Managing Communication

Importance Of Communication Management

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Introduction to Managing Communication

Managing Communication is managed planning, controlling, implementing as well as assessing of communicating process in the firm. It is necessary for corporation to arrange the daily dealings of specific department by utilizing interaction approaches (Snyde and Partridge, 2013). The present report is on XYZ enterprise and a Political Activist organisation. XYZ is a new retail company which wants to set its retail business in the cities of UK. Report defines a list of internal and external sources of information of the firm. It also introduces about the roles of stakeholders in the decision making process in the company. On the other side, Small political Activist is an enterprise which gives social service to citizen of United Kingdom. Further, this dissertation help report represents the development of communication process in the both organisation.

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Decisions to be made for the corporation

Different type of decisions help e XYZ Company to establish new retail business in the United Kingdom. These are as follows:

Strategic Decision- This type of decision helps company to develop different type of decision such as marketing, financial, operational to create new market strategies to earn profit (Bronn, 2014). On the basis of these decisions, top level managers can make polices and regulations to start new retail business in UK.

Tactical Decision- It is handled by middle level managers in XYZ Company. These employees design proper guideline to implement functionality twhich is made by top level directors in the firm.

Operative Decision- It is managed by lower level managers in the organisation like division in charge (Burström and Wilson, 2014). Mainly, work of operational leader is conducting of schedule for day to day jobs and makes strategy for selling and buying product in XYZ firm.

Information & knowledge to make the decisions

Organisation is needed many information regarding customer, competitors, suppliers as well as location for opening of store in the United Kingdom. It is required for XYZ to get knowledge about the needs, taste and lifestyle of customers. This type of data helps organisation to make new product in the retail market. Enterprise also needs information like selling of its materials, strategies and promotional schemes of its rivals in the specific business (Massingham, 2014). This process helps XYZ to make its counter plan to start new business in the retail market. Company needs information regarding the list of best suppliers in the United Kingdom. These vendors aid firm to supply good raw materials in fewer prices. This thing also helps company to earn good profit in the market.

Internal and external sources of information

Internal and external sources of information give better knowledge which aid firm to establish new retail business in the country.

Internal Sources

HRIS (Human Resources Information System)- This approach provides knowledge about the problems related to new product development in XYZ (Ballester, Navarro and Sicilia, 2012). Staff members of enterprise also suggest new ideas and concepts to solve these complexities.

External Sources

Market Research- It plays an important role in XYZ to know about the demand of consumers exist in the market. It helps to find out information regarding the customer’s requirements, trends and lifestyle in order to develop new strategies.

Suppliers- Vendors also aid organisation to show various quality of raw material. This type of information contributes an effective role to develop effective product in the retail market of UK (Halbesleben, Cox and Hall, 2011).

Methods used in selection and analysis

There are many improvements in these methods for selection and analysis of information which is needed for business initiation in the UK. Organisation can get optimistic knowledge very fastly with the help of new approaches.

Organisation can use brainstorming and face to face interaction process for its employees. Former process can help XYZ firm to find out better information from employees. Personal meeting also aids enterprise to know about views and opinions of staff members regarding the starting of new business in UK (Mazzei, 2014). This process greatly improves the selection and analysis of information to initiate new retail store in the city.

XYZ can improve the efficiency of external sources through adopting the method of market research. Corporation can conduct E-survey and sampling method by sending questionnaires to consumers with the help of mails which can provide effective results to the company by taking feedback from them (Saorín and Martínez-López, 2013). This process also saves many expenses of organisation which were occurred before doing market research.

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Stakeholders for the decision making process

Stakeholders play an important role in the decision making process of the company. Mainly, it includes customers, suppliers, investors, government as well as employees which help organisation to make any type of plan. XYZ can contact customers through mobile phones and messages for the decision making process in order to develop new retail store in the specific cities. Organisation can communicate with vendors through meetings and phones for making any kind of plan to start new retail business in the UK (Dasgupta, Suar and Singh, 2014). Company can connect shareholders through meetings, letters and emails to initiation of fresh store in the country. Generally firm can organize meeting for their investors in a particular location of UK. XYZ can contact government through using memos and letters for taking support of them in establishing new business.

