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Education is the imperative field of learniFrenk, J. and, 2010ng and development. It assists the society to get in-depth knowledge about certain aspect and determine career growth of the individual. Present education topic report is based on national policies and initiatives taken for education of the 14-19 age range. Further, emphasis has been laid on working with selected age group in education and training. In addition to this, relationship between schools and other providers of learning for the 14-19 age range. Furthermore, analysis has been done on teaching, learning and assessment approaches. For this purpose, learning styles are also explained in order to ensure right kind of learning strategy for students.


National policies and initiatives for the education of 14-19 age range

For the education of age range 14-19, government of UK take several initiatives and imposed different national policies. For example 14-19 curriculum reforms on high education lays emphasis on preparation of students who are in higher education to graduates. Similarly, necessary skills, training and development are also ensured so that economic development of UK can be determined (McMillan and Schumacher, 2014). This policy helps in bringing changes in planned manner so that new updated curriculum for 14-19 can be implemented. The main aim of this initiative is to provide range of learning routes for young people and prepare everything regarding their study. For example, how and where students of age group 14-19 study and at what time they take their qualifications etc.

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Furthermore, Ofsted schools standards are also set by government of UK which depicts that progress of every students since joining of school must be considered. Moreover, it covers following aspects and accordingly inspection is done. For instance, how well development of skills like reading, communication and writing as well as mathematical are taking place and how well students are applying the same (Schunk, Meece and Pintrich, 2012). Similarly, it is analyzed that how well disable students' need are met since joining. These distinctive factors are taken into account by authority so that effective strategy could implement for resolving the same issues. It helps in letting students make progress relative to their starting points. This is what contribute towards measuring success of government initiatives.

In addition to this, Every learner matters is based on 5 different elements such as be healthy, safe and  enjoy & achieve. Along with that, making positive contribution and achieving economic well-being are some of the criteria through which students in the age group of 14-19. In this regard, government of UK published Every Child Matters (Green Paper). It shows that students under age of 14-19 are provided safe environment and proper learning facilities so as to ensure growth and development of the same (Bruner, 2009).

The government of UK also took initiatives for social and workforce development wherein individual need of people is addressed. Accordingly actions plans are implemented by government in order to bring stability (Seidman, 2013). This facilitates to support economic growth of UK as workforce are developed by different kind of training and development program.  On the other hand, PLTS is framework which consists of six groups. It includes independent inquiries, team workers, effective participants and self managers. In addition to this, creative thinkers and reflective learners are also included in PLTS framework. This aids to constitute integral part of teaching and learning so that age group of 14-19 can be provided proper assistance. Here, it is ensured that learners apply all six groups in very unique manner as all these groups are interconnected (Knowles, Holton and Swanson, 2014). Furthermore, students form single basis of learning by taking assistance from all of cited aspects. It facilitates to develop their overall skills and ensure their rapid development. On the other hand, leaflet is prepared for planning and implementation of PLTS. This leaflet consists of the set of curriculum questions such as what is to be achieved and how as well as at what time for achievement is also specified in leaflet. It proves to be effective in achieving aim PLTS on right time. In addition to this, detail explanation of PLTS framework has been given as follows-

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Legal framework and key legislation to teachers working with the 14–19 age range

The framework and key legislation are set by government of UK for teacher working with the 14-19 age range. These are explained as follows-

National Vocational Qualifications- It is work based awards prevail in Wales, England and Northern Ireland. It is achieved with structured assessment and training programs. However, they are also known as Scottish Vocational Qualification in Scotland (Zimmerman,  Murillo-Sánchez and Thomas, 2011). Further, achievement of this award proves to be effective in determining quality of teachers working age group of 14-19. It shows that person having this award possess necessary qualities so they can effectively provide learning to students. For example, NVQ depicts the role of a person for present position so that his payment can determined accordingly.

Structured work experience- It is the most prominent aspect to enhance learning of age group of 14-19. It is because greater the work experience then there will be greater chances of employability.  However, teachers must be experienced enough in field where they are providing services, at present. It leads to provide motivation among the students and enhance their knowledge. Owing to this, government or authority ensure that there must be specific criteria for selecting teacher to provide learning among young people (Seely Brown, 2008). In addition to this, structured work experience help society to move ahead in the direction of growth and society.

The following key legislation need to be kept into mind while providing education to young age group of 14-19 years. It helps to protect the right of all individuals in the society and provide them equal opportunity to learn. These key legislation has been stated as follows-

Equality Act 2010- The Equality Act, 2010 is proposed by Parliament of United Kingdom. Main aim of this legislation is to provide equal treatment with all residents of country. According to this act, no one can be discriminated on the ground of age, region, race and ethnicity. All people have freedom to get education and take admission in their interested school. Furthermore, the equality act ensures that in school and training center there must be equality among students. It facilitates to ensure growth and prospective of nation (McManus and Dhar, 2008). Similarly, for acquiring public, private and employment services, one must follow this act. In addition to this, special protection are there for pregnant women. Thus, equality act proves to be effective in providing education for age group of 14-19.

