Marketing Planning

Main Barriers & Techniques of the Marketing Planing

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Introduction to Marketing Planning

Marketing planning means making a strategy for effective working of all the marketing activities which means planning is a blueprint of a marketing plan in which appropriate plan is mentioned for upcoming year. It is a kind of comprehensive document consist of marketing activities to achieve their marketing goals with the use of all the effective promotional activity. British airways is a multinational service organization which provides comfortable facilities to their clients by using various other techniques and methods to enhance their service. In fact the main motive of the British airways is to serve their customer in a best manner with their best quality with unique ideas of presenting services to their customers. Slogan of the British airways is “ THE WORLD'S FAVOURITE AIRLINE” which means they try to capture the attention of millions of travellers due to their world best services and focussed on marketing planning. In additional the success of the cited organization is somehow depend upon the appropriate marketing planning which is very helpful in attaining their goals by providing best services to their customers. At the end marketing planning covers all the relevant matters with the use of various theories and consider all the marketing elements to enhance their working capacity.

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Changing perspective in a marketing planning

Marketing planning is very indispensable part in the brutish airways because with the help of effective marketing planning an organization going to perform all the marketing activities in a appropriate manner without facing any misunderstanding about work. In fact due to the emergence of new and advanced technology perspectives are changes just to adopt the recent trends. Perspectives of the marketing planning of a cited organization are changes in a various department of a marketing-

Production concept

Production concept is the department of manufacturing a new and innovative product by considering all the cost which may incurred in the production process. It means production concept try to produce quality product with high price because in today's developing countries most of the travellers wants full facility without worrying about price.

Product concept

Product concept means opinions of the consumers are changes towards product due to the emergence of new trends because of this quality or innovative features are first priority. Manufacturer of the cited enterprise tries to improve their product quality by enhancing their outer and inner features.

Selling concept

Selling concept where buyers and sellers meet with each other. In fact selling concept is only completed by the consumers because they are the end user of the product. Therefore organization need to conduct various promotional activities to introduce their product in a market.

Evaluation of organization capability for planning its future marketing activity

British airways need to evaluate their capability for appropriate and effective planning its future marketing activity by determining all the relevant or essential factors which may act as a very indispensable part in a marketing planning. An organization need to analyse their centre skills and knowledge of their employees to plan their marketing activity to avoid errors and mistakes which might be occur in a future. In fact evaluation of organization capability describes the ability and skills of overall organization so that they can plan according to the need and requirement of future planning. The main motive of the future marketing plan is ready to face all the upcoming challenges and risk or any problems which might be occurred in future while performing marketing activities. Organization structure of the British airways is very much worried bout their organizational structure. Apart from this evaluation of capability shows various relevant factors of the British airways which may be very helpful in planning process for future marketing activity.

At the end an organization need to change their past strategies by adopting various effective techniques to cope up with future problems.

Methods for organizational auditing and analysis of external factors influence the marketing planning

Marketing planning is a very useful or positive way of improving the company product and services by acquiring relevant data and information to develop their company internally and externally. Organizational auditing means to analysis of any misconduct or fraud in the company which might take place in the enterprise. Basically auditing is helpful in identifying the mistakes or errors of the organization with the help of various effective methods or techniques to eradicate that problems. Organization auditing done by the PESTLE analysis by considering all the factors like political, economical, sociological, technological. Legal and environmental analysis.

Some of the other methods of organizational auditing are also done by effective techniques:- Porter five models helpful in identifying the overall markets from external and internal by analysing the threats of new entrants, rivalry, close substitutes all these matters plays a very eminent role in the marketing planning.

Methods of organizational auditing


Inquiry is one of the useful technique through which an enterprise ask some sort for questions with the use of proper questionnaire format.


Auditor may conduct respective exams to understand the knowledge and skills of the employees.


With the help of this method an employees confirm their statement and information provided by them to the auditor.


Sometime auditor observe the work or task perform by the employees to prepare appropriate charts on the bases of their observation.

Coming to the external factors which influence the marketing planning in every manner (Lee, 2013).

  1. Political factors- All the tariffs and norms are made by the government only so it also affect the marketing planning process.
  2. Cultural factors.
  3. Social factors.
  4. Economical factors.

These above are the indispensable factors which influence the planning process.

Organizational auditing and analysis of external factors that affect marketing planning in a given scenario

Organizational auditing helps in identifying the mistakes and errors which might be occurred in the enterprise while performing their marketing activities. Whereas external factors also influences the marketing planning of the British airways because of their complexity and broad concept. In fact board of directors of the British airways want to improve the existing scenario of the organization by changing their strategies and planing by considering all the factors which influence the company. Apart from this higher authority of the cited organization focussed on their auditing process to identify their issues and hidden problems by which their success get affected in every aspect. In fact techniques of auditing plays a very eminent role in describing any fraud and misconduct happens in the enterprise to improve their working condition by overcoming these problems. SWOT analysis is adopted by the organization to perform their activities.

