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In order to survive in highly competitive market, it is essential for the firm to manage the information and communication within the workplace so that they may take effective decision that enhance the overall performance of the organization. For the present study, selected organization is Tesco PLC as they need to access market information, needs and wants of the customers so that it will be effective for them to take decisions. The company is considered as the leading global brand that renders wide range of grocery items to the customers.

The present study basically understands the different range of decisions that Tesco management may take to accomplish the objectives of their different stakeholders. However, the study will also focus on how communication, knowledge and information must be amended and developed so that management can easily improve the systems within the organization.

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1.1 Major decisions taken by the management at each level

Decision is defined as choice or selection of an appropriate option from the two or more available alternatives (Jain, 2008). However, it is also termed as procedure under which Tesco management selects the proper action so that it may be beneficial for each and every management level of Tesco PLC. There are different people who are involved in the decision making process. They take effective decision at all the managerial levels namely top, middle and lower level. There are different ranges of decisions that are taken within the Tesco PLC so that it may support the organization in accomplishing their objectives. The range of decisions includes:

Decision type


Strategic decisions

1. Framing long term policies for organization.

2. Decision regarding setting up of new supermarket chain in UK.

Tactical decisions

1. Tactical decisions related with recruitment of employees.

2. Decision regarding promoting and advertising of wide range of products.

Operational decisions

1. Improving communication skills.

2. Decisions regarding arranging the stock within supermarket.

1.2 Information and knowledge to ensure effective decision taking

Data is termed as raw facts that are of no value as because the data is unprocessed in nature. Knowledge is defined as the ability or quality that individual possess so that by using that they may access and process the data and take effective decision for the organization. In addition to this, information is defined as processed data that convey some meaning to the individual so that they can take proper decision. However, with that information and knowledge of an individual, Tesco management can easily take decision that would support the organization in accomplishing the objectives and goals (Shockley-Zalabak, 2011). At different level of management, employees at Tesco PLC are required to collect different type of information detailed as follows:

Strategic information: The strategic information are required by the top level authorities that may include directors, board of directors who take corporate decisions for the Tesco PLC so that they may survive in retail industry for the longer time period. Strategic information includes assessing reliable and detailed information regarding the competitor’s strategy and decision so that they may take effective decision for the Tesco PLC.
Tactical information: Another is gaining tactical information that would support the personnel at middle level management in taking effective decisions. The information gained for the middle level managers and team must be semi-structured in nature so that they may mould further to achieve the goals (Romney and, 2012).

1.3 Internal and external sources of information for decision making

In order to make effective decisions for the Tesco PLC, there are different sources available for the top management so that they may easily accumulate the information from the market and their customers. Different types include internal and external sources of the information. With the help of internal source, top level management at Tesco can easily access the information from their financial and income statement so that they can take decision. Another source of information include external source that is acquiring information from the customers who purchase their products (Österle and, 2011).

Another source of information includes formal and informal sources through which top authorities of Tesco PLC can easily collect the information. Formal source includes assessing past records, sales record, company report etc. While the informal source of collecting the market information includes sending mail to the customers, collecting information through social media sites etc. These are considered as informal sources through which management can gain information.

In addition to this, other sources for accumulating the information includes primary and secondary sources. Under primary source, Tesco management focuses on observation method, interview method or questionnaire technique so that they may collect reliable information. However, another source is secondary source that is collecting relevant information with the help of journals, book, online article etc.

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1.4 Recommendation for improvement

In order to improve the collection of information and knowledge there are certain recommendation available to Tesco that are enumerated as follows-


2.1 Key stakeholders for decision making process

Stakeholder are characterized as individual or the group of an individual those are interested within the activities and operations of the organization (Alms, 2012). However, stakeholders are also defined as the key person that can get affected or may affect the organization activities to the most. The different stakeholders within the Tesco PLC include management, employees, local community, customers etc. within the Tesco PLC there are basically two type of stakeholders internal and external stakeholders. The key internal stakeholder include manager and employees while external stakeholder include customers, shareholder and community. All these stakeholders plays a significant role in the Tesco organization. The main role of manager in the decision making process is to select the suitable choice for the organization so that they can easily accomplish the objectives (Harsh, 2005).

Decisions of company

Stakeholders that are affected positively

Stakeholders those are affected negatively

1. Introducing technological equipment within the Tesco supermarket for billing the products.



Employees and workers

2. Discounting the prices of grocery products to increase the sales.





3. Setting up the production in the international markets.





2.2 Contact with those identified and develop business relationships

There are different communication medium that is being used by the Tesco management so that they can easily communicate with their different shareholders so that they may easily develop the business relationship among them (Cornford and Shaikh, 2013). There are different methods and ways used by the Tesco PLC for contacting their stakeholder. However, it also support them in developing their business relations so that they can easily take part in the decision making process. The methods can be-

Face to face interaction: One of the effective method is face to face interaction that is mainly suitable for the organization employees so that Tesco management can easily communicate and interact with them so they can take effective decisions. With the help of face to face interaction among their employees Tesco can also build a transparent business relationship that support them in rendering proper services (Varey, 2000).
Direct communication: Another method for contacting include direct communication under which Tesco directly communicate with their stakeholders that is through verbal or written communication. With this method Tesco can easily develop business relationship with different stakeholder of the organization.


