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Why Project Research is Required ?

According to Davidson (2003) one of the most important parts of any organization are their consumers. They are the key player of any company through which firms can expand their market share and easily enhance their profit margin. One of the most crucial tasks for any firm is to provide high quality services to their customers. It helps them in gaining customer loyalty and making them repeat purchasers of their firm.

Hernon and Whitman (2001) stated that hospitality industries are the fastest growing industry where needs and demands of customers are increasing day by day. People are highly inclined towards the leisure services in which they can spend their holidays as well as business trips with full and advanced quality services. A strong customer service is a valuable asset in today’s high tech oriented as well as increasingly impersonal business world.

According to Angoujard (2005) good customer service is the lifeblood of hospitality firms and they can easily attract huge base of customers on the basis of delivering quality services. Further, this dissertation help report is based on the case study of Hilton hotel which is an international chain of full service hotels and resorts.

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They are providing both business travel and leisure travel with major locations as well as major city centres. Hilton branded hotels across the world in 78 countries across six major continents. They are providing luxury leisure services to their customers and attract them by delivering quality services. Further, this study clearly presents the impact of delivering quality services on the brand loyalty of company (Noone, Namasivayam and Tomlinson, 2010). Organizations can easily enhance their target market and maintain their positive brand image in the mind-set of customers by providing them appropriate and high quality services.

Importance of the Study

The present study is important from the perspective of current issues affecting the customer perception towards the hospitality firm. It is the vast area of research and major issue faced by hospitality firms nowadays.

All those companies who are aware with the common mistakes which might appear and avoid them, they are able to strengthen their position within this competitive environment. Today’s customers are seeking and expecting value for money from the organization.

Further, it is quite important for organizations to take several quality measures in order to maintain their brand loyalty and attract more number of customers. With the help of this, they can easily enhance their profit margin as well as their market share.

Literature Review

This is the most important sections of any research in which researcher can carry out different viewpoints of several authors about the given subject matter. There are several past studies on the basis of which different information can be gathered. Further, this section helps in fulfilling the prevailing gaps of the past studies.

Service Quality

According to Farner, Luthans and Sommer (2001) a service is an economic activity of any organization by which they can provide benefits and create value for their customers at a specific period of time. It is the most crucial factors of any firm by which organizations are ready to provide desired services to their customers. However, being able to satisfy the needs and desired that reflects the value of the product as well as services to the customers highly includes the economic value, safety as well as reliability.

Due to this, it can be determine that the bottom line of the business success can be highly affected by the customer evaluation of service quality and the resulting level of satisfaction (Babin and et. al, 2005). Moreover, it is being stated that customers will judge the quality as “low” if performance does not meet their expectations and quality as “high” when performance exceeds expectations.

Mok, Sparks and Kadampully (2013) stated that there are various ways through which companies can measure their service quality. These factors are assurance, reliability, tangibility, empathy and responsiveness. Further, it can be determine that service quality perceives several factors which must be followed by company.

Concept & Significance of Delivery Quality Services

According to Zeithaml (2010) no enterprise succeeds without attracting, building and keeping their loyal customers with them. It is the major concept due to which organizations need to retain and attract more number of customers. Nowadays it is becoming most important concern for organization to deliver quality services to their customers. However, no organization can make a good living without meeting the customer needs and demands (Berezina and, 2012). They need to keep their customers satisfied so that they can come up for the repeat purchasing as well.

Williams and Buswell (2003) stated that customer service is an organization’s ability to supply their customer’s wants and needs as well as excellent customer services within an organization. Moreover, it can be define that there is a huge importance of maintaining service quality within an organization. Further, it is being identified that companies are able to enhance their profit margin as well as maintaining their market share by the way of delivering high quality services.

According to Räisänen (2003) services are different in terms of how they are produced, consumed and evaluated. It is essential to measure and monitor the perceived service quality based on the consumer expectations as well. However, service quality totally depends on the consumer perception about the outcome of services. They must feel satisfied with the services of company as well as products.

