International Marketing Strategy

Strategies Of Coca Cola & Apple

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Marketing Strategy Of Coca-Cola Company

International marketing is strategy that includes various people across the world have their different needs. It carries out the business operation outside the national boundary. It allows several companies to present their products and services at huge level or at global scale. In order to carry out this presentation an organization is selected from the top global brands across the world. Which is named as Coca-cola, it is one of the most well known brands in the world. It is an American multinational beverage company and they servers as the framework for roadmap and guides every aspect of business. They can describe the need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable growth. This presentation gives total idea about the customer brand equity model for an organization like Coca-Cola. This company can use this model in order to access its trade name in international market as well as its brand image among its consumers. The first stage of this model gives total description about the brand salience of coca-cola. It is based on the memories associated with the brand and different indications to elicit the brand.

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Coca-Cola has created its brand salience by showcasing its history, current reality and future possibility. It has come to mean more than drink, achieving celebrity status in many spheres of society. The second stage tells about the brand performance and brand imagery. Company need to maintain their brand performance by increasing market communication effectiveness. This can be supported by the strong competitive position and market share in their primary product market Coca-Cola. It has sponsored many sporting events with their advertising efforts. This stage mainly tells about the customers, which are using the products of Coca-Cola. They can target their by brand with fulfilling the customer’s requirements and their taste of food and beverage.

The stage of consumer’s judgment and customer feelings gives the total description about what consumers feel about the service of brand. The image of Coca-Cola is well known in market and they need to maintain their brand image. They are having ongoing efforts to motivate their customers to assume Coca-Cola as first option when they are going to purchase any drinks, food and beverage items. They can meet these demands with its iconic red and white logo and brand marketing to their customers. It determined that this product would taste the same everywhere it was purchased. The last stage is consumer brand equity which is related to the brand resonance. This is created by showcasing their different image in customer’s mind.

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Report On Marketing Strategy Of Apple

The report for dissertation writing tells about the marketing strategy which had adopted by Apple. They need to operate their brand in international market. This report describes the Apple’s marketing mix across the international market. In the functioning of Apple Inc International Process Theory (IPT) plays a significant role. The main aim of this company is to maintain their brand image across the world and set their preferences in customer’s mind. Organization need to comply with the practice of effective marketing mix structure. It is majorly depends on the 4Ps that are product, price, production and place. Apple can adopt this strategy in order to determine their product category. It tells about the types of product that had been used by Apple Inc in order to establish its brand in global market. This report also portray about the advantages and disadvantages of the applied pricing strategy in the operation of Apple Inc. for maintaining their brand image organizations need to set their prices of products in an effective way. It also covered the distribution network followed by Apple. There is several distribution strategy of Apple which is followed in order to determine its remarkable presence in international market. All the customers can access their limitation and advantage by using these strategies. They can adopt several tactics which can be used by an organization that is planning to start its operation in international platform.

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