The Impact of Employee Engagement On Motivation

A Case Study On Sainsbury PLC

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Background of the Study

For every organization, human resource is one of the key resources that aids in attaining business objectives in a manner and also it assist in boosting the competency of the firm. With this scenario, it is required to employ sound strategies so that effective management of same can be done and also fruitful results can be attained. In addition to this, it is also required to motivate employers in order to ensure that organization can able to retain majority of them and hence boost their competency in a significant manner (Robertson, Birch and Cooper, 2012). This is so important because success of business is highly dependent upon motivation, competency and engagement.

However, it has been noticed that competency of employees doesn’t solely depends upon their skill, but it also varies from the facts that how well they able to relate themselves with organizations (Cattermole, Johnson and Roberts, 2013). With this scenario, motivation is gaining high amount of attention in organization as it essentially assist in gaining support from employees. In this extent, it has been researched and founds that engaged employees feels connected to company and this essentially develops a healthy relations with them from which organization able to attain their objectives in a desired manner. With this scenario, present research will be conduct with a motive to gain ideas about the impact that employee engagement possess over motivation (Tinline and Crowe, 2010).

There developed different theories of motivation and hence emphasized in given in relating employee engagement with these developed theories so that effectual results can be attained in return. In order to conduct this research in a desired manner and also to attain practical results out of it, Sainsbury PLC has been taken into account which is a prominent retail chain and hence incorporates series of employees in their operations (Albrecht, 2012).

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Rational of the Study

Present research is highly focused on indentifying the impact that employee engagement has on staff motivation. Rational behind conducting this research is to actually identify the extent up to which engagement practice can be utilized for motivating the employee. This is so necessary because, organization follows different set of motivational practice in their operations so that they able to gain high amount of benefits in this context. With this scenario, justification to use of engagement practice for motivation will be identified so that effectual results can be attained through it. Moreover, present research will support in gaining idea about the perception of senior managers over employee engagement so that its significance can be identified in this context.

Another reason for conducting this research is to evaluate the impact of engagement practice on retaining large set of employees within organizational and hence also to identify the factors that actually motivates them at the workplace. Moreover, Sainsbury is taken into account because it employs different set of employees in their operations and with the help of it, better and accurate results can be attained through it. This will essentially aids in boosting the reliability and validity of results attained with this particular research.

Research aim and Objectives

Aim: To identify the impact of employee engagement on motivation: A case study on Sainsbury PLC.

Objectives: For attaining aim, following research questions will be taken into account majorly:

Research Questions


The expediency of this chapter is very huge with respect to gain the proper knowledge about topic on which entire report is based. In this report also the analysis of previous studies has gained huge consideration. Further it will contribute majorly in providing appropriate directions to complete the research in appropriate manner. The review of previous studies conducted on employee engagement and employee retention has also supported immensely in enlightening the view point in assessing the impact of employee engagement on motivation.

Employee engagement: Before understanding the role of employee engagement, it is essential that the term employee engagement must be clear in very articulated way. Employee engagement refers to the contribution of employees towards the organizational success and the ratio must be high to show high level of employee engagement. Their suggestions and innovative ideas can be generated or given by them only if they have huge level of job satisfaction and employee empowerment (Petty, 2014). It is to acknowledge here that employee’s can show their interest within the organizational only if they enjoy the empowerment and have chances to give suggestions or higher authorities is fostering the high level of employee involvement into the decision making process.  

Employee motivation: It is a very first step of human resource management which they want to achieve within the organization. It is to acknowledge that if employees are highly motivated then they will automatically show their concern towards the company and will respond to organizational success in positive way (Crim, 2006). But at the same time it is a duty of company that they should respect the thought process of employees and required to give proper treatment to the employee’s point of view of opinion. Here in this report this factor has been taken into consideration. It has been cited by various management experts that if company is gaining success in giving proper consideration to the thought process of engaged or concern employees then it will definitely put its impact at their motivational level (Matiza, 2013).

This factor will maximize the level of motivation and most importantly the next step of employee engagement will take place and under the influence of motivation the self growth and development will be the outcome. Hence it can be concluded that employee engagement and company’s response, the combination of these two aspects have their positive relationship with employee’s motivation (Price, 2011).  

On the ground of significance of employee engagement, it can be stated that employee retention is one of the major benefit which could be availed by any organization. The staff members will stay for the longer period of time and it will provide huge benefits to company. They will be having experienced staff and moreover the people who have courage or enthusiasm to take company on summit or pinnacle (McQuerrey, 2013).

This factor must gain priority by the higher authorities, as cited by various management experts and research scholars. The list of significance of employee engagement is that the staff people will show their commitment towards the change management. In case of implementation of change the company will get proper support from their employees as they understand the need of change. The benefits of change implementation program will be clear to employees and they will behave in matured and professional manner. This is one of the major benefits which could provide huge privileges to the company (Tremaine, 2002).

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Ahead the generation of innovative and creative ideas from employee’s side, is possible only in case of enthusiastic employees which again lie under the category of high level of employee engagement.  Hence these are various benefits of employee engagement. Furthermore the level of job satisfaction or job dissatisfaction could be measured through the level of this factor. If employees are satisfied from their job then it will definitely increase their involvement within the organizational activities and business operations. The link between employee motivation and employee engagement is positive and increment in employee engagement always increases the level of motivation.

It is clear through above discussion that the productivity of company can be improved at very large scale (Shahzad and, 2012). It has been found that highly engaged employees deliver their best to improve the strategic position of company. Employee loyalty is also something which could be identified through employee engagement.  

