Strategies and Approaches to Reduce Disease in Communities

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Health care organizations play an effective role in providing proper care and support to people. In this context, these corporations adopt different types of effective strategies so as to provide better understanding and services to their patients (Sallis, and, 2012). Local Authority in North London is health care organization which renders optimistic medical and social services to people of United Kingdom. The present report describes various approaches which are used to reduce the diseases level in communities with the help of health care provisions. Further, it analyses importance of illness as well as diseases in societies. In addition to this, it also represents the factors which are used for public welfare in the nation.

Task 1

1.1 Roles of various agencies in determining level of health and diseases in communities

Generally, all health care agencies play important role to identify the level of health and their diseases in the United Kingdom.
Role of National health services (NHS) in UK

It is government organization which contribute effective role in determining level of human health and their diseases in societies. Generally, NHS provides various ranges of services to patients in United Kingdom. Organization develops medical services for the people as per their need and priorities to improve their health. Healthcare members of corporations work continuously to reduce disease level by reducing their errors. This process also helps in increasing their quality of medical services for patients in UK. Management of NHS also provides appropriate freedom to support their social care members in order to improve their services (Principles and values that guide the NHS, 2015). They render public funds to lower income class people for reducing diseases level in the nation. In addition to this, they also maintain confidentiality to treat their patient.

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Role of Care UK organization

UK care organization mostly emphasizes on quality, effective change as well as innovation in identifying level of health and diseases in people. Health care members of Care UK provide better services by meeting the expectation of patients as well as giving proper services commitments. In addition to this, management of corporation also changes their policies in regular time intervals in order to increase level of medical services by providing effective treatment to patients in United Kingdom. Organization also provides effective home care services to older and physically challenged people in the nation (Our mission and values, 2015). In addition to this, Management of care UK also renders training and also reward talented social and health care members to increase innovative skills in order to improve their medical practices in the United Kingdom.

1.2 Explaining epidemiology of one infectious and non-infectious diseases

Epidemiology also helps the government of UK to know about actual data of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Epidemiology on swine flu

(Source : Rogers and Sedghi, 2011

As per above diagram, it shows all regions which was affected with Swine flu infection in the year 2011. In addition to this, Government of Britain also faced many cases regarding these diseases which are shown above the diagram in the UK (Rogers and Sedghi, 2011).

Epidemiology on Lung cancer

(Source :Lung cancer statistics, 2015)

As per above diagram, it shows data of lungs cancer of people in United Kingdom. Minimum 44488 lung cancer patients were identified in 2012. Further, at least 35371 death of cancer medical victims were occurred in the same year. On the other side, 5 percent of people survived from cancer with help of medicines and Chemotherapy as per data of 2010-11 in United Kingdom. In Addition to this, 89 percent of people prevented from lungs cancer disease due to effective suggestions of health care members in the same year (Lung cancer statistics, 2015).

1.3 Evaluating the effectiveness of various approaches to control incidence of diseases

There is many effectiveness of various approaches and strategies to control incidence of diseases in United Kingdom. It is described below in the paragraph.

As per case study, Local authority in north England has applied efforts in reducing the incidence of diseases. According to Rosen, (2015), different method like vaccination plays effective role in reducing various types of illness like malaria, swine flu as well as cancer in the nation. This process also improves health level of communities by reducing their illnesses in United Kingdom. In addition to this, regular distribution of medicines and vaccination also help the patients to become healthy again in UK (Rosen, 2015). For example, Government of United Kingdom was faced severe cases of swine flu in the year 2012. In that time, effective vaccination as well as separation of infected patients helped another people to decrease level of this disease in the same year. With contribution of these strategies, Local authority created huge awareness by describing causes and symptoms of diseases in people regarding swine flu and other illness in United Kingdom. However, these efforts could not save life of medical victims due to non -availability of swine flu vaccine in United Kingdom. Many people died in north England due to swine flu diseases (Sørensen and, 2012).

