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In order to enhance the efficiency and publicity of the organization, it is necessary to involve various projects in the business operation. With the help of assigning different project in their business operations firm, can easily boost their competencies. The present report gives brief description about leadership management. It is a practice of management to lead different types of programs into their planning (Bryde, 2003). Essentially it can also be analyzed to gain better ideas about the program leadership and associated things. For this purpose, Jury Inn Islington London is taken into consideration, it is one of the biggest chains of hotels in the United Kingdom and they offer several facilities to their customers. They are undergoing with the different set of projects which can be shown under the present report.


Analysis of business strategy of Jurys Inn

In order to review the program leadership of the company, it is essential to review the overall business operations of the company. It is essential to go through the appropriate selection of projects in order to gain the maximum benefits from it. Firm needs to maintain their brand image with several new ideas. Before constructing any new projects, company needs to evaluate the whole business process as well as their strategy and mission. They can further go for the better selection of the projects and increase their market share as well. In any organization it is one of the most important tasks of the company to set their vision and mission (Eve, 2007). The selection of any projects highly depends on it as firm can easily gain their mission. With respect to this, Jurys Inn Islington London is taken into consideration. They provide several offers and benefits top their potential clients which give them high satisfaction. It is one of the famous tourist attractions of the London, and they provide high-quality services with extraordinary food quality and best suites to their clients. In order to attain their mission and vision of the industry, they need to possess highly skilled workforce in their hotel so that they can offer best and effective services to their customers.

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In today's growing age, people are much more conscious about leisure activities. They want to plan a good holiday trip for their business purpose or with their families. It is much more important for the hotel industries to give sufficient services to all the clients through which they can stay and spend a pleasant time (Seong, 2013). However, hospitality industry is one of the most growing industries, and there are several competitors of the Jurys Inn. It hampers the efficiency level of the business in a different manner. Competitive environment posse's high amount of load over their hotels and it will make tougher for the staff members to work with this environment. In order to gain higher competitive advantage Jurys Inn Islington involves the different sort of projects in their operation in order to give best services in the field of luxury ambience, technological advancements in their kitchen appliances (Black, Akintoye and Fitzgerald, 2000). They are going to set their rooftop restaurants with excellent ambience in order to attract a number of customer. Different set of practices need to involve in the business operation of the hotel, and they consider the best suitable projects to support different services. Additionally it can be easily determined that business strategy of Jurys Inn and they have mentioned the different projects that should be incorporated with the organization. These projects are:

From analyzing the market, it is being viewed that hospitality industry is one of the most promising and rising industry across the world. So they have to rise in the future in order to compete with their competitors (Hamilton, 2010). With the viewpoint of the program leader, above mentioned changes and projects will essentially support the hotel industry to achieve their vision and mission. There are several objectives behind considering the plan. These objectives are:

In order to formulate the above mentioned projects, the given objectives will be highly focused, and it needs highly to support the business strategy of Jurys Inn. They can easily manage their business operations with the help of setting up their business goals with the appropriate planning (Coleman and Glover, 2010). The management people can easily lead the overall business process. There are several benefits of initiating these projects which will support the business strategy of the Jury Inn:

Attainment of edge over rivals: each and every organization is adopting different strategies in order to compete with their rivals. Jury Inn can easily achieve their objectives with formulating different projects into their business operations. With the help of this, they can capture a larger market share and improve their services as well. Roof top restaurant is the attraction point for their consumers. It will improve the brand image of the hotel (Kousholt, 2007). With setting up this project, they can provide better services along to their clients with sound adjustment in their business operation.

Integration of services: with initiating new roof top restaurants they can further change the overall layout for this. It will help them for better integration of activities. As people are much more into the leisure activities. They always try to find out something new and interesting. New roof top restaurant of Jurys Inn will help them to manage their business operations in an effective manner.

Quality improvement: one of the most important benefits that Jurys Inn can take from these projects is improving quality of their products and services. They can easily adopt the latest and technological advanced products for the purpose of their kitchen appliances. They can further keep their kitchen with full of the facilities so that they can serve fresh food to their consumers in fewer timings (Meredith and Mantel, 2011). Better services in very fewer timings can be given to all their clients. With the help of this quality, overall efficiency of the hotel can be improved.

