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Case Study on Google

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The Human Resource Development can be simply referred as the set of activities that are performed in an organisation that has a goal to manage and direct human resources activities so that aims and objectives of corporation can be achieved (Collings, D., and, 2014). The international HRM can be simply defined as collection of organisational tasks that is used to manage human resources in an enterprise at international level. It includes the functions like recruitment, training and development that are performed at international levels. The present report is based on International Human Resource Management. The report is explaining employee friendly Google offices in different nations like USA, China, Brazil and Switzerland. Also it explains how productivity of organisation increases over certain years. The work culture of Zapoos are reviewed and same initiative should be implemented in organisation in order to reduce pressure from heads of employees.

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Task 1

Comparing employee friendly google office at China, Brazil, Switzerland

The Google was established in year of 1998 by Laary page and Sergey Brin. The company aims to arrange and make all information systematically in all over globe and start preparing it in order to make this available to each and every person of the world. After watching video, I came to know that people who are working at google are enjoying a lot as they have received their dream job. The corporation gives importance to their employee s as well as consumers because they know that their productivity will surely increase when their workers remains happy and do their work by enjoying it. The corporation wants that their employees feel relax while working at offices, for this they have provided a beautiful surrounding to them. The Google has many offices in different countries like USA, China, Brazil and Switzerland. They are explained below one by one:

Google USA: In USA, company has many offices andhead quarter is located at California known as Googleplex (Iles and Zhang, 2013). Different types of activities are performed in e head quarter like wring code to support clients, developing new product, etc. The workers of google develops new and innovative products that may aid clients in searching information, performing business, connecting as well as learning them. HQ of google has been effectively grew in few years. The work of employees tries to help customers so that they think positively and do not get depressed due to any problems. The atmosphere provided by Google in USA are described below:

The atmosphere is creative and staffs can easily sneak out from their desks. Employees complete any project by coordinating with each other. They share their creative ideas to each other which helps in developing best product. Company offers child caring facilities for women who are mothers as well as to men who are father. They aims to give their first priority to family. Gyms are also located in campus of corporation to improve physical fitness.

Google China: In china, company has three offices that are located in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Beijing is one of the biggest office of google in China. In this office, workers are hired across all over globe. Core products developed by engineers at China are Google maps, search result snippets, etc. (Harris, 2012). The employee friendly environment of Google at china are discussed below: Conference rooms present in china are named according to t Chinese culture so that employees feel their culture there and do not feel alone for example Xia Zhi, Hogwarts, etc.

New Year Offer Strip

Some of the indoor games facilities are also given to entertain employees and reducing their work pressure like pool table, table tennis, etc.

Xyms are also available in office site.

The unique thing is that team members enjoys their daily achievements by going to watching movies and for dinners. Celebration of new year is also done by arranging parties every year.

Google Brazil: In Brazil, also there are two offices of Google that is situated at Belo Horizonte and Sao paulo (Cullen and Parboteeah, 2013). As in all offices of google local culture is applied, in Brazil also building of Google reflects culture. The employees of Brazil tries to give best sell of their products toother multidimensional organisation.

The Ipanema, Forte Apache and Bambolê are name of some conference rooms of Brazil. Indoor games like Snooker tables, table tennis, etc. are played by Googlers.

They are also provided lunch and dinners at cafe.

Some games like wine testing is organized and googlers actively take part in these games festivals.

Google Switzerland: The google has only one office at Zurich where population is vast as people lives there from approx 75 countries (Machado, 2015). Here workers are mostly talented, energetic and hard working. The atmosphere are discussed below:

To reduce work pressure, other activities like Swimming, boating, etc. are performed in season of summer.

Eichhof and SSB are some name of conference rooms.

Football, table tennis, etc. are some indoor games that are used to play in office at Switzerland.

Review work culture at Zappos and implement similar initiatives at your organization

The HR consultant of my organisation has asked me to review work culture at Zappos and implement some how similar ideas in our organisation. This is not an easy task. The work culture at Zapoos is like following orders or command of their heads. Hence, each worker do hard work to earn their livelihood. Some of multinational corporation has a friendly environment and also consist of a diverse culture. At Zappos, consumer service is provided as per the brand of market. Enterprise invests most of its revenue in advertisement and doing customer care services (Rees and Smith, 2017).

