Leadership Practice

A Case Study on a Famous Private Limited Company

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Introduction to Leadership

Leadership can be defined as the practice of research area as well as skill that helps individual to possess the ability to lead individual or organization and guide team members to accomplish desired targets. It involves different styles of leadership practices such as autocratic, laissez faire and democratic so that set targets can be attained in an effective manner. Leadership principles are set in order to communicate business direction and application of different leadership styles in regard to achieve business objectives. Furthermore, it is also essential to differentiate between leadership and management aspects of a job role and demonstrate an understanding of how these practices are integrated in order to enable effective performance. In the present study, BCC which is a private limited company providing accommodation facilities to international and local clients.

Task 1

1.1 Concept of managers as effective leaders

According to Drucker, it can be assessed that it is essential for management to set the scene for this discussion between traditional and contemporary viewpoints regarding management and leadership. However, the terms' management and leadership are often used interchangeably but it is essential to understand the different among them in order to practice balancing the demands of the role as a manager. Managers are person who is in charge of certain group of tasks to accomplish that and also possess a team of people who reports directly to him/her. Therefore, for every department there is the manager assigned in order to carry out the responsibility of accomplishing desired goals. For instance, being a manager they should never expect that the subordinates should perform the tasks that is not assigned to them. Therefore, the work assigned by manager to subordinates mandates them to complete it under prior supervision of managers. Also, managers should encourage their subordinates to overcome conflicts and accept challenging task to achieve desired goals in the workplace. Here, the accommodation manager of BCC possess the responsibility to maintain proper and efficient running of accommodation facilities, residents and tenants. Also, they are liable to ensure proper safety and security procedures involving emergency procedures and supervising the cleaning staff to carry out their duties effectively.

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Furthermore, BCC accommodation manager is required to carry out his duties in order to develop and maintain cleaning service and also supervising them so that they carry out proper cleaning services and thus provides the best accommodation facilities to clients. Accommodation managers is responsible to setting a proper schedule for periodic accommodation inspections . In regard to this they make sure that hygiene, health and safety standards are met and also inspect the maintenance and repairs to provide an excellent customer service in order to lead the business functions. BCC accommodation manager are responsible to possess effective management experience and customer service skills so that desired results can be attained.

Hence, it is crucial for managers to carry out their desired task in order to maintain corporate awareness and the ability to build relationship with clients so that best services can be provided to them and satisfy their needs. Managers are required to build consistency which is a key to successful management. Accommodation manager at BCC is required to be able to perform multiple tasks of problem solving with excellent customer service and time management skills so that deadlines can be met accordingly.

1.2 Concept of leaders as effective managers

Leadership can be defined as the process through which person influences other team members to accomplish the objective and direct the firm in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. However, if individual posses' desire and willpower in order to become effective team leader it is essential for them to manage the activities efficiently so that desired targets can be accomplished in an effective way. Good leaders are developed through never ending process and thus undertake different training and experience so that their skills could be improved to manage the tasks appropriately. As per the present case, Managing Director of Development in BCC employs several staff members to cope with busy day to day activities and thus employ other team members to achieve smooth running of business. It is essential for leaders of BCC to direct their subordinates to deliver excellent customer service to the guests so that tenants and customers are encouraged to stay with them.



Also, it is stated that leaders are required to manage the tasks appropriately so that they provide wide range of different single, double rooms and bed types involving shared flats and studios so that clients needs can be satisfied. Leader of BCC directs the accommodation manager in order to become responsible for the efficient running of accommodation facilities and thus ensures that all the tenants are satisfied and thus they provide the best customer services attain satisfaction. Therefore, it is essential for leaders of firm to fulfill their responsibilities and thus manages the work efficiently so that overall business objectives can be attained. For instance, it can be assessed that both the styles are required to influence each other and thus it affects one individual as it attempts to modify the behavior of others through mobilizing power resources.

Furthermore, leaders are required to direct the staff and encourage them to provide different facilities for individual staying at BCC such as the accommodation buildings include social areas, small libraries for students and daily cleaning and maintenance service. Thus, it is essential for leaders to carry out their assigned task efficiently and thus become responsible for providing excellent customer service. Leaders are required to promote their services upon different external and internal communication channels such as social networking, websites etc. to attain desired goals.