Methods utilized to make a business relationship

Optimal relationship with stakeholders helps organisation to establish business effectively in the country. Generally corporation can make good relationship with consumers through solving their queries by phone, giving proper warranty and organizing meeting annually. This process helps firm to establish new retail business in the country. XYZ can maintain better relationship with suppliers by providing timely payments and describing proper product quality for buying. This approach creates good image of enterprise in front of vendors (Fox, Ehlen and Purver, 2011). It boosts good relationship with them in the nation. Organisation can develop optimistic relationship with shareholders by rendering proper dividends in time and increasing its performance which leads to enhance the market share.. It also compels investors to invest more money on the Company. Enterprise can make good relation with government through providing timely taxes and tariffs as well as following proper rules and regulation of the nation.

Strategies to associate the people in decision making

There are many identified people in the decision making process for making price and location strategies at the time of starting new retail business in the United Kingdom. XYZ can associate consumers in this process through asking their opinions and taking feedback regarding products. Firm can also take various views of customers regarding the pricing strategies of commodities in the specific cities (Berry, 2014). Organisation can also involve government in this procedure by taking rule and regulations , This way, firm can decide optimal price range to sell its retail products in market. Management of XYZ can also associate legal authorities in decision making process to take data regarding the density of population in the particular cities. This type of information helps firm to open new store in specific metropolitan area of United Kingdom.

Represent strategy for future improvements

Future improvements of XYZ enterprise can help to improve its strategies in the nation. Organisation can develop better relationship with their customers through using the system of Customer relationship management (CRM). This tool greatly helps corporation to save proper data regarding the queries and complaints of customers. This process can improve relationship by fulfilling their needs in the UK. Management of XYZ firm can change strategies regarding their suppliers (Hollensen, 2015). Organisation can use video conferencing method instead of organizing specific meeting on the particular date. This process saves time of both parties. It provides same results in decision making procedures. XYZ can improve relationship with government by conducting proper meeting with their officials at fixed place. It aids enterprise to make effective strategies to start new retail business.

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Present processes & communication procedures

Existing process of communication in Small Political Activist was horizontal top down communication. This process was so disturbed in the organisation due to high work pressure of managers in their work. Employees of corporation did not understand proper work due to lack of information and assistance. This thing was increasing work load in the firm. It was also leading the frustration in the work (Kramer, 2014). This way, communication among volunteers had been disturbed in Small Political Activist. Work of employees were not completing on time in the corporation.

There are many communication processes such as Circular and two way interaction process which are available for Small Political Activist. In the Circular approach, a circle is created in between sender, channel, receiver and feedback. According to the two way process, sender sends massages by few intermediary channels (Moran, Abramson and Moran, 2014). Receivers of that information automatically give response to the transmitter by using feedback. It is an effective process for communication among volunteers and supervisor in the organisation. It helps firm to achieve its goals and objectives in an effective manner.

Plan to improve the appropriateness

There are many things needs to be improved in the communication process of Small Political Activist in the United Kingdom.

Circular Communication Process Two way communication
It makes circle by completing its all phases in the firm. It transfers data from source to destination with acknowledgement of information in the company.
It is an open service for all volunteers and supervisor. This is provides one to one and one to many communication among the employees in the organization.
It is utilized to send access general information in the company. This is used for transferring general and secure messages in the enterprise.
It is faster process to send message to the employees. It is slightly slower than circular process.
It reduces time of interaction among the volunteers and supervisors in the firm. It is time consuming due to availability of more security protocols.
It does not give any type of information safety in the enterprise. It provides full security regarding sending data in the organisation.

As per the comparison, two way communication process is the best for small political organisation in the United Kingdom because it contains maximum features as compare to Circular process. It also reduces problem available in the existing communication process of Small Political Activist. Volunteers can contact their supervisor easily through proper mail service in the firm (Frenz, 2015). They can also organize meeting in the company by intimating all persons with the aid of two way process. In addition, they can also share various files like video, audio and text in the firm. It provides full security regarding messages of employees with the help of encoding and decoding process in the enterprise. It also offers one to one and one to many services in the company. With the help of this technique, employees of Small Political Activist can also transmit single and multiple messages to various staff members as well as managers.

Integration system of communication

Generally, integration of system provides full reliability in the organization regarding communication. It also gives proper acknowledgement of receiving message to the transmitter in the enterprise. This process provides full surety of successful transaction in the Small Political Activist. Various department of volunteers and supervisor can talk very reliably and speedy in the firm (Mikes, 2015). This process also helps organisation to take any type of decision-making. Staff members of enterprise can share their complexities regarding project very smoothly. This way, all divisions of the firm are interlinked in one system which increases the efficiency and performance of the company.

Plan to improve own communication skills

Generally, my personal plan helps me to improve my communication skills in the corporation. It is represented below in the table.

