Understanding Specific Needs in Health And Social Care

A case study of dementia patient Mr. Holland Park

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Introduction to Understanding Specific Needs in Health And Social Care

In modern day, services related to health and social care aspects are entirely concerned with specific and desirable needs of patients and which also aids them to deliver effectual services. The current study is based on specific needs of dementia patients (Mr. Holland Park) who are required to get good treatment by the care home in East London. Thus, the present study has been describing conceptual aspects concerned with public health, disability, illness and behavior which patient usually faces from different courses of health and social care service provision. In such context, the subsequent research report has also discussed how perception of people changes due to specific needs of the clients. Furthermore, the research has also included current systems which could support care providers to deliver prominent services to Holland Park.

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Task 1


Afterwards conducting discussion with the family members of patient (Holland Park), many aspects about specific needs in health and social care have been explored which are discussed in the following section:

Health: Health refers to the well being of an individual and it is related to physical and mental ability of a patient which aids an individual to manage livelihood. As per the different types of ability, individual manages his work processes along with health in effectual manner. Here, the health of Holland Park is required to be considered as specific need as he is suffering from several types of problems (Buse and et.al., 2005). It also refers to the efficiency of human being in performing different types of actions and daily activities. As per the present scenario, Holland Park is unable to perform all such aspects in his life.

Disability: Holland Park is considered as disable since he cannot speak and listen and he is also physically impaired. Due to disability, Holland Park is unable to live a normal life and such sort of disability also refrain him to perform daily activities (Ezziane and et. al., 2012).

Illness: It refers to certain disabilities and disorders which makes Holland Park physically impaired for sometime or for prolonged time. This makes people dependent on others; thus Holland is directly dependent on his family.

Behavioral issues: This it indicates significant change in behavior of Holland Park due to prevailing issues in his health (Garland and Garland, 2006). This has been affecting mental health of Holland Park and he is becoming aggressive and unkempt. Through such information, the care providers can comprehend the situation of Holland Park and as a result, better services can be provided to him.


The patients who are suffering from disorders and disabilities typically demands for appropriate services (concerned with their health) from care workers and they also form heterogeneous group so that, age related disability and problems can be declined. In last many years, numerous care homes are established with the purpose of giving suitable care to the patients. There were only few care homes, so it always remains overcrowded which somewhere had declined the quality of service. The standards became poor and as a result some of them got closed (Greer, 2012). This was the scenario in health and social care about specific needs. Then during that period, the professional staffs were shifted to specialist committees where they are authorized to tackle disable people. This assists them to improve the service level of the people with specific needs.

They started communicating with them in suitable manner, since involvement of patients always aids in delivering proper services to the patients. However concern of care providers has also changed towards disabilities and disorders because they wanted to develop safe and healthy society. Hence in the present case also, care providers have involved the family members of Holland Park so as to collect wide range of information about his specific needs. The service care providers have been looking forward for more personalized care for Holland Park since he is suffering from different sorts of disorders (Healy, 2013). Nowadays close monitoring is also started where in care practitioners observes efficiency of their treatment by analyzing on consistent check up of patient's health.


All the mentioned regulations which includes interest of people towards particular preferences are mentioned in the following section:

Health Act 1999: The act has been developed with the purpose of managing social services in efficient manner and for that service providers are required to enhance the level of budgets. This also allows them to formulate different strategies as per the regulatory body so that to embody all the activities with care providers while dealing with service efficiency (Keating and et.al., 2008).

Care Trust: It is an association of ten organizations who works around for health and social care. This is also refereed as one of the most crucial aspect that integrates social aspects with health care needs and as a result, it collates all the service provisions together in UK health care sector. Such trusts provides assistance to disable people ands child who are unable to manage their life in effective manner. Here in the case, Mr Holland Park can be shifted to such care trust which fulfills specific needs of the patients.

Children's Trust: The subsequent trust emphasizes on assessing common framework for children and for that they collect wide range of information about children and youths both.

Personal Health Budgets: This is developed for adult's health care aspects and the main emphasis here is laid on delivering good services to the patients (Kline, 2012).

