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Important Factors for Useful Communication Strategy

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In any project communication is considered to be one of the most significant aspect. However, it has been seen and found in many projects that, whether a project is handled by dedicated project team or a pool of specialized individuals, its success ultimately depends upon a set of crucial communication skills and techniques (Werthner and Stefan, 2004). Along with this, there are several experts irrespective to their industry have proposed that communication and human interaction make or break a project. In the present project management report, a retail outlet is focusing on expanding its business and for that IT strategy for communication channel has been proposed. The main aim of researcher behind carrying out this study is to understand how It strategy can be used to have adequate communication at different level of business operation. Along with this, the factors that are important in to carry out useful communication strategy.

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Project management

In general project management can be defined as the process of planning, organising, encouraging and utilising the available resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals. Operating in such a competitive market of retail it is essential for firms to expand their business so as to attain long term sustainability (Morteza, 2011). In the present research report research has been focusing on understanding the framing of communication strategy and implementing for opening a new retail outlet in different town. There are certain strategies related to communication that management of retail outlet has to follow so that desired results and outcomes can be generated.

Communication management strategy

The main purpose of effective communication management strategy is to make sure that both information flowing out of the project and flowing back within the project. Furthermore, it also helps in covering information from both internal and external channels of the project. Communication management is considered to be complex thus, managers of retail outlet should consider performing stakeholder analysis first and then requirement of communication channel can be carried out (Paulauskas and Garsva, 2015). Since, communication strategy is the last one to be created in a project it is essential to establish the information needs which could be in the form of quality, risk, configuration management strategies etc.

Project documentation refers to the the approach or tool of defining the way through which a company manages its projects. However, there are certain elements which are required to be considered for preparing a proper project document (Agwu and Murray, 2015). Following is the Communication management strategy document should be considered for project of retail outlet:

Thus, these are some of the major requirements in the documentation process of a communication management strategy that, top level management of retail outlet has to focus on while implementing IT strategy for communication within the project.

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Factors to be considered in developing useful communication strategy

According to Bruno (2012), effective communication is important to the success of any company. However, in order to practice good communication strategy it is important to understand the factors that are responsible for making positive impact of the tactic within the levels of organisation (Bruno, 2012). Different authors and scholars have proposed different factors that are import for senior managers of a firm to consider while developing a useful communication strategy. In particular Klein (2012) illustrated that the most significant factor that manager should consider while developing a communication strategy is persuasion. It is one of the most significant element in terms of developing communication strategy for a new project (Klein, 2012). During the process of collecting, storing and disseminating the data or information it is essential for management of Retail Outlet to peruse the information correctly so that smart and effective decision can be taken effectively.

Other than this Steyn (2003) proposed that IT infrastructure is one of the major factor that play significant role carrying out appropriate communication between different levels of business (Steyn, 2003). Furthermore, author proposed that there are different tools and techniques that management should add appropriately such as hardware, software and other technical specification so as to make sure that proper communication channel can be created within two different towns. In the study of Morteza (2011) researcher identified that Intranet and Extranet are the few other tools that management of retail outlet can used to create appropriate platform for internal and external communication. This ensures in setting effective platform where managers can communicate to its team in other town easily and carry out the work as per their their needs (Morteza, 2011). Similar to this Paulauskas and Garsva (2015) defined that technical specification like hardware and software play vital role for the IT experts to develop suitable medium of interacting with people and guiding them to carry out work as per the needs. Furthermore, specification of technical equipments differs from department to department thus, IT manager of Retail organisation become more liable to make communication system by keeping in mind activities of each department (Paulauskas and Garsva, 2015).

In addition to this while evaluating the study of Agwu and Murray (2015) investigator understood that, it is important for the management of company to understand the process communication which consist of sender, idea, encoding, communication channel, receiver, decoding and feedback so that system can be develop accordingly and each of the factors considered should be take care of completely (Agwu and Murray, 2015). In this regards Werthner and Stefan (2004) proposed that, while setting up a new Information Technology system for communication, its process need to be given the most priority. However, this is because it creates the base of interacting people from one place to another in effective and efficient manner (Werthner and Stefan, 2004). Supporting to this fact Taylor Jr. (2013) stated that, it is not just that company should implement effective communication strategy but for generating best results from better strategy it is essential to have skilful and knowledgeable pool of employees who can easily operate with technologies and decode the information and work accordingly (Taylor Jr, 2013). According to the given case, top level management of retail organisation can train its employees so that there skills and abilities can be enhanced and they can easily understand latest technical specification while interacting with people of different level.

