Marketing Planning

Importance of Marketing Planning in an Organization

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Introduction Marketing Planning

Marketing planning refers to the process of analyzing different marketplaces in order to determine the way with which firm can compete in those areas. It takes into consideration development of different strategies that directly helps firm to increase sales of products (Fleming, 2009). In modern era level of competition is very high so it has become difficult for a firm to sustain in the market due to which marketing plans are developed. In this report organization chosen is EasyJet that operates in aviation sector and is considered as largest airline of UK in terms of passengers carried. Presently company is have a fleet size of 203 and destinations of 134. Various tasks have been discussed in this report which includes approaches to marketing planning, tools used to analyze company etc.

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TASK 1 Ability To Compile Marketing Audits

1.1 Changing perspective in marketing planning

To develop marketing plan is not simple for Easy jet as firm has to consider many factors. In the past, it was easy for the company to develop marketing plan due to small market size and low competition . But now as the firm has started to operate at global level so firstly company conduct market analysi,s in order to know taste and preferences of consumers and other market conditions (Boone, 2012). According to Payne and MC Donald (2012) Competitor analysis is done as Easyjet carries t its operations at global level and this helps in developing marketing plan in accordance with that.Legal rules and regulations act as hurdles, so it can be said that, viewpoint in marketing planning has changed over time due to market conditions.

1.2 Evaluation of Easy jet capabilities

Easyjet is successful in aviation sector and well known for all the services provided at affordable rate. Company is financially stable and earns large profits from its operations that acts as development tool for the firm and in turn firm can easily expand its customer offerings in Europe (McDonald, 2007). Presently, company has skilled workforce that is capable to handle all its operations efficiently and in an appropriate manner so this allows Easyjet to enter into new market easily. All the resources like financial, human etc are present and company is technologically advanced which allows management to serve new customers.

1.3a Tools used to analyze Easy jet

There are various tools present, that company can use to analyze its internal environment. Most commonly used tool is SWOT analysis with the help of which firm can know its strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, opportunities and threats present in external environment can be analyzed (Payne and McDonald, 2012). This tool is used to perform internal analysis and on the basis of that marketing plan is prepared by the firm. Main benefit of this tool is that it helps firm to use its strengths in order to overcome with weaknesses, firm can capitalize on its opportunities whereas its limitations are it does not prioritize issues and lack of proper information.

1.3b Tool used to analyze aviation industry

In order to analyze aviation industry, Easy jet can use PESTLE analysis that will directly help in knowing various factors affecting firm like political, economical, social, Technological, legal and environmental. Purpose of this tool is that company can easily analyze its external environment and can develop strategies on the basis of that. Main benefit of this technique is that it helps company to reduce impact of various threats like political economical, provides mechanism that enables firm to identify opportunity whereas its disadvantage includes information provided is based on assumption, it does not considers changes in business environment (Cadle, Paul and Turner, 2010).

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1.4a Analyzing Easy jet

SWOT analysis


Company has set lower prices for all its services which provide competitive advantage. Its brand name is famous all over the country due to low cost. Company is financially strong as large customers are attracted due to cheap tickets.


Seasonal earning creates problem due to which profits are not stable the entirewhole year like in summer sale of services are high as compared to other seasons. Dependence on two suppliers is another weakness of firm (Craig and Campbell, 2012).


Company can easily provide new fleets on lease during travel recession and academy of company can act as good source of income.


Increase in level of competition and government regulations in aviation sector.

1.4b Analyzing UK aviation industry

PESTLE analysis

Aviation industry in not Easyjet

Political factor

Policies developed by European Union have direct impact on the aviation industry as all firms have to follow and it is necessary for them to comply with the guidelines. Pricing regulations have badly affected the industry due to which companies are not able to charge own prices for the services rendered. Wages legislations and other union requirements act as hurdle and companies have to comply with them (Lamb, Joseph and McDaniel, 2010).

Economic factors

Economic factors are in favor of aviation industry and value of pound is increasing rapidly. But on the other hand inflation in the economy has lead to decline in purchasing power of cosnuemrs due to which they do not prefer to buy services of the firms.

Social factors

Social factors are in favor the industry as presently people of all class prefer to travel by airlines due to which development is taking at an faster pace in the industry. Change in lifestyle, taste and preferences of consumers affect industry like youngsters their requirement is different so it has direct impact.