1.2 Negotiation with stakeholders

In order to establish the range of projects and to deliver program benefits, it is essential to communicate with different stakeholders. They play very crucial role in the success of the company, and they also helps in taking better decision. It is much more important to involve the stakeholders of the company in the decision of initiating new projects. Most of the time they deny the project decisions, and it will affect the overall productivity of the company. In order to reduce the chances of conflict, it is necessary to take the advice of the entire stakeholder. In order to gain, the support from their negotiation is conducted. In the concern of these different projects negotiation of different stakeholders are taken into consideration (Lewis, 2007). With the project of Jurys Inn, Hr manager of the hotel, operation manager, board of directors, government, shareholders, staff members, etc. are the major stakeholders.

In order to identifying the program objectives and benefits, a meeting was arranged. In this meeting, key representative from all the set of stakeholders is invited. All the positive and negative feedbacks are taken into consideration in this meeting. There are several difficulties that may arise as most of the stakeholders are not satisfied with the given projects. Project of starting new roof top restaurant require a high amount and budget, and they are much more conscious about the funds if the project fails (Reiss, 2007). They need to go further with throughout the planning, and it will help them to set the appropriate plan. In order to start new roof top in another branch, they require much more employees. It also requires high budget and managerial planning. Further, technological advanced kitchen appliances require high amount as well. In order to negotiate the proposal, it is essential to deliver them about the benefits of all these projects. It also helps them t gain the customer loyalty and hotel can ultimately achieve their targets. It is essential that all the stakeholders were satisfied with the given projects, and they need to support it in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Further stakeholders can be negotiated by-

  1. Customers- These are one of the most important stakeholders of company and in order to negotiate with them, it is very much important for company to understand them in an appropriate manner. They can easily be negotiated with the help of questionnaire so that all there needs and demands can be identified. Further, they can be communicated personally or through telephones, emails, etc.
  2. Employees- In order to develop different projects that have been identified by company, providing proper information to employees is also very necessary because they are the people who will deal with all the customers directly. They can be negotiated with the help of meeting or internal e-mail system.
  3. Top management- These are the most important stakeholders and negotiating with them is very important. These people can be negotiated by meeting with the personally or by the ways of meetings so that reviews of these people can be taken into account in appropriate manner.
  4. Government- These are also very important stakeholders and without their permission, nothing can be done in business. So it is important to negotiate with them personally and also by sending proper emails with all details.

Negotiation Skills

It is a fact that negotiation skills of the project manager are not just limited to outside parties of business but it also includes the effective handling of everything and every person that is directly or indirectly related with the business. It has been seen that most of the managers are very effective in negotiating with vendors, contractors, etc but they are not effective in dealing with team members, customers, etc. It is very important for a project manager to understand these people and resolve all their problems in order to find effective solutions. Project manager can identify two or more alternative options that might provide benefits to everyone.


2.1 Plan for the program of projects

In order to complete the given projects, there are various terms and conditions which should be followed. After the negotiation the next process is to develop a plan for the program of projects so that better practices can be implemented (Thomas, 2000). The support of all the required stakeholders is also essential and with the help of this plan feasibility of the whole program can be judged.

Detailed plan is assigned such as:

Building of new roof top restaurant: In order to build a new roof top in the Jurys Inn, it is essential to follow several steps. First of all they need to take prior information to set the lounge or roof top at the top floor of the hotel. They need to take permission from local authorities and then further proceed for the setup. They can pass the tender to Construction Company with keeping their different ideas. It is also necessary to ensure the whole budget and the time frame in which the work should be completed. Moreover, they required various resources in order to set the excellent ambience, and it should be under concern with the financial resources. In order to accomplish the project in an appropriate time limit they mainly require financial resources, manpower, developer, architect, etc. (Kerzner, 2009).

Up gradation of kitchen equipment: Apart from construction it is also required to update the kitchen appliance in order to serve services very quickly to all their customers. For this purpose there are several technological advanced kitchen appliances such as microwave, tandoor, etc. There are various machineries that can be replaced by the kitchen item. Specialist as well chefs also assign to the kitchen for better cooking and monitoring.

The main scope of the project is to complete the planning and the execution of a launch of a roof top restaurant in hotel with great ambiance and also to upgrade the kitchen equipment in order to fulfill requirements of this new project. Total cost that has been assigned for the particular project is 400000 Euros. This particular restaurant will have new menu and a good dining environment for the customers. Different people including project manager, project execution team, quality team and BOD will be the key part of this project and everything will be done by the approval of these people. Some physical resources that are required for this particular project has been identified as new machineries, kitchen appliances, furniture, lighting, appliances for floor area, etc.