The government is actively looking towards these legislations for making more developments in the care services. Society is also considered here and fitness of human being is the main aim of all these bodies for improving the condition of world. People who need specific treatment are allowed to demand for varied amenities. Nevertheless, to consider cultural facets, social care practitioners do not discriminate people.

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Task 2


Mr. Holland Park is unable to visualize things and he has listening disorder which proves that Park is facing challenging problems; thus he lies under the case of specific needs where adequate treatment is required to give to the patient. He is facing issues related to temper tantrums and many a times he could show his anger on his own health. This situation occurs due to the physical impairment, so certain care needs is required in the present case to treat Mr. Holland Park in best way.

Other than these care needs, the care home can employ several professionals who can manage different conditions of Holland Park. Mr Park is required to have specific knowledge about his health and which can be acquired after communicating with all the care workers. The care providers are also required to maintain transparency so as to ensure that better care is being provided to Holland Park (Marriner and Raile, 2005). The care practitioners should have to develop effective sources through which alternate methods can be used for treating him. There should be proper enforcement of regulations made by the European health entity for encouraging the use of drugs as through this, proper amenities can be delivered to Mr. Holland Park.


Regulatory bodies of UK has developed a range of approaches and techniques for the purpose of promoting health standards in the nation. From many research studies, it has been seen that improving the concern towards health can decrease inequalities prevailing in health services areas. Some of the strategies are mentioned as under:

The Health Promotion Strategic Framework Model: The subsequent framework is considered as the integrated model for encouraging health standards. The main purposes for which the model has been developed are discussed as under:

  1. This aims to develop value for money so that direct services can be delivered to the employees (Morgan and Guest, 2003).
  2. Another aim is to construct a multi disciplinary approach so as to highlight the issues and constraints related to health inequalities and social imbalances
  3. To increase competency of the organization so that it can augment health aspects for better service provision
  4. To ensure that best health promotion practices are adopted
  5. To acquire the aims concerned with public health promotion and improvement in the society.

The Health Promotion Strategic framework is called as the initial national concept which promotes health of people on higher extent. The strategy is also clear and concise as it is integrated with national objective which emphasizes on promoting individual health. It also has the cohesive and integrated level of intervention with health care concepts.

Community Engagement: Trust Care Commission of UK has been established so as to engage local communities and people in service provision. People involved in such commissions are required to develop close integration with authorities and agencies for improving the overall health and well being of people (Oldham, 2009). Several competent bodies are engaged in these communities which also aids in enhancing the level of care services.

National Dementia Helpline: The main aim of the helpline is to provide emergency telephonic services to the customers who desires to seek specific needs. The assistance manages life of a patient due to prominent guidance on telephone and as a result, this transforms care aspect as well. The current system is highly useful for the patients of dementia like Holland Park.


It has been analyzed that in East London, discrimination is prevailing which affects the efficiency of health services. The country is having many ailments due to low social and economic status which also develops tensions and mental stress. People who come from different countries to East London also faces the same problems. In terms of social background, low level of education has been hampering people's interest and as a result it leads to inability to access the health care services. Therefore for such purpose, range of people have been employed who all are authorized to deliver proper health care services to the clients (Petch, 2012).

General Practitioners: GP are important part under health care provisions in local areas and they are also called initially in the case of emergency services. They work in local areas so that people can live better life without having diseases. Up to some extent, it also assists in delivering specific needs of patients. Every person in UK has the right to register with them for delivery of health care services.

Primary Care Trust: The trust is accountable to delivering proper health services to the patients and public; thus to fulfill the purpose, specific teams are organized against public health services (Bloland, 2011). They also work in declining the ratio of inequalities prevailing in health of patients in the regional areas so that public interest can be encouraged in health and social care aspects.

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Task 3


Here is the list of approaches that can be taken into account for providing specific needs to Holland Park:

Advocacy: It encompasses range of methods which can be taken for reducing aspects of discrimination and obstacles in health and social care service provision.

Self help: This includes self approach in which the patient can take several steps for improving his condition.

Evidence based practice: This includes the services which helps people to get recover as soon as possible by seeking better health care services (Severynen, 2012).

Autonomy and empowerment: The subsequent approach provides greater opportunities to disable people since it highlights social responsibility of the society.

