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Benefits Of Public Relation To Travel And Tourism

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Public relation is a job which is applied on social segment work life. It is a way of communication to attract target group for tourism. It is very important in tourism to create a positive image in the society for a certain destination. In global competition time, most of the tour operators give the special package to promote their destination places. To promote the destination place, the operators have to adopt the marketing strategies, promotion schemes and all are these done by better public relationships.

In this report, learning will focus on work culture of Barry Beach Resort which is located in Barry. In order to understand the public relation concept and effective planning of campaigns the Barry is considered as a destination. It will provide understanding about roles and importance of effective public relations for travel and tourism businesses. It will also have spot light on skills which can boost the public relation practice within travel and tourism context. It will also provide information regarding various media channels which can be used by travel and tourism firm in order to have better public relations. Furthermore, it will also focus on creation of public relation plan in order to boost the working of travel and tourism firm.

TASK 1 : Importance of Public Relations in Travel & Tourism Sector

1.1 Role and scope of public relations as a promotional tool in Barry

In travel and tourism, PR plays important role to prepare the marketing strategic activities to integrate the marketing communication. The tourism industries are dividing in many parts like travel, hotels, restaurants, tourist destination etc. In order to have better popularity the tourism industry is focusing on PR activities as creates the favourable participation in tourism sector. It helps in effective understanding of diverse perception of travellers towards Barry (Kruckeberg, 2005). With an assistance of PR governance of UK can design various policies, procedures and actions which boost the work culture. Moreover, the PR also helps in targeting specific audience by using diverse PR strategies in order to attain impressive development in tourism. It also facilitates in creating positive perception towards destination by conveying diverse messages to public regarding Barry (Meng, 2014). It also render a great support to marketing activities which is beneficial for effective development of tourism activities within Barry. Governance can also use PR activities to have effective launch of diverse tourism services within Barry.

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Public relations focuses on diverse actions of agencies like national, state and local governments and provides positive identification of unique conceptualization which can amend the awareness about destination and promote tourism actions in Barry (Henslowe, 2003). Moreover, public relation person is accountable to maintain relation and have proper interaction with media persons through interviews and influential articles which have direct positive impact on the destination awareness process.

1.2 Diversity of public's including current and potential visitors, stakeholders within a travel and tourism

It has been spotted that the travel and tourism sector is having rapid growth which also impacts the needs and wants of customer's. In this respect, it is necessary to understand the diversified public available in travel and tourism sector. In order to have effective development of tourism activities in Barry it is necessary for industry to focus on governance department, media, public, etc (Smith, 2004). In the support of this, it can be said that the government of UK is focusing on promotion of tourism activities and functions which attracts more visitors. Government also provide money to those people who take initiative to promote the tourism in Barry (Bernays, 2013). The Government provides seed capital to new organization and hotels which are related to tourism.

Moreover, stakeholders needs is influenced by organization decision and these kinds of persons invest their money in tourism development projects which enhances opportunities for Barry as well as benefits for them. Stakeholder are looking forward to invest more on PR development as it provides better opportunities to tourism activities (PClear, 2002). Number of media options are accessible within market which helps PR professional to stay connected with public and meet the needs of tourism development in Barry. PR also focuses on effective relation with diverse media channels to promote tourism services in Barry.

1.3 Importance of public relation to travel and tourism

Public relations plays a vital role in effective development of travel and tourism by providing diverse benefits. In this support, it can be said that PR helps in identifying the current problems in the promotion schemes in order to boost tourism development. PR is also essential because it prepare the long term strategy plans to achieve the goals in effective manner (Moss, 2003). It also increases the coordination among diverse tourism activities by effective focus on communication techniques. It also provides a opportunity to develop better relation with customers. It also motivate industry to obey government rules and regulation in order to maintain relationship with government (Theaker, 2012). With an improved level of governance relation the tourism industry can boost business opportunities in Barry.

Moreover, it is also significant because it focuses on multi purposes work actions which can be classified as event promotion, destination promotion, creating awareness, creating responsibility. Government of UK can have promotion of tourism activities in Barry through effective use of media channels such as press release, conference, sponsorships, etc (Theaker, 2004). It also enhances the effectiveness of communication system which amends the morale of tourism industry employees and enhanced level of morale lead to increase in quality of services.

TASK 2: Public Relation Plans

2.1 Range of public relation and promotional skills

In order to have effective tourism development in Barry it is necessary for hospitality firms and PR to focus on diverse skills which can boost opportunities. In this respect, it can be said that the manager must have proper knowledge of communication skills because maintaining relation and proper communication with public is one of critical responsibility of PR manager (Watson, 2007). With an assistance of enhanced communication skills the PR manager can provide correct information about Barry and tourism activities to media which will create better awareness about destination and boost tourism opportunities (Bosilkovski, 2013). It is also necessary for PR manager to have skills regarding monitoring as it helps in effective measurement and monitoring of PR activities in order to boost the effectiveness. If PR manager is having information regarding various monitoring actions then he can easily measure the development of tourism within Barry due to PR activities.

