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“Health and safety” is the most significant priority of every Health and Social Care (HSC) organization. There are constant efforts made by the health care practitioners, doctors, nurses and care providers to provide proper treatment and services with a motive of minimizing the aspect of risk which is associated with the workplace setting. It is important to implement the health and safety legislation for ensuring security of patients, visitors and care users. Assessment of the risk is another vital way by which dilemmas are encountered to evaluate the impact of health and safety policies and procedures. The need for monitoring and reviewing at the workplace is essential for promoting positive and care culture in an organization (Hendrikson, 2010).

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This report is about management of health and safety at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, which is one of the busiest health care organizations in the Greater Manchester, England. This UK based organization is funded by the NHS Trust and has three specialized sites for pediatric and neonatal services. The main objective of this report is to highlight the health and safety legislation. Analysis has been made about the consequences of health and safety need on patients and doctors. Lastly, the central idea behind this report is to present the monitoring and reviewing policies of health and safety policy at Bolton.


1.1 Reviewing systems, policies and procedures for communicating information

There are various systems, policies and procedures which are reviewed for communicating the information on health and safety at the workplace in respect of legislation. In British, there are certain laws and regulatory framework which has been provided with an intention to meet requirements of health care (Sugiyama and, 2008) . In Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, various laws are governed by an objective to meet the workplace health and security need. Following laws of UK implemented in this organization to fulfill the effective requirement of fostering better communication systems and workplace safety has been stated in following table as follows:

Table 1: Health and safety legislation

Health and safety legislation

Health, Safety and Communication Acts


Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

According to this act, the responsibility of every health care expert is to maintain the safety of patients at the care settings. The main objective of this act is to define policies and procedures at the Bolton for ensuring safety of staff and care experts. There is necessity to formulate the safety at the workplace with the prescribed norms and rules so that assurance of communication of information is maintained as well.

Health and Social Care Act 2001

As per this health care act in the UK, the staff of every organization inclusive of Bolton has been authorized to make use of information processing. The main objectives behind this act are to make arrangements in respect to further provisions such as social care services and to make further processing of patient information (Hurst and Patterson, 2014). The idea here is to facilitate the doctors with their patient's data, so that they can provide better treatments and care services to patients.

Electronic Communications Act 2000

This is the most vital act which is used by the Bolton Trust where the associated health care practitioners use method of preparing prescription of their patients electronically (Billings and Weger, 2015). This is a way by which information of the each and every patient are recorded and stored for future use. This is to ensure better communication and quick delivery of information transmission.

Data protection Act, 1998

The processing of personal data, which is held in manual or electronic form, is regulated by this Act. Along with the health records, this Act also applies to the personal information. This act requires Bolton to comply with eight data protection principles and observing the rights of the patients. The medical information of a patient can only be obtained for one or more specified and lawful purpose. The medical information pertaining to the patients shall not be kept for longer than necessary.

The personal data related to patients should be processed and communicated in a lawful manner.

According to the workplace experience at the Bolton Trust, following stated methods are used which are stated as follows:

Written communication: This trust uses methods such as reports, advertisements, memos, electronic mails, notice boards etc. for transmitting information in the written form (Brand, 2012).

Verbal communication: There is used an oral form of communication for short and prescribed data transmission. At Bolton, there arise situations where the quick delivery of task has been made by using verbal source.

Visual communication: This is a method which is widely used in Bolton. At the time of training and providing information in respect of human health etc., graphic modes are used to share information (Barber, 2002).

1.2 Assessment of responsibilities for Bolton NHS Foundation Trust in relation to its structure

It is very imperative to assess the responsibilities of the individuals working at different levels of management to ensure effectiveness of workplace settings at the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.


Director: The main role of the Director of the Bolton is to manage the overall work of the organization. He is responsible for framing all the organizational rules and policy framework in respect of health care and safety (Valentine, Nembhard and Edmondson, 2015). He also plays the role of assuring the discussion of safety standards by regularly participating in the meeting with his staff members.

Senior manager: The role of senior manager in Boston is to look after all the issues and risks that arise at the workplace. In addition, he is also responsible for formulating ways to define the solutions to meet with those changes. He is responsible to intimate director on a direct basis and maintains direct contact with him.