Aon Plc dealing with Information technology should also invest more money on advertising their products and meeting demands of communities. This will improve turn over of company as the products of corporation gain high popularity among customers and they prefer to purchase them more. New joining are provided at least four week training programmes at Zappop and also wages are given according to their work. They want those employees who only wanted to work for them and for making this possible by offering them $2,000 at the end of every first week as wages and offer continues till end of fourth week. Aon Plc should also offer such type of salary to the worker who newly joined. Training programmes should be arranged in order to provide knowledge of their jobs to them. The company focuses on educating, training and developing their skills so that they might not face any problems regarding their tasks.

In work culture of Zappos, every contestants is given a challenge to make one improvement in each week. So that core values can be reflected in better ways. The core values consist of humbling nature, being passionate, determination for their work, creating fun and some weirdness activities (Rodriguez and Scurry, 2014). Personal and official growth both are focused more in this regard. The Aon Plc should adapt similar culture in their offices. They should make improvement compulsory for each employee either in their personal or professional life. This makes their worker creative and more skilful to perform any task and they actively participate in increasing productivity and profitability of the corporation.

Task 2

Pre departure programmes for a British family moving to UAE

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The pre-departure programmes is simply defined as those programmes where families that are moving to other nations or states are given training to adjust themselves in that environment. Here there is a British family moving to UAE. They are having two children one boy and one girl. So they have responsibility of taking care of them as their education and living style is mostly affected by this. Here father has got job of music teacher and her wife has given a senior management assignments with Zayed University in Abudhabi. The main areas that should be focused by them are listed below:

Work Adjustment: Adjustment of daily work is most necessary task of newly shifted family. So that they can also give time to their children apart from their work (Lee, 2011). They should try to complete their work as soon as possible and fulfil their responsibility of being parents. Children are small and cannot make their food from themselves. Hence it is responsibility of their mother or father to cook food for them. Additionally, schools are searched continuously to give them proper knowledge and after that children should shifted at that school.

Interaction Adjustment: As family is shifted in a new location they are facing problems in interacting with people because they do not know native language of that place. The native or alternative languages should be learn by families by hiring a tutor so that they do not face any problem while communicating with their clients or their neighbourhood.

General adjustment: General adjustment means adaptation in tgeneral living or for adjustment of new culture. The food items are not same as they are consuming earlier so they have to eat those food items only that are available at that place (Mockaitis, A.I. and, 2015). Their festivals and ways of celebrating of earlier festivals has been changed. They might feel not happy in first month but after some time period they get totally adapted. The family might face money related issues. To handle these all situations, certain strategies are taught by corporation.

Task 3

Different approaches of Mazda and Chrysler in light of International HR strategies

The Mazda and Chrysler are parts of single vehicle industry. Both of them are global corporate and having their offices are located all over nation. Here local Human

Resource Management is used when matter is related to home country and local people are recruited. On the contrary when hiring of employees is done from international countries then IHRM plays vital role. Chrysler was established in year of 1925 having headquarter in Auburn Hills in U.S. It was founded by Walter p. Chrysler. Corporation manufactured luxury vehicles and its brand is globally recognized. On the other hand, Mazda was developed in year of 1920 offering highly qualified auto mobiles with reasonable pricing. It was located in japan and was developed by Jujiro Matsuda (Chambers, 2013). At starting, company is named as Toyo Cork Kogyo but after several years(10 years) its name has been changed and called Mazda.

As per the scenario of Threat of Bankruptcy in 1980, Mazda uses different approaches that are listed below:Corporation treated their employees as an asset. Meta skills are highly focused by company and recruitment are done on basis of the same in order to help employees in learning those skills that are needed after their employment.

The enterprise also concentrates on training and development programmes as this extends relationship timing and make it longer . IHR policies applied by Mazda was like a family decision that is not good. They directly cut the 25% wages of managers of company and managers also accepted this reduction. They(managers) also accepted reduction of bonus for the next four years so that other employees can receive their proper wages and there is no reduction of money is done on rest of workers.

