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Leadership is defined as the process of social influence in which individual can enlist the aid and support of others to achieve one common goal of enterprise whereas management is the art of getting things done through others. It is necessary that management and leadership must go hand in hand in organization. They are not same but indirectly linked with each other. Unique features of management and leadership helps firm to achieve overall goals. Manager job is to plan, organize and coordinate whereas leader role is to inspire and motivate employees present within the workplace.

Manager administers the major activities and leader develops the new idea. Both plays important part in organization and helps in overall development. In this report organization chosen is Toddlers R us and firm manufactures clothes for small kids, children. Various tasks will be covered which includes how leadership and management can be impacted by company objectives, values, culture etc. leadership and management skills required to achieve firm objectives etc.

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Toddlers R us is the company that produces and sells clothes of the baby through retail outlets in the city of London. Currently, firm serves to nearly 1000 customers, but now management of the firm has developed a new objective which will help to increase customer base up to 2000. Main objective of the firm is to increase overall sales by expanding its product range to young kids up to 11 years of age and other objective is to rebrand the name of the firm (Tomlinson, 2004).

So leadership and management can be impacted by such objectives, as leaders and managers present in the organization has to prepare and implement different approaches through which employees can be motivated and productivity can be increased. Different leadership styles are used in the workplace so that overall objectives can be achieved efficiently like autocratic, charismatic and democratic style is used to look after employees present in the workplace and they are given proper support. Leaders motivate team members to work for welfare of the organization and develop team spirit (Rothstein and Burke, 2010).

Like in a democratic style subordinates are allowed to contribute their ideas, suggestions and opinions. Leadership and management are also impacted by company values like customer service and innovation, creativity (Collins,Emsell and Haydon, 2001). It is ensured that customers are treated with best products in the market and needs are satisfied. Innovation and creativity along with the earning profit is given lot of importance so that unique products can be developed. Management expects from employees that they are fully dedicated towards the work. Leaders use a different approach at workplace through which they can look to maintain relations with staff. Organizational culture adopted at workplace is quiet positive as it is free, flexible and open for staff, customers.

Such type of culture allows employees to work for welfare of the firm. Long term commitment and loyalty can be ensured with the help of leadership and management. Leadership style is such that when they allow employees to report late for work and also to leave early only if they are having some genuine reason (Gray, Field and Brown, 2010).


Leading and managing group of individuals efficiently has a direct impact on overall performance of the organization and it will directly reduce efforts of management. Skills present within leaders and managers acts as a promotional tool as several complex tasks and issues can be solved with minimum efforts. It suggests a way through which ultimate goals can be achieved. Ultimate objective of Toddlers R us is to increase profitability and expand the range of its products so leaders and managers will adopt skills, style according to that (Benefield and Joseph, 2010).

Skills required to achieve organizational objectives include problem solving, decision making, effective delegation, time management, communication, risk management and finance skills. These skills are very important as they guide action of leaders and managers. In the case of problem solving skill they help leaders to solve complex tasks in the organization like competition, leader can develop different plans in order to deal with this problem. Decision making skills help managers to take effective decisions. He must choose what is best for all his followers and then his own self (Cardno, 2005).

Respect of leader is heightened when the decisions he makes are accurate and helps every individual in the organization. Basically, choices are easily present, but the major problem is to choose the best one on the basis of need. Leader must consider all the variables and possible paths to attain objective and choose the one with highest success rate. Time management is the next important skill required in leaders because time is limited and different tasks are performed in the organization within a single day so it needs to be managed (Cassidy, 2006). To make better decisions, this skill is appropriate as it can be determined which choices are best to make. Level of stress can be easily reduced as all the activities will be given appropriate time and avoids situation of overlapping. Communication is the next important skill required as important ideas, messages can be transferred easily and saves time.

Employees can work with more efficiency and coordination as their thoughts are shared between one another. Effective delegation skill will help to transfer authority from one employee to another and employees will feel more motivated if they are given more power in the workplace (Cox and, 2007).

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Leadership and management skills required to achieve organizational objectives are very supportive and help to find a possible solution to the particular problem. To manage large individual in a team is not an easy task but all these skills help leader to manage the whole team with proper coordination and control. Managers and leaders have to keep check on all the activities performed as it must match with the objectives of the firm. Employees are guided in every situation and their actions are tracked so that goals can be achieved on time (Davies, 2008).

Some motivating techniques are used to encourage staff so that productivity and output may increase. Communication skills present in mangers and leaders are very supportive as message, ideas can be transferred clearly and in an appropriate manner. They adopt suitable channel and medium in company according to needs of employees. In Toddlers R us written communication is mostly used like Email, memos, etc to share ideas, any subordinate can communicate with superior using such channel and vice versa. There is no formal chain adopted and employees are allowed to communicate freely (Freese and Samaras, 2006).

If such skill is present in a leader then he can clearly understand felling of his subordinates and can communicate it to top authority. Decision making skills present in a leader help me to understand the problem in a unique manner and he can take decisions on the basis of that. He can choose which alternative is best out of many as any wrong decision taken can badly affect firm. Time management skill will help manager to plan activities on the basis of importance and suitable time can be given to every activity (Houghton and, 2004).

Through time management skill managers can increase efficiency of employees and it becomes easy to perform. Risk management skill is very beneficial as leaders will know the appropriate way to tackle the issue and strategy can be developed in favor of that. He can take action in advance and can plan activities accordingly. Risks are of different types like financial, competition, etc., but it depends on the leader how to manage and cope up with it (Johnson and Taylor, 2010).


