Market Design & Innovation

Minor Case Study for Marketing Students

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This present module has given me immense opportunities to develop my skills within the area of marketing as well as innovation. In this technological and globally expand world it is quite essential for people to go through the latest and innovative services. By going through this study I have founded that how technology has changed the way of people’s life in a rapid pace. I am able to identify all those benefits which I can attain from adopting latest marketing innovative techniques.

I have carried out a thorough research in this study by searching out for appropriate information on different books, generals and magazines. Here, it has helped me in enhancing my knowledge in different area of field. Through this, I am able to develop my knowledge within the area of marketing, designing as well as innovation. My innovative thinking has been enhanced by this module and I am able to think for more development in future. However, this whole module has improved my knowledge relating to the varied concepts of marketing. Thus, it can be said that the given study helped me in terms of improving my research related skills in a more effective manner.

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My journey of discovery through this module has challenged my thinking in several ways due to the several concepts of marketing and innovation. By going through the different concepts I am able to find out new and more interesting ideas. It has helped me in selecting the best ideas by critically challenged my thinking. It assisted me in improving my understanding regarding various fields of contemporary markets as well as their brand appeal in relation to their competitors. However, it is being founded that this course module has helped me in enhancing my knowledge towards the innovation design for market as well as in large organizations. There are various risks and uncertainty in design and innovation through which has also be identified by me. I had given various solutions about how to manage this risks and uncertainties. It has helped me in developing my problem solving skill by developing various ideas through which such risks can be minimized.

My whole journey through this study raised my commercial awareness as I have gone through the whole study regarding the particular organization or its latest innovative product in the market. Due to this, I have gone through the proper market analysis which helped in going through the choices and preferences of consumers. However, my analytic skill has been developed through which I can solve both complex and complicated situation by making appropriate decisions that are quite effective with available information.

In this way, it can be stated that I have improved my decision making skill as I have gone through the various problems at the time of conducting this study. There was a certain point when I was not able to find out perfect and appropriate information regarding some concepts. It was the situation where I have developed my problem solving skills and enhanced my data handling skill. It has proven to be very good for me where I have used my concepts and ideas and given appropriate solution for any existing problem. Moreover, this module has enhanced my written communication skill at the time of preparing it. In this way, my interpersonal skills have also been developed and I am able to gone through all those activities which is required to improve in me. My self confidence level has risen after conducting this skill in and effective and presentable way. It raises my confidence level for future studies and given me an immense contribution towards my successful career. However, I have faced various challenges regarding appropriate time management as well as finding most suitable and proper information. Besides this, I used to be enhance my organizational capabilities by going through the thorough research with the help of books, journals, magazines, online articles etc.

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From this whole module, I became quite responsible towards my responsibilities as I have to complete this study on a given and particular time limit. This has developed a sense of responsibility in me and I was able to manage my time properly. It is the best way which has developed my time management skills and I was able to manage my time appropriately. However, I have completed this this study with full sense of responsibility as well as on given time period. It is due to the presence of given report only I have carried out improvement in my presentation related skill. Besides this, I can say this that this whole journey is very interesting and knowledgeable for me. Earlier, I do not have proper knowledge regarding such new marketing concepts as well as innovation within the area of product development. Through my increased commercial awareness I am now able to take any decision regarding my personal choice with full confidence. I can even suggest other people too by giving them appropriate information in the field of technology and innovation.

However, there are various concepts found out by me in the given module that has challenged my knowledge as:

Earlier I used to believe that concept of branding and marketing do not play a crucial role within any organization. I personally feel by providing them better discount offers and loyalty services they can attract huge base of customers. But after going through the proper research for this module I am now able to understand the importance of branding and innovation within any firm. I have developed my knowledge in the area that how brand appeal can be used with the aim to compete in this competitive business environment.

Further, through this whole module and study it can be easily stated that this has helped me in my personal as well as professional life. Through this, I am able to develop my employability skills as well which assist me in securing my employment opportunities. By acquiring wide range of key skills in this module, it has provided me immense support for my bright future and career.

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