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The online business or online presence of a business is a way to expand the methodology of business opeations along with the physical presence of it. In this report it is considered that online business is more appropriate medium rather then the traditional mechanism if all the things goes as planned. There are some communication mediums and transactional processes which elaborate the information of e-business (Mason and Mouzas, 2012).

Internet and it's technologies are useful in making a online presence of a business firm. This report is including the legal and ethical problems and challenges regarding the safety of online business. TESCO is a grocery and general product retailer which offers online business practices. The technologies like extranet and intranet are used along with the clien-server model for online business of TESCO. A grooming discussion is done on internet, websites, search engines etc. for understanding the e–business of considered firm.

Task 1

1.1 Description on the supporting environment and transaction types of of e-business

The e-business environment is a perscpective of an organizational trade practices. It represent the internal and external aspects of serving the cutomers and working towards the objectives and goals of a company. The e-business environment gets inputs from the employees and management of that organization (Trusov, Bucklin and Pauwels, 2009). The environment includes the testing of the physical, economical, social and cultural possibilities of the e-business system of an organization.

It is considered that there are several options for conducting a online presence of business which are websites, search engines, internet technologies and software. There are business transactions which are known as information transfering mechanism of a business. Here the discussion is done to understand these transaction types which are as followings.

Business to business is a transaction of information where the employees, managers, leaders and othert stakeholders are taking part in management information system. The other transaction type is business to it's customers in which the company provides the information regarding the products and the services to support the customers (Lashley and Rowson, 2005). The third and important transaction type is the information of the business is provided to government which includes the economical, human resource and operational details transfered to the government regulatories. The resiprocal of these information flow in the transactions types are known as customers to business, government to business unit etc.

1.2 The benefits and barriers for online presence of business

There are several benefits of e-commerce system along with some barriers in the succession of business organization. Here the discussion is done to understand those benefits and challenges of e-commerce system. Firstly the advantages or benefits are cited as followings. The business unit will be able to expand and diversify their business area and location through capturing more customers around the globe. The services and products can be produced efficiently by the interacting environment and involvement of stakeholders (Jengchung and, 2013). It has significantly raised the market share for the business firm which are using online business function by effective marketing and operational practices. The customer satisfaction can be achieved because of the effective communication and proper strategy can be formed because of interaction with buyers.

There are some challenges in the way to success of e-business firms which are discussed as followings:-

1.3 The security and legislative issues faced by TESCO

There are some security and legal problems which faced by a online business firm. TESCO is a leading retailing business firm which offers the internet business facilities to it's stakeholders. Here the discussion is done to understand the issues of security and legislation of TESCO. First the security issues are cited here. The internet-business is having a scope of thefts and information manipulations. The content which is displayed on the website about the business products and services needs to be kept secured(Saltzer and Kaashoek, 2009). The authentication policy should be adequate other wise it will create mismanagement of data and business confidential. The security and locking is a problem for the business unit while there is a large database of information. The management information system and TESCO website needs to be incorporated to secured payment gateway otherwise it will have loss of revenue and customer trust.

The legal issues and problems with TESCO online-business are as followings.

1.4 The communication modes available to e-business of TESCO

The communication modes are the medium for conducting the online presence of a business. TESCO is an organization which is having retailing business operations and it offers the online interaction to it's customers for buying and acquiring knowledge of products and services. There are tools and technology for the communication of e-business activities. Some applications are helpful to e-business firm TESCO which can have ease of rapid service management.

The communication modes which has most significant impact in practicing a e-business system of TESCO where some applications are useful to establish the network connections and web portal (Lashley and Rowson, 2005). The mobile devices along with the supporting application software is providing medium to pass the information in e-commerce system. The web browser websites, emailing servers, chat box are some techniques and application which are useful in attaining management and operational efficiency of TESCO.

The social media blogs and websites are the source for promoting the online business of TESCO. It is observed that emails, text messages and newsletters. The management information blogs. The online survey and census techniques are the methodology for gathering the marketing and managerial information. The applications and communication modes gas enrich the scope for mobility and portability of e-business system for TESCO.

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Task 2

2.1 The internet technologies and their importance for making successful e-business for TESCO

The e-business of TESCO use internet technologies for making their work easy and comfortable to understand and proceed smoothly (Plant, 2000).

TCP/IP: It is a transfer control protocol which is their to manage the conversation between two links that is sender and receiver through computers online by mails or by using mobile phones (Jengchung and, 2013). IP address is used by the computer operator person for communicating with other people, as their personnel details and for confidentiality.

HTTP: Hyper text transfer protocol is used for a person to work on internet for browsing on various sites. It is used for collecting and presenting information taken from various sites, by surfing on different websites on computer online.

FTP: File transfer protocol is used by a person to acquire information from browsing at various websites (Baghdadi, 2013). It is used for uploading and downloading of data, images, graphics and pictures from websites online.

JAVA: Java is a software used by people to form a project in helps in coding,decoding,descriptive, analyzing and framing of language and information acquired by Java software. It is mostly used for programming which is used for developing application software for a e-business for TESCO.

2.2 The main features of HTML

HTML shows the formatting of information and how it should be presented, but not its content as EDI. The main features of HTML of online business of e-commerce are as follows.