1.3 Evaluating the balance needed between the demands of management and the demands of leadership

It can be assessed that management is getting people to do what is required to be done while leaders is getting people to accomplish what needs to be done. However, managers push the people to carry out the desired task while leaders pull and encourage people to accomplish the work so that organizational goals can be attained. Managers are the person that gives command to their subordinates in relation to accomplish the assigned task and thus it is essential for them to follow the rules laid down to them so that goals can be fulfilled. On the other hand, leaders communicate and assists followers to carry out the work in order to fulfill the objectives. Hence, it can be assessed that there is a fine line between management and leadership within the business and is encountered often and also many individuals are in position of authority to command others and accomplish work. For instance, it can be assessed that Area manager of organization is required to strike a balance between maintaining order and facilitating change so that best results can be attained. Therefore, it is essential for Area Manager to influence social workers and foster carers in order to enable them to provide quality services to attain desires goals.

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Moreover, leaders often falls into managerial role and thus take upon business functions to accomplish management tasks. Therefore, leadership and management are two distinctively different though complementary systems of action. Management is all about controlling the tasks and creating an effective environment while leadership is about influencing and encouraging people to complete their duties in an effective way. It is essential for business to undertake proper control and management because without that it will face problems. Management is crucial as it helps business to attain success regardless of any business size or nature.

On the other hand, without successful leadership workers are not encouraged to carry out activities and thus it influences the business functions as well as performance. However, leadership without management cannot sustain change and make improvement so that crucial tasks can be accomplished and accept the changes to attain results. It can be assessed that being a productive leader it is essential to build and foster relationship with team members so that it helps in encouraging individual to build solid relationship with each other and thus attain desired goals.

Task 2

2.1 Role of the leader in contributing to the creation of the organization's vision and its communication to others

It is essential for leader to contribute towards business vision so that desired goals can be attained. Also, it enables individual's to work together in teams and thus integrate the tasks to achieve business vision. Leaders possess the power to direct their efforts and coordinate and integrate the activities with other team members so that it ensures working towards organization goals. Leaders play a crucial role and delegate the authority to other person's so that they can be encouraged to carry out the goals and attain satisfaction. BCC leaders are required o identify the business mission and vision so that they can maintain the proper and efficient running of accommodation facilities, residents and tenants in order to improve the service quality. It involves different leadership qualities which is concerned in order to influence the actions and attitudes of others in order to ensure that everyone is following a common goal. Leaders possess crucial communication skills so that they can communicate with each other so that desired targets can be attained. Moreover, leaders possess the ability to solve the conflicts and make effective decisions so that strengths can be developed up to a great extent. For instance, vision is a crucial component of leadership and thus it helps in enhancing the internal communication so that they can inspire and encourage people beyond their usual levels of performance. While, external communication states that it helps in directing the leaders to attain organizational goals.

Furthermore, enhancing self knowledge and understanding helps in carrying out significant tasks and thus develop knowledge so that team building can be attained in order to focus towards desired goals. Leaders working within BCC firm are focused to achieve their personal goals and thus improves the performance in all aspects. Therefore, it helps them to attain desired targets and thus achieve total quality within all the areas. BCC leaders are required to develop effective relation with their accommodation manager as well as other department's manager so that it enables them to achieve its mission. Also, it is significant for leaders to undertake effective communication skills so that they can deliver the message successfully. Therefore, it helps them to develop their communication skills and thus based upon their knowledge and experience it assists them to carry out the desired work.

Task 3

3.1 Evaluate how empowerment and trust through ethical leadership impacts on business practice

Ethical leadership can be defined as the process in which individual influences a group of people to attain common objectives. It is essential for leaders to undertake trust and empowerment so that best business practice can be carried out in order to satisfy the needs of people and provide them best services within BCC. Managers of accommodation organization is required to encourage their staff by following ethical leadership and thus develop enthusiasm to foster growth and success among team members. Also, they are encouraged towards attaining business goals and deliver satisfactory services in the form of providing them proper accommodation services so that business performance can be improved.

Leaders are required to empower individuals and also develop trust among each other so that it impact upon business practice so that success can be attained effectively. Therefore, it is essential for firm to manage the task and thus comply with the rules and regulations so that trust can be maintained among team members. Also, it is significant for leaders to empower its employees in order to train them towards delivering satisfying services and thus sales can be improved of BCC. Hence, through empowerment and trust it helps in developing skills and knowledge of individual so that they carry out the best business practice in the form of attracting people and tenants to consume the room services. Through work engagement it helps employees to create the best relationship with each other and thus develop trust which influences the work engagement and thus obtain desired targets. Thus, it can be stated that leaders are required to adopt ethical leadership in order to develop trust and empowerment among each other and thus carry out organizational goals.

