is, reading can be one-sided while speaking requires presence of two parties during communication.

Listening: - In this communication, a single person speaks and all others listen. In this communicating style, it is required by the firm to have effective listening skills.
Through the above mentioned communicating styles, it has been analyzed that communication can take place through number of ways. Among these mentioned communicating styles, it can be concluded that written communication is the most effective one as it can be kept as proof for future transactions as well. Though it is a time taking style but it provides helpful results (Smith and Comyn, 2003).

2.3 Effective time-management strategies

Time management is one of the most essential elements of a retail sector like Tesco PLC. The firm is engaged in productions of retailing products. Number of employees are there who are indulged in manufacturing the products and services. Therefore, it can be understood easily that employees will have to meet the requirement or demand of customers in an appropriate time limit otherwise, they can be disappointed. Moreover, time management strategies are very essential for the organization to come up with the scarcity of available resources every time. However, some of the effective management

strategies which can be adopted by Tesco PLC are as follows:

Prioritizing the tasks: - There are number of tasks which must be accomplished by the employees in a specific time period (Turner, 2002). This requires the firm to have skilled employees who can make distribution of tasks according to their priority. Therefore, prioritizing the tasks according to their importance is the key to accomplish major objectives of the firm in a desired manner and within stipulated time period.

Making sequence of work/tasks: - After prioritizing the tasks, another main important thing that is to be done is of making a proper sequence or order in which tasks should be completed. In the current scenario, Tesco PLC is the chosen firm wherein skilled employees have to set order where tasks should be completed in a proper flow.

Decentralization of difficult tasks: - It can be observed in each and every business organization that some tasks are very difficult to be performed. Therefore, difficult tasks can be decentralized in hands of the most experienced, highly skilled and talented employees of the firm (Watts, 2006). Giving the difficult tasks to skilled employees helps less skilled people to make their work easier.

Measuring time consuming tasks and taking initiatives: - It is ideal for every company to measure those tasks which consumes high time. Doing this helps Tesco to take numbers of initiatives through which time can be reduced while performing the difficult tasks.

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3.1 Roles played by team leaders

In a business organization, while working with a team, number of roles are played by the firm in order to have effective team work. Ways in which roles are played by the team members are as follows:

Job requirements: - In a firm, necessary requirements of a job plays a significant role that must be satisfied on time. In other words, it can be said that in order to perform a particular job in group, it is necessary to demonstrate different requirements (Yates, 2007).

Allocating resources: - It is another crucial role which is to be played while working in a team because scarce resources should be appropriately allocated otherwise, it may be possible to face scarcity of them in short time. Allocating right kind of resources in right areas can be beneficial for the firm in acquiring the competitive advantage as well.

Group communication: - In some cases, it is often seen that complex problems arises. Therefore, it is ideal for the leaders to share it with all group members for gathering the valuable suggestions from them. Group communication can provide number of alternatives so that the best alternative can get selected. It is also helpful in increasing the knowledge between employees as they share ideas and thoughts through discussion (Houston, 2005).

3.2 Analysis of team dynamics

Tesco PLC is the largest retail firm in UK. No doubt, it has large number of employees that are working in it. However, it indicates that the firm should have number of teams working in it. Basically, a team is formed in order to achieve the organizational goals in a simpler manner. Moreover, teams require a lot of potential to accomplish the most difficult tasks in a simpler way (Kazilan, Hamzah and Bakar, 2009). Group or team members should possess differentiated skills and abilities through the help of which all of them can perform tasks of each other easily and differently.

Senior members in a team should perform their responsibilities in appropriate ways through helping the less skilled employees. Along with that, team members while performing tasks should analyze the problems and difficulties so that, after completion of tasks, appropriate ways can be found in which regular problems can be solved permanently. Roles and responsibilities of each staff member should be performed in an appropriate manner. Certain tasks in a team are independent in nature but most of them are dependent. Therefore, Tesco PLC needs to train the employees in such a way so that group members can cooperate with each other (O'Neil, 2014).

3.3 Suggestions of alternative ways to accomplish tasks and to achieve goals

For the purpose of accomplishing tasks in a desired manner, number of suggestions have been recommended to Tesco PLC. Some of them have been mentioned below:

In the current scenario, there are number of teams that are working in the firm, Tesco. Due to large number of employees, chances of conflicts are likely to arise. In this situation, it is recommended to the firm to appoint a team leader as well as a senior acting team leader in each team so that they can handle the disputes between team members.