2.3 Analysis of clients server's and browser's functions with role of search engine

There is existence if various functions of client server as well as web browser within E commerce of the business. Client server is termed as the model that are used to float the information from client system to server system and vice-verse. This has resulted in enhancing the manner to design and develop communication. There are several transactions of E business that are established as a reason of client server system (Ford and Baum, 2000).

The major functions of such model is to provide the platform for the purpose of accessing the information available in database. There are various other feature that includes hardware support in order to interact with management information system. It also offers feasibility to make use of application software for the E business of the firm. The client server model g=has an advantage of operating system that is it can pass on the workforce by connecting host as well as client systems.
role of search engine are stated as below:

With the help of keywords stated in he online dictionary, search engine allow browsing of websites of different types (Deise, Wright and Nowikow, 2000). While displaying the search objectives, search engines pertains the indexing of keywords, URLs, different online contents and most importantly the web addresses. In order to provide facility of fast browsing and easy availability of data for the users, the search engines stores the keywords into their cache memory which they fetch at the time of browsing. Most importantly, it stores space for websites and add their information in the form of bookmarks and other user friendly function for easy website finding and storing data on the user's disk (Brunn and Leinbach, 2001).

2.4 The role of intranet and extranet in business communications

Intranet and extranet are two techniques of internet through which the communication process of a company can be managed according to business operations requirements. The authentications are the main functions of both these internet technology. The communications is attained of the acknowlwdgement from sender and reciever ends. A firewall is used to restricht the unauthenticated uisers to reach the information centre (Grandon and Michael, 2004).

Intranet is a technology which provides internet facility to a organization or a limited premises which considers the validations and verifications practices. It creates communications for the clien, server and information system of a e-business firm.

Extranet has a significant role in providing the authentication to the registed users of intranet service (Rayport and Jaworski, 2002). The extranet is a extended communication network of a e-commerce system. It is used by the people who are in the premises of private are network or intranet of online-business firm.

Task 3

3.1 The e-business model for generating revenue in TESCO

There are six e-business models which are practices in TESCO. These models are derived from the different transaction types likeB2B, B2C, B2B etc.

3.2 The capacity of e-business model

The economical growth of a e-business model is noticed by the capacity of each model to earn for the practicing organization.

3.3 A report on future development of e-business models

There should be scope for the expansion and diversification in a e-business model through which a company can have possibility of raise in profit and productivity (Daniel, Wilson and Myers, 2002). The model should be able to capture the more market share and lead the business as a unique identity.

The distribution and communication of information can be streamline through advance technology like SAP and ERP software systems. The open source technology and opportunities of modification should be enabled in centralized and decentralized distribution of products and services.

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Task 4

4.1 The key elements of good web designing structure

There are some key elements which affects the business of online TESCO operator. Here are some points which shows the key elements of internet website which are as follows.

When an appropriate markup language exists use markup rather than images to convey information then mark up list and list items properly in the business. For data tables that have two or more logical levels of row and column headers, use markup to associate data cells and header cells. The user agents render adjacent links distinctly, include non link, printable characters between adjacent links (Mahadevan, 2000).The business also Provide a text equivalent for every non text element in designing of a web. The user agents render adjacent links distinctly, include non link, printable characters between adjacent links. There are various elements of search engines which may be comprised of title, description, keywords, navigation and download considerations. For examples images.

4.2 Evaluating the impact of well designed website of TESCO

The impact of TESCO website towards customers of e-business is quite positive and understandable. The designs features to engage visitors to stick to it, pages layouts are consistent, TESCO has its own color scheme. The company's brand image remains consistent for a long duration of time. Customers expectations are fulfilled by pictures, images and links. The website presentation shows a kind of trust towards customers belief for company.

It encourages visitors to visit again and repeat business. It provides the links which are clear, intuitive and informative. TESCO also has a online shopping website which give more chances to customers to easily order the product they want and it is available to them within the given time span of 1 day.

The online products are distributed accordingly as per the needs and demand of the customers. Grocery products have one option where several choices are their to be chosen, same with the drinks, clothing and other merchandises sections (Tony, 2012). Well designed websites have less chances of creating confusion for the clients to select their targeted product.

4.3 The issues concerning website utility

The issues and problems related to website designing are meeting the needs of different audiences like teachers and parents (Robinson, 2012). Using various websites creates viruses issues, by which personnel security of a person can be erected. Information of an individual confidentiality can be leaked out especially the managers of TESCO has to be more protected as they keep the important documents of the company.

It also has a problem of Mufti-sensor accessibility. The most common error which occurs is the color blind that makes enable the customers to grab attention towards the website. legal responsibilities can be discrimination of legislation are the most common issues of E-business which can be seen in present scenario. Sometimes the websites also misinterpret the information to be given to the client, in such cases the customer had to identify the mistake and do not use the wrong data collected (Edexcel, 2014).


The conclusion drawn from this report shows that TESCO is a e-business firm with the ease of internet facilities and services to it's customers. The various technologies like HTML, communicational channels and designing methods are discussed and understood. The significant outcomes of internet services like websites, search engine, social media etc. are observed for supporting the learners a way to gain the business information. TESCO is found a suitable business venture wuth the expansion and diversification possiblities in e-business strategy. On whole this report is describing the advantages and disadvantages of presenting the business on internet.


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