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Task 4

4.1 Evaluating how personal energy, self belief and commitment impact on leadership styles

Individual is required to develop effective leadership styles so that commitment and self belief can be developed that helps in improving the business performance. Furthermore, leaders working within organization requires developing personal energy, self belief and commitment to accomplish organization goals so that it does not influence leaders working within firm. Leaders are required to develop self belief so that they can carry out desired work through undertaking democratic leadership styles so that success can be attained in an effective manner. It is essential for individual to build commitment towards organizational success so that it does not influence people in regard to attain targets. Moreover, it is significant for leaders working within business to improve their working practices by developing commitment and personal energy so that organizational performance can be improved. Also, leaders are required to develop commitment with other team members so that success can be enhanced in an effective manner.

Furthermore, it is essential for leaders to develop effective personal energy and self belief so that individual can be encouraged towards success. Also, it is essential for firm to improve the business performance and thus involve each and every employee in the decision making process so that they can lead firm towards success. However, leaders adopting democratic style assists in overcoming the weaknesses so that desired goals can be attained. Also, it is significant for firm to enhance personal energy so that effective communication can be delivered to team members in order to integrate them to achieve success. Thus, it assists in influencing leadership style in positive way and accomplish organizational goals.

4.2 Distinguish between two different leadership styles

It involves various leadership styles i.e. autocratic, democratic and lassiez faire leadership style which influences leaders to carry out organizational goals. These are as follows-

Autocratic style

Within such style it assists leaders to take crucial decision without involving other employees. Here, individual follows the decisions of their leaders and thus it influences their performance. Employees are given no power to take their own decisions and thus undertaking authoritarian style but rather is an abusive and unprofessional style that affects the people in order to accomplish desired goals. Moreover, leaders carrying out such practices is affecting individual encouragement and thus decreases their performance level.

Democratic style

On the other hand, leaders involving one or more employees in decision making helps in enhancing the skills of individual and developing satisfaction among them. Further, it is significant for leaders to provide strength to employees in order to deliver them every information so that results can be attained. Also, manager uses such style helps in developing mutual benefits for both a manager and employees and allows them to become part of the team and thus from manager's side it allows the manager to make effective decisions.

Laissez faire style

While, in this style leaders allows the employees to make decision and thus leaders are responsible for the decisions that are made. Hence, the style of leadership is used when employees are able to analyze the situation and determine what needs to be done in order to achieve desired results. Here, managers does not possess authority to take decision and thus it lies in the hands of employees and thus they are responsible if anything goes wrong.

4.3 Practical value of leadership style to manger in achieving business objectives

It can be assessed that it is fundamental that leadership style influences subordinates by adopting democratic leadership style and thus manages business objectives. It helps firm to produce effective practice so that leaders encourages individual to develop competitive and innovative culture within business so that desired targets can be attained. Also, it is essential for leaders to develop effective business performance through undertaking the best cultural practice and thus attain desired objectives so that sales and profitability of firm can be enhanced. For instance, it is essential for enterprise to undertake the best leadership style that affects the business performance and attain desired targets.

Leaders of BCC accommodation service are required to undertake democratic leadership style so that it helps in managing the activities and thus attain organizational goals. Developing effective leadership style influences business to develop creativity and productivity so that it directly influences firm to attain desired targets, it can be assessed that leaders are required to implement practical value so that effectiveness can be developed in order to manage desired task can be accomplished desired goals. For instance, it is essential for manager to undertake the best leadership style and thus enhance the business performance to achieve organizational objectives.

4.4 Interpret how situational variables influence the choice of leadership style

Leadership style adopted by business in different situations can influence business goals. Therefore, it is essential for leaders to undertake effective leadership style and thus develop group work so that they can develop group members in order to accomplish desired goals. Also, the focus of leadership behavior helps in developing dominant style so that individual are able to follow each other and achieve organizational goals. Hence, it can be assessed that the choice of leadership style adopted by business is required to identify the essential factors i.e. encouragement among employees, trust, empowerment and coordination to fulfill the tasks. For instance, if all such factors are available within the workforce then it helps leaders to achieve organizational goals.

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It involves different situational variables that influences the choice of leadership style and thus it affects the performance of business in order to attain desired success. Hence, it is essential for leaders to undertake effective leadership practice so that it influences individual to undergo the best decision and thus enhance the performance to attain desired targets. For instance, if leaders adopt democratic leadership style it helps in influencing other team members to carry out desired objectives so that set targets can be attained.


It can be examined that leadership play a crucial role in order to manage and direct the task to individual in regard to attain business goals. Therefore, it is essential for leaders to empower trust and ethical leadership in order to overcome negative image and achieve customer satisfaction. Managers of BCC is required to identify the needs of tenants and customers so that proper services can be provided in order to achieve satisfaction. Also, managers are required to develop effective communication and thus integrate effectively with each other to carry out the best organizational practices. Managers are required to adopt democratic leadership style so that they are able to involve every employee in decision making process to achieve desired objectives.


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