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Principles of Health and Social Care Practice

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Principles of health and social care play a significant role in offering quality care to the patients in an effectual manner. It is effective in depicting the manner in which the patients are treated by health care professionals within workplace (Glasby, 2012). The role of health care principles is appropriate in ensuring appropriate management of the patients. In the present study, principles of health and social care have been discussed with respect to residential home which is situated in East London. The present report entails to understand the ways in which principles of support are being implemented in health and social care practice. Moreover, it involves theories that underpin health and social care practices.


1. Explaining how principles of support are applied to guarantee that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice

There is greater requirement to offer support to the patients who are availing services of residential care home. This needs to be offered by the staff members working in care home. In this regard, several principles of support have been determined. Such can be used by the volunteers of care home in order to assists the service users. As per my view point, providing respect and dignity to the patients is regarded as one of the way that can assists in offering support to the patients of residential care home (Glasby, 2012). For instance, dignity of patients can be maintained by health and social care individuals. They make it by keeping their information confidential and not sharing it with anyone else. It is the responsibility of health care individual to give respect to the demands and needs of the patients. For instance, there are certain demands of mentally ill patients that cannot be accomplished by residential care workers (Principle in care home, 2015). Thus, in this situation, it is important to respect the demand of such patients and make efforts towards accomplishment of their wish in an appropriate manner. With the assistance of this approach, satisfaction among patients can be maintained. Another major principle of support is related with independence. It assists in providing greater support to the patients. For instance, while working at care home, I came across a situation in which mentally ill patient demanded to get out of the care home. But as a part of my duty and responsibility, I was not able to comply with their need. However, such need of patients can be accomplished in case; I was asked to follow the principle of independence in relation to the same. Thus, effective support can be offered to patients with the assistance of this approach.

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2. Outlining procedures for protecting clients, colleagues, patients from harm

There is existence of two types of harm that is; physical and mental through which one can get affected. Physical harm is one that influence patient's body. However, mental harm possesses the potential to affect current psychological state of the patients. Several measures have been determined by residential home in East London for the purpose of protecting the service users. In order to protect client from harm, suitable precautions needs to be taken in relation to the medicines. In the present time, there is presence of expiry dates and fake medicines available in the market that has greater impact on the body of individual. In this relation, I have experienced certain situations in which one of my patient died as wrong medicine was provided to him. For the purpose of avoiding such type of situation, particular procedure needs to be followed by residential care home (Clark, 2011). It is important to inspect the medicine after their arrival for the sake of protecting the patients from harm. This can be carried out by expert team and department. Along with this, another major aspect is related with confidentiality that can assist clients, colleagues as well as patients from mental harm. For instance, the patients suffering from HIV and AIDS require their information regarding disease to be kept confidential (Sowa, 2013). In such situation, the residential care home does not fulfill such and then individual has to suffer from social discrimination which can result in affecting the mental condition of the person.

3. Analyzing advantage of using person centered approach

Person centered approach is one that offers preference to demands and needs of the service users. Such concept is essential as under this, residential care home recruits one counselor who possesses the duty to address needs and demands of patients related with health care in an effective manner (Kemp, Griffiths and Lovell, 2012). In this regard, several changes have been done by health and social care while offering treatment to the individual. Huge assistance has been provided by me through person centered approach as this has assisted me in ensuring recovery of the patients suffering from psychological illness. For instance, in order to cure individuals with psychological illness, I have adopted this approach. Under this, initial meeting is being organized with the particular patient. Further, I have tried to gain insight into the present psychological state of the patient. After the determination of the problem, suitable treatment in accordance with service user's needs is provided. Further, the approach plays crucial role in providing support to the right of patient. It is the right of the patient or user to get quality service from the residential home in East London in order to cure the illness. The contribution of this approach has assisted me to a significant level.

4. Ethical dilemmas and conflicts while providing care, support and protection

There is occurrence of several situations that puts care worker into ethical dilemmas while offering care to the patients. Emergence of conflict arises when care is provided. This is when care worker has to carry out such work which is against the ethics. For instance, there are varied ranges of ethical dilemmas that are being faced by me while providing treatment to mentally ill patients (Aveyard, 2014). One of this occurred when one of my patients demanded me to take him out of the hospital. But such demand cannot be accomplished as it is against the ethical principles. The provided situation has put me into dilemma. Further, for the purpose of protecting such kind of patients from any harm, I need to take strict action against them. For instance, sometimes there is greater need to force patients to get into their bed. Such things are against the ethical principles but in order to provide effective care to the service users, I have to carry out such functions.