Equipping our teachers for the future- This is legal framework created by government of nation in order to provide new offer for trainee teacher. It facilitates to introduce new Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills Award so that better quality of teachers can be provided in learning centers. Under this, other measures are also included through which high standard are set to provide support for teacher at workplace (Kim and Free, C 2008). For example, lifelong learning UK is promoted by investing in providers and partnerships. Here, current regulations are also amended on time to time by which teachers' qualification can be improved with inclusion of further education for the same. It has direct impact on literacy, numeracy skills and language as well as further teaching tactics for young people who lies in 14-19 age range. In addition to this, this section consists of offer to trainee teachers, institute of learning and funding as well as record along with partners.

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Writing reflective on own role and responsibilities in relation to working with the age range of 14-19

At the completion of report I will explain my own role in relation to working with the 14-19 age range. I will provide immense support for in the same field by working in organization which sets policies and procedures. Here, I will ensure that regulatory framework is made by taking into account needs and expectations of students through which they learn in better manner. Furthermore, I will set strict standard for selection of teachers so that students career growth can be ensured in an effectual manner. For example, I will decide success criteria for teachers thereby lot of students in the range of 14-19 get good education.

I will also take into account promotion of inclusive practice and student inclusion. Owing to this, I will ask students for different learning criteria as per their interest area. It enables me to adopt effective kind of learning styles through which teacher also feel comfortable as students will ensure their active participation. At this juncture, I will conduct presentation for teachers and students both so that continuous improvement of both parties can be ensured in an effectual manner. Similarly, challenging behaviour of students will not be tolerated by me because I will set strict punishment for the same. For example, I will set dress code for students so they behave in right manner in order complete their education without any kind of barriers. In order to improve inappropriate behavior of students I will give strict order to teachers so they do not tolerate such kind of students. In fact students will have good environment of learning where they will share their experience with each other. In addition to this, I will make it sure that assignments are given to students on time to time and they get detail guidance for the same. It enables me to manage the education system of particular areas in right manner.

It aids to maintain decorum of schools and put interest of students in learning habits. On the other hand, I will encourage self and peer assessment wherein teacher can get feedback on their performance from their colleagues. On the other hand, students will also get feedback from their peers. It is one of the effective methods to bring improvement in overall personality. Apart from this, reflective practices will also be encouraged by me so that every individual can come to know about their own growth and development. For example, students will ask to give reflect on the basis of certain pre-defined criteria. It facilitates to work upon weak areas so that teacher follow the right kind of strategy to overcome the same. On the other hand, students who are performing good will be rewarded in order to motivate them. In the same way, I will recommend that teachers should also be reward for their better performance. It proves to be effective to increase their level of motivation.

According to above statements and learning, it has been identified by me that the consideration of various legislations has facilitated me to accomplish task in appropriate manner. In the support of this, I can say that the legal requirement has various impact on the work practice so it is essential for me to understand the concept of legal aspects in most suitable manner. In the investigation, I have also gathered an information regarding Ofsted schools standards. In the support of this, I can asserted that in order to have effective learning system, it is essential for school authorities to focus on  Ofsted schools standards. With an improved focus on  Ofsted schools standards  I have accomplished various task in appropriate manner which can boosted the learning of students. Meeting  Ofsted schools standards is also beneficial for school as it provides various frameworks which can amend the learning process effectiveness. In the support of this, I have also determined that the  Ofsted schools standards are set up by the non ministerial government department to amend the standards of learning process within schools of UK. It has also provided me information regarding Education and Inspections Act 2006 which has helped in effective learning styles. 

Other than this, I have also focused on sector specific CRB in order amend my learning regarding my interest field. In other words, I can also stated that the improved focus on  sector specific CRB has provided me learning regarding work culture of industry which is beneficial for me to attain better future. In addition to this, I have also attained the information regarding effective establishment of relevant guidelines and codes of practices. With an assistance of codes of practices the learning process effectiveness has also been improved. It has facilitated me to complete learning process task in desired manner and improve my knowledge.

Furthermore, the effective development of appropriate learning and teaching strategies has also facilitate me to accomplish learning goals in most appropriate manner (Ozel and, 2009). It has provided to me a great assistance in regard to develop better ways that can improve overall learning process.


Analysing relationship between schools and other providers of learning range of 14-19

As per the structured study, it can be said that, it is necessary for schools to have strong relationship with other providers of learning. In this support, it can be said that the schools must ensure that students are attaining better learning so that they can have better future. In other words, it can be said that the age group of 14- 19 is section in which students focuses on few initial steps that can boost the lead them to better future. In this respect, school must focus on building better relationship with diverse experts from different sector so that students can acknowledge about various live experiences. Training and guest sessions can be conducted with association of corporate sector so that students can have better learning (Wharf Higgins, Begoray and MacDonald, 2009). For example, improved relationship with corporate and business organisations the school can arrange training sessions and learning classes so that students can have direct and easy link up with the industry. Moreover, it is also essential for school to have collaboration with various other educational institutes that can provide additional learning to students. In other words, it can be said that the school authorities must focus on alternatives to academic learning so that students can formal vocational education.

