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Factors that Influence Menu Planning & Product Development

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Menu planning and product development is one of the most important parts of the food and beverage industry. Attractive menus attract large pool of customers. It is much more essential for the management people of restaurants to set their menu as per the customer's desires and at the affordable prices. Product development is a process which makes the overall menu more effective by adding new features into it. Present report mainly emphasize on the various factors that influence the menu planning and menu product development process as well. There are different principles of the recipe development which helps the hotel industry to attract more customers (Fuller, 2011). Moreover, restaurants can develop a new food concept through which they can easily gain higher competitive advantage.

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A recipe is a set of instruction in order to produce a certain food product. It has mainly two important parts i.e. the ingredients and amount and another is the procedure for preparing and packaging for product. The development of recipes is one of the most important part of the menu planning in hospitality industry. At the time of recipe development it is much more essential to have a good experience in the field of hotel and home kitchens. Traditional practices were nutritionally beneficial like roasting and girding (Brown, 2009). In today's time it is very hard work and it requires high preparation in order to attract large number of customers. The actual recipe development requires the project planning in which it is necessary to evaluate the priorities. Any hospitality industry requires proper judgment of physical environmental factors. There are various principles that need to be taken under consideration at the time of recipe development. These principles are:

Recipe provided to all the consumers needs to be extremely popular and widely requested (Seyfang, 2007). It is also necessary to find correct information, guidelines and resources to assist chefs and cooks. With help of the entire person can prepare health, nutritious and delicious recipes. Recipe testing is another major factor which is one of the most important keys to its success.


Menu can be described as a list of articles offered for sale and its objective is to present list of dishes, eatable and beverages. This process is very time consuming but it is necessary to design it with proper planning. It should fulfill all the requirements of the people as per their test and give them what they want. In order to design proper menu it is essential to take effective decision and it may be delegated decision or decided by committees. There are various factors that influence the menu planning decision such as:

Type of customers: It is one of the most important factors that influence the overall planning of the menu. Customers vary in different age group, sex, gender, religion and their spending power should be taken into consideration (Tulli, 2009). People doing physical jobs require more substantial meal then people do clerical work.

Season availability: At the time of menu planning it is necessary to take decision as per the running season. In the days of summers cold storage ingredients of all are available yet food season should be included in the menu.

Capability of kitchen and service staff: It is necessary to check the ability of cook and staff members. Do not elaborate any menu beyond the ability of cooks and staffs. Presentation of dishes and serving capability mainly based on these factors.

Cost of the menu: It is the major factor which is taken into consideration in order to take effective decisions. Selling price of the menu should be kept into mind so that food cost is effectively controlled.

Location of establishment: At the time of taking menu planning decision it is one of the most important factors (Hartwell and Edwards, 2009). It mainly depends on the location of establishment. If the restaurant is situated in the business area than menu should be planned in a certain way so that quick service would be provided to all business class people at moderate rates. If the restaurant is situated on the highways or road sides than price should be very reasonable.

These are some of the most important factors that high influence the menu planning decision.

In today's competitive environment each and every organization needs to provide high quality services to all their customers. In any hospitality industry there are various service methods provided by different hotels in order to attract number of customers. These factors directly affect the growth of industry such as increase in disposal, increase in number of working women etc. It is necessary that all the services must satisfy the guest expectation. So the menu plan should be according to their requirements and as per the season time. It mainly based on the food preferences of the different age group people (Munjal and Sharma, 2012). Different factors are based on the service quality such as locations, time, price, quality and specific food items. All these marketing objectives much are attainable by the industry. High quality services require proper sitting area as per the appropriate location. The staff members are required to serve quick food to all their guests. Time is the major factor that highly affects the brand image of the restaurant. Another major factor is related to the quality standard and nutrition concern. Services provided to all the guests should be highly concern with the low-fat, high-fiber diets etc. The process of consumption and production are the challenging task and it depends on the financial condition of the company. Services are concern with the space, equipment availability, work flow and efficiency. Proper training needs to provide to all the staff members so that they can provide high quality services to all the customers. These are some of the most important factors such as season change, time; pricing of the menu etc. highly affects the quality of services.

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TASK B: Factors that Influence the Menu Product Development


Menu product development is very crucial task for any food and beverage company. It is the most important concept through which they can attract various customers. It takes patience and collaboration in order to produce traffic-driving menu items. Quality is constant concern and managers must define quality standards for their entire menu and each product (Cronin and McCarthy, 2011). Menu production planning is first stage toward providing better experiences that meet the expectations of all the guests. Stages for menu product development are as follows:

  1. First task of the planning is to determine the quantity of menu items to be prepared.
  2. It is also require estimating the production needs and most of the operations use sales history for this purpose. It will give detail about all the total meal served, the number of portion of some or all menu items served.
  3. To estimate the number of guests that hotels and restaurants might expect requires lodging operations.
  4. Sales history records need to take under consideration in order to take all the information.


Menu is an essential tool for sales as it will help in increasing the sales of the food and beverage industry. The formulation and preparation of the menu depends on the taste of the customers. There are various factors that influence the menu development process such as cost, material, customer requirements, industrial production, company identity, environment etc. These factors are most commonly used by the industries (Pollan, 2009). Cost is the major factors which influence the overall development process. The cost of material and labor required to manufacture the product. It is necessary that planned menu fulfills the overall requirements of the customers and they are preparing to pay for that. Highly technology kitchen equipments are required before planning the menu as it is essential to take less time in serving that menu to consumers. Another major factor is less trained staff members. It is necessary to have properly trained staff members at the time of menu designing.



