Management and Operations

Analysis on Role of Manager and Leader

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Introduction to Management and Operations

A leader is one who influences the behavior and work of others in group efforts towards action of specific goals during a given scenario. On the opposite hand, manager can be a real manager only if he possesses traits of leader in him. Manager at all levels are expected to be the leaders of work groups so subordinates volitionally carry directions and accept their guidance. a person can be a leader by virtue of all qualities in him.

Task 1 Differentiate Between The Role Of a Leader And The Function Of a Manager

Define and Compare the Different Roles and Characteristics of a Leader and a Manager in Toyota Plc


Any organization is managed and tackled by some skilled employees who plans, organize, execute and guide the whole functioning system of the company. They are known as managers who design the works for the organization and its employees keeping in mind the pre-determined objectives and goals of the company.

It is necessary for the managers to design, establish and develop strategic plans and tasks of the employees and the organization that will help them to work effectively in accordance with the objectives of the company. The employees must be appraised by the manager that would enhance their performance rate and efficiency along with a good knowledge, training, and lessons regarding their tasks.


Leadership is a bit different concept than the manager. Leaders influence, inspire and motivate workers to perform their work effectively by their communication skills and inspirational visions and values. Leaders also focus on attaining the objectives of the company, but they strive to make it out in other ways, unlike managers. These influential strategies increase the productivity of the company that is the result of appropriate guidance and impact of positive visions

Difference Between Managers and Leaders

Managers organize the tasks for the employees and directs their performance as per the vision and mission of the company and their goals and objectives, whereas the leaders also focus on the goals and objectives of the company but rather influences and motivates the employees to work accordingly the company norms by giving their inputs and generate fruitful results.

Toyota Plc is an automobile industry related company that is engaged in the business activities for a very long time and deals with the assembling, sale, and designing of cars in different countries. The efficiency of the management team is proven by the fact that the strategies applied by them have been effective and productive enough to make it a leading company in the concerned industry.

The role of the leaders of this company is differentiated from that of the managers in an effective manner. The role of the manager of the company is to set the standard of work performance and tasks for their employees whereas the leaders get the works done by the employees with their standard and efficient interpersonal skills in communication considering the ethics of the company.The tasks and roles of the personnel are segregated and assigned properly that leads to a better growth facility for the company and is initiated by differentiated roles of the managers and leaders (Reynolds and Warfield, 2010).

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The function of Managers and Leaders in the Organization


The most important and primary function of the managers are to set goals and plans for the company and service strategies that can lead to in the profit making and increased revenue collection of the company. The KAIZEN strategic preparation is a part of Toyota’s planning that continuously improves the production process and develops the efficiency of their products. The function of the leaders of this company is to convey and communicate these strategies and policies to the employees that would benefit them to accomplish the ultimate goals and objectives of the company.


Toyota managers utilize the resources and organize the functioning strategies of the company well that helps the employees to accomplish their tasks and achieve the business objectives effectively. The leaders here allocates resources to the employees and motivates them efficiently to perform in such a way that the resources are utilized to their optimum level.


The managers direct the leaders and other staff regarding the tasks that they have to preform and the leaders focus on making teams and assigning the jobs according to the eligibility and skill of the employees.


Recruitment and the best of its usage are staffing that involves selection of the best candidates who are skilled and able to perform according to the requirements of the company. Toyota designs their job and recruits staffs assigning them their tasks and the leaders keep on motivating them to perform well with best of their capabilities and keep communication link to help them out in any problems and grievance situation.


Toyota managers are responsible for coordinating the functions to the different departments to serve the best to their company and increase productivity. The leaders seek to implement the plans and best practices and develop coordination and communication with effective skills.


The managers formulate the strategies and leaders implement them and the whole process id monitored and controlled by the managers where the leaders verify and ensure the standard performance of the employees according to the ethical considerations

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Apply the Role of a Leader and the Function of a Manager in Given Contexts

Examine Examples of How The Role of a Leader and The Function of a Manager Apply in Different Situational Contexts in Toyota Plc

The organization is directed towards success and fulfilment of the objectives by the managers and leaders and their respective roles. The functioning of the company is influenced different styles of leadership and traits for the optimum usage of management resources. The price of fuel is increasing in a rapid way dependent on which are the two more factors like materials and equipment.