Technological factors

Aviation industry is highly advanced and changes are taking place rapidly so it is necessary for firms to be financially sound in order to cope up with the changes. (Kotler, 2009).

Legal factors

It considers the rules and regulations developed by government like fuel and land taxes etc that are imposed on all firms operating in aviation industry. Whole industry is affected by such laws and it is necessary to work under such laws.

Environmental factors

Aviation industry has direct impact on the surroundings as all the operations carried out pollute the surroundings and in turn it leads to increase in environmental problems. So various laws have been developed by the government which every company has to follow operating in this sector.

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Distinction 3 Problems associated with going to market concept

Going to market concept is the strategy adopted by company that shows how firm will approach customers in order to gain competitive advantage. Easy jet has adopted various techniques so that needs of customers can be understood easily. But there are some problems associated with “going to market” concept and are discussed below:

Expensive: This method is quite expensive for firm as management has to contact every customer in the market to know their needs, wants etc (Dibb and Simkin, 2008).

Diversified customers: People belong to different taste, culture etc and on the basis of that they buy services. So firm has to face these challenge.

Convincing: It has become difficult for firm to convince their customers as many competitors are present due to which Easy jet has to suffer a lot.

Selection of appropriate source: Company is not able to select the appropriate source to reach customers like advertising, sales promotion etc. Proper mix of source is required in order to contact customers (Luther, 2011).

TASK 2 Main Barriers To Marketing Planning

2.1 Challenges to marketing planning

Barriers to marketing planning refer to the challenges that company has to face at the time of developing its marketing plan. It directly reduces efficiency of the business enterprise and firm is not able to develop appropriate plan to satisfy need of its customers. There are various challenges faced by company at the time of developing its marketing plan such issues are discussed below:

Identifying customers: It is most difficult task for Easy jet to determine its target market as generally company targets its customers on the basis of purchasing power but in market it is difficult to know the customers who prefer to buy airline service.

Setting price: It is difficult for company to determine the price of its services like in case if low prices are charged then high class people will not prefer to buy it on the other hand if high prices are charged then low class people will not afford it (Allred and, 2010).

Lack of knowledge and skills: Marketing department of Easy jet does not have proper skills and knowledge linked with planning so they have not adopted appropriate steps in planning which is major issue.

Lack of systematic process to marketing planning: Easy jet has not adopted systematic process that is used in marketing planning, due to which company was not able to promote it services in the market (Joshi, 2012).

2.2 Ways to overcome problems identified

In order to deal with identified problems Easy jet has developed various strategies that are supportive and helps company to overcome with challenges. Firstly, company faced challenges at the time of identifying customers so; to deal with this issue company segmented the market on the basis of demography and targeted them according to their purchasing power. So ,it became easy to identify the appropriate customers who are profitable (Benson and Barclay, 2000). Firm was not able to set prices of services so it was decided to set low prices for tickets as majority of the people prefer to buy cheapest flight tickets. Management conducted training session of its employees that helped to overcome with issue of lack of knowledge and systematic process adopted in marketing planning.

Distinction 1 Impact of commercial fraud on Easy jet

Easy jet sells all its services online but due to commercial fraud company is affected badly and in turn it has direct impact on marketing planning. Firm carries out every activity online but there are many chances of fraud like password of credit card can be seen by third party at the time of payment, accounts can be hacked and private information of firm can be used by other persons. According to Fleming (2009) company has to do marketing planning keeping in view full security and safety that allows customers to do online payments. Company can use advanced software where chances of fraud increases and it has positive impact on brand image (Charles, 2000).

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TASK 3 Formulating Marketing Plan For a Product Or Service

Executive summary

The new flight services from Gatwick to Beijing will be profitable for Easy jet as now company will be able to serve customers of China along with UK. This will help company to achieve its corporate objectives as introduction in new services will be profitable and large number of customers will be attracted due to low fares. Target market for this service will be youngster and people having low purchasing power (Lin, 2002). The product developed Chinese chicken salad will provide more convenience to customers and they can know about Chinese culture easily. Company will charge very low price for this service and to promote it ,techniques like advertising and direct marketing will be used as they cover large market area. Attendants and other staff members will be used by the firm to distribute the products within the flight.

