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Empowering users of health and social care is identified as the most important aspect of every organization which is dealing in care practices for the different kinds of individuals who are facing several disabilities and health issues. This approach has found very effective for sharing information and providing several opportunities to user of health care services for taking initiative that will help in solving issues (Chan, 2010). The present study is carried out to evaluate several issues and element for empowering individuals who are using health and social care services to maximize their independence. In this context, this report evaluates several legislation and sector skills that influence organizational policies and practices in order to promote the rights of health and social care service users. The present study is going to examine the different aspects of health and social care practices for managing and monitoring risk in health and social care settings. This report also evaluates different factors that affect participation, choice and independence it also carries out detail investigation of the responsibility of the health and social care worker for assessing different aspects of health and social practices.

TASK 1: How the design and review of services promotes and maximizes the rights of users of health and social care services

1.1 Current legislations that influences the rights of users of health and social care

There are various legislations as well as service sector skills available that influence the rights of service users who are taking different kinds of care services from a particular health and social care. For managing health and social care requirement of people who are having certain disabilities, different legislations include Equality Act and Disability discrimination act are playing important role for ensuring the rights of people associated with the proper care of patients and empowerment them (Statham, 2004). By promoting their rights of health and safety, it also helps in enabling service users to participate in decision making about their lives. The current legislations like Equality and Disability discrimination act has determined various norms in order to protect the rights of disabled person. These norms are playing important role for managing different operations of health care organization in order to avoid below mentioned elements:

As per the case, it is addressed the reduction is number of applications for disability care services in different health and social care firms. In this context, Equality Act and Disability discrimination act have played important role for influencing the rights of individuals and empowering service users in order to avoid any kind of discrimination and inequality during treatment procedure (Evans, 2004). In order to increase the number of applications, health and social care organization has to ensure about the safety and security of personal rights. In addition to that, health care setting has to follow a set of standards or guidance that is issued by the particular sector controlling authorities. These approaches play important role to attract different individuals who are facing different disabilities issues at the time of taking appropriate health care services.

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1.2 Factors that promote and maximizes the rights of users

In order to promote different rights of service users in health and social care setting, service provider needs to consider several factors that play important role for empowering service user within business entity. In this context, health and social care organization has to avoid discrimination among service users with reference to their disabilities and provide equal services to all the persons who are facing similar kind of disabilities issues. This in turn service users are able to get appropriate services as per their rights (Holosko, 2001). In addition to that, health organization is required to adopt different treatment procedures as per the special requirements of disabled services user. In this regard, management of health and social care setting is required to provide appropriate training to medical practitioners about different methods for rendering best health care services. Service providers need to adopt appropriate time management strategies so they can individually re-solve the problem of users and empower them by protecting their rights (McKeown, Malihi-Shoja and Downe, 2011). Organization is required to consider appropriate policies and procedures in order to motivate different individuals or disabled person that play important role for changing perception and attitude of disabled person about their physical conditions. Clear communication between service user and service provider has been identified as the most important factor that influences understanding about service users about their rights along with role of service providers for facilitating best services.

Furthermore, an organization will be able to attract of more disabled person for health care services by ensuring the proper availability of physical resources that are having direct impact on quality of services along with the user’s rights. This is because the lack of improper facilities at the care home likes equipment that affects the patient’s health and care. This situation may be emerged due to lack of financial resources (Heginbotham, 2012). Therefore, managers of health care organization have to consider all about mentioned elements in order to promote right of users.

1.3 Communication between care workers and service users contribute to promoting and maximizing the rights of service users

In order to manage various operations within health and social care organization, managers of HSC have to adopt an appropriate communication process. In order to deal with service users that are facing certain disabilities, appropriate selection of communication channel plays a vital role between care workers and service users. This approach also assists in contributing, promoting and maximizing the rights of users (Cameron and et. al., 2014). For managing communication of information, managers have to consider different communication for specially disabled service users which are associated with verbal and non-verbal. For instance, if any service user is suffering from hearing disabilities, so professional and medical staff should be well trained in order to manage communication with the patients by using sign language or use of translator. This approach assists managers for rendering best services within health care organization as per the different service requirements (Twigg and et. al., 2011). In addition to that, medical practitioner has to consider proper empathy, clear tone, clarity in language, reflective listening etc. All these elements are playing important role for ensuring the quality of health-care that results as the protection of individual rights.