The effective implementation of the management skills and functions helps them to develop strategic planning that handles the manufacturing cost and leads to increase sales and revenue for the company.
The functional operations of the company are initiated and formulated by different management theories along with leadership skills. The cost of manufacturing is cut down by the effective amalgamation of management theories sand leadership effort by the Department of operational management of Toyota Plc.

The current situation of increased costs of production and purchases have adapted the contemporary management theory and have dealt with this. Selection of the suppliers those will provide raw materials at lower cost are planned by the managers of the Toyota Plc. The leaders use their characteristics and effective communication and interpersonal skills to motivate the employees and adapt advance technologies for lowering the manufacturing cost. The resistance to the change is eliminated and by creating a trustworthy environment with effective communication skills.

The management has the objective of using the theory of management focuses on the combined efforts as of the managers and the employees to accomplish the goals. The whole management team works together for setting up standard quality and examples of their performance whereas the leaders assign the duties in the best way possible to motivate the employees to work and can achieve the goals of the company.

Toyota is efficiently implementing the classical management theory where the managers focus on to enhance the policies of increasing productivity. KAIZEN is the form of strategic development that the manager haver adapted in Toyota Plc. Here the management efforts and the staff efforts are lead to continuous improvisation hat further improves the production activities. This involves the participative skills and styles of leadership, which combined take the inputs from both the workers and managers regarding the decisions of reducing costs for improving g the production techniques and possibilities.

The behavioural theory is also applied in Toyota Plc where the management and the managers follow the policies involving their abilities and skills of employees. Transformational style of leadership is used by the leaders who communicate with employees and gives them the knowledge of the policies defined in the norms and demands to motivate them to bring the efficient productivity and outcome

The changing situations involve the application of the contingency theory that focuses on the strategies of the company to act according to the changing situations of the company and its business environment. Leaders have to play an effective role here to influence, inspire wand to motivate the workers to bring in changes to the operations along with the changes in the situation.

Thus, the challenges are met quite efficiently with the proper guidance of the leaders. The managers of the company have decided to take into consideration the high rise and costing of manufacturing and thus, have applied such theory to bring down the cost by bringing some differences in the operational functioning. The materials and equipment provided by the suppliers are of high prices that need to cut down to meet the organizational objectives and goals and save costing according to the policies of the company.

Apply Different Theories and Models of Approach, Including Situational Leadership, Systems Leadership and Contingency in Toyota Plc

Situational leadership is considered to be that type of leadership style that depends upon or seeks to look for the skills and abilities along with capabilities of the selected recruits whom the leaders will be motivating to work. The capabilities of individual workers and their thinking do matter that judge their power to adapt to situations according to the leader's commands and guidance.

This type of leadership hampers the operations management of Toyota Plc as the leaders have to adopt this kind of leadership strategies and styles due to the changing situations. The current situation of the company is an example of hardship financial moments where they are facing cost issues with the manufacturing, and thus, situational leadership acts as a good part of styles to handle the situations and regular changes according to the needs of the company.

Toyota Plc also takes up the systems leadership style where the leaders look up to control the working performance of the employees, and the situational information is communicated to the employees for their better working needs. These changes in the operations are implemented with appropriate strategies for fulfilling the KAIZEN system, and the employees of their operational functioning department are let to improve their activities for the manufacturing of cars at lower costs.

The management of the objective functioning of the company plays and important role in sorting out the operational issues by sharing the decisions and making procedures to cope up with the employees and train them. The expertise team of the management consist of the manager and the leaders who amalgamate to train and guide the employees to work accordingly and fulfill their jobs on time. The employees need to be felt recognized and valued that makes them much more motivated and bring efficiency to their working.The chaos theory is another theory that focuses on the changes prevailing in the market and the managers and the leaders respond to the changes accordingly and make the company work in that way to direct the correct path (McCann, 2011).