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Giritlioglu, Jones and Avcikurt (2014) in his article stated that it is subjective field and depends on the own evaluation as well through which an individual can monitor the total quality of service. Within the area of hospitality most of the people attend several conferences and seminars and take the accommodation services of different hotels. They are the one who can develop their mind set as per the services of company and go through the service quality evaluations as well (Swan, Bowers and Grover, 2002). It clearly defines that service should be approached from the customer point of view and gives rating to organizations. It is the best way through which they try to maintain their performance by taking several quality measures.

Maxwell, McDougall and Blair (2000) in his article determine that service quality perception results from a comparison of what was expected to what was received. However, most of the time consumers suffered from high disappointment as their expectations was quite high. Further, it can be define that companies should try to adopt various strategies by which they can win the satisfaction level of customers. Presbury, Fitzgerald and Chapman (2005) defines that it’s actually the performance that what customers buy and something that what they expected.

Within this are of field, it can be define that cultural differences play a most important role by which various hospitality industries can easily understand the differences in the preferences between travellers.

According to Räisänen (2003) there is a difference between Asian as well as Western traveller such as: Asian travellers are not like to spend so much leisure activities whether Western travellers would like to spend on such activities. Western consumers likes to spend more of their budget on accommodation whether Asian traveller are defines as a short haul customers and spend more on their budget on shopping rather than accommodation. At the time of considering quality factors western travellers is most likely to spend on the room quality as they consider it as a most influential factor Noone, Namasivayam and Tomlinson, 2010). It is the only way which determines the overall satisfaction level of customers.
Different hotel and resorts are trying to maintain their accommodation services of top quality. Therefore, Hilton group is considering all those factors through which they are able to maintain and improve the quality of hotel rooms as well (Giritlioglu, Jones and Avcikurt, 2014). It includes all the resources such as room set-up, cleanliness, quietness, and room temperature control etc. However, companies are going through this cultural change and mentality of customers and try to provide them services as per their requirements.
According to Kandampully and Suhartanto (2000) by analysing the various perception of different service quality it can be determine all those strategies which hoteliers need to develop in order to meet the needs of each specific segment more effectively. Any of the best hotel managers are more likely to respond towards the demand of customers once they understood the desires of their consumers (Maxwell, McDougall and Blair, 2000). They can go through the better strategies through which they can target both Asian and Western traveller.

By taking several measures hotelier are able to provide quality services to their guests as per their requirements. Milakovich (2005) defines that there are some of the most common variable which includes staff reliability, competence, credibility, courtesy and responsiveness to customers. By going through all these measures service staff of hospitality industry is able to present quality services to their customers. It helps them in maintaining brand loyalty among customers and motivates them to come up for the repeat purchase. According to Davidson (2003) brand loyalty is a major concern which can be determine as a most effective factor that must be maintained by various firms (Nadiri and Hussain, 2005). By achieving brand loyalty companies can enhance their profit margin and increase their customer base as well.

Somewhere, hospitality and service staff reliability relates to the consistency in the performance of tasks. Further, it can be define as a most important measure by which hotels can maintain accuracy in billing and also in record keeping (Williams and Buswell, 2003). This is the most advanced feature which attracts number of customers towards the hospitality services of company.

One of the best ways to enhance the brand loyalty is to go with the politeness and respect. It is essential to give proper respect to all the guests and resolve all their queries in an effective way. It gives a positive impression to the customers. This whole discussion clearly represents the importance of service quality within the hospitality industry as well.

Service Quality Measurement

In order to attain substantial growth in hospitality industry, firms are required to provide qualitative services to their customers. In accordance with the view point of Zeithaml, (2010) quality of service in hospitality industry is vital factor for the success. By considering current trend to hospitality industry in UK, it can be noticed that qualitative services provides competitive advantage to the organization. In this aspect, Räisänen (2003) had stated that service quality is indispensable if organization aims to understand the genesis of service quality and potential gaps in quality.

According to the study of Noone, Namasivayam and Tomlinson (2010) hospitality firms are required to take feedback from their customers on their services in regular time interval. In this manner they will be able to make modification in their services in accordance with the needs and desires of the customers. This aspect will also assist them in enhancement of level of customer satisfaction. As per the view point of Mok, Sparks and Kadampully (2013) responsiveness of organization is vital factor for the service quality. For this aspect, staff members of hospitality firm should be attentive and reliable. Employees should be willful to help customers.