Medical care practitioners are required to adopt latest communication tools and technologies in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of wide range data associated with service users. A health care organization will be able to ensure the safety and security of personal information of patients by using an appropriate monitoring system that controls sharing of service user's information (Rhodes, C., and et. al., 2014). Care worker should have proper knowledge and understanding about different physical and mental symptoms that are occurred due to disabilities problems and could act as a non-verbal medium of communication so as best services are provided to disabled individuals as per their special requirement along with rights.

TASK 2: How to promote the participation and independence of users of health and social care services

2.1 Factors that may contribute to loss of independence, non-participation and social exclusion for vulnerable people

In the health and social care practices, there are several elements addressed by the service users associated with the loss of independence, non participation and social exclusion that play important role in the rights of vulnerable people. Therefore, it is essential for management of health and social care organization in consideration of these factors while offering different kind of health care services (Wild and et al., 2012). In the treatment procedure, loss of independence of patients is identified as a most important crucial factor that is occurred as a result of illness and disability. An individual who is facing distinguish issues is high dependent on car workers. Apart from that non participation of service user in treatment procedures or in selection of car workers also affects the choice of service users along with selection of care home. In addition to that discrimination in care home also leads negative impact on the perception of services user about the rights of individuals (Rigby, Hill and Keeling, 2011). Therefore, organization needs to adopt appropriate strategies in order to avoid discrimination based on the race, religion, language and culture of patients during treatment procedures.

Social exclusion is also identified as a critical element which is occurred in treatment procedures. This is because an individual cannot communicate with their friends and cannot participate in other social gathering. It creates negative impact on emotional behavior of an individual (Theisen, 2013). Therefore, It is essential for service providers or medical practitioner in order to understand the mental and emotional well being of individuals so as medical practitioners are able to offer best services as per the special health care requirement of different service user.

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2.2 Organizational systems and processes are managed to promote participation and independence of users

For ensuring the independence, participation and inclusion of service users, management of health and social care organization has to adopt an appropriate system and processes so that service users are provided better service facilities. In order to get assure about the independence of patients within health and social care setting, health care organization requires to manage a systematic treatment procedures that help service users to excessive maximize choice and control over their lives. It results that service user feel independent in care setting and make their own decision regarding health and safety (Rose and et. al., 2014). In addition to that, care home should promote internal processes like daily routines, activities along with resources provided by the health care firm that plays important role in development of feeling of independence among device user.

In addition to that management of health care organization requires to adopt an appropriate  system in which service user are able to participate in different management decision regarding recruitment and selection of new staff, determination of quality management system along with the development of an appropriate complaint resolution system (House, 2007). This approach plays important for promoting independence and participation of service users and makes them feel satisfied. It also increases the effectiveness of treatment procedures. Apart from that management needs to increase involvement of service user in different social event and gathering so as patients would feel more social.

2.3 Analyzing the tensions that arise when balancing the rights of the service user to independence and choice against the care provider’s duty to protect

Medical practitioners within health and social care setting have to manage different business operations as per the different rights of patient such as right of privacy, right to be treated politely, right to independence, right to complain etc. All these rights are directly associated with the level of independence, participation of service user along with social inclusion (Solace, 2013). While rendering health and social care services, there is significant tension or health care issues raised due to health care worker are not able to meet to special requirements of patients as a result of bad physical and mental condition of service user. Therefore, it is very crucial for care setting for ensuring the balance the rights and needs of individuals along with compliance and restriction of treatment procedures.

In order to manage proper balance and tension among several factors, health care practitioners need to carry out detail assessment of the physical ability or mental condition of service user so as service user would assess best treatment that plays important role in physical betterment and mental satisfaction. In addition to that, it should be effectively balanced as per the legislative frameworks so that satisfaction can be achieved among users.

TASK 3: Responsibility of managing and monitoring risks in health and social care settings

3.1 The extent to which individuals are at risk of harm

As per the given case, it is stated that medical practitioners use several strategies and treatment procedures for resolving different health issues and disabilities among service users. In this process, the positive approach of risk taking has found very effective to increase confidence level of medical staff about the effectiveness of treatment procedures (Chan, 2010). By using positive approach of risk taking, health care workers are able to develop new opportunities for personal and professional development that results increment in service quality.

