Radiographic Image Critique Reflective Writing

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Description On Radiography

I have been working in a radiography department as a radiographer. My major work was to critically appraising the images of patients. I had been appointed as a trainee radiographer. I was quite good at reviewing the images Dental examination and Mammography. Somewhere, I found myself incapable of critically apprasing images related to orthopaedic evaluations, Chiropractic examinations as well as Spot film or static recording during fluoroscopy.

It was on account of the lack of practice that I felt the need to make myself capable in terms of viewing the images and analyzing them critically. I felt very sad that I lacked the practice of critically analyzing the images. I thought of working on it so that I can develop an expertise in this front and make myself capable towards image viewing. Hence, I set the objective of improving skills in critically appraising images related to Orthopaedic as well as Chiropractic examinations.

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Brief Operational Analysis

From my development plan, I can analyse that my previous knowledge and experiences regarding critically appraising of images as a radiographer has helped me in conducting my reflection to a significant level. My previous knowledge of examination of images and nursing practice in Orthopedic and Chiropractic department helped in comparing my previous competencies with the new developed ones. Likewise, my experiences in this field also help me in evaluating my progress as against my set objectives and the level up to which they have been achieved. In addition to this, my previous knowledge and experiences also help me in my reflection as   with this I was able to identify my weaknesses and areas in which I still need to enhance my proficiencies. As a result, I also learned the ways in which I can develop my practical skills that are required in order to critically appraise the images.

My personal beliefs and values also have an impact on my development of competence as a learner as it is my personal belief to always remain dedicated towards my work and also have a learning attitude. I also hold the belief of doing all my duties and responsibilities in honest and I do cheat my profession in any manner. In addition to this, I also hold the belief that during my nursing practice I treat all the clients with equality and also respect their views and beliefs. My personal beliefs and values have a lot of influence on my learning as these values let me to have an attitude of learning and increasing my scope of knowledge in my field. In addition to this my belief and value of dedication towards my work also helped me to always have a learning attitude. Thus, this helped in increasing my proficiency as a learner.

Various sources were used by me to monitor my progress as well as my willingness in learning from various practical experiences. One of them was the personal development plan as devised by me. A PDP is useful in analysing and comparing my performance and learning with that of the previous one as well as with set goals and objectives. Another source of taking feedback and monitoring my progress is that from my seniors who are experts in the field of radiography and from whom I learn various skills in my profession. They can give me appropriate feedback regarding my performance as well as my ability in increasing my competencies and learning. Another source of feedback could be my colleagues who are also in the same profession. They can also be a useful source as they can made me aware of the level of my learning and how much still is required to develop.

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Other people’s perspectives regarding my progress are quite significant for me and I will consider them as an important since of my feedback of my learning and development. Remarks of my seniors and colleagues will be taken seriously by me and I will bring in more improvements in my learning that can eventually lead to overall personal and professional development.

It can be also analysed that my own learning style has influenced my approach to my experience of learning. This is in way that my verbal style of learning that involves both oral and written form of communication has helped in enhancing my development. This is so interacting with my seniors, colleagues as well as patients assist me in knowing my strengths and weaknesses as well as know the ways in which my professional knowledge can be increased. This learning style also help me in development my personal proficiencies like that of communication skills. In addition to this, kinesthetic or touch learning style also help in increasing my learning as with this I am able to understand the medical condition of patients and conduct the test of radiography in an appropriate manner.

Requirement Of Application

After understanding my requirement to bring an improvement in critically appraising images I need to transfer my overall learning for future practice. I have learnt from the experience that if I make myself sound in carrying out proper appraisal of radiographs images then I will get a chance to excel in my field. It is not only important to learn various practical skills regarding critical appraisal of images in radiography but also apply the skills learned in future practice. In this respect, the practical proficiency in analysing of images will help me in bringing more and more efficiency in my work. Thus this will assist me in getting expertise in critically appraising of images in radiography. The skills that I have learnt will help me in enhancing my future practice as this will be applied during my clinical practice and thus improve my efficiency in future.

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The key learning points which I have identified can help me in bringing improvements in my profession are practicing of image appraisal skills on placement. This also includes attending of workshops and practical leaning sessions of image critique and also practicing with my peers. All these key leaning points will help in providing useful and necessary information so as to enhance my practical skill.

During the reflective process of dissertation writing, I identified some barriers and constraints that hindered my process of leaning and improving my skills. One of them was my worries about any problem that could occur while critically appraising of images under radiography. Another barrier was that of mismanagement of time on my part because of which I was unable to conduct all my assigned tasks on time. Another barrier is related to my personal belief of lack of self confidence in critically appraising of images.

In order to overcome these barriers and enhance my learning I took exhaustive training from my seniors and referred to various books and guides that contain information about my subject of clinical practice. In order to build up my self - confidence and worries I thoroughly go through all study materials so that I feel confident. In addition to this, so as to manage my time in an effective manner I will make plans and schedule and prioritize my tasks for each day. This will help me in knowing all important tasks to be completed so that it does not lead to any confusion and work can be completed on time.

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