Assistant manager: The role and responsibilities of the assistant manager working at the Bolton is to engage the team to work as a whole for workplace management of risk. He maintains direct contact with the functional staff (Horie, 2010). He instructs them for work at a place where hazards are identified and action plans to be implemented as per legislation of the UK.

Supervisor: The role of the supervisor is to look after the efficiency of how the work is being carried out in Bolton. He looks after the arrangements to be made. In addition, he is responsible for training the operational staff by providing required training as per organizational norms and settings (Hujala, Laulainen and Lindberg, 2014).

HR manager: The role of HR Manager of the Bolton is to recruit and train manpower as per organization's standards. He looks after the appropriate working methods and training initiatives in respect of developing staff.

Health care assistant: The job role of health care assistant working at Bolton is to look after the effective exercise of health care policies and procedure followed in maintaining health and safety.

The table given below will state the roles and responsibilities as follows:

Table 2: Roles & Responsibilites

Employer's Responsibility

Employee’s responsibility

Service users' and visitors' responsibility

Director- The director of day care centre has the responsibility of the overall health and safety of staff, patients and visitors.

Health and social care worker- He has the responsibility to follow the policies and procedures. He is also responsible for protecting the rights of older patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimers.

Service users- they have the responsibility to adhering to the instructions given to them by the care worker regarding health and safety procedures.

Health and safety executive- he has the responsibility to enforce various acts and statutory instruments in relation to health and safety at the care centre.

Ward manager- He has the responsibility of ensuring that the staffs are properly trained in health and safety procedures.

Visitors- the visitors are responsible for their own as well as the patient's health and safety. It is their responsibility to abide by the rules of the care centre.


2.1 Analysis of health and safety priorities

There are various ways by which health and safety priorities are designed at the workplace setting of Bolton Foundation NHS Trust. There is a need for doctors, nurses, care experts etc to work as a whole for promoting culture of workplace and patient's safety as well. Following are some of the health and safety priorities which are defined in an order to meet with the changes in the organization and are stated as follows:

Slips, falls and other types of accidents: This is the most vital planning which is being prioritized at Bolton. The major risk is derived from the falling, tripping and related accidents. There is need to make safety plans by considering such aspects so that visitors, patients and even the staff will safe at any part of this health care organization (Anderson, Chaturvedi and Cibulskis, 2007). In this trust, the record keeping is maintained where such accidents are recorded and objectives are maintained by keeping this aspect as priority.

Healthy and nutritious diet: This priority has been defined keeping in account the treatment and care of old age patients specially. Also, all age group care users are required to provide with the privilege of healthy and nutritious food (Corbett, Travaglia and Braithwaite, 2011). Along with this, nurses and care providers must be trained well for taking care of the medicinal treatment on time and effectively for the better recovery of the patients.

Safe working environment: The next priority of working in this health care organization is by developing better health care services for the patients. It is the duty of doctors and care providers to work by addressing the aspect of safe surrounding as a priority of patient's safety and care. It is essential to consider the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) guidelines for ensuring effective job working of the Bolton. The main objective of the OSHA is to work with an objective to minimize fatalities, illness etc.

Prevention of infection control:This is another health and safety priority which is required to be met for controlling infection at the workplace. In hospitals and care homes, this is very common aspect which may affect the other visitors and patients. Therefore, there is need to use infection control methods for maintaining safety. There is Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation (RIDDOR) which is responsible to enforce the authorities who investigate the reasons for serious accidents and provide safer working environment (Christophorou, 2013). The role of this authority is to help the action of prevention plan. This is made to reduce the aspect of loss from accidents and injuries.

Minimization of risk: This is another priority which is all about defining the parameters that contribute the chances of hazard. After identifying those factors, the role of Boltan is to make implementation of devices which minimizes the workplace risk. It is inclusive of fire alarms, chemical explosion risk, repaired devices and instrument etc. for fostering workplace safety.

Given below is a table that shows the safety priorities followed at Boltan and are planned as follows:

Table 3: Safety Priorites

Safety Priority

Why is it a safety priority?

How do you deal with this?