As per Guest and (2013), these strategies and approaches of Local authority also oblige people to maintain proper sanitation near the living area. This thing helps people to control disease in the United Kingdom. In addition to this, social and health care members of Local authority also achieve effective experience to treat infected patients which helps in improving the quality of their medical practices in the United Kingdom (Guest and, 2013). On the other side, health and social care organization has to spend lot of money on medicines and vaccination of people which also affect budget of government in United Kingdom.

Task 2

2.1 Identifying the present priorities and approaches to provision of services for people with illness

Current priorities and approaches of medical services which are designed for the well-being of people as per demographics and conditions of patients in United Kingdom are as follows:

Generally, government of United Kingdom has designed various priorities and medical services laws on the basis of many factors. So, health care organization like local authority, national health services and Care UK follow this rules and regulations in order to provide medical services to patients in the United Kingdom (Frieden, 2013). For example, Local authority also provides top priority to emergency and accidental cases of people. These types of rules and regulations are important to save the life of the patient in the hospital and in any other health care organizations in UK. In addition to this, Local authority also gives priorities to the treatment of older people. This thing also provides huge reliability in reducing the illness of over age people in United Kingdom. Further, Local authority corporation opens outdoor patient department which helps in checking general patients. This approach also reduces issues in handling emergency cases in the firm. As per law of UK, organization also provides higher priority as per the severity of illness people in nation. For example, if any type of medical victim is suffering with swine flu disease then management of organization will provide special priorities to reduce their illness (Del Corral and, 2012). This process also contribute effective role in reducing the level of viral infection diseases which help in saving the life of patient in United Kingdom. In addition to this, management of Local authority has also opened various departments like labour division in order to maintain their efficiency and performance. This approach helps the firm to provide effective medical services for patients in the nation (Tulchinsky and Varavikova, 2014).

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2.2 Describing the relationship between prevalence of illness and requirements of services to support the people

Relationship between prevalence of illness and requirements of services contribute effective role to support the people in United Kingdom.

Local authority health care organization also allocates resources as per severity of diseases in the north England which help to manage its medical operations. For example, if people suffer with swine flu in the nation. So corporation needs higher resources to support the people in specific area because this illness is viral disease. In addition to this, Swine flu infection spread very fast as comparison of other in the nation. So Local authority needs very higher resources to overcome illness in the particular area (Bauman and Nutbeam, 2013).

Management of organization has to prepare more vaccinations and medicines to reduce level of this infections by providing appropriate services to patients in the area. In addition to this, Local authority has to also redesign its budget to manage their medical operations in a appropriate manner in order to decrease threat of diseases in nation. Corporation has to appoint new health and social care professional to provide effective services for medical victims (Jain and, 2012). Further, organization has to design proper distribution policies to supply medicines and vaccines for people which help to reduce the level of swine flu in the particular area. On the other side, if Local authority faces with malaria diseases in the north England then management of corporation needs lower resources as comparison of swine flu illness in specific area. So Severity of illness also affect relationship of prevalence of disease and requirements of medical services to help the people in United Kingdom.

2.3 Analysing the impact of lifestyle choices on the future requirements for heath care services

Local authority health care organization has to emphasize to increase future health and social care services as per current lifestyle of United Kingdom. It is described below the paragraph.

Generally, present people of Britain focuses to eat junk food like Pizzas and burger rather than healthy food due to shortage of time in the nation. This kind of lifestyle will increases health related illness like stomach issues and food poisoning in United Kingdom. It also adverse impact on the health of people. So Local authority will have to expand their future medical services in order to control situation in country (Kickbusch and Gleicher, 2012). In addition to this, management of Local authority will have to increase their staff in order to provide optimistic medical services to patients in United Kingdom. For example, over dependence on machines are also increased as comparison of previous years in country. This thing will increases human accident in UK. In order to meet future needs, Local authority will have to give more priority on emergency services as compare to past years. These type of efforts will also contribute effective role for organization to complete future requirements of people in the United Kingdom. In addition to this, increasing pollution also affect future requirements for health care services (Friis and Sellers, 2014). It also increases the various diseases in the country. To overcome these type of impact, organization will have to increase its facilities in order to provide effective medical services for patients.

