Effective planning in Health & Social Care

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Health and social care is a sector which is related to the humans and their health. This is very serious topic which is directly impacts on human health. So it is essential to manage this organisation in a perfect manner, to make fast and impressive service for patients. Effective planning is a basic need for these type of organisations. Strategic planning is well planned structured steps of planning which would be implement in the organisation. These strategies are helped into attain the targeted goals and to provide better health care to clients and patients.

Strategic planning is a way for using the resources in a better style and for the best result. These can have some issues and some changes, it depends on the time and conditions. The present report is based on the Wellington Hospital and the strategies the organization will be adopting is the use of IT in improving quality care in Wellington Hospital.

Identifiable objectives of the strategy

Modifications and changes are a basic need to make improvements in the services and in the current situation Wellington have to make changes in the IT systems. Top managements wants some changes to compete with the other hospitals and make their services more effective. The present systems are getting old and these are not updated with the new technology so this is essential to improve them. Modification in the IT is not an easy task for the management in the running conditions, they have work fast and they have to use that time when patient does not get affect. Managers wants to improve in the IT, they want to update their technology and to make better grip and connectivity in between the several departments. In the current scenario, it is important to give a class facilities and services to clients to built up their belief on the organisation. This is a systemic process of change in the IT, this is having a big network so it is not easy to make changes in it. This improvements may possible with a strategy which is not affect on the services in the changing process. Some of identifiable objectives are here:

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Analysing the success aspects of the strategy

Planning and partnership in between private and government sector is helpful for the clients and to make advanced services for the patients in the health and social care. In this sector it is better to make changes and increase in the criteria of services and the profits for the patients. This is all about the planning for the changes in the health sector to make advanced treatments for the patients.

Wellington can make the planning according to the need of the internal organisation. Wellington wants to change and modify their Information Technology which is related to the connections of the department. Wellington have the clearly identified aims to make faster process in the organisation. Head of the hospitals wants a faster service related;

So there are some clearly defined aims of the hospitals which have the intention related to the benefits of the clients. A strategy does not succeed without clear identified aims, and without these this is not possible to implement a perfect strategy and analyse it. Because the aims are the base to evaluate the planning and it is a base to make a comparison in between old and new.

Evaluating achievable aims

These are simple, it have some behind intentions in the changes. The aims are simply clarify that what changes will made in the organisation. Wellington have to make changes for the health services so it is an essential thing for them. Its all depends on the intention of the heads what they want to do.

This not easy to make changes in the running process of the hospital because Wellington dopes not wants that the changing process affects on the patients. They have to take these changes in the steps after steps. It is beneficial for the both. The whole process of change is not easy to implement in the hospital, but it may possible with the strategic planning. A brief analysis of the hospital is helps into define that where is the need of changes in the IT. Hospital is totally based on the technology from starting to end, so update and changes is a basic need to make it better. The next step is to define and make planning about the changes would be implemented for example; a internet connection wire is get old and not working so the management have to change it. But this essential to update in technology replace the old wire with the new optical fiber cable. The next step is to change within a suitable time when the service does not affects with changing process. The last step step is to evaluation of the changes on the basis of the internet speed in a working conditions.

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So this is the whole process of change and the aims of the change in the hospital. Changes are not easy to make but it is not impossible. These aims achievable for the organisation and it is helpful for patients.

Impact of identified objectives of people

It is necessary to have opinion with those people who are affected with the aims of a planning. In the context of the Wellington Hospitals, the authority make changes in their organisation for the better relaxed conditions of a patient. So it is essential to get the advise and opinions and feedbacks that what are their problems related top the Wellington and how can they solve it. Feedbacks are really helpful to get the actual situations facing from the clients. Sometimes it is not possible to consider about the problems for an authority, in this conditions feedbacks helps them.

For a health and social care organisation, it is very important to make changes according to the patients. Feedback and communication with the clients have significant role in the changing process:

This feedback collection based on the a selected number of people and which have a stable mental condition. The result of the feedback is a base for the changes in the organisation. The whole feedbacks will analyse by the authority and they decide that what changes will be implement in the actual conditions.

Possible conflict evaluation

Conflict is an ever present process in human relations. Conflict is can make their appearance everywhere. Conflict is the social process in which individuals or groups seek their ends by directly challenging the antagonist by violence or threat of violence. This is also become into changes of the IT department in the Wellington. Conflict is universal. It occurs in all places. There has never been a society in which some individuals or groups did not come into conflict. Reduced supply of the means of subsistence is the cause of conflict. The principles of struggle for existence and survival of the fittest are the main causes of conflict.

Changes are not easily adaptable for everyone, sometimes these changes can affect badly on them which have a direct interaction with them. Changes in the IT department would affects badly in the Wellington because clients have a habit to use their website and their passions level may decrease due to bad health. So some times may a cause of conflict between the clients and the hospital authority.

It is very easy to get the actual source of conflict, it can be possible with the conversation and discussions with the affected people. It is essential to make a connection with them and make better solutions to resolve these conflicts. Some specific points are here which can help in the identification of the source of conflict;


In the case of Wellington the authority wants to update their IT so it can be affect on the cost of the treatments and it may be source of conflict.

Acceptance of the changes

Sometimes a patient get disgusted with the changes or modifications in the IT and it is not easy to adopt them easily for a patient.

These may be some reasons and these are easily identifiable from the behaviour of the patients.