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Current market scenario is having enhanced use of technology which can also boost the opportunities of tourism development. It means it is necessary for manager to have improved level of knowledge regarding diverse technological tools which can amend the PR and promotional activities effectiveness (DeSanto, 2000). The classification of technological aspects can be as website, social networks and blogs. Other than this, identification skills are also necessary for PR manager because it helps in effective identification of market needs and design activities which can boost tourism opportunities.

2.2 Public relation plan with appropriate promotional objectives

In order to have effective promotion of tourism in Barry it is necessary for PR manager to focus on public relation plan.

Define objectives for PR:

In order to have better PR campaigning, it is necessary for manager to decide the objectives regarding PR. It is necessary to ensure that decided goal must be specific, measurable, result-oriented and time bounded (Gürel, 2010). The objective may me related to build a goodwill among customer, suppliers or in community, create and raise brand name and his image or introduce a new service or product in the tourist market. Another objective can be to create better awareness about Barry tourism activities in the market.

Determine the target audience:

It is also necessary for manager to define the segment of customers and identify their needs for better PR activities. Newly married couple can be targeted customers as Barry is seaside destination which can their experience during honeymoon.

Develop the marketing and sales efforts schedule for PR:

Prepare the schedule for marketing and sales of services in order to accomplish goals. Plan must have coordination with marketing actions (Meng, 2014).

Implementation of plan:

In this, implementation of plan tool placed and selects the communication channel to communicate the message to target people (Sriramesh, 2000). PR manager can focus on various communication channels like press releases, letter of editors, radio, TV, press conferences, interview, media tour, seminars, articles, organize events etc to create awareness and promote Barry tourism.

Evaluation of result:

It is necessary to evaluate the results and taking feedback from public after campaigns. PR manager must focus on responses of customers in order to boost opportunities.

TASK 3: Use of Media in Public Relations

3.1 Range of use of the media in public relations

UK tourism is having great opportunities so Barry Beach Resort can focus on various media channels to have better public relations. Company must maintain its relationship with public in order to achieve long term objectives and aims. For this purpose they can utilize ranges of sources of media in order to make effective relationship with public. Furthermore, public relation demands effective and better communication channel to be utilized in order for it to be successful (IAMS Company, 2001). The classical method of PR is face to face communication with people. It will provide better understanding about various needs of customers. Management of Barry Beach Resort can also focus on various digital communication channels to meet the objectives of public relation and effective development of tourism in Barry (Pearson Education, 2012). Internet is the major media source in these days through which better and fast relationship can be made easily. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are strong tools which come in handy when dealing with PR utilizing the online medium of communication.

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Other than this, conventional media is also beneficial for management of Barry Beach Resort. In this support, organisation can focus on advertising techniques such as television, events and trade shows, seminars and other social campaigns, direct mails and media/editorial etc. It provides better opportunity to maintain effective relationship with targeted customers and create better awareness about Barry tourism activities.

3.2 Relationship between PR and the media

It has been spotted that the relationship between media and PR industry is increasingly symbiotic and complex. Media can be utilized for sending messages of the company for developing best and effective personal relationship. It is necessary for PR section of Barry Beach Resort to render information regarding services and Barry tourism in the news and other publications (PR Conversations, 2001). This clearly indicates that the PR actions have great relationship with media which is beneficial for better developments in Barry tourism. Moreover, the principal point of contact between organizations, media and PR departments can have better control over information in order to meet the needs of journalists (Sriramesh, 2000).

Furthermore, journalists and photographers are the key participation that helps the entities for communicating valuable and useful information. On the other side media is also depended on business in order to earn more money by providing latest and interesting news related to companies and corporations. Finally, it can be said that there are very effective and useful relationship between Barry Beach Resort and sources of media (Meng, 2014). It is very important for Public Relation mangers of Barry Beach Resort to select or adopt best and suitable media for coming up with the best outcomes of the business. Company can adopt the multinational source such as TV, journals, internet, social media etc in order to have better public relation.

3.3 Appropriateness of selected media

It is necessary for management of Barry Beach Resort to focus on various media channels but manager must ensure that the selected media channel is appropriate and as per the needs of organisation. Several scholars believe that newspaper is the better than television because print media covers more people than television. On the other hand, several researchers believe that television is more famous and popular than other media sources (DeSanto, 2000). However, the difference comes in when it comes to the delivery of the story. For example, TV is the most significant tool of delivering news with emotions while news papers cover big population and provide full story. Hence, it is upon the PR to decide which most suitable medium of communication because every source has its advantages and disadvantages.

It has been spotted that in order to have convenient and target international market it is necessary for PR of Barry Beach Resort to focus on various digital channels. The classification of channels can be as TV, internet, social media etc (Bosilkovski, 2013). It is most suitable because it cut down the overall cost and reach wide range of audience in less time as compared to other mediums.

