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Business Management Techniques & Theories Used for an Event

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This report is based on a musical concert which is going to be organize by event company in Battersea park and the royal Albert hall in London. Various licences like personal licensee, premises licence etc. which are required in order to organize the event are mentioned in this report. Some important techniques such as waste management, risk management and supply chain management which can be used for event company are highlighted in this report. Various business management theories are explained in this report. Further the benefits and implementation of each management theory in event company has been mentioned. Some issues which are faced by event company are described in this report. Some of the health and safety related measurements which should be taken by the company during event are highlighted in this report.

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License and requirement for various type of events

The licence act came into existence in the year 2005 and changed everything about the system which earlier used to provide licence to sell alcohol and to carry out various types of events. The new system provides two different types of licence which are personal licence and premises licence. A personal licence permits the individual to sell the alcohol in retail. It can be obtained by the individual who is above 18 years of age (Van der Wagen, 2010). On the other hand, premises licences permits individuals to sell the alcohol and to conduct different events in a particular premises. Premises licence is required in events such as exhibition of film, performance of play, live music concern, dance performance etc. It is also necessary for the event organizer to issue permission regarding Temporary events notice (TEN). These notices provide authority to both personal and public licence holder to sell alcohol in specific events. TEN last for 168 hours and it is necessary that, there should be at least one day break between each TEN for the same premises (Melnyk, Cooper and Hartley, 2011). The application for this notice is required to be made within 10 working day notice to police and local council. When events are organized in particular club then, the organizer is required to obtain club premises certificate. It provides authority to supply alcohol or entertainment in clubs (Masterman, 2014). It is a public organization and profits are reinvested in the maintenance of club. So, the procedure to apply for club licences is completely different. In order to organize musical concern in Battersea Park and the royal Albert hall in London, personal or premises licence will be required (Battersea park, 2015). The event organizer also needs to provide temporary event notice to senior authority of the above two stated venues. In addition to this, it is also essential for event organizer to get permission to use the land where the music concern is going to take place. It is also required to take permission from the Newcastle City Council Licensing Office to organize the musical concern (Royal Albert hall, 2015).

Techniques for analysing events and management

In order to analyse events and management, there are various techniques which can be used. Some of the techniques such as waste management, risk management and supply chain management are mentioned below as:

Waste management

Waste management can be defined as the collection, transportation and disposition of garbage and other waste products. It is very important for the event organizer to carry out their waste disposal activities in an effective manner. The waste and garbage which is extracted during events are harmful to the environment and it is the sole responsibility of event organizer to properly dispose the waste. Further, recycling, burning the waste material, composting and landfills can be used by the event organizer (Slack, 2015). Recycling is one of the most popular methods of waste management as it is not expensive and can be easily carried out. In addition to this, it will help the organizer of musical event to save a lot of time and resources and protect the environment from harm. The papers, plastic glasses, bottles can be recycled after the event. However, it will also assist in reducing the waste occurred due to the event. If the organizer is unable to recycle the waste then it is better to burn the waste material. Controlled burning of waste material at high temperature will extract steam and ash (Haimes, 2005). This is one of the best techniques of waste management as it is less time consuming and also requires very less efforts. Organizer can burn empty food packets, plastic bottles and packages, papers etc.

Risk management

Risk management can be defined as the process of understanding, evaluating and addressing the risk associated to particular task or activity. It is essential for event organizer to manage the risk factor during musical concern at Battersea Park and the royal Albert hall in London (Royal Albert hall, 2015). Risk management will explore the opportunities, and will allow the organizer to become aware about new possibilities and risk which may occur at the time of event (Narasimhan and Talluri, 2009). Further, in order to effectively manage the risk, the organizer is required to have information regarding relevant risk and should be capable in risk assessment. Some areas regarding event such as location, time, nature and duration of event should be considered at the time of risk assessment. Regarding Battersea Park and the Royal Albert hall the risk can be assessed by keeping in mind the parameters such as crowd, moment and capacity, emergency exit, power supply facility, parking and transportation along with evacuation routes (Chopra and Sodhi, 2012). Other factors such as first aid, noise pollution and communication should be taken into consideration by the event organizer.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management can be termed as the management of flow of goods and services. It provides competitive advantage to business and helps in mitigation of risk associated with acquiring raw material. Management of supply chain reduces cost, increases efficiency along with profitability of the businesses. During the time event, it is very essential for the organizers to manage their supply chain (Manuj and Mentzer, 2008). Further, it contributes to the success of event. For a musical concert, supplier can be decorators, supplier of food and water etc. So it is important for organizer to maintain good relation with them and manage the supply of required items effectively. It is a kind of cross functional approach which assist the movement of raw material and other required items within company. In order to become more flexible and focus on core competency's now companies are reducing ownerships of sources of supply and increasing their distribution channels (Monczka and et. al., 2008). Event companies can satisfy more customers by using supply chain management as control on operations regarding logistic gets reduced. In addition to this it will help event company to improve trust and collaboration among supply chain partners. At present many companies which are operating in event industry have taken step towards use of supply chain management. To have competitive advantage and maintain good relation with suppliers its use has become essential.