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Task 2 Demonstrate an Appreciation of The Role of Leaders and Managers Play in the Operations Function of an Organization

Explain The Key Approaches To Operations Management and The Role That Leaders and Managers Play in Toyota Plc

The organization always wants to provide the better quality of the production which is done by administrating the work of the organization, and that is only called the operation management of the organization. This process is like a presentation of the company which explains the operational managements feature and its effects up to the company and it speed ups the company’s production level. From this, it becomes the report and the report consist of the role and duties of the Toyota Plc’s managers and the leader where it includes the business strategies of the organization and how to sustain themselves in the global market.

There are some functions of the operational management by which the company gets the benefit to their business, and the functions are given below:

There is six sigma of the company and the also for the operational management of the company which is used for to develop the production level of the company. The six sigma are given below:

There is another process called total quality management. This process is followed by the company to provide good quality of work to the customer. It also looks after the management team of the company and manages the team and its work in a wise manner. The functions of the total quality management are given below:

As like the other two process of the organization, there is another process which the organization use to follow for the betterment of their work that is Just in time inventory and continues improvement process. The functions of the process are given below:

The objective of the Toyota Plc

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Explain The Importance and Value of Operations Management in Achieving Business Objectives in Toyota Plc

Transformational Leadership

The approach of the transformational leadership is the ton, focus on the organizational goals which are set up by the organization itself to make the profit in the market. The leader helps to change the old decision of the company and creating the new decision and implementing them for the work. The leader loves to take all the challenges to develop the company in modern day terms. This is a style of leadership which creates a comfortable environment among the employers where the employer can relax and work also can give the best work to the company. The leader has to participate with the employers to achieve the goals, and the leader should create a friendly environment, but he has to keep in mind that the company should get a huge benefit from the leadership of this pattern.

The Role Of Corporate Governance In The Achievement Of Ethical Business:

Demonstrate An Understanding Of The Relationship Between Leadership And Management In a Contemporary Business Environment

Assess The Factors Within The Business Environment That Impact Upon Operational Management and Decision-Making By Leaders and Managers in Toyota Plc

The values, sustainability, and ethics of the organization are to be maintained, and the company is focusing on this matter to improve the relationship with the customers along with satisfying them, with the services provided by the organization following the ethical standards and values of the company. Toyota Plc strives to maintain a competitive environment in their business, and for gaining the competitive advantage and superior position of the company in the market, it adapts developing strategies and concepts for making the business sustainable.

The management and the leadership aspects of the company plays a very important and significant role in the maintaining corporate as well as social responsibilities. The relation of the functional and operational management and the leadership styles have been very influential in incorporating the corporate social responsibilities. The strategies are prepared by the managers according to the policies considering the factors which can affect the smooth work of performing the social responsibilities towards the society of the company.

There are different policies that are considered to be the part of social responsibility of the company like protection of the environment, providing quality products to the customers and high satisfaction to the customers. Toyota Plc leaders are responsible enough to make sure that the plans and set ups are communicated to the employees clearly and focus on inspiring them to perform well and motivate them to play in accordance with the strategies set by the managers. The leader plays an important role in defining and allocating the works to the employees along with providing them the required training to attain the objectives and goals of the corporate social responsibilities (Lindgreen & Swaen, 2010).

The efficiency of the employees is the factor that affects the operational management of the company and the decision making of the managers and the leader. This effect is very much dependent on the factor and decisions of the leadership styles that are applied along with the performance of the employees. All of these are the major factors in the success of the operational management consisting of the six sigma and the total management quality approach. The other resources that are available in the organization act as other factors that affect the operational management.

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The management and leadership are quite different in their roles from each other but with some common goals. Both of the administration works differently but in the same direction to accomplish the company goals and objectives. The manager focuses on material, and the leaders focus on people to make the work worthy and fruitful for the betterment of their employees as well as the company. There are different styles and theories of management and leadership that help the company to accomplish their goals motives.

The report proves that the decision-making procedures and management are considered to be an important factor on which depends the functioning of the whole company. The managers and the leaders seek to give their best of efforts in the improvement of the production procedures and operations of Toyota Plc and bringing down the costs of manufacturing and services cars by maintaining high quality intact. The report also focuses on the different operational management for eliminating waste and improving the performance of the company along with fulfilling the goals and objectives of Toyota Plc.


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