Management Operations

Difference Between the Role of Manager and Leader

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Managers and leaders are two important bodies functioning within an organization. Basically, the work of both is to achieve the goals of the organization but the difference lies in the authorities and the way of working, areas of focus and the ideas of completing the task. Basically, we can say that the manager is concerned with the task to be completed with the time and the leader plans the work strategy to get his team to work to complete the task as per the guidelines are given by the managers. A manager has powers and authorities higher than the leader. He can make use of his powers but the leader has the skills to make people follow him at their own will.

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LO1: Differentiation between the role of a leader and a manager

The Manager responsibility is to represent the organization The Manager role is to communicate with the outside resources and to guide each department of Holborn for the better performance of the company.
The leader is also the representative of the organization. This role is required for the execution of the plans and policies which are framed by the top management of Holborn.

The function of Manager and Leader is different from one another. According to Kotter, (2008, p.52) the Manager role is to focus on system and structure of Holborn whereas the Leader role is to concentrate on people. The Manager has to check the requirements for the organization for the company growth whereas Leader role is to read the need of people.

Management by objectives is the balance which is carried between the objectives of an employee with the company objective. Drucker mentioned that the objective of an organization is determined by the employee objective. It stimulates employees while determining the objective for the organization. The company progress needs to be monitored time to time. The evaluation of the employee performance and rewarding them is also required.

Three management roles in case of operations are Figurehead. Here, the Manager needs to figure out each department. The Manager of Holborn will see the revenue of the product. The revenue of the product if performing well then the Manager will try to further enhance the performance In case if the revenue of any product is performing well then the Manager makes the strategy so that the customer will demand the product more.


The role of the Manager is also to monitor everything. In the product, if the customer does not like some ingredients then the Manager will instruct the chef to make changes.

There is also Leadership roles which are helpful for meeting the responsibilities to lead the departments. The Manager will lead the if the organization has to promote any new product in the market then the Manager will lead each department like, the Manager give instruction to the finance department that this budget is required for the promotion (Drucker, 1954, p.50). The Manager will also instruct the marketing department that the product has been made keeping that particular section in mind so make marketing strategy according to it.
The Leadership Traits theories distinguish the good leader from non-leaders. There are two parts like:

Emotional stability

The Leader should be emotionally stable. Sometimes frustration like situation occurs in the organization. The Leader has to maintain his calm if any disagreement regarding company rules and policies occurs among employee. The second one is Self-assurance where the Leader has to self-assured The Leader knows the strength and weakness of the team so the Leader make his strategy according to the capability of the individuals in his team.

The leadership skills are mainly hard Management skills

The role of the Manager is to make planning and strategy as per the requirement. The Manager has to keep his eye on the fashion and demand liked by the customer. In case the popularity of the organization is decreasing then the Manager role is to make the sudden innovation to get recover. Another one is soft Leadership skills- The Leader must possess good communication skills so that they may explain the employees clearly if they want to bring any changes. In case if the employees of Holborn are not able to reach their target then it will be the Leader's responsibility to motivate them so that they can perform better.

LO2: The role of leaders and managers played in an organisation in case of management operations

In any organisation, the leaders and the managers play different roles for the growth and development of the organisation. Many times, both the roles may appear to be almost same but they are quite different from each other. Both of them have different roles in case of management operations. The operations basically deal with productions. It is about the system and process of producing the goods or the services. In that case, the manager and the leaders have their own roles to play. It is the role of the manager to form proper policies to carry out the work. He also analyses the available resources so that he can properly formulate the task and decide the deadlines for the project completions.

He also decides the budget for the project based on the availability of capital. It is also his responsibility to keep in mind that the deadlines he is deciding are relevant so that the quality of work is not compromised with. He then conveys his policies and requirements to the leader. It is then that the roles of a leader start. The leader now forms proper strategies for the work to be completed. It is the responsibility of the leader to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of his team members and make them work accordingly. A leader needs to motivate his team and influence them so that the team can function towards the goals in a positive environment. He has to properly interact with his team so that he can find and rectify any problems arising. A leader must have the qualities so that the team follows him at their will and not by force. A leader helps the team members to identify their potentials and to put them to work. The leader maintains a healthy work environment for is a team.

LO3: The operational functions played by the manager of an organization

Operational functions are based upon the transformation process. It is an activity in which the company Holborn collects material and makes changes in its physical characteristics to add value so that the customers will be satisfied with the products. In the case of raw material the company first looks for the raw material of good quality so that they can make changes in its physical appearance.

Information is gathered from different sources so that they can make more changes in them to make it effective (Drucker, 1954, p.50). It is then delivered to the customer and try to get feedback from them so that they can further make some innovation. For an example: In the manufacture of car they first gather the materials which are required for the manufacture of the cars and then assemble it together and finally it is sent to the showrooms which customer will buy.

Quality means the standard of the things when compared with the things of the same type. The cost of quality is internal failure cost- This cost is associated with the cost when the products get damaged before going to the customer hand. The Manager should minimise the internal failure cost. External failure cost- This cost is associated with the cost when the products found to be in bad condition when the customer purchases the product. The Manager should take care of it otherwise, the performance of Holborn get down. Appraisal costs-The cost which is required for knowing the requirement of the product. It is the Manager responsibility to complete the task in a cost effective manner. Lastly, the Prevention cost- It is the cost which is incurred to avoid the quality problem. The Manager should minimize the cost which is associated with design, maintenance and implementation of the product.

The role of a manager in total quality management is to allocate budget for total quality management as the financial year begins. The Manager should be time efficient so that they can provide the products just in time mentioned by the customer. In case if they will unable to deliver the products on time then the customer will go for other option and the products will be wasted. A good Manager always tries to reduce the waste reduction.

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The three methods Manager can adjust Capacity management are taxes, royalties and territorial rights. The Manager needs to check to import only that quantity whichever is required It provide benefit on two things the resource should not get wasted and the tax can be optimized. The royalties and Territorial rights should also be taken care of so that Manager would be able to minimize the budget.

LO4: the Understanding relationship between leadership and management in a business environment

In a business organisation, leadership and management are two main aspects required for the proper functioning of the organisation. It can be said that both of these are interrelated with each other. There are some basic differences between a leader and a manager but both of them work with the aim of getting things done. Both of them do have some authorities but the difference is that the manager has the authorities because of his position. But the leader gains authorities because of his personality traits. The relationship shared by the leadership and management is very important because both go hand in hand towards the development and growth of the organisation.

The manager decides the work to be done and the leader decides the process to be followed. The manager decides the deadlines and the budget of the project and the leader get the work done by his team within the given deadlines and budget. The management is the body which puts up policies and structures. It also frames the regulations. The leader knows the work policies to be maintained and he accordingly works on his own instincts. The manager makes use of his positional powers to create a pressure on the working teams to complete the task. The team leader makes use of his skills to motivate and influence his team to complete the work on time.


Here in this assignment, we have discussed the different roles of the managers and leaders in the management operations. Management operations basically deal with the process of delivering the outputs to the customers by making proper use of resources. In that case, the leaders and managers have different roles which we have discussed in the assignment. We have also discussed the difference between the leadership and management. The relationship between the two has also been discussed.


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