A communication system is only effective as its ability to deliver the message accurately and clearly proposed by Stafford (2009). However, having clear communication channels that are understood and upheld by the Retail outlet than it leads to increase the effectiveness of company's communication despite of having geographical differences. This is important factor that senior authority should consider because it leads to disseminate information correctly and the receiver peruse the information appropriately. Other than this, medium is another significant factor as per the view of Paulauskas and Garsva (2015) needs to be considered while developing a communication system. It is because, in order to communicate right information, right medium is required otherwise it may be interpreted in wrong manner.

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Apart from all, the services that senior managers should focus on are the availability of networks in the targeted destination. It is essential to have internet availability so that level of communication or interaction can be enhanced. In this Bruno (2012) proposed that, Broadband is a cable or telephone company which offers high speed of computer network with the help of which user can send large quantities of information at multiple channels. Furthermore, mobile are the most basic source management of retail outlet should use while setting up a communication channels with internal and external workforce of new target market (Bruno, 2012).

Along with this, satellite can be another major factor can play significant role in setting up a communication system stated by Klein (2012). Further, scholar proposed that, satellite is a internet option available for certain areas in which broadband connection in not yet offered. Thus, it is the responsibility of senior management of Retail outlet to identify and evaluate so that if there is no facility of broadband than satellite can be used to develop IT system for communication. However, on comparing satellite internet with wireless and direct connection internet is can be said that it is by far more cheaper, easier and more reliable than the two others (Klein, 2012). But there are certain drawbacks of this option is that it consist of low bandwidth, high latency and frequent outage.

According to Taylor Jr. (2013), there are several barriers to communication which creates various obstacles and issues related to physical and psychological to understand the message for carrying out the work. In this, culture, background and bias are the major factors. However, according to present case it is essential for management of retail outlet to understand these above cited factors appropriately so that they can easily communicate with the people (Taylor Jr. 2013).

Other than this author proposed that, perception of listening and communication information is another major factor that senior managers have to consider so that correct information can be disseminate. Furthermore, there is high level of stress while expanding the business operations as cited firm has to carry out its operations effectively so that they can establish business in adequate manner and generate desired results and outcomes (Communication Management Strategy, 2014).

In regards to the above study researcher have evaluated the importance of following appropriate formate in order to implement strategy so that desired aim and objectives can be achieved. For developing appropriate communication management strategy it is important for the management to consider four different steps as this will allow them to develop effective strategy.

Planning of communication: In this step, senior authority of retail company should identify different methods and channels of communication for interacting with the people of new outlet as well as guide them to carry out the work strategically (Klein, 2012). In this section, managers have to plan regarding each and every segment so that they can set the effective platform for interacting with people from internal and external department.

Information distribution: After planning the method of implementing the communication strategy, management has to focus on identifying the key players through the help of which information can be distributed appropriately and effectively from headquarters to new venture destination. However, the main purpose of using different information distributors is that it will encourage exchange of accurate and correct information within and outside the company which will ultimately help in carrying out expansion process in best possible manner.

Review & Reporting: During this stage all the required equipments are assembled in desired budget so as to maintain the costs (Werthner and Stefan, 2004). Further in this stage, cost of plans should validate in order to make sure that tools and techniques used to set up a communication system between two geographic location in smart and budgeted manner.

Project documentation: In general, project documentation can be defined as the method to define the way through the help of company manages its projects. However, there are certain elements which are required to be considered for preparing a proper project document. Along with this, management can use historical records about the methods of communication so that project of opening a new retail outlet can be carried out more suitably.

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In the nutshell of the above report it can be said that, communication is the most significant tool that helps management in understanding the needs of its employees as well as illustrating them the information to carry out whole project. In the present research report research has focused upon understanding the conceptualization of communication strategy and its implementing for opening a new retail outlet for expansion strategy. There are certain strategies related to communication that management of retail outlet has to follow so that desired results and outcomes can be generated. Furthermore, report includes various factors that can make impact on the developing, implementation and execution of communication strategy for the expansion process.


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