Business management theories

Management theories can be used and implemented by event organizers to increase events quality and effectiveness. More than one theory can be used by event planners in order to make their events successful. Theories such as chaos theory, contingency system theory are very popular and used by many organizations (LaGrega, Buckingham and Evans, 2010). On the other hand theory X and Y, addresses management strategies which can help event organizer to motivate its workforce and make them more productive. Some of the management theories are mentioned below as:

System theory

Systems Theory is based upon the analytic division of the natural world into environment and systems. System theory makes holistic and integrated view. It helps manager to manage whole organization. It will help the manager of event company to understand the different system which can affect the employees and inversely how employee can affect the systems (Thomas, Hermes and Loos 2008). Basically a system consist of various pasts which are well coordinated together to achieve common objectives. Further it will allow manager of event company to examine different pattern and activities in events. With the use of system theory event company can effectively coordinate its activities and can make the event successful.

Contingency theory

Contingency theory states that there is no one best style of leadership. Effectiveness of leader completely rely upon situation. Further it states that decision taken by manager should be based on situations. Events are usually associated with many uncertainty and at that time manager needs to change his decisions (Haimes, 2005). Use of contingency theory of management can be very helpful to event company as the decision will be based on situations. Further it will help manager to make more effective decision during situation of uncertainty. In order to implement this model event company first needs to determine the leadership which it is currently following (Grossi and Kunreuther, 2005). Second company needs to analyse the current situation and market trend. In the last step selection of leadership style should be based in the kind of situation prevailing in organization.

Theory X and Y

Theory x and y developed by explains that management style is strongly influenced by assumptions and beliefs about what motivates members of organization. Theory X assumes that that employees are naturally unmotivated and dislike working. Further this encourages an authoritarian style of management in organizations (Altay and Green, 2006). On the other hand theory Y highlights participative style of management. Further it expect that employees are feeling happy to work, are creative and self-motivated. In theory X the performance mechanism is controlled by organisation whereas theory Y gives ample opportunities for promotions and rewards. Organization which operates at large scales generally uses theory X (Masterman, 2014). On the other hand theory Y is used by organization which encourages participation of employee at each level. For event company Y theory will be appropriate as in such companies participation of every employee is essential in order to make event successful (Etzion and Niblett, 2010).

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Different issues of event organization

At present the major issues which are faced by event organizations are related to poor scheduling, cost overrun and client dissatisfaction. Further it is caused to due factors such as mistakes in planning, communication and resource allocation (Heijungs and Guinée, 2007). Some of the issue of event organizations are mentioned below as:

Allocation of resources

Many organizations operation in event industry are facing issues regarding allocation of resources. Lack of skilled and qualified people during event makes it sometimes disaster. The key to success of any event can be the allocation of right people with right skills. In order to make planning, communication and activities related to event successful it is essential to have human resource with right skills (LaGrega, Buckingham and Evans, 2010). To overcome this issue event company can go for skills assessment which will provide details of skills required for each task. In addition to this recruitment and selection of employee can be done on the basis of skill assessment. Once event planners know everyone’s capabilities and their tasks it becomes far easier to work out who’s doing what and how to allocate the resources at their disposal.

Failure in planning

It can be termed in failure to plan is planning to fail. In order to overcome the challenges and issues in event organizations appropriate and effective planning is necessary. Lack of planning increase the chances of risk and failure. Plans provide direction to achieve the goals, objectives and success of event (Van der Wagen, 2010). In addition to this a well define plan will help the event company to carry out its activities more effectively and reduce the chances of failure.