Training newly employed staff members is one of the primary duties as well as reponsibilities of managers of Tesco. Without training employees, it is not possible to get the work from them according to the job requirement.

Motivating employees is another ideal thing for the cited firm because it is a kind of factor which can enforce any individual to undertake the task properly (Singh and Singh, 2008). There are several motivating factors like money, promotion, rewards, commission etc. Therefore, it can be said that motivation is the best policy to accomplish the tasks in a desired manner.

Assessing needs and requirements of employees for fulfilling them is another way in which employees can be motivated to work is one more way through which goals can be achieved efficiently. Such an assessment should be conducted for all the employees of firm so that all of them can be motivated simultaneously (Kazilan, Hamzah and Bakar, 2009).

Increasing payrolls encourages the employees to work more as they are receiving something extra from the firm. Tesco is a large retail organization and in spite of recruiting new candidates, if salaries of existing and experienced employees get increased, it is not a bad idea. Therefore, in order to accomplish the tasks in appropriate and specific time period, Tesco PLC should increase the payroll of employees.

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4.1 Evaluation of tools and methods for developing the solutions to problems

There are number of tools and methods which can be used in order to develop the solutions to problems. Some of them have been explained below:

Decision making: - Decision making is the key element through which even complex problems can be solved easily. Through making sound decisions, Tesco PLC can gain numbers of valuable alternatives. Skilled employees should be involved in each and every decision making program so that the most appropriate solution can be found (Tariq and et. al., 2004).

Mathematics: - In the mathematical tool, amount or figure of loss occurred in the firm due to work-based problem is calculated. This helps Tesco in finding out an appropriate amount which has been spent to solve the problem.

Trial and error: - When all other alternatives are not proving to be helpful, trial and error method is used to solve the problems of firm.
With the help of above alternative, Tesco PLC can solve the work-based problems in an effective manner. Moreover, there are some other ways also which can be very useful in solving the problems of firm. For example, implementing effective communication system is the key to solve problems as it reduces the chances of conflicts among employees. Furthermore, training and development of employees within workplace is also an ideal method to reduce the chances of arousal of problems. In this manner, with the help of aforementioned alternatives, problems in organization can be solved in an effective manner.

4.2 Development of appropriate strategy for resolving problem

For the purpose of solving problem, Tesco PLC needs to follow a particular strategy. Thus, the strategy includes following stages which have been explained below:

Understanding the nature of problem: - The very first stage in resolving problem includes understanding the nature of problem (Kazilan, Hamzah and Bakar, 2009). It is the most crucial stage of resolving issue because without understanding the problem, it is not possible for the firm to solve it. Along with understanding the issue, its long term effect and risk involved with it is also analyzed in the first stage.

Plan set-up: - The second stage in problem solving process refers to planning for dealing with the identified problem (Smith and Comyn, 2003). In this stage, managers of Tesco PLC need to plan the next stage that is to be performed. Moreover, at this stage, senior managers also play an effective role in assisting the decision making process by providing valuable suggestions. With the help of senior manager’s contribution, workload of other managers reduces and as a result, valuable or effective solution can be identified.

Implementation: - The third stage of problem solving process includes implementation of set-up plan. In this context, it can be said that the strategies adopted by the firm are taken into account for achieving better results.

Evaluation: - The final stage in problem solving process includes evaluation of implemented plan (Crebert and et. al., 2004). It is done in order to find out the effectiveness of decision making strategy.

Impact of implemented Plan With the help of development of strategic plan in order to solve thr problem existing in the firm, Tesco PLC has got rid over its regular problems through different alternatives suggested in the meeting. The development plan helped the firm in resolving similar type of situations on regular basis (Kazilan, Hamzah and Bakar, 2009). The firm can experiment solutions extracted from the plan in different situations as well and this has been one of the major impacts of the implemented plan.


With the help of above report, it has been concluded that employability skills are very essential for the successful accomplishment of objectives. It is all about the skilled employees and their knowledge to perform the tasks accordingly. In the current report, Tesco PLC is the chosen firm in which managers take number of initiatives in order to solve the work-based problems. The report helps to understand different roles that are played by employers and employees for having effective management. Along with that, effectual time management strategies have also been discussed broadly in the report. Alternative ways to solve the issues which are consistently creating problems in the firm have been explained here as well.


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