In order to develop leadership and management skills various ways are present that can improve working style and many other things. Skills play an important role in the case of leaders and managers as they are the pathway through which overall objectives can be achieved. In the era of perfect competition companies are adopting unique strategies to increase market share so leaders also need to update skills (Karp, 2013). Updating skills will help leader and managers to work efficiently as level of knowledge will be increased and they can face competition. Skills present within leader may not be appropriate or sufficient to face a complex situation so there is need to adopt methods like mentoring and coaching.

Mentoring is the method through which leadership and management skills can be improved and it includes taking advice of someone or providing training. Experienced present in the organization can mentor activities of leader and manager at the time of performing tasks. Role of mentor is to raise the potential implications of any possible solution. Time to time mentor will give advice to the leader so that he can develop his skills. Possible ways can be suggested by which leaders can better guide team members. Mentor recognizes an individual is capable of resolving problems (Mumford, 2001).

Coaching is the next best method which can be used to improve skills linked with leadership and management. Leaders can take help from experts and can understand the appropriate ways to perform in the organization. They can learn new ways to motivate staff and how to manage them efficiently. Coaching increases overall knowledge and provides direction to individual. Person can improve is level of knowledge a can develop different skills like time management, decision making, etc. from the above two opportunities management and leadership skills like project management and creative thinking can be easily developed (Nutley, 2008). Creative thinking will help the leader to think in a different manner, he can generate new ideas and in an innovative manner.

Benefits of this skill are that it helps firm to create competitive advantage as new ideas are used in the workplace which may not be present with other firms. In the case of project management skill, manager can manage the activities performed in project and cost can be saved. So all these opportunities present acts as promotional tool as level of knowledge can be increased (Passerini, 2012).

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In order to evaluate different skills various activities are undertaken that could improve knowledge level and overall efficiency. In the above table skills like planning and organizing, management of staff, assigning skills, communication and time management skills were undertaken and various steps were taken to improve them as they were not up to the mark. My planning and organizing skills were good, but there is a need to improve it as sometime I am not able to plan all the activities in sequence due to which situation of overlapping arises. By developing personal development plan, I was able to improve this skill and the activities undertaken includes making a plan on a daily basis, scheduling uninterrupted timing, listing the activity steps individually when developing a specific plan, by using GANTT charts. All these activities were very supportive and beneficial as it helped to plan all the activities in the different manner. My management of staff skill is average and I tried to influence other through several techniques which proved to be successful but was not above expectation level.

Activities undertaken to improve this skill include training, coaching, mentoring, etc. these activities helped me to understand the appropriate way by which group of individuals can be managed. Delegation of authority, motivation and communication were other methods used to improve team management skills. In every organization, this skill is important as if basic need of employees are satisfied then they will perform efficiently in the workplace. My assigning skill is very poor and to develop it various tasks were undertaken like communicating responsibilities and expectations, acknowledging innovative ideas and creative solution.

But these activities were not supportive and I was not able to improve this skill. So this time I will adopt different methods like investing time and energy on planning out which tasks will be performed and by encouraging people to ask for part of my job. My communication skills are excellent due to activities undertaken like attending coaching, seminars, etc. it has helped to know the appropriate way by which I can influence others through orally or verbally. I am regularly getting positive feedback from other colleagues and change is not required in this skill. My time management skill is good and needs improvement, so to develop it I have stated to prepare time table and schedule of my work due to which it becomes easy to perform every activity.

But these tasks are not sufficient and other methods which I will use includes setting deadlines, delegate responsibilities, will stop multi tasking, etc, so all such activities will be very beneficial. My risk management skill is poor and needs attention to improve it activity like planning in advance is undertaken due to which I am able to manage major risk efficiently.

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Personal development plan designed above was very supportive to me as all the important skills like communication, time management, risk management, planning & organizing were discussed and skills which are not up the mark are given importance in order to develop them. On the basis of PDP individual can find out his strength and weakness and can work on it. Apart from all these skills I need to develop other skills like motivating skills and stress management. These two skills are not present in me and due to their absence I has to face many hurdles. Motivating skills is required to motivate other team members so that overall objectives can be achieved. I am not able to encourage other people and lack of influencing power stops me from becoming a good leader.

This skill is very supportive as all the major activities can be performed in lesser time and with minimum efforts. I can use some motivating techniques like rewards and recognition to influence team members. Motivation directly generates interest in work and person can perform activities in lesser time. Generally in organizations people are motivated by monetary benefits and they regard it as one of the best method.

To improve motivation skills, I will develop an action plan and encouraging atmosphere. On the other hand, stress management skill is not present in me due to which in the case of pressure I am not able to deal with stress. This skill will help me to complete a particular task in time as in a situation of stress I prefer to leave the task. Emotional cause of stress and tension are numerous and varied. Main disadvantage of stress is that it disturbs whole body part and person is not capable of handling complex situations. In order to develop stress management skill I will undertake several tasks which include performing exercises, rewarding myself, finding some humor in the situation, identifying the stressful situation and anticipating the possible outcomes of each solution.

So these are some of the activities that I will undertake to develop this skill. It will help me to perform several tasks at a time and can improve my motivation level. In these two areas, I need to develop my skills so that all my weaknesses can be recovered.


From the above case, it has become easy to understand the importance of leadership and management skills in organization. Leaders are those who encourage team members to work for welfare of the firm whereas management is process of dealing with people. Both are linked with employees present in the organization and impacted by objectives, culture of the organization. It is necessary that leadership and management must go hand in hand as combination of two reduces effort of management and overall goals can be achieved. Leaders present in company must have appropriate skills like communication, time management, etc so that major activities can be undertaken with proper coordination.


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