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In additional external factors are very much influences by the marketing planning due to their broad concept. In given scenario of the British airways they want to change their policy by making new and attractive policy with the use of appropriate data and information. Board of directors of cited organization explains all the relevant reforms which is very essential for enhancing the performance of overall organization by serving their customers in a best manner.

Main barriers of the marketing planning

Barriers are the obstacles which might occur in the marketing planning process of British Airways due to their broad concept. Not only British Airways but every organization has to face some kind of internal and external barriers while running their business or in marketing planning. There are number of barriers available in the enterprise while making plans. Some of the internal and external barriers are like:

Lack of communication

Lack of communication is one of the major problems in business which create misunderstanding in between employees and supervisors due to their strict and unfriendly behaviour.

Absence of skilled and knowledgeable labour

Sometimes, employees appointed for particular work are not very much knowledgeable and do not have much talent to cope up with difficult and complicated situation (Moutinho, 2015).

Absence of healthy environment

Arrogant nature of higher authority or supervisors of British Airways have a huge impact on marketing planning. Because of this, rude behaviour of supervisor creates a fearful environment.

Absence of accurate data and information

Apart from above barriers, inappropriate data and information also play one of the very eminent roles as a barrier for marketing planning.

All of the above issues act as a major barrier in marketing planning process of British Airways.

Way in which organization may overcome barriers of marketing planning

An organization may take various effective initiatives to overcome marketing barriers which may occur while planning process. It means British airways tries to change their existing policies to improve their present scenario to overcome the barriers of marketing planning.

Various steps should be taken by higher authorities of British Airways for the same among which some are like:

Advancement technology

An organization needs to adopt various useful and advanced technologies which may act to be helpful in resolving problems and issues as soon as possible.

Effective strategy

To overcome the obstacles, supervisors of enterprise need to change their strategy by adopting useful and result oriented to get positive results.

Improvement programmes

Improvement programmes are very helpful in overcoming the barriers with the use of other useful techniques and methods of removing obstacles.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis describes the overall strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of organization which play a vital role in eradicating the barriers that occur in marketing planning process.

Effective research methods

Research methods are mainly used to acquire appropriate data and information for proper working of organization with appropriate planning process that is free from errors and mistakes.

Marketing plan for a product or service

Marketing plan is very essential and mandatory for the British airways products and services for proper working of the marketing activities without facing any obstacles and barriers. British airways is going to provide a holiday package for the couples which requires a appropriate marketing plan.

In fact marketing effective plan consist of all the steps and procedure follow by the organization while performing their various necessary activities of marketing by considering all the facts and figures required in the planning process. Apart from this marketing plan also requires a accurate data and information going to used while making plan.

Marketing plan for cited organization

Situational analysis ( SWOT and PEST)

The first and foremost step of the planning process is to identify the internal and external factors which might be affect the organization planning process. Apart from this marketing audit helps in determining the opportunities available in the market by overcoming all the threats.

Strategy formulation

Make a strategy or plan a marketing process or activities according to the prescribe data and duration of completing the particular activities of a marketing.

Monitoring and controlling

It shows the estimation of budget or capital invested in marketing plan or activities performed in it. Try to control extra fund with appropriate monitoring or evaluating the overall process of marketing plan.

At the end marketing plan is going to executed according to the planning process to overcome any errors and mistakes.

Importance of marketing planning in the strategic planning process for British airways

Marketing planning plays a very vital role in the strategic planning process because it provides a accurate data and information to resolve all the hidden problems which h might be occurred in anytime. In fact marketing planning act as a very effective tools and techniques for the strategic planning process of British airways as it helps in removing obstacles of the strategic process to achieve their target. Strategic planning process describes the appropriate plan or method of conducting all the relevant programmes of the cited organization.

Marketing planning is indispensable for strategic planning process due to many reasons for example-

Apart from this, marketing planning plays an eminent role in the strategic process to remove obstacles if any are there.

Techniques for new product development

New product development is a procedure of developing new product which was just introduced in the market to improve their condition at a market place. In fact it describes the growth and development of a cited organization whenever they launch a new or innovative product. Various techniques are adopted by the British airways in the new product development process.

Generate ideas

An organization acquire ideas by conducting SWOT analysis which may be very useful in product development process by expressing new and innovative ideas. In fact ideas are helpful in reforming the product weakness.

Concept development and conducting testing

Program to check the growth level of the product and do changes according to the requirement of a product.

Marketing strategy

Development is also on of the major part of the new product development because development requires a change in a planning and existing strategy to achieve their product goals and objectives.

Product development

Is the term which shows the execution of a development idea to enhance the quality of a product by growing it in the market.

Apart from this new product development techniques are helps in determining the overall product life cycle by considering all the stages of product life cycle starting from introduction stage, following by growing stage, maturity stage and ending with declining stage. Last but not the least an organization is going to implement various developmental programmes (Ngo, 2012).