In this process, physical issues could be occurred as a result risk in treatment procedure. For example, service user is going through any operation but physical risk may be emerging due to lack of appropriate experience among medical practitioner and high risk in treatment process. Failure of treatment could develop various other health issues and physical problems (Statham, 2004). It also creates negative impact on the perception of service user so as a health and social care organization also faces risk related to distrust of patients and non-acceptance of new treatment process.

In addition to that financial risk is also emerged during selection of new treatment procedure. For example, there is continuous updation addressed in medical technologies, if a care organization selects new approach of treatment with the latest equipment but it is not enhancing quality of treatment then company would assess financial risk. It may also lead to un-satisfaction between service users (Evans, 2004). Therefore, an appropriate risk evaluation system has played important role for ensuring success of different treatment procedures.

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3.2 The effectiveness of policies, procedures and managerial approach within a health or social care setting for promoting the management of risks

In the health and social care settings, medical staff has to consider several factors such as confidentiality, equality, diversity and safe guarding while developing different treatment procedure and controlling of risks. In this regards, the inter-agency working, information sharing, feedback and risk assessment. As per the case, it is examined that evaluation of risk within treatment procedures must be carried by holding positive. In this process, development of multidisciplinary teams has played important to assess level of risk. This approach has found very effective in order to avoid unnecessary level of risk (Holosko, 2001). In addition to that management should have to develop an appropriate system for a verbal and written communication with an appropriate framework that play important role for establishing coordination among individuals, multidisciplinary teams and etc.

Furthermore, health care organization can increase effectiveness of treatment procedures by considering different aspects such as partnership, training, etc. The approach of partnership will be found very effective in order to establish relationship with service user and other medical practitioners that increase capability of staff to work in different situations (Heginbotham, 2012). By considering this approach, health care organization is able to gather more information about needs of people along with services user. In the process of positive risk assessment, staff training and development provides significant assistance to management of health care organization for increasing personal attributes and professional skills for facilitation of best treatment to service users.

TASK 4: Good practice in the administration of medicine is essential for users

4.1 Current legislation, codes of practice and policy that apply to handling of medication

There are various legislations and codes of practice developed by public authority for managing different operations associated with medication within health and social care setting. It includes legislation related to Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and Care Home Regulations 2001 for controlling different practices of that medication while rendering health care services. As per the norms of this legislation, health care organization requires to keep a proper record of all the drug orders, storage and use so as service could provide proper medicine (Twigg and et. al., 2011). In addition to that, disposal of waste such as expiry syringes, drugs, cottons etc. must be carried with an appropriate manner.

As per the case, several errors are occurred in medication process due to lack of training, lack of appropriate knowledge of different drugs, high workload and improper coordination with other team (Rhodes, C., and et. al., 2014). In order to resolve these issues, the management of health care organization has to adopt all policies and procedures which have been determined by public authorities of UK and Care quality commission that results reduction in errors that are occurred in medication procedures.

4.2 The effectiveness of policies and procedures within a health and social care setting for administering medication

The evaluation of the effectiveness of different management policies and procedures within a health care setting for administering medication procedures can be carried out with reference to different policies. In this regards, health care organization should have to develop an appropriate set of standards (Wild and et al., 2012). In addition to that development of effective communication system is essential health care practices that plays important role for facilitation of proper medication treatment. Furthermore, consideration of the norms and policies of Care Quality Commission has found very effective in order to provide better quality service. In addition to that, medication procedures determined by National Patient Safety Agency also provide signification support in order to get ensure about safety of service user during medication (Rigby, Hill and Keeling, 2011). In addition to that, proper  recording and monitoring the confidential information of patients along with treatment process has played important role for developing an appropriate treatment schedule so as pharmacist and medical staff will be able to reduce the chances of errors.

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As per the above evaluation, it can be stated that care workers within health and social care setting can empower the service users by promoting and maximizing their rights. In this process, clear communication among service users and service provider plays important role to increase understanding of health issues of patients. This report has found that management of health care organization has to establish proper balance between treatment procedures and persona independence, participation and social inclusion of service user with health care firm. This study has evaluated that clear application of different code of conducts associated with medication process helps managers for controlling the errors in treatment process.


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