Safety from falling

This is considered as a safety priority as risk of falling has been associated with the same. It is vital as risk of injury is associated with the same.

Walking aid can be provided to needed applicants to deal with such issues.

Safety from road accident and getting lost

Risks involved are inclusive of patients such as those suffering from dementia and mental ill health.

In order to mitigate with those risks, sufferers will not be allowed to go out alone.

Safety from poor lighting

Patinets who are suffering from eyes issues or dementia are associated with risks.

It can be managed by increasing light levels. Daylight issued wherever possible.


3.1 Analyzing how information from risk assessment informs care planning

Analysis of Information from risk assessment is a sort of care planning for individuals which helps in organizational decision making. In this regard, the following risk assessment has been provided at the Bolton in tabular form as follows:

Table 4: Risk assessment template

Potential hazards at the workplace

Who might be harmed and how?

Actions already been taken

Additional actions to be taken for managing the risk

Person responsible for taking the action

Date of action

Present status


The admitted patients, visitants, children and old age individuals.

The use of covering mask for all the Hospital staff is used. Proper cleaning of hospital is required.

Patients are compulsory wear masks. The usage of complete hygienic belongings and requirements should be used.

Staff and senior nurse.



Injury and abuse

Both old age people and children are affected by the injury and abuse activities. The manpower of this organization may also be harmed due to defective devices and deficiency of technical aspects.

The trust has serviced work devices or instruments. They are checked regularly time to time.

Training is provided to the personnel of hospitals. There is a necessity of withdrawing the broken parts.

Proper observation is required so that the old age patients and children are not abused.

Working staff also needs to be disciplined for precluding the accidents or abuse of patients and visitors by mentally ill patients.

Health care Staff and supervisor.



The above defined risk assessment template is a reflection of care planning of individuals. It is an analysis of all the responsibilities and duties which are required to be adhere by the Bolton's staff. This is a care plan which is made with an objective of depicting the management with their duties and work to be made in health care unit.

The significance of the information is to make management with the policies in consideration with the achievement of workplace effectiveness. This risk assessment is a tool which helps to make proper methodology to foster communication at the Bolton.

The significance of using risk assessment to organizational decision making through policies and procedures are discussed through following points:

3.2 Analysis of impact of one aspect of health and safety policy

Various health and safety issues have been identified which have direct impact on the health and safety policy. There is a need to develop secure working environment. It implies that while performing any kind of operations and treatment at the Bolton, the health care professional and care must be aware about the guidelines provided in respect of handling of equipment. There are various negative implications such as injury, cut, pain, and harm with the improper use of these instruments (Tisserand and Young, 2013). There is, thus, need to make such plans and policies where the use of health and social care practices are used. In similar fashion, the place should be addressed properly where these equipment are required to be kept (Farrell, Byrne and Moore, 2014). Keeping sharp and chemical related objects in open space and in reach of everyone may leads to harmful consequences. In addition, the authority members of Bolton would be responsible for same.

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The policy impacts health and social practice in the following ways:

3.3 Encountering dilemmas in relation to implement systems and policies

he element of handling dilemmas is made by effective implementation of health and safety policies at the Bolton. Every action plan designed carries a benefit of secure action system, policies, plans and laws. Dilemmas are considered as a tough job where the alternative challenges came through the way of doctors while handling their patients. Moral dilemmas are one such aspect where the doctors have to make decisions from among two courses of alternatives. The need arises when the systems are required to make the selection with the obligation of risk-benefit investigation, personal hazard and risk to other individuals, consequences of resources use and precedence of stakeholders, both external and internal. Similarly, there is Health and Safety Legislation of UK who takes into applicability of for all the staff, doctors and management of NHS Trust to perform their responsibilities by considering the welfare of patient’s safety and welfare as a priority (Reese, 2012). The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is a government body of UK who implement the legislation for health and safety as a proposal for content and guidance with online services as well which may prove advantageous for Bolton.

For instance, there was once dilemma encountered at Bolton where Mary who is 60 years old lady was suffering from dementia. Doctors recommended her oral antibiotics and medicines. But, she does not want to take the medicines and rejected for the same. If nurses gave her medicines forcefully, then it is an illegal procedure. However, not giving her medicine on time is against her health. Therefore, this is an example of issue that is faced by health care providers at Bolton.