However on the other hand interventions are also beneficial from better services point of view:

Physical intervention: It comprises of several exercises and activities which provides relief to joint pains since it mainly emphasizes on joint movement through the use of different appliances. It assists Mr. Holland Park to cover all the lost potential and as a result he could maintain his physical status for coming back to his life.

Psychological intervention: Since Holland Park has challenging behavior, so he needs to emphasize on psychological intervention. Through this, Park would be able to build motivation towards the life. The therapy is also effective in terms of getting out from depression (Tackling Health Inequalities: 10 Years On, 2009).

Vocational intervention: Vocational training is being provided to Mr. Holland Park because it suits to the level of disability. This might assist him to manage life properly and independently and he can also get back to healthy life.


The above mentioned intervention techniques are highly beneficial for patients like Mr. Holland Park as through this he can help himself in different conditions. Apparently physical intervention is required to balance physical inability and conducting it on regular basis, Mr. Holland Park can restore his physical strength. Through therapies and exercises, the joint movements can be restored. Physical disability leads to stress and other problems; hence adoption of subsequent intervention can help Mr. Holland Park to develop his physical capability (Greer, 2012). This would probably work in balancing the life of Park in effective manner and it is also necessary in terms of motivating patients.

Thus in such case, the care homes can appoint efficient psychotherapists who are able to solve mental illness of the patients through different counseling and other sessions. This is highly crucial for the purpose of protecting people from different health issues and as a result, life of patient can be safeguarded (Greer, 2012). However, on the other hand this has also included a provision where in services can be offered to all the patients simultaneously. For the success of physical intervention, it is essential for Park to consider several exercises. The educational and vocational intervention can help Mr. Holland Park to get knowledge on varied aspects and as a result he can overcome physical disabilities. The approach is also similar to self help technique in which Holland Park can encourage himself for a better life (Petch, 2012). Hence from the overall discussion, it can be said that varied sorts of interventions usually aids in managing balanced life.


Technology has been playing crucial role in health and social care aspects which furthermore also impacts the level of specific needs in subsequent manner:

There are various agencies that works for specific needs and they could assist Holland Park to manage their life in effective manner by acquiring knowledge on different grounds. Hence this is beneficial in recovering health stability of Holland Park.

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Task 4


The concept of challenging behavior is the type of case in which an individual looses his temper, tries to harm himself and he also displays anger on others. This basically occurs due to physical ailment and mental illness. It includes several categories:

Here some factors are also discussed that influences challenging behavior:


Apart from these, patients suffering from challenging behavior abuse others due to mental disability and they are also unable to manage balance good things in life. This also leads to stress and as a result they harm themselves. There are several factors that are embodied with challenging cases and some are being mentioned in the below part:


Legal norms and regulations have been determined by social care providers so that they can deliver adequate services to the patients like Holland Park. In order to manage challenging cases, it is crucial for social care practitioners to employ respective and specialized candidates who have experience in such area of concern (Healy, 2013). However on the other hand, continuous training should be provided to all the care providers so as to make them efficient in dealing with challenging cases. Each and every disable person should be treated with respect and dignity so that they can encourage themselves towards better life. Legal aspects also plays vital role here as care homes needs to develop positive attitude amid all the care providers (Kline, 2012)

This is also beneficial in terms of seeking positive outcomes for people who have specific needs. They must build certain beliefs and norms , they should consider adequate policies, effective leadership is essential, clear roles & responsibilities and they are also required to develop mutual trust among each other for proper management of all job roles and responsibilities. Such groups are based on social care providers where they have to work as per organizational policies and strategies. Apart from these strategies, counseling and regular sessions needs to be conducted for challenging cases for helping them to restore their best life again (Ezziane and et. al., 2012).


Researcher has also evaluated the local services which is available for Holland Park. Along with that, some approaches and intervention for providing support under specific needs are also discussed in the present research study. Lastly, some strategies are discussed which could assist health care service providers to cope with challenging behavior. There are spectrum of organizations categorized on the basis of public and private enterprises which are involved in delivering diversified services to the care users as per their specific needs and demands. Thus to meet the needs of patients and to accomplish the expected standards, most of the health care entities are directing their efforts very efficiently for the same purpose.


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