Employability Skills 

Skills Required to Work in Orgainsation

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Employability skills are considered as the different type of skills which are required in an individual so as to carry out different type of tasks within the workplace. Further, it is well known fact that without proper knowledge and skills it is not at all possible for any individual to carry out the assigned tasks in appropriate manner. Moreover, every individual has own set of responsibilities along with duties within the workplace and same can be accomplished through proper planning in the organization. Further, different types of styles are being present in which individual can communicate with one another and this enhances motivation level within the workplace. The present study being carried out is based on Fizz bang events where business is planning to organize new events for which employee need to manage facility and operation function. Various tasks have been covered in the study which involves preparation of action plan, communicating in a variety of style, evaluating own effectiveness against defined objectives etc.

Task 1 Action Plan

1.1 Action plan that sets out responsibilities

Working as facilities and operation manager for Fizz Bang Events I have been assigned various roles and responsibilities. Further, I have to carry out all the duties in appropriate manner so that organizational performance may not be influenced due to this. For organizing the mini film festival in proper manner I am having various responsibilities which are:

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So, these are the major responsibilities which I have been assigned. Further, my major responsibility also involve just in time where the key components and materials required in organizing this mini events are supplied immediately as they are required. I have to ensure that every material is available on time when needed and there is no such delay so that performance of Fizz bang events may not be influenced due to this. Apart from this I have to consider EOQ where materials have to be purchased in optimum so as to reduce annual total cost of ordering. My main duty will be to save cost by ordering materials in bulk. On the other hand, I have developed some performance objectives which are as follows:

In order to organize the mini festival event in proper manner I have undertaken different time management strategies. One of the major strategies is preparation of to do list where as a facility and operation manager I have identified the list of activities that I have to carry out along with the time frame required in accomplishing them. So this supports me in saving time and in turn work is carried out as per plan. Apart from this, I also prepare plan on daily basis with the help of which it has become easy for me to work on this project

Task 2 Planning The Event And Portfolio Of Evidence

2.1 Communicating in a variety of styles

Different types of ways are being present with the help of which communication can take place easily and in appropriate manner. Further, working as facilities and operation manager communication within team has to be done in proper manner so that main objectives of the business can be accomplished easily. Apart from this, oral communication is appropriate where face to face interaction can take place in between the team members and in turn it can allow in sharing information linked with problems and solutions. Further, this communication style can support in showing the level of interest in the process of communication and instant feedback is also possible. Written communication style is also effective where the crucial information can be shared with others with the help of letter, memos etc. One of the main advantages of communicating with the help of this style is that it is reliable and written proof is present. Apart from this some other effective methods are also present such as visual presentation which can assist in sharing information within Fizz bang events. Therefore, these are some of the most commonly used communication styles with the motive to share information.

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2.2 Analyse team roles and dynamics

While working in a team different type of roles are played by individual present within the workplace. Further, the roles played directly leads to accomplishment of desired goals and objectives. During team work individual play role of leader whose main duty is to manage all the tasks and activities carried out by team members and providing them guidance in relation with the same. Further, leader uses various styles to manage other individuals and this directly contributes in the success of the enterprise. Moreover, main responsibility is also to enhance motivation level of individuals through use of different techniques and through this it is ensured that every individual is taking active participation in the affairs of business. Problem solver is another role played where individual is assigned responsibility to solve all the major problems being faced by the team members. This role is considered to be very important and is associated with success of team. Resource allocator is another major role played where individual allocates resources as per the requirement of team. Therefore, these are some of the main roles people play in a team and performing together assists in accomplishment of the desired objectives of Fizz bang events.

