Management and Administration of Operations

Case Study on Automotive Services Company

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Management and operations is considered as one of the crucial task that is considered an effective function of carrying out business functions and attain desired results. It is essential for management of organization to effectively design and control the operations of business so that smooth functioning could be carried out (Azhashemi, 2012). Thus, manager of firm possess effective operations and thus ensure responsibility so that resources could be utilised effectively. Here. RAC Motoring Services case study has been undertaken that involves vehicle breakdown and recovery industry which results in operating efficiently within market for around 100 years. Also, different resources such as technology and human are being utilised in regard to satisfy the needs of customers. However, manager of RAC Motoring Services supports the improving and developing quality services so that it helps in satisfying the needs of customers.

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Current Operational Strategy of RAC Motoring

It is essential for firm to consider certain features of business process which mainly assists in performing the business operations through using different equipment and tools either alone or with combination of other machine. Thus, RAC Motoring Services has been established over 100 years ago in the form of vehicle breakdown and recovery industry. Organization also owns branded patrol forces that possess responsibility to rescue vehicles of customers at roadside (Brady, Voorhees and Brusco, 2012). Also, business possess the responsibility to provide quality services to customers and perform its operations in an effective and efficient way. There are various operational characteristics of RAC Motoring Services such as-

The Patrols

In the year 1999 there were around 1350 patrols employed in RAC Motoring Services and thus most of them were carried out their carrier in past as mechanic, undertaking garage servicing of vehicles etc. Thus, training them helps in enhancing experience so that they are able to solve problems of clients who are suffering from vehicle breakdown (Brown, Bessant and Lamming, 2013).

Use of contractors

It is one of the main operational characteristics of RAC Motoring Services where business aims to meet the unexpected demand of contractors and thus attain customer satisfaction. Here, the calculated average cost of contractors was £36 per job and thus it was too high and also it increases the amount of work over the contract basis was rising. While, it decreases the productivity level of patrol staff (Edmonds, 2011).

Managing the patrols

Such operational characteristic assesses that in regard to perform the rescue operations of customers breakdown vehicles at roadside, company recruits patrol staff members into different geographical locations. RAC Motoring Servixes aims to manage the customers and provide them quality services. Here. Around 50 managers were appointed who were looking to the team of 28 patrols and covering around 2-3 geographical locations (Ramanathan, 2011).

Overtime and standby

Such operational characteristics assesses that standard working time for patrols was 40 hours per week. However, at the time of workload, patrols were asked to overtime and standby so that need could be fulfilled of customers. They were paid extra for their overtime services i.e. £10 per hour and the amount got nearly double on Sunday i.e. £14 per hour (Rogers, 2011).

Process Map

With the help of designing process map it helps in defining the flow of activities within a process and thus each and every action depends upon each other. However, it helps business to execute the process as per the plan and thus meets the business objectives. Here, RAC Motoring Services results in rescuing vehicles at roadside and satisfy the needs of customers. The process involves several steps which starts from customers when they call the customer representatives of RAC to utilise the services (Slack, 2015). However, the employee who was nearby locations of customers need to visit the location and solve the problems of customers.


(Source: Azhashemi, 2012)

Thus, it can be reflected from the above figure that call out service of RAC Motoring Services results in assessing that it is very systematic process. However, it has been divided into 3 different sections i.e. customer, RAC telephone system and customer service representative. The process starts from the call of customer where he/she wants services, them the customer representative of organization is required to provide quality service to customers to attain satisfaction (Brady, Voorhees and Brusco, 2012). Hence, the whole process map of call out service of RAC Motoring helps firm in serving the customers on call basis and create patrols for different regions.

Factors Involved in Poor Customer Service

It has been assessed that there are two main factors involved in poor customer service which are as follows-

Unable to take call

At several time customer representatives are not able to take call of their customers who requires roadside help and thus RAC Motoring Services staff becomes unable to deliver satisfaction to customers. Thus, such factor identifies that when staff is not able to provide services to customers it results in dissatisfaction among customers (Brown, Bessant and Lamming, 2013).

Inefficiency in dispatched system

It is another factor that contributes to poor customer satisfaction i.e. RAC Motoring Services faces issues in dispatching system so that needs of customer gets affects. Such poor customer service results in impacting satisfaction level of customers (Edmonds, 2011).

Risk Analysis

Following are the different steps involved in analysing risk so that business could focus upon ensuring proper risk assessment process such as-

In the first step, it analyses that determining the main hazardous and risky area within RAC need to be identified so that staff could avoid the negative operations upon firm.
Further, risk assessment technique helps in determining the actual velocity or risk within firm and thus support the overcoming of risk and hazard (Ramanathan, 2011).
Here, risk assessment process helps in formulating and devising risk management plan within firm and thus overcome unhealthy situation which results in supporting firm to implement vertical integration and thus provide quality services to customers.
At the end evaluation of implementation plan is being done to minimize the risk (Rogers, 2011).

Recommendation and Justification

RAC Motoring Services is being recommended to provide quality services to customers and thus satisfy their needs and wants. Through such quality services it results in overcoming the issues of firm and build customer satisfaction. RAC should train its staff in such a way so that they could identify the needs of customers who are suffering vehicle breakdown at roadside and thus obtaining services on call (Slack, 2015). Thus, it results in satisfying clients need and improve brand image. Also, RAC should implement quality products or services and thus monitor the business performance which results in achieving high quality services so that set results could be attained.

Executive Summary

Here, the report elucidates that management and administration of operations results in designing and controlling the functions properly so that best results could be attained. Providing training to workers helps in enhancing their experience so that they are able to solve problems of clients who are suffering from vehicle breakdown. Different quality standards are being used in regard to enhance customer satisfaction within RAC Motoring Services.

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It can be concluded from the study that RAC Motoring Services focuses upon managing its operations in an effective and efficient way and deliver quality services to its customers. Business also using different quality standards so that performance of firm could be improved. All the operational characteristics of firm results in maintaining the process such as patrols, contracts and overtime facility so that employees could be satisfied.


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