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Personal and professional development plays most crucial role in health and social care sector as through this it is possible for individual to develop the overall skills and knowledge being required for carrying out operations within healthcare. Further, it is well known fact that patients in health and social care have some sort of expectations from the individuals who are rendering health care service due to which it is necessarily required for healthcare practitioners to apply right skills along with knowledge so that best possible treatment can be rendered to the patients who are suffering from any disease.

The present report being prepared highlights the importance of personal and professional development in health and social care setting. Further, appropriate care for service users has been undertaken with range of illness such as HIV, tuberculosis etc. Various tasks have been covered in the study which involves comparison of personal values and principles in health and social care, key influences on learning, nature of different professional relationship etc.


Comparison Of Values And Principles In Health And Social Care With Principles Of Support

Personal values along with principles plays most significant role in the health and social care as through this it is possible for service users to render better service to the patients. Further, their exist different type of illness which can be found among service users within setting of health and social care. For providing effective service to the patients suffering from tuberculosis and HIV different skills are needed and this directly provides support to the care workers in every possible manner. Personal values along with principles takes into consideration respect, dignity, choice, privacy etc where it is the first and foremost duty of care practitioners to respect their patients and privacy must be maintained in relation with the crucial information which must not be shared with other parties.

Moreover, any type of unethical practice must not be practised such as discrimination through which motivation along with confidence level of patients can be adversely affected. Apart from this, as per the principle of support in health and social care it is required for healthcare practitioners to provide every kind of support to patients so that recovery can take place more easily and in short period of time. Personal value such as respect for others, dignity, privacy directly enhances motivation level of the patients and in turn healthcare practitioners are able to deliver services as per requirement of patients. Therefore, in this way personal values along with principles are very important in health and social care.

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How Your Own Personal Culture And Experience Would Influence Support

Personal culture along with experience can be regarded as set of beliefs and values which are developed by individual over a period of time. By considering the present case study it can be said that culture and experience gained by individual by rendering services provides proper support to the patients in every possible manner. Further, number of activities have been learnt in past with the help of which it is possible to deliver better services as per expectations of service users.

I am having experience of 5 years in the field of healthcare and this allows me to better understand the actual requirement of service users. Apart from this, culture has significant role as it is known to drive employees in a way so as to influence achievement of goals along with objectives which affects organizational performance. In case, if the culture of an individual is supportive, caring and allows healthcare practitioner to work for the betterment of patients then it is beneficial for service users in every possible manner and in turn can enhance performance of healthcare in every possible manner. Therefore, in this way it can be said that personal culture along with experience has direct impact on the support being provided the patients and in case if support is provided above expectation level of patients then it has positive impact on healthcare practitioner.

How New Development Can Have Impact On Working In Health And Social Care

Large number of changes along with developments are taking place in health and social care sector which directly influences each and every part of the organization along with the ways being employed by practitioners for delivering services. New legislations have been introduced by healthcare authorities with the aim to safeguard right and duties of the patients in every possible manner. Further, it is necessary for every healthcare organization to comply with the new legislations being passed by government so that service users can be benefited in every possible manner. Moreover, new priorities have been introduced where every healthcare practitioner has to understand overall need and requirement of patients so that services can be delivered on the basis of analysis.

Codes of practice have been developed by NHS which involves confidentiality, record management etc as through this proper support can be provided to service users. Apart from this, personal values have direct impact on working in health and social care as by giving respect to service users and maintaining privacy it is possible for staff members to meet with the expectations of the patients. On the other hand unfavourable situations such as conflict, tension etc can easily be handled if all the personal values are practised properly and this in turn is favourable for healthcare organisation in every possible manner. Therefore, in this way it can be said that new development along with personal values have direct impact on the working in health and social care where overall requirement of service users can be met easily.

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Different impacts of learning are present which has been discussed in this point. Further, the course being pursued is PPD in health and social care whose entry requirement is degree from a recognized university in health and social care. Further, candidate must be having right skills and knowledge for rendering effective services to the patients as per their actual requirement. To complete this degree proper support has been provided by college, mentors and supervisors. Further, they have supported in acquiring rights and knowledge which are must in order to work properly. Moreover, different type of learning opportunities are being present through which level of knowledge can be enhanced easily. Generally formal ways have been undertaken for acquiring new knowledge such as attending training sessions, coaching etc. Apart from this, real learning has been obtained through classroom activities and in short it has provided me a remarkable experience in the filed of healthcare.

The key influences on personal learning processes involve previous learning and experience, type of learning, learning style, learning environment and access to resources. It has been observed that many times the personal learning process is affected by the kind of learning process which has been adopted by an individual. Further it can be stated that formal learning program follows a proper structure whereas informal learning do not follow a specific structure and it is more flexible.