Skills Present Situation Improvement Time Scale in (Month)
Being a good listener Presently, I just hear views of my manager in the firm. I do not hear any queries of my volunteers in the Small Political Activist (Spaho, 2012). Now, I have to listen opinions and complaints of my staff members in the company. This way, I can improve my listening skills more in the organisation. 1 Month
Proper Body language Currently, My skill is normal in the company. Sometimes, I hesitate to say my opinions and ideas in front of the management of Small Political Activist. I have to work with other volunteer’s supervisor in the company. I have to remove hesitation in the meeting in order to enhance the level of& confidence. 2 Months
Cognitive In the present situation, I am not able to express my thoughts in front of my seniors in the Small Political Activist (McEwan, 2015). I have to increase my ability of face to face interaction in the meeting with the help of proper concentration on the subject of meeting. 2 Months

Identify existing approaches

Existing approaches to collection, formatting, storage and disseminating of information as well as knowledge was not good in the firm due to availability of older techniques.

Collection- Mainly, file management system is used in the Small Political Activist. This thing creates so much data redundancy and inconsistency in the organisation. As result, it was lead repetition of work in the company (Bar-Ilan, 2011). It consumed so much time in the enterprise regarding project which produces many type of complexities among volunteers.

Storage- Generally, organisation used physical storage system like rack store of manual files in the room. This process was increasing the cost maintenance for the company. There was one more issue in the firm. Any unauthorised user can steal information and knowledge from Small political activist.

Formatting- Enterprise used various tools for formatting of data. Corporation utilized MS word and excel for the data formation (Lee and Desai, 2014). Company used MS power point for data representation.

Dissemination- Management of enterprise organized meeting for its consumers and suppliers monthly as well as annually at specific location. In that time, organisation had limited resources like post and couriers to contact them.

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Recommend improvements for the organisation

Recommend improvement help Small Political Activist to adopt new approaches for the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge.

Collection- Generally organisation can utilize Enterprise resources planning (ERP) for the collection of data. It is a fast process as comparison of file management system. It eliminates data redundancy and inconsistency in the firm (Hughes and Kesting, 2014). So volunteers of Small Political Activist can do their work very fast. This approach directly increases the efficiency and performance of employees in the organisation.

Storage and Formatting- Small Political Activist can use data base management system (DBMS) for the storage of information and knowledge as digital data. Servers can store large amount of data in the organisation. Volunteers of organisation can extract fast information as comparison of physical rack system. No one unauthorised user can use these data without entering user and password in the system. This approach provides higher security as comparison of physical rack system. Generally Small Political Activist uses same tools for data formatting which it has utilized for various existing operations. Company uses MS Word and Excel for data formation. Further, Power Point is used for the data representation in the enterprise.

Dissemination- Management of Small Political Activist can manage meeting with their suppliers and customers through intimating mails, phones, advertisement on social media (Facebook and Twitter) as well as letters (Fuchs, 2011). Now enterprise has large amount of tools to contact with its stakeholders in country as comparison of previous time.

Methods for corporation improvement

There are many methods in the corporation which can improve its access to system of information. It is described as follows:

Generally Small Political Activist can connect the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) with cloud computing or big data (Snyde and Partridge, 2013). This way, organisation can improve its previous methods. There are many cloud tools in the market. Firm can access its data remotely in the any cities of United Kingdom with the help of these approaches. By using this method, organization can save many expenses like purchasing of IT equipment like new data servers, installation updated security protocols as per the rules and regulation of nation, maintenance and repair charges of bought instrument as well as salaries of many IT experts. In addition to this, it also requires training of volunteers and supervisor which is included as expenses of Small Political Activist (Bronn, 2014). This way, corporation can save much expenditure by using ERP technique. Mainly cloud computing tools require minimum charge for hiring its services for the company. Firm has to pay yearly or monthly rental charge which is lesser than data base servers cost in the UK. This approach also provides full security regarding the safety of company data. In this way, organisation can do its various operations in an appropriate manner.

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From the above report, it is found that various decisions like strategic, tactical and operational help XYZ Company to open its new business in the United Kingdom. Stakeholders are providing huge aid to analyse information from the market. In an addition, they are contributing an effective role to take decision regarding to develop new retail store in the city. Suggested methods are helping corporation to do its work very fast regarding the analysis of information for the new business set up in the United Kingdom. It can be concluded that two way communication is providing huge reliability to the Small Political Activist in the United Kingdom. Further, suggested methods are giving advantages to the company regarding the collection, storage, formatting as well as disseminating of information and knowledge.


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