Task 3

3.1 Assessing the health and well-being priorities for people

Management of firm is designed many health and well-being priorities to give effective medical services to people in United Kingdom.

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3.2 Evaluating the effectiveness of strategies, systems and policies

Local authority also gets some benefits from these strategies and policies in the United Kingdom. It represented below the paragraph.

According to Hollnad (2015), Management of obesity strategy also leaves positive impact on people of UK in order to reduce their issue. Some of people follows steps which are demonstrated by Local authority in the nation. In addition to this, obesity level in individuals are reduced as comparison of previous years (Holland, 2015). However, there are many people who do not give concentration regarding their health care activities which creates many health related issues in them.

As per Minkler (2012), Local authority also reduces the level of smoking which is generated positive impact on individuals. In addition to this, many people provides support to organization to decrease level of smoking by creating more awareness in public and social programmes in the United Kingdom (Minkler, 2012). On the other side, there are people who is against of these policies due to bad habits of smoking in the nation.

Rice and Atkin,(2012), Local authority health care organization gives more focus to increase the plantation which creates positive effect on people. Many individuals are associated with these strategies to increase frequency of trees in order to reduce disease level and maintain the climate in United Kingdom. In addition to this, percentage of plantation is increased as compare to past years in country (Rice and Atkin, 2012). However, there are manufacturing organizations which creates noise and air pollution which is generated bad impact on the people. This thing increases the diseases level in individuals in nation.

3.3 Discussing modification that could be designed to improve health and well-being of individuals

There could be many changes occurred to improve health and well-being of individuals. Local authority could be also requested to government to take initiative to reduce the obesity of people through social camps. It could help organization to promote health and social work programmes which could generate more positive benefits to improve health level of individuals in United Kingdom. In addition to this, Local authorities could encourage sporting activities which also could help to decrease level of obesity in people within the nation (Hootman, Helmick. and Brady, 2012). In addition to this, Local authorities could promote anti smoking campaign in a appropriate manner due to some management issues. Generally medicines of anti smoking could be more effective which did not help the many people to leave habits of smoking in United Kingdom. Further, local authority and government also could more focus to increase plantation of trees in the nation. Generally, Authorities of UK have made many rules regarding safety of climate. On the other side, Many organizations do not follow these rules and regulations due to lack of monitoring activities of environment care corporations in United Kingdom. This thing also created negative impact on the climate (Tulchinsky and Varavikova, 2014). These some changes could improve health and well-being of people in appropriate manner.

3.4 Evaluating an activity that has implemented to encourage the behaviour for maximising health of individuals

Management of Local authority should organize free of cost medical check up camp for its patients at various locations of United Kingdom. This activity can also help the medical victims to increase health level by identifying their illness in the nation. It can provide effective aid to reduce impact of diseases in medical victims. Further, it can also help the people to get various type of knowledge regarding illness in the camp. However, due to heavy crowd of people, medical professional can not check its medical victims in a appropriate manner. This issues can increases issues for patients in respect of disease in the nation (Frieden, 2013). According to Corral and (2012), it can provide free medical check up and medicines which can help the lower income class people to improve their heath by treating them well in the nation. With help of this medical camp, Local authority can provide quality service to its patients in order to reduce various level of diseases in the country (Del Corral and, 2012). On the other side, organization can not invite effective medical professionals due to shortage of monetary funds which creates higher complexities to check severe patients in the medical camp. Due to these reasons, many times patient can be died which can create issue for management of Local authority (Rosen,2015).

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From the report, it is found that epidemiology of infections and non-infectious diseases contribute effective role towards Local authority in order to make effective strategies in reducing illness of patients in United Kingdom. Relationship between prevalence of diseases and requirements of medical services also help the organization to provide effective cure for patients in the nation. Further, current life style of people also oblige the Local authority to improve its medical facilities in order to meet future requirements of medical victims in United Kingdom. In addition to this, heath care priorities like obesity, smoking and plantation also help the people to improve health of people by reducing impact of various diseases like lungs-cancer in the country. It can be concluded that free check up medical camp contribute effectively to maximise health care level of individuals in the United Kingdom.


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