3.4 Analyzing the effects of non-compliance with health and safety legislation

There need of addressing the health and safety legislation are of core importance in an order to maintain effective health care services. In respect to Bolton, there are defined certain internal and external norms and code of conduct for avoiding the internal and external laws properly. There are certain effects of non-compliance with the health and safety regulations. There is The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which is a UK governance body who is responsible for supporting safety plans and guidelines to give maximum safety and security to the workforce. Care Quality Commission (CQC) which is a social care provider organization of UK aims to assess, monitor, evaluate and inspect the care standards for the Bolton's working which is inclusive of providing proper care and treatment (Woods, 2012). Similarly, the effect of non-compliance of health and safety legislation may leads to risk factor if the safety and security is provided in respect to the equipment and instruments being used by doctors and care expert.

Non compliance with this legislation may leads to various effects to Bolton. These are stated and evaluated as follows:


4.1 Explaining monitoring and reviewing of health and safety policies and practices

The monitoring and reviewing is the most critical aspect which is required to be undertaken in an organization. This is made to ensure that all the activities in providing treatment and care services are executing in respect of existing laws and UK regulations. At Bolton, management of staff, health care practitioners etc regularly indulge in some or the other activities which helps in monitoring and evaluating the work in an organization. Certain laws such as health and safety regulation 1981, RIDDOR (revised in 2013), COSHH 2002 etc which are made in accordance with the risk assessment advantage are used to monitor and review workplace actions. As a part of NHS, the organization has main motive of maintaining following set of good practices and core action plans stated as follows:

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Core actions

Good patterns:

Methods used to monitor and review polices

4.2 Effectiveness of promoting a positive health and safety culture

The effectiveness of promoting a positive health and safety culture is of great significance. It is vital to examine the health and safety policies in an order to maintain good culture. At Bolton, maintaining workplace safety is an ideology which is also inclusive of behavior. Attitude, perception to do work of all the management level workers is critically examined in an order to gain the workplace efficiency. The management of risk, workplace injuries, aspect of attitude, behavior, treatment methods, environment safety, are some of the ways to be taken care. There are several factors which ensure promotion of health care in respect to various things. Following three principles are viewed as measures to promote and develop healthy care culture stated as follows:

4.3 Evaluate own contribution in placing the health and safety needs of individuals

Evaluation of my own contribution in placing the health and safety needs of individuals at the Bolton Foundation NHS Trust has been provided with the support of model namely, Gibbs reflective cycle stated as follows:


Description: According to this stage, as a role played my me and my duty and responsibility is to develop my skills and knowledge about the existing health and safety needs (Eyre, 2015). With an intention to provide better care and services to my patients, it is equally important at my part to make myself aware with the legislation of the UK and internal policies of Bolton Foundation NHS Trust.

Feelings: In this second stage, I was given with my work and therefore I underwent training to work efficiently. Training is considered as a way to develop a positive culture in accordance with the safety and health needs. It is made by ensuring patient's treatment and care properly in respect to the code of conducts, moral and ethical norms.

Evaluating: In this step of my reflective cycle,I examined my activities as a part of my work at Bolton Foundation. It is to analyzed by the methods employed to match my current requirements with the organization's. It is all about adjusting with the current positive work environment of this health care organization.

Conclusions: This is the step after work evaluation where I was supposed to inform to my mentor. He analyzed my performance and was identified with the clinical practices which are crucial in this organization.

Actions: In this last stage, my contribution is necessary to measure. It is a reflection which demonstrate that activity is achieved as per job role and identified ambiguities are improvised in the next step of my working.

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In a nutshell, it can be said that success of this report has been made by gaining information in respect of health and safety. The research has been made in respect of Bolton Foundation NHS Trust of UK. The significance of different legislation in respect of health and safety has been strengthened. The responsibilities of management are embraced to reflect the effective management of safety at health care place. Care planning has been provided which highlights the work prioritization at Bolton. The importance of risk assessment has been made which shows the implications and effects of non-compliance of various laws. The central idea behind controlling and monitoring of health and safety needs have been measured by using Gibbs Reflective Cycle.


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