TASK 4: Objectives & Strategies of Public Relation

4.1 Public relation plan with objectives

Success of every plan depends on effective evaluation of plan and designed actions. This clearly indicates that it is necessary for PR manager of Barry Beach Resort to focus on these factors in order to meet organisational objectives and effective development of Barry tourism activities. It has been spotted that the Barry Beach Resort is situated at sea side of Barry town in UK so it is necessary for PR to design actions as per needs of market (Gürel, 2010). Moreover, it is also necessary for manager to focus on various policies which can help in attracting more customers.

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In the support of this, it can be said that the key motive of PR campaign is to increase the sales of Barry Beach Resort and amend opportunities for domestic tourism in Barry. PR manager must focus on various factors to boost opportunities like culture and historical (Kruckeberg, 2005). The classification of objectives can be as:

Moreover, the campaign will target various kinds of customer's such as high street, cosmopolitans and discoverers. It has been spotted that the cultural beauty of Barry will attract high street and cosmopolitans (Meng, 2014). There are number of media channels which can be used by management of Barry Beach Resort to have better success in PR plan. Company can focus on electronic media to create awareness. The classification of mediums can be as social media, blogs, media outreach, social sites, etc.

There are number of strategies which can be used by management of Barry Beach Resort to meet objectives in better way. The classification of strategies can be as:

Data gathering: Gather the data from market research and analysis, customers, newspapers, magazines etc. it helps in defining the objective of PR objectives. The data gathering activity can be done by internal team or by outsourcing team (Henslowe, 2003). Company must focus on detailed research of various tourism activities in Barry. Moreover, it is also essential to understand the needs and perception of customers towards Barry Beach Resort and destination.

Planning and programming: Prepare the plan and program to support the data analysis. The plan must have relation or coordination with PR actions in order to have appropriate accomplishment of PR program. If activities are not planned as per needs then it may create some issues for PR. In other aspect, it can be said that the PR program must communicate the correct message to customer in order to boost opportunities (Smith, 2004). The planning and programming is also needed for selecting the communication channel for communicating the message.

Action related to communication: After planning for communication channel, the action must be taken in proper way so that message will show its effectiveness. It is also necessary for PR of Barry Beach Resort to have effective selection of communication tool in order to meet the objectives.

Evaluation: Evaluate the relevant strategy to achieve the PR objectives and if any problem is create than identify the solution of that problem (Bernays, 2013). It is necessary for management of Barry Beach Resort to focus on various alternative methods which can overcome issues and boost success ratio of PR plan.


Time Frame

Data gathering

2 Weeks

Evaluation of collected data

1 Week

Planning and programming

1 Week

Action related to communication

1 Week

Selection of communication channel

1 Week


2 Week

Measuring the effectiveness

In this respect, it can be said that the success of PR plan can be measured by effective focus on evaluation process. In order to have evaluation of effectiveness, the management of Barry Beach Resort can focus on evaluation and monitoring tools. Such as management can analyse and compare the former and current ratio of sales. Ratio of improvement in sales will provide better understanding about effectiveness of campaign. Other than this, company can also use feedback system to analyse the effectiveness of campaign and action plan. In the support of this, it can be said that the sales team and reception executives can ask customers to comment in their feedback register. Online feedback process can also be adopted in order to understand the effectiveness of process. It will assist quests to provide their response and feedback towards campaign and services.

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However, after few time of implementation the Management of Barry Beach Resort has focused on evaluation process of campaign to understand the effectiveness of PR actions (PClear, 2002). It has been spotted in the evaluation process that organisation has adopted various communication channels to create better awareness among people about their services. Campaign has facilitated the business to target its customers in most economical manner. In evaluation process it has been spotted that due to PR actions the tourism activities in Barry has also increased (Moss, 2003). This indicates that the PR actions are effective and have great positive impact on overall organisational process. In other aspect, it can be said that with an assistance of PR actions the organisation has accomplished its organisational goals.

Moreover, Barry Beach Resort is targeting high streets and discoverers to meet organisational goals and amend the tourism opportunities within Barry. It has enhanced the awareness among clients regarding destination and unique cultural aspects (Theaker, 2012). It has also facilitated in attaining better competitive advantage which have direct positive impact on tourism activities of Barry. Other than this, it has also been noticed that with an assistance of communication system the PR has identified the customer needs and designed actions in order to attract towards destination. PR has also improved the relation among organisation and public (Bosilkovski, 2013). It has also been evaluated that media is playing key role in success of PR actions. PR are focusing more on press releases and conference regarding business, services and destinations in order to boost the opportunities of tourism and travel industry.


As per the above travel & tourism dissertation report it can be said that the public relation activities plays key role in success of every organisation by providing support in diverse advertising and promotional activities. It has been spotted that there are number of communication channels which can be used by management in order to convey message regarding services. Moreover, the PR plan helps in effective understanding of diverse perception of travellers towards Barry. In order to have effective tourism development in Barry it is necessary for PR manager of Barry Beach Resort to focus on diverse skills which can boost opportunities.


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