Project manager will be completely responsible in laying out plans for different activities and he will also be responsible for getting approval from Board of Directors. This planning part describes the different project deliverables that will include the listing down of different needs and wants of stakeholders in order to meet all goals and also specifying how, when these items will be delivered. Needs of stakeholders can easily be identified through different market research techniques like questionnaires, surveys, etc.

This project plan will also include developing a contingency plan that will lay out procedures in case of a major event. It is also called as a risk management plan. In this, necessary plans are taken to cope up with natural disasters, data loss, etc.

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3.1 Leading the co-ordination of the program

One of the most important tasks for initiating the projects is a proper coordination among individuals and resources. It is necessary to properly communicate with all the stakeholders in order to achieve the target of the company. For this, it is important for manager to follow a participative style of leadership so that all team members can be encouraged and can be considered as important part of the team It will be very important for manager to see that he cannot follow a particular style of leadership because dynamics of business changes with time so manager will also have to change accordingly.

Company can follow a pyramid structure of communication in which the decisions are pass down from top management to middle level and then to employees. This particular structure is very much necessary in case of the complexity of projects and involvement of the third parties. This particular structure should also be properly flexible so that everyone can put their views and participate in decision making process.

Other than the communication process, it is also important for managers to perform the continuous monitoring process in order to access the status of activities in relation to the standards defined and resources allocated. Regular monitoring will help manager to identify problems and will also help him to take the timely measures so that unseen events can be avoided.

A contract should be given to the construction company which leads several leaders in order to complete the project on a given time frame. Several chefs are also appointed to the hotel through which they can provide quality food according to the taste of their customers. Different technicians also appointed so that better installation of equipment can be done. Whole process of installation can be done smoothly (Brewer and Strahorn, 2012). Further, in order to better lead the program project managers were appointed so that they can easily communicate with different participants in order to lead the project. I any hotel industry HR department plays a crucial role in order to assign these responsibilities so it is one of the most effective resources that should be better coordinated with each other.

3.2 Management of resources

In order to achieve the long-term objective of the company, it is essential to manage all the resources that are being allotted to the group. It is essential to manage all the required resources. In order to manage the financial resources, they need to set their appropriate budget for their plan. They can make out the different methods such as proper communication with purchase department, reviewing the proper income plan; should be measured for better monitoring the financial resources. Apart from this, HR department need to recruit several skilled employees in order to lead effectively the new restaurant (Knutson, 2002). For beautiful ambiance of the new roof top several ideas are required so management people need to go through the meetings through which they can decide the proper layout and do something creative. Project manager needs to ensure about the resources that they are effectively utilized or not.

It is important for manager to select the human resource for the particular project very appropriately as only those people should be selected which have skills and knowledge to achieve the objectives in proper manner. It is crucial for project manager to realize that what kind of experience and qualifications is required in order to complete task of project in an appropriate manner.

Other than this, manager should organize regular meetings with management of board in order to finalize the investment that will be required in order to launch particular product. All the different sources of finance should be analyzed carefully in terms of cost and revenues. Resources can be arranged from both internal and external sources.

List of requirements in terms of machines, appliances and furniture for restaurant should also be listed in appropriate manner. It will also involves the analysis of cost, source and timing of delivery.

Coordination between different activities of project will also be required so that overlapping and repetition could be avoided in appropriate manner. Allocation of resources should be done appropriately so that all kinds of wastage can be avoided . A careful planning will help researcher to understand and establish perfect coordination between all these parties.

3.3 Review and monitor of projects

In order to review and monitor the given project plan, it is essential to include all the team, as well as staff members. Jurys Inn is the largest hotel, and they have several departments in order to manage their business operations. They can further properly communicate with the each department (Nienaber, 2010). At the time of project finalization, overall resources should be reviewed so that better implementation can be done with the help of proper monitoring. Budget is also determined so that sound monitoring can be done. They can further discuss the layout of roof top with the architect and go for different and innovative ideas. Cost benefit analysis, as well as critical path analysis, are the most effective ways through which the proper project plan can be set and determines. It is also being viewed that various problems arise at the time of program and to manage these problems several practices are entailed so that better management of same can be done. In order to resolve the conflicts at the end time various different meeting can be set so that proper decisions can be taken.