Menu designing is one of the most important part of any food and beverage industry. It is very scary prospect for all the foodservice operators. The current section looks into the designing of menu for a restaurant which specializes in Mexican food. The overall menu of this restaurant is designed according to the process of recipe development. It is necessary to consider all the prospects of health and hygienic food. Menu designing needs to be done with trained and knowledgeable person. It has been prepared with taking into account the different factors such as work flow, efficiency and available equipments (Snell, White and Dagger, 2014). Furthermore, all the seasonal ingredients need to be taken into consideration as well as availability of them for the lifetime menu. Restaurants can use variety of cooking methods such as deep fried, deep, boiled, baked etc. In any industry the overall experience of the customers relates with their first experience. It can be described as a first impression is last impression. The whole menu of the restaurant is complements the themes, color, interior, merchandising and space of the restaurant.

At the time of menu designing several essential factors that needs to be taken into consideration are the name of food items and their pricing. Make sure that the name of food items presented in menu are easy to read and very attractive. Restaurant can put some of the special dish named with the our specialties and all these items should put on the top of the list. In addition to this it can be determine that there is no fix single menu will be circulated for a long period of time. Customers can order as per their requirement and choice with the al a cart order style. The restaurant serve lunch and dinner with variety of dishes of Mexican foods, salads, appetizers, deserts etc.


Summer Salad


Taco Tuesday (Selection of crispy fishes with spicy steak)


Rockin' Guacsand Salsas (Set a celebratory tone at any get together with big bowl of creamy zesty)


Hot Tamales (Best Mexican fresh corn tamales)


Taquitos (Breef of Cheese) 8 pieces with golden crisp mini-tacos served with sour toppings


Queso Fundido ( A mouth watering cheese dip served piping hot in a crunchy tortilla bowl)


Pastae Risotti

Baked Rigatni with sausage and peppers


Creamy bowl ties with Ham and Broccoli


Mexican Pasta Salad(Served with the lime juice)


Spaghetti Aragosta (Spaghetti with Anise Seeds)



Margaritas and Mexican Drinks


Chocolate cake with mascarpone


Flan (Mexican Caramel Custard)


Almond Tart with prunes


Soppapillas (Six flaky puffs served with honey)


At the time of menu designing is necessary to set out the balance between popularity of items, food cost, marketing as well as financial consideration. In any menu all the desires of the customer's needs to be fulfilled and special focus have been given to maintaining nutritional balance. Another factor through which they can attract number of customers are different decorative patterns such as photographs and border shading at the menu. It totally suits the style of the Mexican being offered by the restaurant.


The above discussed menu recipe is designed as per the customers desires and satisfying their customer service experience. It is not fully controlled by the restaurant manager and some of the drivers are easily experienced when they are evidently pleasing or disturbing. In any restaurant it is necessary for all their managers to treat all the clients with full respect. In addition to this it can be clearly stated that food service environment of the restaurant has been developed with Stages of Product Development the major consideration on different factors such as menu, service style and taste.

In the menu style of the Grande Maxico is Al a cart and all the items are priced and listed separately. It helps the guest in easy understanding of all the items and their prices. A formal seated meal style of serving followed by the restaurant management people and all courses will be served by the stewards to the guests. Another major factor which supports the food service environment of the restaurant is its decor. It mainly includes the rich interior and grown up tables with the open kitchen. It provides the feeling of appropriateness and relatedness to the customers. With the help of this guests can easily interact with the chefs into the kitchen. They can even try to make food with their own hands and taste. The food service environment mainly features the premium quality material and also emphasize with the wonderful patterned carpets and remarkable antique fixtures. Everything in the menu should be prepared freshly and do not contain any frozen items. The main objective behind this is to increasing the customer satisfaction towards their services. They can further increase their market share with the help of all achieving all these factors. A proper food service environment requires a detailed planning and preparation.


4.1. 4.2 & 4.3

In any hospitality industry it is much more essential to compete with their rivals. Restaurants always tried to develop something new related to food service concept. It helps them in achieving their target and goals. They can get huge amount of profit and survive in the market with distinctive identity. Manager of the Grande Maxico developed a new food concept in order to attract large number of customers. They have started the concept of Perfect Mexican Meal, which mainly contains ten recipes including eleven different types of products. Following steps should be taken into consideration for accessing this concept.

By adopting this process restaurant can easily provide quick services to all their customers and it is highly used in the industry getting large amount of profit. Consumers can get food in their budget and they also get higher level of satisfaction with this process. The best way to launch new food concept where firm can have greater profitability and customer satisfaction. Perfect Mexican Meals is the new concept in the market. It provides quick attraction to all the buyers and it ahs various benefits such as variety of products There is variety of products with different combination which enables them to choose required products at the affordable prices. Firm can easily grow into the market as they provide fresh food. They have a good command over raw material. Restaurants allow the customers to select filling or base product as per their need and choice.

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A new food concept has been introduced by me and I tried to carry out a self evaluation. I found my performance quite attractive and carried out a research through which varied kind of food concepts were introduced by me. There is a Perfect Mexican Meal concept which I found to be very unique and profitable for the Grande Maxico restaurant. In order to bring improvements in the Mexican Food concept these are various recommendations that need to be taken under consideration. These are as follows:


From the above report on Menu planning and product development it is concluded that hotels and restaurants can gain their profitability and increase their market share with proper menu planning. It is necessary to set the principles of recipe development so that industries can conduct ethical values at the workplace. Appropriate menu planning and designing provides increasing number of customers. In addition to this Mexican menus have been prepared in the present study with concern of all its food items. A new food service concept of the Mexican meal is also presented with all its filling items. Food and beverages industries can easily attract number of customer with providing them high quality services as well.


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