Role of marketing plan in corporate strategy

There is a direct relationship between corporate and marketing strategy as both are developed to achieve targeted goals of the company by attracting large number of customers present in the market. Goal of firm is to become leader in aviation sector by providing services at cheapest price and become the most favored airline (Initiative, 2014). Various strategies are developed by company to achieve this goal like new services are launched timely and offered at lowest price, company is increasing size of fleet to serve more customers etc. The marketing plan prepared will support strategy and goals of company as it is developed keeping in view taste and preferences of consumers. Through this way company can attract large number of customers.

Target market segment

Demographic segmentation has been adopted where customers are divided on the basis of age, lifestyle, income, personality etc. The chosen flight Gatwick to Beijing will be started to provide services in China. Target market of Easy jet will be youngsters who have low purchasing power as prices are kept low so they can easily afford it. Such people lies in age group of 20 to 35 so market size will be large (Berman, 2011).

Marketing objectives

The chosen flight is Gatwick to Beijing, so the marketing objective of company is to provide better services to people living in Gatwick. In order to increase sale of tickets, company will provide best flight services and will totally focus on convenience. Company wants to increase profitability by attracting customers of China also, as they will travel in new flight. Company will adopt every possible step in order to satisfy their need efficiently and this will increase market presence also (Passemard and Kleiner, 2000).
Techniques for new product development

The new service can be developed using different techniques which are discussed below:

Learning from failure: Easy jet offers various types of product in its flight but there are some services which are not popular and consumers do not prefer to consume them. So to develop new product company can learn from failure and considers services which have reached to decline stage easily.

Observation: It is the next method, with the help of which company can develop new product by observing the consumers. This will help in knowing their taste and preferences and company can easily decide which service to introduce (Schepers and Berg, 2007).

Product description

The new service Chinese chicken salad will be introduced in the brand name of Easy jet. Benefits of this service is that people who are travelling from Gatwick to Beijing can know the culture of china by consuming food. Taste of this service will be unique so that all customers prefer to consume and sale can be increased easily. It will be small in size and packaging will be done so that it is pure and hygiene. It will solve food related problem for the customer as Easy jet is low cost airline and such airlines does not provide additional services in this price ,so during travelling for long hours customers will get food service also (Jacobson, 2003).

Pricing strategy

Suitable pricing strategy for this product is low cost so that every consumer can buy it easily and they can know the Chinese culture. This directly matches with marketing objective of company as by selling this product company can earn high profits and will lead to good brand image in the market. This product is served as it directly matches with their requirement and its demand is high in the market (Kotler, 2004).

Distribution strategy

For distribution of product developed, company will use attendants and other staff members. They will serve the products in unique manner so that it may provide remarkable experience and this will directly generate feeling of care. Distribution strategy will directly help to achieve marketing objectives and it matches with the requirement of target market also.

Promotion strategy

Promotional objective for this service is to increase sale of this product, so that can earn good income by selling it in flight from Gatwick to Beijing. Advertising and direct marketing will be used as a technique to promote this service as it covers large area and customers can easily know about the product (Rich, 2000). Whereas, suitable communication channels are television ,a social media with the help of which company can easily convey message to customers regarding its services.


It is the last stage where marketing plan will be implemented by following all the steps that are decided before implementing this plan. It requires proper coordination and management of resources like financial, manpower etc. Key performance indicators that will be used to track progress are customer loyalty, sale of tickets, and consumption of new product and satisfaction level of consumers. So, it will help in knowing the effectiveness of plan developed (Simpson, 2001).

Merit 1 Alternative solution to distribution and pricing strategy

Alternative solution to distribution strategy for this service is- at the time of online booking, company can provide option to customers whether they want Chinese food while travelling or not. So customers who required food will be served. On the other hand, medium prices will be charged for the services offered instead of low price as alternative solution in Gatwick china flights. The new strategy is also convenient for customers and they will take benefit of service provided (Francis and Humphreys, 2005).

Distinction 2 Importance of PLC in managing products

PLC model is very beneficial for Easy jet as it will help firm in managing its products. There are four stages in product life cycle namely introductory, growth, maturity and decline so this will help company ,as managers can know what products are in different stages like if any service reaches at decline stage then company has to take corrective actions to modify it. Whereas, if any product is in growth stage than firm can use sales promotion strategy to increase sales. So this tool is beneficial for Easy jet (Williams, 2005).


From the above report, it has become easy to understand the importance of marketing planning in an organization. Easy jet is well known in the market for its range of services provided at a lowest price. This directly helps to gain competitive advantage and large customer base. Company has developed effective strategies to satisfy need of its target market. Promotional and distribution strategies are effective in attracting customers.


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