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Canary Wharf firm which is in the east London. The Canary Wharf is one of the UK two financial centres which are with the traditional. As a human resource assistant of this company, the work is to set up all the human resource activities for this firm. This firm arranges some training to its employees from its the skills of the employees increases and they all work effectively and in the efficient manner. The main responsibilities of the human resource manager is to give the compensation to the employees, provide benefits, staffing and designing the work. The main objective of human resource management is to enhances the productivity of the firm and also helps in increase the efficiency of the employees.

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P1 Purpose and functions of human resource management

In the Canary Wharf firm there is management works that is human resource management. The main purpose of the human resource management is increases the productivity of the firm and by providing the training to its employees from it the skills and knowledge of the employees increases and they will perform well and helps in to increase their work efficiency. The human resource management is the primary function. The human resource manager work is to proving the benefits and to compensate the employees, staffing and assigning the work. The nature of human resource management ids that it is all about the people at work, for both individuals as well as the groups, he nature of human resource management is that it is a pervasive means it presents in all the organisations, the human resource management helps the employees in develop their potentiality (Daley,2012). The scope of human resource management is that it is very wide in nature, from the starting point means the manpower planning to the employee leave the firm the human resource management includes all the activities. The human resource management of this firm works on the approaches first one is soft and other one is the hard. In the soft approach, the employees are self motivated, trustworthy, self regulated but on the other hand the in hard approach, the employees are stresses, not taking interested in work. In this firm, there are some purpose and the functions of the human resource management. The purpose of the human resource management is to improve and increase the skills of the employees through giving them training and from it the work efficiency and the performance of the employees increase. And from it the organisational productivity also increases. The main purpose of the human resource management is to maintain the good relation between the management and the employees. There are some functions of the human resource management first one is the managerial functions and the second is operative functions. In the managerial functions the activities related to the planning, organising, staffing, directing and the controlling are included. And in the operative functions, the activities related to the development, procurement, maintenance and the compensation are included. These all are required for the human resource management.

P2 Strengths and weakness of the recruitment and selection process

In this company there is the recruitment and the selection process for appointing the new employees in the firm. But there are some strengths and the weaknesses of the recruitment and the selection from the different approaches like internal and the external.

Internal and external weakness and the strength of the recruitment and selection

The recruitment and the selection are both the function of the human resource management. The recruitment is the positive process and the selection is the negative process. The strengths of the internal recruitment and selection are that the human resource manger or the recruiter transfer and promotion of the current employees. In this the management increase the motivation level of the present staff of the firm. It saves the time and cost because if the company recruit the new employees than the training have to be given and the money spend on the training as compared to the existing employees. The Canary Wharf firm stats to develop the trust and the belief in the employees. The management cooperates with the employees. The promotion of the employees increases the efficiency of the employees and from this the employees perform well. The weaknesses of the human resource management are the political conflicts between the employees, unhealthy competition among the employees and the problem for those employees who are not promoted. The strengths of the external recruitment are when the firm recruit the candidates from externally then the firms open the large polls of the candidates and it helps in finding the right person for the right job. From the external recruitment the firm tries to recruit the fresh outlook which is good for the firm. To hiring the external candidate, it helps in open the many opportunities to find the highly qualified and the skill candidates. The disadvantages of the external recruitment is that it is costly and the time consuming process than the internal recruitment. And the external employees will take more time to train as compared to the internal employees.


P3 Benefits of different HR practices

In the Canary Wharf firm there are some human resource practices. These practices can be:

Recruitment and tracking the applicant- In this firm this is for locating the qualified and the capable applicants. Then the firm hiring for the job then it is necessary that to matching the hiring tools which are required for the job. There are some benefits and the drawbacks of the recruitment and tracking of the applicant (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). Benefits are to give bonus to the employees and it deals with the low cost. From the bonus the morale of the employees are increased and it also helps in increases the work efficiency. The firm can reach to the very large number of applicants at the low cost. The other benefit is that it helps in fill the vacant positions quickly. From it finds the highly skilled candidates and also be disciplined. And they should be interactive. The drawbacks are that is is more costly and the time consuming. The main disadvantage is this that it is not the good hiring tool for the any job seekers and who are not the computer literate or who they do not know that how to handle and how to access with the computer.

Human resource information system (HRIS)

The human resource information system is currently used by the organisations. In this the report and the details of the employees are saved. With the help of this the management and the firms know about the employees. In the human resource information system includes the application tracking system, training, leave tracking system, performance management, enrollment and the benefits management.

Healthcare benefits

To take the pulse of this firm and the competitors there are many ways like to check and read the all financial reports of the organisation, always aware about the firm cultures and the organisation.

Retirement benefits

The firm provides the retirement benefits to its employees. The retirement process is the gap between the full time employment and the full time retirement. There are many potential forms of the retirement phrase- reducing the working hours of the employees gradually, job sharing between the old workers, move the old workers towards the less stressful and the less damaged jobs.

These practices are helpful for this firm and its employees.