Further monitoring plans can also be prepared by the researcher in terms of-

It is very much important for manager to handle all issues effectively so that conflicts between team members, top management, third party, etc can be avoided effectively. Proper assessment and legal criteria can be developed by making clear and logical frameworks. Team should be well informed and communicated appropriately. Also, this review process should be a learning for all the parties involved.

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3.4 Program process and Results to Stakeholders

The project should be properly finalized and the progress of these programs can be evaluated on the basis of time as well as different techniques such as project management tool, map of the roof top restaurant, Gantt chart which shows the time frame to complete the activities. These tools are required to gain a very clear information about the project. Information related to the progress of the projects can also be gain with the help of meeting from project managers. Shareholders were describing the information about the progress of project with managing annual general meetings and reports (Zou, Zhang and Wang, 2007). Publicity and promotion is one of the most effective way utilized by program leader to offer information about the progress.

Different types of reporting that can be done are-

3.5 Closing down the program and projects

In order to go through the better closing of projects total outcome of the program is offered to different stakeholders. It is much more essential to go through the support of the stakeholders so no conflicts can occur at the end time of the process. Closing down process can be done with managing the auditing. It helps in gaining the ideas about the flow of capital. Ensure the appropriate closing of the project supports in reviewing the success of the program. It is essential to sign up a contract with a construction company (Lock, 2007). They need to set out the proper time limit.

Some of the procedures that can be adopted at the time of closure are-

Project Closure Meeting- It is important for project manager to held meeting with stakeholder so that proper conclusions can be drawn from it. In this meeting, everything from project start up to the end phase will be discussed appropriately. Everything like how the plan started, how it executed, issues, conflicts, strengths, weaknesses, methods, techniques, etc are discussed in detail. The main aim of this meeting is to find that is everything covered that has been planned in beginning.

Define Success- It is done to define that whether the project team was able to deliver project in proper quality and also with in time constraints. All the things should be mentioned like if more funds were required, quality has been compromised, project time increased, etc. The main idea behind this is to know the success criteria. Board members are advised to give proper ratings as per quality achieved.

Closing Contacts- In this, all the third party vendors and suppliers for the requirement of machinery, furniture, software, etc. are included. It is important for company to have good relationship with all these people and because of that these people are included in closing of project. This meeting is also done in order to update all records from these people.


4.1 Review of the success of the Program

One of the most important processes of implementing the project plan is to review the success of the project plan. It is required to review the whole process in order to measure the success. They can easily justify the effort; cost and time and support from different stakeholders can also be attained. Reviewing project helps the industry to gain their ideas about lacking the project. There are several inadequacies at the time of implementation as well as monitoring. With reviewing process company can further improve their plan and ideas in their next project. Further, they can better plan with better attainment of their goals. Each and every project manager need to submit a project report in which they should mention the overall description and the basic details of the projects (Reiss, 2007). This report must be evaluated and judge the success of the project. It can be measured with the help of given time limit. Construction project takes a lot of time, so it is better to take precautions and measure the time. It may lead to decreasing the quality of services and several other reasons such as poor availability of labor in the region, unfavorable working environment and other treated.

There are different methods that can be used in order to measure the success of the project and one of them is scorecard because it tracks various activities that provide measures to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency to resources . This evaluation can be easily done by project managers, external auditors, etc. At the end, complete summary of the project is prepared which reveals the actual plans and deviations from decided planning.

4.2 Areas for Improvement in Future Program Management and Leadership

Program management and leadership is one of the most important parts, and it helps for better improvement in the projects. After facing several difficulties, leaders need to develop their program for future program management. They need to focus on the different aspects which help them, to get approval from higher authorities. For future development, they need to improve their communication skill as it will help them for better communicate the plan with their coordinators. It is much more essential at the time of explaining the benefits of the project and objectives of the plan which must be clear to the stakeholders (Thomas, 2000). Further, the leaders must be well known in different areas in order to lead project effectively.

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With the above discussion, it can be determined that program leadership is one of the most important skills that requires to the commencement of different projects in their business operations. Jury Inn can easily complete their assigned projects with the help of effective leader and project plan. They can meet out with the best objectives of the company with the help of different stakeholders as well. It can also be determined as the practice through which project can be completed on a given time, and further organization can attain the best quality.


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