The approaches used by Chrysler in this scenario of Threat of Bankruptcy in year of 1980 are listed below:Employees are hired on the basis of checking desired skills so that they satisfy that position criteria in United State of America. Entry and exit in this firm is done regularly. There is no need making long term relationship in this region. The training are provided which is kept task oriented as well as temporary. Labours working in enterprise suffers highest approx 28% reduction of salary while the other professionals are not affected more badly. Their salary is reduced by 7% only and only 2% deduction are done from employees working at upper posts (Kubica, 2014).

Cultural differences prevalent in America and Japan

The comparison of cultural differences prevalent in America and Japan that may influenced decisions taken in Mazda and Chrysler are following:

Speed vs Constancy: America follows quick assessment in businesses. Juniors are given order to perform task of decision making as enterprise prefer quick and fast solutions (Fakhimi-Azar, S. and, 2011). But as this methodology is done in few hours this surely contain errors. While the Japanese corporation do not prefer this fast approach and focuses on taking decision in step by step process whether it take more time. Here all members of organisation are involves in decision making. The decisions are taken after a serious talk between all employees. As a large number of consultations and paper working are included in various steps, rare errors are occurred.

Short term vs Long term: In America, employment is given only when person fulfil required skills for a certain post. And their entry and exit are done regularly. Hence, company in America focus on fulfilling short term goal only. On the other hand , Japanese corporation have aim to perform long term goal by keeping relationship more stronger with their employees. Workers are considered as an asset.

Remote vs in person communications: In America, for contacting their consumers, email and phones are used commonly in managing various business affairs. On the contrary, Japanese prefer physical meeting with their clients when required instead of phone or mailing (Tharenou and Seet, 2014). Face to face interaction is much better than phone calls because when employees are meeting their clients physically then they clearly understand what consumers want and perform changes as per that.

Task 4

Benefits of HR initiative with respect to the major functions of HRM

Etisalat is a telecommunications corporation which is located in UAE. It recently started a new business in Egypt. The benefits of Human Resource Management in this corporation are listed below:

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Talent management: HR initiates to hire skilled workers by testing their qualities. They hire most talented people that suits for required posts. This effectively contributes in improving quality of product or services of company. The employees who are to be recruited should have attractive communicable skills and should know at least three or four languages so that they can easily communicate with other nations clients. Workers must be comfortable in doing 24*8 hours jobs either in morning or night shifts (Debroux, 2015).To hire such a talent the first motive of Etisalat have to arrange programmes of recruitment in top most colleges and hires freshers or students from there. They should also take online interviews for experienced holders people and hire them easily. If the enterprise fails to hire talented employees then can not develop quality products and due to this their profitability also decreases.

Training and development: In training, new comers are provided a good training in which they are allowed to work under team heads. Their team leaders should make them understand the daily works of corporation so that they become passionate in their working areas and do not face any problems regarding work in future. Development is another approach where the working capabilities of their new joined employees are tried to improve. They are provided training so that they develop their skills and make experts in certain area that is needed by corporation, like here the basic need is developing telecommunications skills (Zhu, C.J. and et. al., 2014). So that employees actively participate in enhancement of productivity and profitability. Training & Development is very necessary because the overall turnover of corporation depends on the working of their employees and if the worker are not talented or skilled then the company fall into losses. So, it ought to arrange better training and development programmes.

Motivation: In order to inspire workers of ventures the HRM focuses on motivating them by offering certain awards or rewards for their working. Some incentives schemes are developed by corporation in which employees who are working extra would get extra pay apart from their basic salary (Ghafoor and Khan, 2011). Hence, workers take part in more and more activities of company. The schemes of bonus should also be provided to employees on certain festivals.


From the above based report it has been concluded that International Human Resource Management effectively aids in improving turn over of Google and many other companies by hiring the right employees for them. They perform another task like motivation, training and educating workers of corporation so that the quality of work also be improved. Enterprises like Mazda and Chrysler perform different approaches of international HR strategies in order to improve their profitability like the direct interaction from their clients instead of taking them from phone calls and emailing.


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