Marketing Mix

Case Study on a Famous Gadgets Company

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Marketing mix is an factor which can be controlled by firm so that organisation can effluence customers to purchase products and services of their firm. It is essential to do the marketing mix as it helps the organization to know about many things which will aid them in changing more things if required. Apple is the brand which is best leading company. They are providing best quality iPhones, iPads and many more things to the people. It is not hard for them to influence customers towards their commodity (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). Their main target are premium customers. As they produce products according to them. Apple is having an iTune which is been liked by the people most in their phone and it cant be copied by any other companies so more people get influence to buy their phone. Apple provides customers more apps in comparison to the google store.


Marketing Mix

Marketing mix helps to know about the factors which is very helpful for the firm to make know about it to the people so that they would get attracted to products. 4 Ps of I phone6 is as follows:-


The quality which is been loved by the people is its IOS operating system. It is having the best processing speed, customers mainly see the speed in which phone process so they are providing people best speed. Good quality which that company is having in them is that they do not compare their materials with any other commodity as firm use to compare their products with their own, which help them in producing more better materials then before (Lovelock,2011). They have the unique iTune which cant be copied by any of the other company, that tune is an heart grabber and all the people attracted to it more. Apple company is providing their customers many numbers of apps then the google store.


Apple is having high rate then other brands, but no other software can be compared to theirs. They do not have to do much efforts to make service users influence because the customers is loyal towards their products, Consumers are ready to pay high amount to purchase the commodity as they provides the best quality merchandise to people. In pricing strategies the best thing is that they do not provide any kind of an discount to the buyers their rates are fixed and same (Kozinets, De Valck Wojnicki, and Wilner,2010). Even though their price is high people are willing to buy the products which they produce and even they are waiting and exited to have new items form them.

IPhone Pricing Forcasting


Apple iPhones is known by all of the people and it is available at all the places, they especially focus on the customers which are at the high positions and whose income status is high. Their material are available in the premium places and at A grade cities. They mainly target the high level grade people.


Apple makes best ways to do the products promotions in all the possible medium. They gives the aid on Radios, televisions, newspapers and many more in an good and classy way as because their target market are the premium peoples. They gives ads when Apple use to launch new product and it comes in the front of the newspaper in an whole page with an best tag line which is been liked by the people very much (Peter and Donnelly, 2011). The Apple firm use to produce tag lines while they develop new commodity that gives them an golden opportunity to make people which are their target market to get attract towards their products. Main point is that they do not have to do much efforts to do promotion of the commodities.

Marketing Mix Example


From above report of marketing mix of iPhone 6 it is been concluded that prices which they provide to an customers is little high then other companies but they produce products according to premium consumers and people even do not have any issue related to the rate. Apple store is known by all the person as it is very popular brand and is available at all places which is premium places and at A grade cities as that are their target area. This firm manufactures best quality commodities like iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc. which is having good IOS operating system which gives people good experience of working on it. It provides the high speeding operation to their users which is been liked by them.


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