Hernon and Whitman (2001) had stated that competence is another crucial factor for the service quality. It is because; competence is directly linked to the possession of skills and knowledge for the performance. Management team of hospitality firm will have competitive advantage if they will have competent employees. In this aspect, Milakovich (2005) had stated that recruited individuals should be groomed up so they can perform in accordance with the standard of the company. Further, employed staff should be credible so organization can rely on them for qualitative services.

Courtesy in hospitality industry can be referred to the skills of friendliness of individual and owners. These skills assist in resolving query of the customers. According to the study of Nadiri and Hussain (2005) services of hospitality organization is considered to be effective if staff strives to solve the core issue in workplace instead of finding excuses avoiding troubles. By taking these measures' hotelier are able to provide quality services to their guests in accordance with their needs and expectations.

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Research Methodology


This section is developed for gaining insight about the research methods so that study can be conducted in desired manner. It certainly helps the researcher in doing the research without getting deviate from the ultimate objectives. Also, it supports in setting path from which corrective measures can be taken if problem persists (Gratton and Jones, 2010). Areas covered in this section are research approach, philosophy, design, data collection, sampling and data analysis.

Research Approach

Approach refers to the mode through which research can be conducted. In this regard, researcher can either apply inductive or deductive approach for conducting the study. Inductive research initiates with data collection and ends with development of theory that can be applied in any context. On the other hand, theory is reviewed once and then hypothesis is developed to check whether reviewed theory applies or not in particular context (Saunders and, 2011). Considering this as key difference, inductive approach is applied in present research so that specific data can be collected from the managers and customers of Hilton.

This is so applied because this approach helps in gaining insight about the service delivery, based on which impact on brand loyalty can be assessed. Here, data is collected and then interpreted to develop theory whether service delivery make is associated with service delivery or not (Bowling, 2014). However, deductive approach is not applied because it certainly confines the research to one specific theory from which key findings is not attained.

Research Philosophy

Philosophy refers to the viewpoint of researcher towards the study with respect to its acceptability and applicability. In other words, research philosophy denotes the mind set of researcher that whether the study conduct by him/her is applicable in general context or not. In this regard, interpretivism and positivism are two research philosophies that can be taken into account. Interpretivism involves interpreting the responses of research participant whereas positivism reflects applying quantitative measures in order to display fact as it exist. In present research, interpretivism philosophy is applied in which data collected from customers and managers of cited company is interpret and evaluated based on literature (LoBiondo-Wood and Haber, 2014). This is so applied because with the help of it, actual impact of service delivery on brad loyalty can be assessed. Another rationale behind applying this philosophy is that brand loyalty cannot be measured in quantifiable term and therefore interpretivism philosophy is applied. Through this, actual impact is able to assess that helped in addressing each of the research questions. Also, it supported in evaluating past and collected data based on which appropriate conclusion is developed (Fowler, 2013).

Research Design

Design refers to blueprint of the research study in which decision regarding each and every research tools is made prior initiating the study. In this regard, exploratory, descriptive, causal, case study and experiment are some of the design that can be applied to conduct the study. Since, present research focuses on analysing the impact of service delivery on brand loyalty, therefore descriptive design is incorporated. With this, investigator is able to describe the impact in detail by reviewing responses of different sample (Bryman and Bell, 2015). Based on it, in-depth knowledge will be attained in which actual factors will also be assessed that helps in boosting the brand loyalty. Through this, researcher can develop theory out of this research that can be applied in other context as well. Further, other designs are not applied because exploratory study stick to one aspect only and case study confines the research. Also, deductive aids in gaining detailed information which is been required to attain the objectives (Given, 2008). Additionally, it supports in gaining information about the factors that are not affecting brand loyalty through which company can develop sound strategy.