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Conflict resolution methods adopted

Conflicts may exist between physicians, between physicians and staff, and between the staff or the health care team and the patient or patient's family. The conflicts may range from disagreements to major controversies that may lead to litigation or violence. Conflicts have an adverse effect on productivity, morale, and patient care. They may result in high employee turnover and certainly limit staff contributions and impede efficiency. Managing conflict in the workplace is a time-consuming but necessary task for the physician leader. In the context of Wellington, they are concerned about these critical situations:

Understand the situation

This is essential to understand the situation, it takes time and it is not easy to get the main reason of conflict but it is a starting part of the solutions. It is also important to settle the conflict insure authority have investigated both sides of the issue.

Acknowledge the problem

This is important to acknowledge the main problem to solve it, this is a factor which can impacts on both side and get an initial relief to both side.

Analyse the whole situations

This is task which can performed by an experienced person of the authority and they will also impact on the both affected parties and they can give them suggestions to avoid these situations.

Make Changes

This is the last step it would be performed by the top level authority and they have to discuss about the conflict and about the solutions to avoid these conditions in future.

Communication measures with stakeholders involved

This is very essential to make better communication strategy in between the doctors, nurse and other staff in the Wellington Hospital. This is very necessary to make connection with them each and every time. A responsible administration always have connected with their doctors and their teams. To make an effective communication strategy there are some steps to follow:

Analysis of the situations

By the SWOT analysis the organisation can analyse the conditions and they can set their priories and the needs and changes which can be implement in the organisation. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the organisation will help in the making for the new strategies. By this administration can get the actual conditions of the communication tools and techniques and how they can improve it.

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This is having a simple and basic objective to make better communication in between with doctors, nurse and patient. Sometimes a patient wants their attendant or sometimes they have to call them in emergency so an effective communication tools like phones and panic button in the patient ward will make an emergency calls for the nurse and to doctors.

Effective planning

Effective planning would be implement in the Wellington Hospital. The authority will help for the patients in their bad conditions and authority wants to give a specific way to call their doctor and their ward nurse.

Resources required for the successful strategic implementation

When a strategy has been applied to a company it is very important to use certain resources by the company in order to ensure that those resources shall bring success to strategy. It has been observed that a company shall have only few resources and it should use them in such a manner that it shall be effective as well as raise the standard of the company by its application. There are several resources which shall help the company in gaining the success in strategy and those are:-

Financial resources

For any company it is very important to raise some of its financial resources like capital etc. without any financial support none of the strategy shall work out in the company. For an example if Wellington want to improve its strategy of working in It sector then it has to raise some of its financial resources in order to ensure that those resources have an effect on success of strategy.

Human Resources

It is very important that when a success has been planned regarding the strategy success then the company shall raise some of its human resource too. Human resource shall include all the skill and knowledge which shall be used by the company for the improvement of certain act or activity for an example IT sector shall raise some of its skill and knowledge in the application of strategy so that there shall be a better enhancement in the company and IT sector if Wellington. Human resource plays very important role in upgrading any kind of strategy which a company is planning to achieve.

Hence these are the most required resources which shall be adapted by a company in order to ensure the success of a strategy in any of the sector. These resources shall be entitled as additional resources to effect the strategy.

Risk evaluation

In the basic language a risk can be explained as any situation which has been faced by a business organisation, that shall include an exposure to danger. When an organisation has been involved in the activity of a business, there are certain situation in which a risk shall be attained. That is a business organisation shall now or then face certain situation in which there shall be exposure to danger which will result into some kind of damages in the company. Taking in respect of IT sector of Wellington the major risk which this sector face is the loss of data. A registered data is very important for a company as it shall contain all the record of the activity which a company has been doing as far but loss in such data can amount real big price to the company. A loss in data can also result into rise of any kind of legal obligation from its customer. Another situation of risk which can be faced by the IT sector is use of traditional technology which could easily hampered. It has been seen by the time that there are many new technologies introduced which can reduce the work labour of the employee but use of traditional technology shall result into hamper of data and efficiency. It is very important for a company to assess the all the risk factor. This process has been done in order to reduce all the damages which could occur due to risk as such damages could incurred losses. After assessing all the risk it is important to manage so that further risk shall not be able to incurred. Such management in the risk shall be done by applying certain strategies. In the same manner, when IT sector face any risk it is important to asses that risk and manage to avoid any kind of damages.

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Alternative measures undertaken to ascertain success of the selected plan

When any activity has been carried out in a company it is bit obvious that a company shall have the probability to face risk. Such risk has been faced by the company when any business activity has been carried out. But sometimes an organisation shall face a situation in which there is failure of risk which will led to damages for the company. It is very important for a company to assess all the risk which will cause damages in the company and it is important to manage that risk. But sometime this management could lead to failure in that case certain alternative shall be used by the company in order to avoid risk and damages which could cost losses. In order to reduce the risk, the company must introduce some of the policies which must be applied to avoid risk that is assessing the risk. When company shall be knowing that what risk could be generated from which situation, it became easy for the company to take necessary steps against the risk. For an example if any risk has been faced by IT sector of the Wellington then he must first of all assist the risk and should all the precautionary steps in order to diminish the probability of that risk. Here the work Risk of failure means any activity which has been conducted by the company does not achieve its goal and to rectify that loss certain strategies has been used by the company. It happen most of the time that generally a risk has been raised from failure of a particular task. So it is important for a company to apply certain policies which shall enable the company to fulfil all of its goal and reduce the risk factor of a company. Hence it can been seen clearly that to avoid risk, a company can implement strategies


This is a simple thing that Wellington have to make an effective planning and strategy to make improvement in the organisation. This is an communicational improvements that will effect on the patients services and it will also helpful for the goodwill of Wellington.


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