P4 Effectiveness of the human resource practices and the discuss about the learning, development and the training practices

In this firm the human resource practices are very effective. It is beneficial for the firm and as well as for the employees. From the human resource practices the firm has all the details about the employees with the help of human resource information system and at the time of recruiting and the tracking of the applicants it is helpful. At the retirement time these human resource practices help and measure the gap between the full employment and the full time retirement. The learning, development and the training practices are also helpful for the firm and for the employees. Basically the learning means to acquire the skills, knowledge and the experience through learning. And the learning practices are helpful for the firms and the employees. For the effective learning practices use the summational assessment to form the meaningful performance goals, by showing the criteria and the models, read and understand before the teaching, after that offers the proper choices and then give the early feedback.

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The development means the overall grooming of the employees. From this the employees perform well and it helps in increase the work efficiency and the performance from it the productivity of the firm is increases. In the development practices ready to the employees and then tells the benefits and the effectiveness of the employees. After the development the employees sees the change and they do their work properly. From the development the morale of the employees and they motivated from this and the employees have the job satisfaction. And it helps in reducing the risk management.

Training practices is also helpful for the organisation. The training is the part of the development. From the training the skills, knowledge, abilities of the employees are increased. And it is helpful for the firm. From it the working efficiency of the employees enhances. The training practices helps in the growth of the employees and the firm.

These all practices are very helpful for the effectiveness of the human resource management.


P5 Importance of employee relations and the strategy to improve the employee engagement and the importance of trade unions in UK

In Canary Wharf firm the relation between the employees is good. The employee and the employer relations is basically related to emotionally, physically and the practical. The good and the healthy relationship is important for the firm(Ployhart, Moliterno, 2011). And from it the working efficiency and the work effectiveness of the employees increases and it helps in enhances the productivity and in increasing the sales.
Importance of employees relation

If the relations of the employees is good and the strong then it helps in reduction the conflicts between the employees and between the employers and the employees. And the environment of the work place friendly and efficient. From the reduction of conflict everyone in the organisation can focus on their work. If the relation of the employees is good then the employees gets motivated and give their performance better. From the good relation the productivity of the company increases and the growth also increases.
Strategy to improve the employee engagement

In this firm, improving the employee engagement there are some strategy have to adopted by this firm. To improve the employee engagement it is necessary to choose the right employee engagement survey. In this the firms asks to the employees that they give their own opinions. The data of the survey must be relevant clear and specific. And after that focus on the employee engagement at local level and the organisational level. And after all this choose the right and the appropriate manger and the manager understands the employees problem. And explain the employee engagement goals in real in day to day terms.

Importance of trade union in UK In the Canary Wharf firm, there is a trade union. Basically the trade union means the union of the workers, group of professionals and the trades. The importance of the trade union is to the employees and the employers both. It is important to the employees because the trade union members look to have the higher wages as comparison to the non- organized workers. It is the right of the workers are protected better. And the importance of the trade union to th employers is that to protect the workers and represented them well. From it the efficiency of the workers increased and the productivity of the firm enhances. So, the trade union is important for the better productivity of the firm.

P6 Key elements of employment legislation

In this firm, sometimes there is a discrimination problem. The legal body or the legislation has developed the rights of the employees and the employers at the work place and the relationship between the employers and employees. There are many laws and the acts developed by the legislation like the sex discrimination act, equal pay act, equal employment rights act, the race relations act, the disability discrimination act. They all acts are made for the removal of discrimination at the firm. The impact of the equality and health and the safety are more in the workplace. In the equality legislation there should be equal pay and the equal rights given to the employees whether the employee is male or female or relation to any religion. There should not be the discrimination related to the inequality. There is a need to reduce health and the safety related issues. To reduce the safety and the heath related legislation need to maintain the working environment and need to make the operations safe, there should not be the inadequate welfare provisions for the employees at the workplace. And also provide the training related to the new machineries and related to the safety measures. These all legislations helps in reduce the discrimination and the safety and health related issues at the work place.


P7 Applications of human resource practices

In Canary Wharf firm, there are many applications of the human resource practices at the work place (Kerzner, 2013). These human resource practices may are the recruitment practices, motivation to the employees, managing the people through the performance management, raining and development. These all are the applications of the human resource practices and they are helpful in the productivity of the firm.

The example of the human resource practices is that there is the job specification document prepared for the employee and the give the five interview questions for the post of nurse. In the document specification the characteristics, qualifications, skills, primary duties and the responsibilities are mentioned. And the five questions are for the nurse post that are- she has the knowledge about the medical? If she has the opportunities then she would become a doctor? What are her priorities (Beloglazov, Abawajy and Buyya, 2012)? Is she able to handle the stress? What is her favourite clinical experience?


From the above report it is concluded that the Canary Wharf firm has the human resource management. But this company deals in the some weakness and the strengths of the internal and the external recruitment and the external and internal selection. And this firm adopts some approaches to make the recruitment and selection effective. Then this firm has the different different human resource practices which are beneficial for the employer and the employee and from these practices the work efficiency and the work performance of the employees increase. And it helps in enhances the productivity of the organisation. For the good environment of the business the relation between the employees and the employer must be good and harmonious.


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