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Other than this, school can also start building relationship with colleges so that students can can easy access to high level qualifications. In this support, it can be said that the various talent hunts and competitive exams can be conducted with an associated action. Moreover, the internship programs can also be used to amend the learning of students. For example, in association with various corporates the school authorities can introduce internship programs in which students will get opportunity to work with top professionals and amend their experience level (Jonsson and et. al., 2010). Other than this, various provisions can also be set out to build better relationship with alternative academic institutes. In the support of this, it can be said that the various specialized programs can also be introduced with an assistance of international trade authorities and other educational institutes. It will allow students to attain better learning in context to diverse aspects. Furthermore, communication skills, presentation skills ,etc can be improved in most suitable manner to meet the key objectives of learning. Various seminars and conferences can be conducted with an assistance of international trade authorities and government authorities so that students can have better learning regarding various factors.


Analysing teaching, learning and assessment approaches

As per the above study, it can be said that there are number of learning and assessment approaches that can be used by teachers to provide better education among the age group of 14-19 years. In the support of this, it can be said that the Kolb learning and assistance of information technological equipments are most commonly used techniques (Taliaferro and Borowsky, 2011). With an improved focus on Kolb learning and information technological tools the learner can easily develop cognitive and psychomotor skills among students. Moreover, it has also been spotted that the other supportive approaches can also be used by the teaching authorities in order to have effective development among students.

In addition to this, it can be said that the Kolb learning is also considered as a experimental learning theory and most of teachers use it to acknowledge students. It helps in better understanding regarding fundamentals concepts which can amend the learning among students. In this support, it can be said that the learning regarding human behaviour is also beneficial for students (Taliaferro and Borowsky, 2011). In this learning process the teachers can focuses on various steps which can be classified as concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation.

Moreover, in the support of this, it can be said that with an assistance of Kolb learning the students can attain information about various situations so that issues can be overcome in effective manner. With an assistance of this learning the new experience can be attained about the encountered and reinterpretation situation which is beneficial for advancement in experience. It also reflects that the cognitive skills of students can easily be improved with an assistance of Kolb learning (McManus and Dhar, 2008). Cognitive skills is combination of diverse abilities that impacts positively on the brain, reading, learning aspects of individual. It also improves the skills regarding concentration so that better knowledge can be attained and uses at every day school, work and life activities. In the support of this, it can be said that the cognitive functioning is beneficial for students as it will provide better learning about human behaviour (Wise, 2009). In respect to Kolb learning it can be asserted that the teacher can use this learning to amend information regarding feeling, doing, watching and thinking. The integrated learning objectives can be accomplished in appropriate manner by focusing on various aspects that relates with the Kolb learning.

Through gaining new information by thinking, analyzing or planning the students can easily attain better learning.

Other than this, it can be said that in order to have improvement in cognitive skills the teachers can also focus on effective use of various technological tools. With an audio and video learning tools the students can easily improve their communication and presentation skills which is beneficial for their better future (Equipping our teachers for the future, 2010). Various online testing methods can also be used to amend the learning as it helps in effective advancement of skills. In the support of this, it can be stated that there are various alternative approaches that can also be used by teachers to amend the learning of students. In this respect, it can be said that the project work can be allotted to students in order to have effective development of research skills and lead learning process to impressive level of success.

Moreover, the analytical and observation skills can also be developed by improved level of success of project work. Class presentations conduction is also one of most efficient technique that can be used by teachers in order to meet the development needs. Furthermore, the self assessment learning and self managed learning techniques are also beneficial as it amends the learning of students in most suitable manner (McManus and Dhar, 2008). In respect to different approaches it can be stated that the seminars and conferences are also one of most commonly used technique (Success for All, 2016). Seminars and conferences give people the opportunity to exhibit their knowledge about something to other people who may end up learning something new. In other words, it can be stated that the learning approach also facilitates in advancement of self confidence and prompt to develop presentation skills so that he or she can easily speak in public presence.

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Use of social media tools is the most powerful and effective tool of self managed learning. With an improved focus on social networking tools the students can easily access to various sources that can provide learning regarding various subjects. Students can acquire a lot of knowledge from social media sites and also can learn different skills from other people connected with them on these sites. However, learning comes McManus, A. and Dhar, L., 2008 through confidence, motivation, training and development that encourage the personal skills (Jonsson and et. al., 2010).  The learner will be able to improve its skills by analyzing his ability and watching videos and take assistance of idol people.


The aforementioned essay writing report concludes that education is the imperative aspect for growth and development of any country. It assists students or society to contribute towards economic development through learning and development. It can also be said that, legal framework and initiatives taken by government of UK are supportive for education system. It assists management to carry activities in right manner. Furthermore, learning and teaching styles are contributing towards providing right kind of education facilities to end users or students. In addition to this, inclusion of students in managing education is also effective aspect.


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