Failure in keeping track of changes

Practically most event company make required changes in plans and scope on the day of event. Due to the failure in keeping track of smallest change most of the event companies gets out of the budget. Further budgeting has emerged one of the major issue for event companies. Organization operating in event industry needs to ensure that they have implemented a change tracking process (Li, 2014). It is a simple but effective way to record changes, communicate them and control them. Changes like additional seating capacity, changes in refreshment and food services needs to mentioned specifically and their effect on current budget needs to be calculated by companies.

Environmental issues

In present scenario every industry is now looking forward for sustainability development. It results in achievement of organizational goals and objectives along with development of society and environment (Grossi and Kunreuther, 2005). The noise pollution which is caused during music concert has emerged as one of the biggest environmental issue. In addition to this the waste such as plastic bottles, empty food packets which are generated during events has created a big problem for the environment (Van der Wagen, 2010). Till now many companies are not using waste management techniques and are causing harm to environment. In order to overcome this problem event organizations needs to take step towards sustainability development. Further they can use some waste management techniques such as recycling and burning of waste which will reduce the harm to environment.

Decreasing budgets

Event organizer now needs to provide creative and unique solution to their customers in very low budget. It has become a problem to provide successful event in low budget. Due to economic down town budget of clients are shrinking and now event managers needs to offer unique, inspirational events on tighter and tighter budgets (Ghoshal, 2005).

Lack of experienced event manager

Event plan can become a big failure if the manager is not experienced. Now it has become difficult for manager to understand the changing demand and need of customers. In order to overcome this issue event company needs to hire manager who have completed diploma or degree in event managements. Further they must have knowledge regarding all theoretical aspect of event management (Masterman, 2014). Manager with degree and certificates in event management carries right combination of soft skills along with them which can assist company to plan events, manage risk, resources and budget.


keeping upgraded with new developments, concepts, ideas through use of social media, newsletter and relevant marketing material has been in major demand for event companies. It has become a challenge for these companies to always deliver something new and fresh. Use of technological advancement is now essential for organizations to remain sustainable and cost effective.

Health and safety measures

In order to take corrective measure regarding health and safety of workers event companies needs to carry out risk assessment for each and every activity associated with event. For all health and safety legislation risk assessment has become essential requirement (Montgomery, 2011). In order to carry out musical concert at Battersea park and the royal Albert hall in London, event company should take all the health and safety issue for safety of workers and staff (Haimes, 2005). Following are the responsibility of event company regarding health and safety regarding musical concert at Battersea park and the royal Albert hall in London:

Event organizer also needs to ensure that measures regarding adequate first aid are taken. While organizing a musical concert company must consider that excessive noise will affect neighbouring premises (LaGrega, Buckingham and Evans, 2010). Further employee of event organizer should be covered with insurance. proper training and development sessions should be provided to employee which are associated with events so that in case of any incident they do not panic and protect life of people.


It is very essential for event company to take all the measures regarding health and safety of audience as well as of their employees. In order to make the event successful the company needs to resolve the issues which are highlighted in this report. With the use of waste management techniques event company will be in a condition to grow in sustainable manner. It can be concluded from this report that implementation of different management theories will help in increase effectiveness and productivity of event company. Further issues and challenges faced by event company along with possible suggestions to overcome them has been provided in this report.

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To organize a musical concert Battersea park in London will be more suitable as it is an open area the concert can be easily managed. All the formalities regarding Premises licences and Temporary events notice (TEN) needs to be done by event company on time. All the features regarding TEN should be taken into consideration while completing formalities. During the development phase of event plan proper risk assessment should be carried out so that all safety measures can be taken timely. Use of supply's chain management is also recommendation to event company, as it will further assist in increasing satisfaction level of customer by reducing company's control on logistic operation's. In order to make event successful a manager with professional degree or diploma in event management can be hired by company. Process of resources allocation can be done with the help of industry professional and experts. It is also recommended that the event plan should be framed very effectively by keeping all the aims and objectiveness in mind. Such as big event can be only successful with the help of effective and result orientated plan. In addition to this change tracking process can be implemented by company so that the affect of each and every change on budget can be evaluated. Proper training and development sessions should be provided to staff of event company. These sessions will help during case of accident.


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