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Case Study on Luxary Fashion Brand

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World is becoming globalized with each coming day and it is creating several issues for business firms in these days. They are facing huge competition due to the presence of various fashion brands within country. Marketing orientation can be defined as a business model which mainly focuses on identifying and meeting the hidden needs of customers along with delivering them products according to these needs (Kotler and Keller, 2006). Within this same viewpoint, the present study is taken into consideration which helps in identifying the role of marketing orientation in achieving the strategic goals of company. It is all about the quickness in responding to market input in order to attain higher competitive advantage.

Company’s Overview

In this present report, Burberry is taken into consideration which is British Luxury fashion house. This brand was founded by Thomas Burberry in the year of 1856 and his main focus was to create outwear that would expand the boundaries. With a large global business brand, Burberry has now become a leading clothing luxury brand. It is well known for its integrity of the outwear depending in the principles of quality. Mission statement of company is to maintain integrity and vitality of their brand (Kempster, 2013). They also believe in developing business in every possible global market. On the other hand, vision statement of Burberry presents as “They want to become the first company who is fully digital and to build a social enterprise”.

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There is huge competition within fashion industry due to changing needs and demands of customers. Some of the major competitors of Burberry are Gucci, Prada etc. Both the cited firms are average in responding towards the market input (Hollensen, 2015). Further, Burberry is creating “Innovative functional outwear” and going through the appropriate marketing for the same.

Main Body

Marketing is one of the most crucial processes of any organization as it helps in enhancing the customer base of business. It is a management process by which products and services are transferred from the concept to customers. It is highly related with the promotion and selling of a particular product on the basis of various marketing techniques (Mohana, 2003). Marketing orientation is known as an important business model which involves monitoring of different competitors actions as well as their effects on the consumer’s preferences. It determines that company needs to go through the strategies of all its competitors so that they can develop better strategies. In order to find success, it is highly essential for company to use appropriate market orientation so that they can reach towards their common goals (Köhler and Logemann, 2016).

Implementation of marketing orientation in Burberry

Burberry is one of the top most brands of fashion industry with having its strong international recognition as well as differentiating brand values. This company may be a house of heritage and pride but nowadays, it is forefront of innovation in fashion industry.

Burberry is a market oriented firm which always looks for new and innovative ideas through which they can make their customer’s shopping experience memorable. Providing effective services to the customers and make them loyal towards brand can define as a biggest achievement for company (Kotler, 2012). Organization has become one of the best retailers by providing its entire product to customers online. It makes their shopping experience worthy and attracts huge base of customers from all around the world. Appropriate marketing orientation is one of the most effective ways which helps company in achieving all its strategic goals effectively. Any of the marketing oriented firm is highly responsible for looking at the consumer’s wants and creating better customer value. Burberry’s online fashion outlet follows marketing orientation by quickly resolving all the queries of customers and providing them high quality delivery services (Ogunmokun, 2014).

Quick delivery services can be define as the most effective way through which customer value can be enhanced. For the same, the store of Burberry displays all the fashion shows on a large screen to the invited audience. Company mainly focuses on 3 major categories such as Brand, Business, and Culture. In this, brand refers to the Burberry’s focus on its heritage as well as reinventing concepts. On the other hand, business strategies revolve around the technological innovations. It includes effective digital marketing innovations as well as innovative product designs (Fillis, 2010). It is the most effective way which helps company in going through the consistent performance in an effective way.

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Strategic goals of Burberry

Burberry sets their cultures basically by using three words i.e. protect, explore and inspire (Kotler and, 2016). Company is highly focused on following creativity so that customer’s desires can be effectively fulfilled. Further, it is being clearly stated that with the help of appropriate implementation of marketing orientation, company is able to achieve its set strategic goals.

Strategic goal of Burberry is to create appropriate awareness and gain customer loyalty for the same (Doole and Lowe, 2006). In this regards, it is highly essential for company to make sure that their entire brand is represented visually to the target audience. One of the set strategic goals of company is to improve the overall percentage of sales both locally and internationally. It can be easily done and effectively attained through timely, intelligent and cost-aware allocation of resources. Moreover, it can be determined that one of the best and most effective ways for enhancing customer loyalty is just to deliver them quality services.

