Role of E-Marketing

Report Based on Multinational Entertainment Company

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E-marketing implies for the online tools and techniques which are undertaken by the business unit to develop awareness among the customers regarding the services offered by it. The present report is based on Netflix which is the multinational entertainment company. In this, report will highlight the significance of social media marketing tool in the field of marketing.

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Task 1

Critically evaluating and justifying the use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook in marketing

In the present era, each and every business unit is involved in social media marketing with the motive to widen its reach.  Moreover, now people spend their lots of time on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook. Moreover, now each individual has smart phone and they spend huge time on social sites in relation to sharing ideas, views as well as suggestions with others (Chaffey, Smith and Smith, 2012). Hence, by creating attractive web page on social sites regarding serial and films Netlflix can enhance the interest level of people. The main reasons behind this attractive images and comments grab the attention level of people to a great extent.

Hence, by uploading images of serials that is recently telecast by the firm awareness can be generated among the people. In addition to this, social media tool enables Netflix to provide information to the twist and drama of serials (Ryan, 2016). This in turn helps in generating the attention level of people and attracts them to watch such serial or movie. Hence, by considering such aspect, it can be stated that social media is the most effectual and cost effective tools which turn helps in marketing the serials or films. Moreover, at initial level, Netflix has to spend both money and time for the creation of attractive web page (Tiago and Veríssimo, 2014). Thereafter, by continuously uploading the pictures on Facebook and Twitter can provide information to the large number of people.

Along with this, viewers also make comments on the images which are uploaded by the firm. Usually, viewers who like specific serial then they prefer to make comments on related images. Along with this, viewers also share images of their favorite serials which can be seen by his friends, family members and other people (5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important, 2017). In addition to this, Netflix can also develop awareness among the people by sharing the link of famous songs and images of the related episodes. Thus, by taking into account all the above mentioned aspects it can be stated that social media platform enables Netflix to market services in an effectual way and at low cost. However, on the critical note, it can be stated that people who dislike the specific serial and images then make negative comment on it (Smith, 2011). This in turn negatively affects the brand image or market share of firm to the significant level. Hence, the above presented aspects shows that social media is the best tool which in turn helps in marketing the services more effectually.

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Task 2

Evaluating the extent to which social media platform is related to the modern marketing concept

From assessment, it has been identified that social media platform is highly linked with modern concept of marketing. Production, product, selling, marketing, consumer and societal marketing etc are the main concepts that can be undertaken by Netflix for achieving the growth and success. In accordance with the modern concepts of marketing now a day’s personnel place emphasis on improving features and services regarding serial as well as films and lay focus on increasing the number of viewers (Järvinen and, 2012). In this, social media provides Netflix with the platform to convey message to the audience which is associated with specific serial or film. Along with this, it also enables service provider to deliver better services in accordance with the feedback provided by viewers on the images uploaded by them. Moreover, modern concept of marketing is not only related with the offering of services but also in this marketers make focus on the improvement aspects.

Along with this, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc provide assistance to Netflix in relation to converting the potential customers in the new one. Moreover, when existing viewers of serial regularly make comment on images then it also entices the mindset of potential people to a great extent. Hence, by considering such aspect it can be stated that social media platform ensures high conversion rate. It shows that such platform highly satisfies the aspects of modern marketing (Chaffey, 2010). Moreover, according to the modern concept now companies lay more emphasis on enhancing customer base with the motive to build and sustain competitive edge over others. However, on the critical note, it can be presented that negative reviews in relation to serial or film closely influence the brand image of film production. In addition to this, now for the attainment of high profit margin Netflix is required to broadcast the serials and films in accordance with the expectation level. In this regard, social media is the tool which provides deeper insight to the firm about the aspects which they like most regarding the serial or actor. In this way, by working on the feedback provided by client Netflix can evolve satisfaction among the people or viewers. Hence, social media tools help company in building long term relationship with the customers or individuals (Stone and Woodcock, 2014). Moreover, when company more frequently upload the images of serials or film then it may result into high level of recognition. In this way, by employing the tool of social media Netflix can generate loyalty and thereby enjoy the desired level of outcome or success. Hence, social media tools help company in enhancing customer base, satisfaction, brand loyalty and recognition.

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From the above report, it has been concluded that social media platform offers opportunity to Netflix to advertise its serials and films at global level. Besides this, it can be inferred that social media marketing tool is highly in line with the modern marketing concepts and thereby leads organizational growth or success.


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