Methods used to communicate


Verbal communication


Direct communication


Written communication


Face to face communication



Local community

Written communication

2.3 Involve those identified stakeholder in the decision making

It is significant to involve different stakeholders of the Tesco PLC in the decision making process as stakeholders may have their own opinion and suggestion that will support the organization in suggesting their opinion so that it may positively influences the decision making process (Ströh and Jaatinen, 2001). The above identified stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers, government, community etc. take active participation in encouraging their views and suggestions so that it may lead to take effective decisions for the Tesco organization. Some of the methods that is being used by the Tesco PLC to involve their identified stakeholders in the decision making process include-

Conference- One of the foremost method that is being used by the Tesco PLC for involving the suggestion of their different stakeholders is through organizing the conference or meeting of shareholders, suppliers or employees who are consider as key stakeholder of the company (Moye and Langfred, 2004). Conference method will support the Tesco shareholder and employees to put forward their views and thoughts that would help the organization to strengthen the relationship with the stakeholder.
Feedback- Another way to involve the views of stakeholders in the decision making process of Tesco is to take the feedback from the stakeholder that is customers regarding the products and services of the Tesco so that in future they might amend them to render quality services and products that would satisfy their needs and wants (Miller, 2011).

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2.4 Strategies for improvement

For encouraging the wider involvement of the stakeholders in the decision making process there are different strategies that must be used by the Tesco PLC that support the proper involvement of each and every stakeholder in the decision making process. The different strategies that must be recommended or consider within Tesco PLC include-

Proper usage of the social media sites and websites will support in stronger the web system so that Tesco PLC can easily connect with their different stakeholders.
Another strategy that can be used by the Tesco PLC include introducing supermarket's own application so that they can easily communicate and interact with their stakeholders (Jain, 2008). However, the usage of application would also support the customers in purchasing and buying the products through using the application. Thus, it will also result in consuming the time of customers as well as it may also consider as convenient option for the customers.


3.1 Existing communication process in an organization

For the smooth functioning of the activities within the organization it is essential to focus on effective communication process that successfully outcome in transmitting the information within and outside the organization. The existing communication process within the Tesco PLC mainly focuses on internal communication and external communication (Hargie and Tourish, 2009).

3.2 & 3.3 Design ways to improve appropriateness & Implement improvement to ensure greater integration of systems of communication

In the Tesco PLC supermarket there are different weaknesses that have been identified in the current practices that need to be develop and amend so that Tesco PLC can improve their existing communication process within the organization. The different ways to improve the appropriateness within communication process include-

3.4 Personal plan to improve own communication skills

Objectives (original) What do I want to be able to do better? Success Criteria How will I recognize success? How will I review and measure my improvement? Actions/ Strategies What methods will I use to achieve my learning objectives? Implementation How will I practice and apply what I learn? Time How much time do I need? Resources What resources do I need?
1. Listening skills Minimum misunderstanding Communicating with each and every staff within the organization Active hearing to the customer’s necessarily and demand. Customers Equipment 4 weeks
2. Interpersonal skills Higher profitability Continuous interaction with the customers. More team work within the organization. Teams 3 weeks


4.1 Existing approaches to the collection, formatting, storage, disseminating information and knowledge

There are different existing approach that is being used by the Tesco PLC so that they can easily collect, format, store and disseminate the collected information and knowledge so that they can take effective decision for the organization (Pijpers, 2010). Existing approach for collecting the data and information within the organization is through using the different internal and external sources that support in collecting the data. However, to format or processed the gathered and collected data of Tesco PLC they might use effective formatting technique that easily convert the data into the information. In addition to this, the existing approach used by the Tesco PLC for storing the data include computerized system that is being used by the management to store the collected data so that it may not get corrupted. Moreover, for distributing the information Tesco PLC can use different technological devices and network so that they can easily disseminate the required information among their employees (Österle and, 2011).

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However, the Tesco PLC also use different information system at different level that would support the Tesco sat each and every level include-

4.2 Changes to improve the collection, formatting, storage, disseminating information and knowledge

However, there are different suggestion that will result in changing or improving the approaches related with the collection, formatting, storing and disseminating of the information and knowledge so that Tesco PLC can ensure proper working in the marketplace. While collecting the data and information management must focuses on the observing and monitoring the collected data so that it may avoid duplication of the information. However, Tesco manager while storing the information and data they must install anti-virus software within the system so that data stored within the system may not get harm or damage. Furthermore, Tesco organization must focuses on the Knowledge management systems as well as enterprise resource planning one of the effective systems that would support the Tesco in improving the collection, formatting, disseminating of the information and knowledge (Leidner and Kayworth, 2006).

4.3 Implement strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge to others

Therefore, for improving the access to the systems of information and knowledge to others Tesco PLC can implement certain strategies that is:

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From the above management dissertation report it can be concluded that managing communication, knowledge and information is fundamental learning for each and every organisation as it support providing effective support for the enterprise. Through effective communication in the organization they can ensure smooth functioning of the activities in the organization that support in amending their performance.


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