1. Explaining implementation of policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice that are relevant to own work in health and social care

There is presence of several policies, regulations, legislation and codes of practice that have been devised for residential care home by regulatory bodies with the aim to offer suitable set of services. Residential care home where I work provides facility to older people suffering from mental health illness. In this relation The National Service Framework for older people 2001 is code of practice that provides guidance regarding the manner in which care and treatment can be offered to these kinds of people. Our care home takes into account this act for the purpose of ensuring that suitable facilities and treatment is offered to older people (National Service Framework for Older People 2001, 2015). This includes offering of basic facilities in the care home which involves promotion of heath and prevention, providing quality care, deliverance of specialists care, detection of disease, and continuous improvement of the mental state and make arrangement of expert team with the aim to provide effective services to particular group of people. Further old age people are provided with healthy and hygienic food so that their health can be improved through residential care services.

Along with this, Care Standard Act 2000 is acted that lay emphasis on standard of the services that needs to be offered at care home. Taking into account such several strategies are adopted by care home for the purpose of ensuring that above stated act can be best match. In this regard, recruitment of staff members in done on the basis of their capabilities, experience and knowledge (Care standard act 2000, 2015). Moreover suitable training is offered to them as such it builds ability within them to provide effective and quality services. In addition this various other code of conduct in relation with hygiene, cleanliness, care facility are followed by care home.

2. Ways in which local policies and procedures can be developed in accordance with national and policy requirements

Within a particular country there is greater need towards development of local policies and procedures in order to address individual needs and wants with effectiveness. However such policies are designed by determining actual situation that exists within country in relation to health and social care. For instance in situation when suitable care is not offered to old age people then this calls for the need to develop local policies so as to cure individuals in an appropriate manner. Moreover policy can be designed in order boost the educational level within the country (Rhodes, Battin and Silvers, 2012). This can be done by making adjustments in the system of education. Along with this concept of scholarship and free education can be initiated for the purpose of increasing literacy rate. This assist in resolving issues related with low education and illiteracy. However development of certain policies is done through determination of existing situation. For example, in earlier times the facilities of care were not offered with respect to desired standard. This needs establishment of policy regarding same. On the basis of this care standard act has been devised which involves necessary arrangements that assist in offering quality care to the patients in an effective way. Thus it has been determined that development of policy is done on the basis of issues that exist in a particular setting.

3. Evaluating the impact of policy, legislation, regulation and code of practice in organizational policy and practice

The legislation and code of conduct developed by government has positive impact on the performance of residential care. With the assistance of government policy as well as regulations greater importance can be given to those sectors that are not taken into account by care home. It has been experienced by me in the care home that varied types of services are being offered to the children. This includes food, education and shelter. By making analysis it has been gained that residential care home offers basic education to the children (Pope and Mays, 2013). But it has been stated by the government policy that children are required to be offered education till the age of 21 years. It these relations it can be stated that government policy has positive impact on the working within residential care home. Moreover policy demonstrates that the hazardous chemicals and equipments need to be kept away from patients. Such is being followed by care home effectively. In order to prevent individual from any harm separate room have been developed at care homes. Thus it can be stated that government policies have positive impact on firm's existing policy.


1. Theories that underpin health and social care practice

The theory relating with growth development and management of stress among individuals assist in underpinning the health and social care practice. With residential care I follow learning theory. It has been determined by me with experience that patients and health care people need to develop attitude of learning. It is due to the reason that such assists in developing their attitude and mind in an appropriate manner. Along with this through learning confidence can be raised in patients who offer them strength to fight against the disease from which they are suffering (Swayne, Duncan and Ginter, 2012). The application of theory of learning is done by me in order to perform treatment of old age patients. Through learning mind of old age patients can be diverted towards other activities. With the assistance of this they can effectively recover from the disease. Along with this another theory relates with management of stress that is being implemented by me in residential care home. Emergence of stress results from continuous thought done by patient in relation with the disease. For the purpose of managing stress I have put efforts towards organization of meditation and laughter classes for the patients. With this patients are relieved from stress in an appropriate way.