Recommendation for pricing policy, distribution and communication mix

Distribution mix signifies the transferring of goods from one place to another by assigning it to right person at a right time in a right quantity. In fact distribution channels are the methods of moving goods from seller to buyer whenever they demand a particular product. Product distribution included many more elements for example retailers, wholesalers, online selling through mail or shipping is also one of effective technique of transferring goods.

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After choosing a appropriate method of distribution channel an organization going to concerned about their pricing policy which requires to consider all the internal and external factors before taking any decision in response to the price. It means pricing policies have a greater impact on the customers because quality of a product reflected with their pricing policy. In fact pricing strategies are mainly depend upon the cost incurred in the production process of a product.

Apart from this marketing planning also concerned about their communication mix which means all the promotional activities through which British airways introduced their reform product by adopting attractive techniques of promotions. Meanwhile promotional activities act as a very useful in promoting their product in front of the public and overall society by capturing the interest of their customers.

Impact of the factors on the effective implementation of the marketing plan

Marketing plan is the official document which shows the overall methods or techniques of British airways and appropriate path of performing marketing activities to achieve the objectives of marketing planning. All the external and internal factors have a greater impact on the useful implementation of the marketing plan of the cited orgnization due to their complex nature as execution of a plan requires expertise advice and ideas. Some of the factors which influences the effective implementation of the marketing plan are-

Absence in the support of management

Implementation programme requires a proper support of the management of a British airways because its not easy to execute the complex plan of marketing.

Limited budget

Execution of a marketing plan needs a limited capital to perform all the activities in a proper manner and due to the large organization sufficient fund is very necessary to implement plan effectively.

Absence of legality

Legal factors are also plays one of the major part in implementing the marketing plan for British airways which means a cited organization must consider all the legal terms and condition while implementing the plan (Peter, 2011).

Last but not the least an its not easy to implement the marketing plan because it influence overall business functioning due to their broad concept.

How ethical issues influences the marketing planning

Marketing ethics are the framework of all the rules or regulations, norms and beliefs used by the British airways while implementing marketing plans and programmes. It means a cited organization must follows various moral principles while performing their marketing activities or while making plans for marketing. There are many ethical issues are emerges in the British airways due to the complexity and expansion of a company is also one of major reason behind facing ethical dilemmas.

Some of the ethical issues which emerges in a marketing planning

At the end there are many more ethical issues are available in the marketing planning which affect the overall marketing activities.

How organizations respond to ethical issues with the use of examples

British airways responded to all the ethical issues by using various effective techniques to cope up with ethical problems which might be occurred in the organization. First of all they suggested that higher authority of the enterprise must encourage their subordinates by providing effective support to resolve all the ethical issues. Another step is that board of directors of the British airways focussed on the reason behind occurrence of ethical problems to conduct ethical programmes by explaining relevant terms and condition. Apart from this, they also throw some lights on the fundamental framework in which all the ethical norms and beliefs are mentioned clearly to get understood by every member of the organization.

Thirdly an organization must provide a ethical training to all the employees working in a British airways so that they have the ability to resolve their customer ethical issues. In fact ethical training is very helpful for their employees to gain the knowledge and skills of working in a disciplinary manner and learn how to deal with difficult circumstances in a ethical way. So a cited organization prepares many ways to solve the ethical issues which may be arise at anytime.

Examples of consumer ethics and their impact on marketing planning

Consumer ethics is a appropriate way of buying the product from company which means this ethics shows the effective behaviour of the consumer in a ethical way. Basically consumer ethics is all about ethical behaviour of the consumers while buying any product from the market. Various examples of consumer ethics are like wrong insurance claim by the consumer just for their own benefit is one of the major examples in a consumer ethics. Another examples of consumer ethics is a unethical product demand, illegal acts of the consumers towards any product which might affect the marketing planing of the cited organization.

Apart from this an organization is going to face many more ethical issues related consumer because they are the final user of any product introduced in a market place. In additional marketing planning is very much influenced by the consumer ethics because all the marketing plans are based on the taste and preferences of the customers or overall society.

In other words it is concluded that British airways are very much concerned with their consumer behaviour because due to the consumer ethics and any wrongful action by consumer have a greater impact on the marketing plan. At the end it shows that an organization are very much affected by consumer ethics due to their broad concept and complex nature which means travellers who used the British airways influence their customer ethics.


This report is all about marketing planning of one of the famous organizations in aviation industry of UK named British airways which provide travelling facility to their customers in the best manner. Report has explained changing perspectives for marketing planning by analysing the capability of business for future marketing planning. It also described the auditing method to identify errors and frauds which might take place in organization by analysing external factors which influence the marketing planning. Apart from this, it has also shown the barriers and appropriate method of overcoming these barriers to implement the useful and attractive marketing plan by explaining their usage in a strategic planning process. Last but not the least; board of directors of British Airways want some recommendations in a distribution, proving and communication mix to reform their existing policy by adopting effective strategies.


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