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Leadership and Management Style

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The leadership style and management is the way of giving the direction to the plan, implementing those plans and motivating people of any organization. The basic difference between management and leadership is to take the team from ordinary to extraordinary. Management is all about doing the things in right way and leadership is about doing the right things. This report contains various forms of leadership and management styles used in the national culture. Management styles are used in decision making process of the firm and leadership styles are used to motivate the team members and guide them to achieve the goals and objectives set by the company.

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Management styles

These are used in making decisions related to the company and relating this to subordinates. Two very contrasting style used in organization are autocratic and persuasive.


In this, all the decisions related to the company is taken by the manager without considering the highly talented subordinates. The decision will indicate the personality and opinion of the manager. If the decision went wrong, then it will reflect the over confident image of manager. The talented associates can not do their work in a consistent way because of asking for the permission again and again (Chen, Wu and Bian, 2014). They will not have any room for improvement in their skills. They often gets criticized for taking the initiatives. Two types of autocratic leaders are there; One is a directive autocrat, who will make the decision without asking from its subordinates and the other one is permissive autocrat, which allows the assistants to do their work without asking for permission.


This style reduce the effectiveness of team work. Autocrat will not give any permission to team members to do new and innovative work. Thus the organization will get tired by doing such kind of job. The talented employees will not get any chance to use their skills and innovative ideas. They often driven away by such kind of negative approach.


Entire control of decision making process is maintained by persuasive manager. The most significant difference is that the manager works with his subordinates and gives them freedom to do their work in the way they wants. This type of style is more inclusive to the associates, because they can do their work without asking permission from the manager. The company will mostly gets benefits from this style because the work done by the team will be quick and more effective than the work done by autocratic team.


Leadership styles

This is the way one person uses his abilities and power to lead other people. The most accurate and appropriate style depends on the usefulness of the leader, the situation and the followers i.e. the team members. Leading styles followed in the national culture of the company are;

Strategic style

This type of style revolves around a leader, and that can be even the head of the company. All the employees of the company is geared up by the owner, so that high quality performance can be obtained by them for the organization. The leader will cover the gap left between the needs of new possibilities and the needs of practicality (Dumdum, Lowe and Avolio, 2013). This is done by providing a unique set of skills. More than 50% of the leadership includes strategic thinking. The goals and objectives are achieved efficiently during the given period of time.

Transformational leadership

This is all about taking the initiative to change certain things in the culture of the group, oneself or even in the organization. The leaders usually motivates people to do effective work more than they are doing originally. It may be possible that the workers do that much work in efficient way than they have though (Renko and, 2015.). Very high quality performance can be achieved by this, because the set of challenges in front of the employees are having high expectations. The employees are more satisfied and committed to the company in this type of leadership. This is only because the focus is more on the associates and motivation is also one of the reason which inspires people to do hard work.

Democratic style

This is style is also known as participative leadership in which employees are freely taken part in decision making process. In this way, everyone has opportunity to share their ideas and views in a group so that positive business results are gained easily. Therefore, employers will enhance their functions and operations in new areas for doing various activities in various parts of world. Workers are encourages for make their participation in global areas which would be beneficial to attain overall growth at workplace.

National culture

The culture which focus on the values of the person like; normal vs abnormal, good vs evil, safe vs dangerous can be described as national culture. The values related to national culture are learned very early, held quite deeply and slowly changes over the course of generation. This changes the shape of leadership styles. Because the actions of the leaders are the very essential is organising the culture. Four types of organizational culture re there which will influence the style of leadership. In Power or family oriented culture; the owners or the leaders have the power and the employee have to do all the work according to them.

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The low power distance culture is used in the organisations. Because for the lower level of employees, it will be very easy to communicate with their leaders. Transformational leadership style is followed in such working culture. Motivation of the employee can also get smitten by national culture. The organizations which are having flatter structure of organization or low power distance culture, they are highly flexible or easily transformable. They always encourage the participation of the employees.

Reflection of working in culturally diverse team

From this study I have learned that for getting success in any organization, management and leadership styles plays a vital role. The management styles are used just to take correct decisions for the company. I have found that persuasive style is very accurate. Because it evolves the employees also in the decision making process. Thus, the decision will be more innovative and efficient as compare to the decision made with the help of Autocratic management style. To take out the best performance from the employees, correct leadership is very important. This motivates people to do hard work in more unique way. I have understood that transformational leadership is very essential because the challenger are more and worker will do more effective work in such of motivational leadership. According to me, for any firm Low power distance culture is the best one. It is very flexible and it supports the participation of the workers of the organization.


From the above report, it can be concluded that different management style assist to promote functions and operations in international management. In this aspect, report based on autocratic, persuasive stylesthat aids in enhance profits and revenue in different areas of global market. Furthermore, report summarized about leadership styles which play vital role in success of every enterprise. It includes strategic and transformational styles have been used to focus on business to enhance profits in international market. National culture is also describes that assist to focus on various elements such as normal vs abnormal, good vs evil and safe vs dangerous, etc. At last, reflection has been explained to demonstrate learning of mine to carry the present report.


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