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2. Analysis of how social processes impact users of health and social care services

The role of social process has resulted in causing impact on the patients of health and social care services. This is due to the reason that individual who are suffering from such diseases requires moral and emotional support from people of society. In case such is not found then it has direct impact on the health of patient. Several times within care home it has been determined by me that people belonging to weaker part of society has to face the condition of marginalization. Such kind of condition provides inferior feeling in the patients with which they become less confident (Mechanic, McAlpine and Rochefort, 2013). Along with this many times this situation results in causing stress among the patients as such this makes difficult for them to recover from the disease quickly. Further it has been assessed from my past experience that individual who has suffered from diseases like HIV and AIDS are isolated by community. This kind of situation has huge impact on psychological condition of the patients. Further in order to resolve such the patients take unethical measures such as suicide. Thus it can be stated that social process results in causing significant impact on users of health and social care services.

3. Evaluating the effectiveness of inter professional working

The evaluation of effectiveness of interpersonal working is being carried out. Deliverance of effective service is not just a job that can be carried out by individual but this requires team work. In this regard it can be stated that there is significant role played by aspect related with inter professional working. Under this individual in team begins to learn and resolves issues of patients and residential care home in East London. It has been gained from the case scenario that social worker needs to possess suitable knowledge of medicines, theories and therapies (Hibbard and Greene, 2013). This is because of reason that with these appropriate services can be delivered to the service users by them. Earlier I did not possess suitable knowledge about the kind of medicines to be used in order tackle simple situation experienced by patients like headache, fever etc. But such inter professional working has aided me in carrying out work with other health care professionals such as nurses and doctors. I have enhanced my knowledge with effectiveness. Thus it can be determined that the aspect related with inter professional working is suitable due to the reason that it raise skills of workers.


1. Explaining own role, responsibilities, accountabilities and duties in context of working with those within and outside health and social care workplace

Being a staff member at residential care home I possess the responsibility to take care of the old age patients suffering from certain kind of diseases. In this regard I am in-charge of old patients ward. In relation to such patients I have duty to offer quality care and services. Along with this my responsibility with respect to old age patients is to assist them in carrying out routine activities like bathing, eating etc. Apart from this I have directed my efforts towards offering medicines to the patients on time. Further in case of occurrence of wrong deed I would be answerable before the top management. With the assistance of such I would be able to accomplish my duty in an effective manner. Moreover I am part of certain NGO as well. Here I offer financial assistance to the patients who are not capable enough to meet the health and social care expenses. For this I do charity which helps in curing the diseases of financially weaker people.

2. Evaluation of own contribution in health and social care workplace practice to develop and implement health and social care organizational policy

My role has been effectual in development and implementation of organizational policy within health and social care. For instance in order to implement the theory such as management of stress in heath care I have put my efforts in understanding and reading the provided policy in an appropriate manner. By the assistance of this I am able to make analysis of the effectiveness of stress management in patients. With the aim to execute the provided theory in health and social care firm efforts have been directed in relation with consultation with other health care professionals (Aveyard and Sharp, 2013). With the assistance of consultation we have been determined several ways that can assist in reducing the stress among patients in an effective manner. It involves meditation and formation of laughter club etc. In this manner suitable policy in relation to stress management has been developed by me.

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3. Recommending on how to develop own contribution to meet good practice requirements

There are several recommendations determined which would be effective in meeting the requirement of sound health care practice. Such needs to be complied by the organization in order to offer quality services to the patients (Speed and Gabe, 2013). I have the responsibility to deliver quality care to the people belonging to old age group. In order to fulfill this I have put in my efforts towards attending training programs that are being organized by residential care home. With this I would be able to enhance my skills. Further in order to accomplishment good practice requirement I have directed my efforts towards responding to the feedback provided by service users.


It can be concluded from this social work dissertation report that there is significant role of health and social care organization in complying with the practice such as gaining insight to the principles that are related with health and social care. With the assistance of such effective support can be offered to the patients. Along with this through assistance of several legislation and health care practices variation can be made in the existing policy of the organization in an effective way.


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