It is also necessary to have a good learning environment because it has been witnessed that an individual cannot learn in environment which is not suitable for learning. There are various style of learning such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic which can be used. In addition to this , it can be stated that based on the need and learning requirement of an individual a proper style can be selected. A person is also required make sure that adequate resources and their access is available for carrying out the learning. Internet, books, seminars, journals etc are some of the useful resources which can be used for learning.

Importance of personal learning and development

For me personal learning and development is very important for the growth. One of the main benefit of personal learning is that it makes me more competent and productive. With the help of personal learning I keep of acquiring knowledge about the development and trends in health and social care organizations. Thus it helps me to stay up-graded and become more effective. I will continue to carry out personal learning in future also as it will provide me with better employment opportunities and will also assist in my overall development. I can easily get managerial position in any of the famous health and social care organization in my country as well as overseas. It has been observed that things changes were quickly in health and social care sector and every individual is required to continue his learning. If he/she is not up-graded then he may not find better job opportunities and it may happen that he will be required to work at very low salary.

Swot analysis

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Task 3

The nature of professional relationship exist in health and social care

According to the provided case scenario the type of relationship which exist are mentioned below as:

Relationship with the patient

It is one of the most important relationship in health and social care. As per the provided case the patient is an 60 year old male who is suffering dementia and is in depression. Thus, it is required by the members of multidisciplinary team to develop good and healthy relation with the patient. In addition to this, they are also required to take care of the patient in each and every aspect. This will help the patient to get well soon and overcome form the disease which he suffering.

Relationship with co-workers

Another relation which exist in context to the provided case scenario is between all the workers. It has been observed that the multidisciplinary team (MDT ) consist of nurses, social workers, dietitian, care workers etc. Therefore, it is required to have good relation among the above stated peoples. This will directly result in providing effective and satisfactory services to the patient. Other than this, it will also assist in creating a better environment in the health and social care organization.

Relationship with seniors

According to the provide case the MDT team consist of managers and other senior officials. Thus, the relation between manager and team members can be also termed as one of the important professional relationship which exist in the health and social care organization. It is required by the manager to encourage other team members to provide their suggestion at the time of decision making. On the other hand, each and every member of the team is required to respect the manager and follow his decisions.

Personal effectiveness in promoting and supporting the rights of individual

Health and social care organization consist of various kind of individual's which have certain rights and duties. Further the employee has the right regarding to receive salary on time, get better working environment, adequate growth and development opportunities etc. on the other hand, patients also have some rights which are required to be protected. During the tenure of my last job I have always taken care of the fact that the right of every individual in the health social care organization gets protected. I always ensured that better working environment and salary is provided to the workers.

On the other hand, It has been observed that every patient has the right to be informed, treated with care etc. In my past services I always tried to protect their rights and have delivered the best services which I can. Further I also ensured the fact that all the terms and condition are disclosed to patient before operating him. I have also provided proper care and sympathy to patient which has helped them to recover at a rapid pace.

In order to care the patient a model of support can be used which is provided below as:

It can be termed as the chronic care model is one of the best model which can be used by health and social care organizations. Further one of the main advantage of using this model is that the care and treatment is provided to patients on the basis of their cultural background. This results in delivering effective and satisfactory care services. Each and every team member is provided with certain roles and duties which he/she is required to accomplish. Other than this, follow up of the services delivered by care team is taken at regular interval in order to evaluate the level of existing services and improve them in future.

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Ways to resolve conflicts and issues encountered in professional relationship

Issues and conflicts are very bad for an organizations as it direct lower down the productivity of employees and creates dissatisfaction among them. There are various ways which can be used in order to resolve conflict among professional relationship. Some of the ways which I have used at my previous workplace are mentioned below as:

Defining the areas of disagreement

In my opinion it is one of the best way to resolve conflicts and issues at workplace. During the time of conflict in my previous organization where I was working I used to find out the areas of disagreement between individual. After this I used to personally discuss the issue faced by them and then used to develop a common ground on which both the individual's can agree.


In my past work experience I have identified that one of the most common reason of issue and conflicts at workplace is ineffective communications. Further if the receiver did not encode the message and information correctly then the task cannot be completed in desired manner. Thus, I have always ensured that effective communication process exist in organizations to that the information can be transferred in best possible manner and chances of conflicts get eliminated.

Team meetings

I have observed that the chance of conflict among satisfied employees are very low. I used to conduct team meetings at regular intervals in order to discuss the problem faced by employees and I have always tried to resolve their problems in order to keep them satisfied.


From the above report it can be concluded that every individual is required to continue his/her learning in order to find better opportunities for growth. Further with the help of my personal SWOT analysis it has been found that there are some of skills which I am required to learn. It will help me to become more productive and enhance my overall efficiency. Other than this, it can be also concluded that one of the bet way which I have used to resolve conflict in organization where I was working is by implementing effective communication process.


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