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What is International Marketing ?

International marketing is referred as the process in which operations is carried out across international borders. It provides huge range of profitable opportunities to organization. It is the international process of executing concepts to create exchange that satisfies the needs of an individual and company. In order to carry out this presentation an organization is selected from top global brands of the world, which is named as Pepsi. It is the world renowned brand and Carbonated Soft Drink. This brand is the symbol of quality, hygiene and services across the world. The current presentation gives comprehensive idea about the usage of consumer brand equity model for organization like Pepsi. The model helps company to create brand awareness among customers and to put efforts to meet the needs and expectations of people. With the help of this model, Pepsi is able to develop its brand name in international market. It provides the platform to the company for development of their brand in global market. The model includes four stages and the first stages and fist step explained about the brand salience or identity. Pepsi created its brand identity by offering high quality products and attractive marketing strategies. The customers of brand are highly aware about their products. The second stage of model is brand performance and imagery in which the meaning of brand and what it stands for is communicated among people. Organization uses different promotional strategies in order to attract customers and communicate information about their brand and products. The third stage is consumer responses in which what people think about company is analyzed. The last step of the model is consumer brand resonance and it at the top of brand equity pyramid and it the most desirable level to achieve. Pepsi has reached to this stage as their customers feel a deep, psychological bond with their brand. Organization has developed a positive image in the mind of customers and develops strong relationship with people.

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Research Report On Global Marketing

The current research report will represent about the global marketing mix adopted by Kellogg’s in its international market operations. In addition to this, the study will represent about the International Process Theory used by Kellogg’s in its internationalization process. In the first part of the report the marketing mix used by organization will be discuss in detail. In the dissertation writing report the elements of marketing mix are standardize or not will be evaluated. The study will explain about the product introduce by company in global market and the different pricing strategy used by company in different market segment. The derail analysis about the pros and cons of the applied product and pricing strategy used by company will be made. Further with this, the study will also display about the place or location strategy used by Kellogg’s. In addition to this, the different promotional strategies used by Kellogg’s in international market will be evaluated. The various types of different distribution strategy used by company for marketing of their products in international market will be analyzed. The benefits and limitations of marketing mix used by organization is will be analyzed. This study will help to analyze the effectiveness of marketing mix strategy used by Kellogg’s.

The next part of research report will evaluate about the International Process Theory used by Kellogg’s in their internationalization process. It is the process of enhancing the participation of company in international market. This theory states that organization needs to expand their business operations in different nations. The report will display about the theory used by Kellogg’s in their international business process.

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