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Data Collection

For any research, it is required to collect the data so that same can be analysed and evaluated for attaining results out of it. In this context, data can be collected from primary and secondary sources which certainly aids in achieving the research objectives. In present study, data has been collected from both the sources so that required set of information can be attained through it. In this regard, primary data has been collected from top managers and customers of the Hilton. Here, managers have been interviewed on semi structured questions that helps in gaining necessary information from their side. It plays a crucial role in identifying whether brand loyalty gets attained from quality service delivery or not. In addition to it, response of customers is of utmost requirement without which this research is incomplete (Bryman, 2012). This is the scenario because service delivery affects the perception of customer only and same is required to know whether they will make repeat purchase or not.

In this context, data are collected from the customers of the hotel so that sound conclusion can be developed. In this regard, set structured questionnaire is developed in which close ended questions are been involved that helped in recording actual responses of the customers. In this, questions included multiple choice, Likert scale and rating which help in recording the data in desired manner. This also assists in analysing the responses in desired manner from which effectual conclusion is developed.

In addition to it, data is collected from secondary source as well in which data is collected from books, journals, online articles, magazines, websites and other related content. These have been reviewed as it aids in gaining contextual information with regards to subject matter from which research can be conduct in effectual manner (Pickard, 2012). Also, it act as a base from which researcher is able to identify the factors that needs to be involved in the study.


It is essential to gain information from confined number of samples out of population so that they can able to collect the information in desired manner. Also, collecting data includes cost, time and efforts which are constraints to research and hence it is required to collect the same from small number of population. This aids in completing the research in effectual manner. In this regard, probabilistic and non-probabilistic are two sets of sampling technique that can be incorporate for conducting the study. In this regard, customers have been selected through probabilistic sampling technique in which systematic sampling is applied. Under this, 1000 contacts have been identified from the fan page of Hilton, UK. It is determined that 50 samples will be requiring to collect and therefore every 20th (N/2) contact has been contacted through email in order to send the questionnaire. This helps in gaining actual information about the research topic that aids in developing sound and appropriate conclusion (Green, Camilli and Elmore, 2012).

In addition to it, non-probabilistic technique is engaged with respect to select managers of the company. In this, 3 managers of the Hilton are selected as a sample by incorporating convenient sampling. This has helped in gaining necessary inputs which supported in gaining actual results. Through this, better and comparative analysis is able to make which helped in attaining the research objectives in desired manner.

Data Analysis

Once the data is collected from sample, it is required to analyse the same in order to develop conclusion out of it. In this context, qualitative and quantitative are two sets of techniques that can be engaged for developing results from raw data. In this context, present report has engaged qualitative measures for analysing and evaluating the data that attained from customers and managers of the company (Smith, 2015). In this regard, thematic method is incorporated for analysing the results in which different themes are developed based on the questionnaire. With these, interpretation of the data can be made and hence ultimate objectives can be attained. In addition to it, graphical representation of data is also made in order to display the information that attained from customers.

Responses of Managers

Hilton can enhance their customer base by the way of providing quality services to their customers.

When manager of Hilton have been asked about the factor through which they can attract more number of customers then they have stated that these are the quality factors. On the basis of high quality they can attract and retain more number of customers. They have clearly defined that they can enhance their customer base and retain them on the basis of quality factor.

Manager of Hilton responds and defines that their whole brand loyalty depends on the customer satisfaction. Quality service is the major factor by which they can maintain their customer base and enhance their brand loyalty in front of them. Manager of Hilton stated that they always use to provide quality services to their customers in order to retain them. It helps them in maintaining good rating of their hotel and makes their consumers loyal towards their hotel.

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From the above research it has been concluded that hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industry and they are try to adopting several strategies through which they can provide high quality services to their customers. Due to these factors, most of the hospitality firms are taking several measures such as consistent as well as reliable services and responsiveness towards the customer’s expectations. These are the major factors which must be taken into consideration and helps in attracting huge base of customers. It has been articulated that service quality is having direct impact on the brand loyalty of company as customers do not make repeat purchase and do not use the repetitive services of same hotel due to their poor experience. Further, quality factor matters a lot and companies need to maintain this factor in order to enhance the level of customer loyalty.


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