According to Griseri (2013) marketing orientation is all about when firm gives priority to customer’s preference at all level. By filling and satisfying their needs, it is easier to make them aware about their brand and retain them. Burberry usually sees its customers as per their top most priority and develops all its fashionable products as per the changing desires of customers. Company wants to satisfy all its customers at various level and always researches on what customer wants and desires for.

Actions that could be put in place to introduce or further embed a marketing orientation into Burberry

There are mainly 5 types of marketing orientation which they need to take into consideration in order to introduce effective marketing orientation within the organization. This concept is as follows:
The production concept: When it comes to production of good in large quantities production concept need to be taken into consideration (Heding and, 2008). Burberry believes that customers will buy those products that are easily available in the market. At the time of production concept availability of products also matters. Burberry usually kept limited stock with them and on the basis of appropriate orders they call the designers to avail that stock. On the basis of availability of products customers will directly buy that product.

The product concept

With the help of taking it into Consideration Company can easily identify that quality products will make sales. They are putting all the efforts in order to create quality product (Philip, 2016). With the help of this, Burberry can easily enhance the level of customer satisfaction. They can also put the performance of a product into consideration. Further, it can be stated that it is highly essential to not the consumer respond so that appropriate services can be provided to them (Svensson, 2001).

The selling concept

It is highly essential for Burberry to put in place with more effective strategies and justification. Customers will only buy the products of company if company is able to sell them with appropriate quality concepts. Here, at this time of selling it is highly not required to meet the needs of customers but the only thing which is required is the sales effort and product is expected to sell (Judge and Robbins, 2015).

The marketing concept

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Here, company need to identify its target customerson the basis of their products and selling concepts. By identifying the needs and demands of target Customers Company can easily keep them satisfy. For the same, it is also essential to create awareness about the product and service (Luck, 2008). All promotion is focused on the target market and believes in raising profit margin through high customer satisfaction.

The societal marketing concept

It follows in line with the marketing concept but it takes if further. Promotion for the product needs to be taken into consideration so that customers’ needs can be fulfilled. Burberry needs to go through the appropriate analysis of its competitor’s strategy timely and see what they are offering (Du Preez and Bendixen, 2015). It is the most effective way through which company can determine the right product to create for their target market.

In order to embed effective marketing orientation into Burberry there are several steps which could be taken into consideration such as:

Benefits associated with market orientation

With the help of setting most effective technique for market orientation it can be determine that there are various benefits associated with the same. It can be determine that company can easily respond towards the demand of their customers (Ogunmokun, 2014). By setting effective and appropriate strategies for orientation company can satisfy the needs and demands of their customers.

One of the best benefits associated with better marketing orientation is that company is easily build better customer values. It allows them increasing customer loyalty towards their brand and developing repeat customer value and purchase. Brand loyalty is considered as a most effective advantage within the market area. Burberry can make their customer’s needs as their primary focus and they will more likely to develop their products on the basis of needs and demands of customers. It provides more focused production to company and effectively implemented to attain higher market share (Luck, 2008). In addition to this, it can be stated that company can set all their functions aligned with the strategic vision of meeting the needs of customer. Through this technique, marketers can easily perform all their tasks appropriately and maintain their sales. Consistently understanding and delivering what the marketplace wants leads to long term profitability. In this respect, it can be define that Burberry can easily enhance their sales margin and profitability with the help of satisfying the needs of customers. In this regards, it can be stated that with the help of effectively introducing marketing orientation Burberry will leads to enhance its profit as well as sales margin (Viio and Grönroos, 2015). These benefits are highly associated with the better selling and production concept as per the needs and demands of customers.


From the above study it has been concluded that Marketing Orientation is one of the most effective type of business philosophy which gives emphasis on customer’s satisfaction first. With the help of taking appropriate actions to introduce marketing orientation and focusing on all the concepts Burberry can easily satisfy the needs of their customers. It helps them in making long term profitability by going through the more focused production.

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Moreover, it has been recommended that there must be an appropriate link between product and market. Burberry requires selecting their product on the basis of needs and demands of products. However, there are rapid changes in the fashion needs and demands of customers. They are becoming trendier day by day and changing their fashion status as well. For the same, Burberry requires effective marketing orientation process in order to fulfil the needs and demands of their customers. Moreover, it can be determined that Burberry is a market oriented firm which always go through the latest ideas and innovation thoughts by which they can make their customer’s shopping experience memorable. Further, as per the changing demand it is highly essential to go through the proper market research so that effective product can be developed.


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