In implementing the employee engagement programs there are variety of issues and challenges which could be faced by companies. Very first problem which could be witnessed by organizations is that how to increase the level of job satisfaction. It is clear that job satisfaction is very crucial factor which plays an important role in the increment in engagement or enthusiasm level of employees (Salleh and, 2011). Further it is also comprehensible stated that job satisfaction can be established if company has hold on their management and leadership style. It is another challenge which must gain huge priority by the business entities. It is to ascertain that if leadership style is favorable then it will definitely put positive impact at the mindset of employees and it will be easy for managers to get adequate amount of support from employees. The leaders can motivate their employees towards positive direction and can manage healthy relationship among each other. Further the level of conflicts and stress can also create problem in implementing the employee engagement programs (Lund, 2003).

The company can experience lots of trouble on the ground of maintaining the healthy relationship among the employees and managers. This factor could prevent employees to move on to the stage of employee engagement. The initiation period is something which can show its huge expediency in the increment in employee motivation. If at the very commencement stage of job, an individual found proper alignment between organizational as well as individual’s goals then it will motivate him to show his concern so that he/ she can achieve their personal goals and personal growth can be ensured along with the organizational development (Powis, 2012).

Thus the inheritance of effective and well organized organizational culture is one factor which could be very much important with a view of gaining the benefits of employee engagement. The company has to develop such organizational culture and human resource policies which provide comfort and flexibility to employees and they feel highly associated with the company. Hence it could be consider as major challenge in front of companies. The element of discrimination and unpleasant internal environment could be the aspects which can put negative impact on the employee engagement. Further the relationship between employer and employee also matters a lot in order to win the trust and favor of employees (McBain, 2007).

Ahead various other management practices are also equally responsible for the successful implementation of employee engagement programs or could be treated as challenge or issues. Communication is very crucial element of the management practices which can help in boosting the employee engagement. As mentioned above that employee engagement is based on the relationship of employees and employer. Thus it exonerated that if company doesn’t have strong level of communication or interactional process then establishing the cooperation or coordination will be impossible (Thomas, 2010). The delegation of authorities will not be available within the organization.

Due to improper communication the companies can’t focus on the grievances of employees and can’t even establish effective organizational culture. Therefore communication is core element which must be deal with painstaking manner. Overall the thorough analysis of above discussion helps in understanding that there is positive linkage between the employee engagement and employee motivation, the only condition is that business entities should have strong belief in giving values to the thought process of employees so that they can feel more enthusiastic and encourage (Cook, 2008).

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With the help of this research study, main question that will be addressed is to recognize the manner in which employee engagement boost the motivation level of staff at the work place. In this context, different other questions are also developed with a sole motive to obtain fruitful results out of it and hence frame précised inferences. For this, role of engagement practice will be evaluate in retaining employees, its relationship will be analyzed so that diagnose of effective strategies can be done and same can be employed for attaining fruitful results out of it. Moreover, level of engagement and challenges involved into it will be taken into account so that accurate ideas can be attained through it.

All these questions are important because, by addressing them, research aim can be addressed in a desired manner. Moreover, it acts as a guideline through which research can be progressed in a desired manner and hence leads to end results. Further, it supported in conducting preliminary literature review from which basic ideas about the subject matter got attained and hence will assist in progressing with this study in a desired manner. These questions are answerable by conducting in-depth research in this context over a particular research.


This section is developed with a purpose to gain idea about the methods and techniques that will engaged in present research so that each set of research question can be addressed in an effectual manner (Burney, 2008). Also, it act as a path that supports researcher in conducting a research in a desired manner and hence attains fruitful results out of it.

Research Approach

This is a framework that aids in determining the way through which research can be conducted in a particular manner. In this regard, there are two sort of approach namely inductive and deductive (Chapman, 2011). Inductive initiates with collection of data of the subject matter so that pattern can be identified and hence theories can be developed by analyzing collected data. On the other hand, deductive approach commence with reviewing of existing theories that are concerned with subject matter so that hypothesis can be developed and same can be analyzed in order to either approve or reject the framed hypothesis. In present research, inductive approach will incorporate with a purpose to gain ideas about the actual scenario from which better addressing of research questions can be attained. Moreover, it will help in assessing the importance of engagement practice in Sainsbury for motivating employees from which effective strategies can be developed with it.

Research Design

There are different sort of research design i.e. exploratory, descriptive, causal, case study, experimental and few other. In present research, exploratory design will be engaged with a purpose of diagnose actual impact of engagement on employee motivation (Heaton, 2012). Further, it aids in identifying its importance from both organization and employee point of view through which better practices can be entailed in this regard.

Data Collection

For the purpose of data collection, both primary and secondary data will be taken into account. In primary data, survey and interview will be engaged so that handful amount of data can be obtained. Survey will conduct for the purpose of gaining information from employees of Sainsbury that are working in different department such as marketing, sales, operations, customer care and other related (Hjorland, 2005). This will support in gaining uniform information through which better synopsis of research issues can be attain. Moreover, interview will conduct for senior officials of Sainsbury with a purpose to gain information about the mindset of official regarding employee engagement. This will surely aids in deriving fruitful results out of it. In order to collect data from different participants, permission will be taken by senior level manager along with department head so that support can be attained. Also, data will be recorded in secured manner in order to ensure privacy of company's official information.


In present research, simple random sampling will be utilized in order to select employees of organizations. Sample size for this will be 40 employees so that different set of information can be attained. Moreover, senior officials will be selected through purposive sampling and for this, 10 officials are determined as sample size (Merriam, 2009). This will help in developing a portfolio for sample in a desired manner through which better inferences can be attained.

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For this research study, qualitative set of analysis will be done because it essentially helps in addressing each set of research questions in an effective manner. In this context, thematic analysis will be involved so that research aim can be fulfilled in a manner and hence will aids in framing sound inferences from it.


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