Team dynamics is regarded as the relationship between individuals working in Fizz band events within a team. In company like Fizz band events all the staff members are allowed to work in a team by adopting their own style. Further, all the members are free to work together which directly contributes in success of Fizz band events. Team building activities are carried out on continuous basis within the company through which every individual knows about other in appropriate manner. This builds overall bonding and the strength of the team to focus on major goals and objectives which they have to accomplish. Further, team building exercises are also carried out within workplace in continuous manner. It is the favorable for the staff member who does not prefer to work with others. Through appropriate team dynamics Fizz band events is able to conduct large number of events in proper manner as per requirement of clients. Apart from this, due to effective team working every individual has to apply lesser efforts in business operations which is also advantageous for the organization in every possible manner. Therefore, in this way team dynamics has directly allowed business to perform better in the market.

2.3 How motivational techniques can be used to improve performance

Motivational techniques are considered to be quite important within workplace as through this employees working in Fizz band events can easily carry out the work being assigned to them. Further, business has to organize new event which is mini film festival and due to this reason it is necessary that every individual may work with full motivation level for implementing this project in appropriate manner. Fizz band events can make use of reward technique where every individual can be encouraged to become integral part of the new event. Further, employees can be allowed to take part in the decision making process and this can also assist in enhancing overall performance. Apart from this, non monetary motivational techniques can also be employed where appreciation and other form of benefits can be provided to the individuals who are working on implementation of this project. This can also lead to rise in overall level of performance and can lead to favorable outcomes. This can surely support every individual to focus on the personal objectives where Fizz band events can accomplish its personal objectives easily and in appropriate manner. So, with the help of this it can be stated that motivational techniques can assist in enhancing performance of various individuals.

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2.4 Methods for developing strategies and solutions to problems

Large numbers of strategies are present with help of which it is possible for Fizz band events to find out best possible solution to the problem being faced. The main problem being faced by company is associated with implementation of the new project which is mini film festival. Further, the key activities in the project are not carried out in time and due to this it is leading to rise in level of overall cost. This problem has adversely affected Fizz band events where performance of company is declining and it is necessary for management to take corrective actions. In order to resolve this issue the best method which can be adopted is experts advice where business can take suggestions from large number of individuals who can provide ideas in relation with completing project on time and as per the cost. Brainstorming sessions can be conducted with the help of which best possible solution to the problem faced can be identified and in turn it can have positive impact on the business. Continuous monitoring is also one of the most significant ways of identifying solution to the problem. Therefore, in this way these are some of the most effective method for developing solutions to the problem faced by business.

In case if business plans to use these methods for identifying solution to the problems then it can have direct impact on the company. During the stage of implementation each and every area of the organization will be influenced. Through this Fizz band events can easily plan large number of events easily and in appropriate manner. Further, Brainstorming session can support company in taking suggestion from large number of individual which is fruitful for the enterprise. Apart from this, its implementation can lead to favorable results such as rise in satisfaction level among customers, increase in productivity etc. Business can easily carry out its each and every operation and can focus on the areas where issues can raise. Further, it is well known fact that when any type of issue is faced by business then it leads to decline in overall efficiency. Therefore, finding out solution with the help of brainstorming and other type of methods can easily provide a base to perform better and as per expectations of the customers.

2.5 Recommendations for improvement

At present various areas are present within Fizz band events where needs to be improved so that business can efficiently perform in the market. Firstly it is recommended to business to carry out proper training and development sessions for the staff members through which they can easily carry out the assigned duties in appropriate manner. Further, this can easily enhance their knowledge level along with the skills which are required in carrying out business operations. For facility and operation management within Fizz band events various skills are needed such as time management, decision making, communication etc. Through appropriate training all these skills can be developed and it can easily bring favorable results for business. Apart from this, improvement is also needed in the planning phase where proper steps must be followed to prepare plans and this can easily assist in implementation. Further, system of continuous monitoring must be undertaken through which business can easily know whether all the operations are carried out as per plan or not. Therefore, these are some of the crucial areas where improvement is possible and in turn it can act as development tool for the company.

On the other hand, different alternative ways are present with the help of which tasks can be easily accomplished within Fizz band events. In order to implement the new project business can design new team where all the individuals will hold responsibility to carry out various operations linked with film festival. Further, another way is to conduct training and development sessions for the staff members so that level of skills along with knowledge can be updated easily. This can surely bring favorable results for the business and can assist in gaining competitive advantage also. It is the first and foremost duty of management to identify the alternative ways of accomplishing tasks and most suitable one must be followed so that Fizz band events can obtain benefits with the help of this. In short, alternative ways employed can assist in accomplishing task on time and as per the cost allocated. These ways employed can have positive impact on the entire company where overall aims and objectives can be accomplished in proper manner. Due to this basic reason these alternative ways have been employed within Fizz band events for carrying out all the tasks which are crucial for the organization.

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2.6 Own effectiveness against defined objectives

With the motive to accomplish my personal objectives it is necessary to identify own effectiveness and this provides base in enhancing personal performance. To determine the level of effectiveness SWOT analysis has been carried out with the help of which it has become possible for me to know my strengths along with weaknesses. Further, my weaknesses acts as hurdle while conducting operations within Fizz band events. One of the main objectives is to work on the project of film festival appropriately and this it is only possible when I am able to use my strengths properly. Making effective plans for implementation is my major strength and this has supported me to accomplish the objective of implementing the preset plan. Apart from this, it has become possible for me to work on my major weaknesses. SWOT analysis as a tool employed has assisted me to know the opportunities and threats present which is also beneficial for my personal growth. Further, I have identified that various skills are present which I have to develop so that I can better manager various events in near future also. Therefore, this highlights my own effectiveness against defined objectives.

Task 3 Preparing Checklist

3.1 Justifying checklist and making clear strategic documents

In order to manage the entire event in appropriate manner proper checklist has been developed with the help of which favorable results can be accomplished easily. Further, through checklist it is possible to know whether each and every activity is carried out as per plan or not. Checklist prepared is clearly representing the range of activities that needs to be carried out in proper sequence. Apart from this, in case if they are not followed then implementation of the new project is not possible. Individual within Fizz band events can check whether proper sequence of activities are followed or not. This can surely be most favorable tool for the business and can allow in gaining competitive advantage. The checklist method being employed is quite different and efficient too. It is basically beneficial in the implementation process where organization can know whether it is working as per plan or not. Therefore, in this way it can be stated that checklist method undertaken is quite effective and has provided base in implementation of all the activities which are linked with new project named film festival. Through this festival has been organized in proper manner.

Strategic documents are most important for Fizz band events as they support business in solving the key issues faced during implementation. Due to presence of ineffective planning Fizz band events is facing various issues. So, strategic document has been prepared which provides the actual way through which problems faced by company can be easily tackled. Apart from this, the document undertaken assist in identifying the real ways through which problems can be solved easily and this in turn brings favorable results for the company. Documents undertaken are linked with planning, risk assessment and taking corrective actions if all the activities are not carried out as per plan.

Task 4 Manage And Facilities And Operations Of The Event

4.1 Using checklist to set up events

In order to carry out each and every activity in appropriate manner checklist method has been employed. It has been noticed that each activity has been conducted as per plan and keeping in view the time frame being set. Working as operation and facility manager various activities have to be carried out which are crucial for the new event named film festival. So, checklist method has assisted in knowing which activities are most crucial and requires proper check. All the facilities along with operations are managed in appropriate manner and this has been communicated to team with the help of meetings. Apart from this, event has been organized in proper cost and time allocated. Moreover, the entire event was effective where income was obtained from large number of sources which were effective. Further, various areas were present which needs to be considered during the implementation stage and they were undertaken in appropriate manner. So, with the help of this the identified aims and objectives were accomplished properly and this acted as development tool for entire business.

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The entire study being carried out has supported to understand about the significance of employability skills within the workplace. For organizing the mini film festival it is necessary to have proper skills along with knowledge. Apart from this, the role and responsibilities identified have to be carried out in proper manner for the accomplishment of desired goals. Moreover, the own performance against objective set was satisfactory where I was able to carry out the duties assigned in effective manner. Further, the checklist method undertaken supported in knowing that all the activities were carried out in proper sequence.


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