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Introduction to Travel Environment Customer Service

In retail travel environment customer service is very important part of any organization. Customer services are intangible and it is essential to rate these services in order to increase the performance of retail industry. Consumer care is a concept that can be tracked by taking several feedbacks from the customers. It is essential to know the importance of keeping customer happy. Satisfaction is very much important in retail travel industry there are several services that should be provided to their clients in order to satisfy them. There are certain risks also associated with these services.

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Retail travel business and travel management plays a significant role in today’s business. In today’s competitive world it is essential to adopt various strategies in order to gain high competitive advantage. Travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe. The government of United Kingdom has adopted various marketing strategies in order to promote their services. For the UK growth travel and tourism is considered one of the key industries. In today’s business tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. Current structure of retail travel and business travel organization is one of the major strategies for growth of UK. The government of United Kingdom presented most prominent marketing campaign. The GREAT crusade is promoted with the aim of endorsing inbound and domestic tourism. There is several advertising campaign that were launched worldwide. For hampering inbound tourism UK visa system has been criticized (Donohue, 2007). The business travel organizations can be measured by its size, location and legal industry. They need to provide several services to their passengers in order to increase their market rate and growing tourism business. Government has been criticized for raising air passenger duty (APD). It will be expected to produce negative effect on tourism. The foreign tourists who are travelling to the UK can be heavily condemned by the increasing VAT duty from 17.5% to 20%. Travel organizations are always tried to attract more tourists in order to grow their business. It increases more competition among all the travel industries. Despite the government efforts to attract more tourists as well as the queen’s diamond jubilee and London’s hosting of Olympic Games etc. These all are the domestic inbound and outbound tourism that was much more stable in the comparison of 2012. The economic outlook remains highly uncertain in the UK which negatively the current economy system of the UK.

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One of the major features which define the current structure of retail travel and business of UK is its online sales. It increases the growth rate of their businesses. Consumers are using internet to search the information about various travel and tourism places (Oliver and Dale, 2005). They can search for all the travel information and large number of people book online holiday packages as well. It is one of the most important feature through which customers can easily find out several information and book their holiday packages. Travel organizations provide several offers to their customers in order to attract them. Online booking will continue to grow and are expected to account for the largest proportion of sales by 2017. High IT investment is necessary to improve consumer’s booking and online experience. It can be measured by the economic outlook conditions of the country. Retail and business travel organization in the UK is expanding their business by providing different services to their customers. Consumers are demanding value for money and for these industries are required to provide them cheapest deal. They can give them a revival of packages, various holiday packages as these offers provide peace of mind. Traveler knows that how much their holiday is going to cost (Marvell, 2005). Personalization is becoming major trend in the future as the digital era enables the massive collection that can be analyzed to provide tailor-made solutions.

The major effort for the organization of travel and tourism is to attract their customers with various services. There is several management duties involved in retail and business travel outlets with providing different services to different customers. Customer expectations and beliefs are high with the reference of the service delivery quality and various other services. They can major the performance of these industries by comparing their perception with evaluation of service quality and the knowledge about customers’ expectations. It is the major duty of the management to give value for money to their customers. It can be translated into choosing the cheapest deal. Tourism remains quite resilient to the economic downturn which is now entering its fifth year and it reduce the consumer confidence as well as its purchasing power. In hospitality business there have been significant implications for the management of operations in the retail sector (Duening and Click, 2004.). A customer always requires its location and price-value benefit which customer perceive.

There are mainly three types of travel retailer or travel agents:

Retail Travel Industry Condition : Current condition in retail travel industry may persist or change. These businesses are dominated by multiples and greater concentration of retail outlets. For the future trends it increased focus on business travel services and new services offered to counter the threat posed by internet. Guest always expected the place dependency. Hospitality operations are generally bound and system must be set up to ensure that all the services are available and delivered on time. It is the major responsibility of management team that all the services are delivered on time in order to keep happy their clients. It is very essential to make all the customers happy and feel them safe management team can adopt various different strategies through which they can provide value for money to their customers (Kapferer, 2008). To run retail and business travel outlets management first go through the need and wants of consumers. They are required to use highly evolving technologies as well as rapid communication between individual and organizations. The major responsibility of administration is to maintain their sales, production and consumption of service. Delivery of a tourism, hospitality and leisure service usually requires some degree of human contact. It can be defined that these human contact are the major part or they can be determined as human resource management. 

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Technological substitution : Some aspect of service delivery has become important in hotels as well as check-ins and check-outs at airports etc. Monitoring of different processes the attitude of all over staff can be measured by the human resource team. They will monitor the quality control over the tourism and all the hospitality and leisure services. There are various rules and regulations owned by the government of UK and all the organizations and business enterprises are required to follow all those legislations. In retail and travel organization it is the duty of their management team to follow all these rules. Bad product and bad service will lead to the negative effective on the consumers (Briggs, 2001). Manager should recruit various trained persons in their business to attempt to standardized services. They need to handle all the complaints of their customers. Clients may be dissatisfied somewhere with the services of organization with some aspect of what is provided. Management team of business travel outlets should provide various benefits to their clients and identify dissatisfied customers and handling their complaints effectively. They can include providing an opportunity to rectify mistakes or solve problems. They can also obtain valuable feedbacks from customers to better know the requirements of the customers. Handling complaints successfully can lead to increase their market share and grow their business.

Electronic Commerce Industry : Electronic Commerce can be described as the buying and selling of products which is conducted over electronic system. These systems can be computer network or internet etc. it is the vastly used technology in today’s global business (Schneider, 2012). Organizations can use supply chain management, mobile commerce, internet marketing, online transaction processing automated data collection system etc. These technologies can be used for improving the future trends in travel and tourism business. On traditional retail travel outlet e-commerce plays a significant role as it provides wider range of technologies such as e-mail, mobile phones, social media etc. Hospitality industry can grow their business with the use of these technologies as it can be serve through the World Wide Web. The gathering and use of demographic data can be done through web contacts and social media.

B2B Ecommerce : Electronic data interchange, the business-to-business exchange of data will help the business enterprises to getting success in the business. E-commerce retail has become the fastest growing trade sector. This is an effective and efficient way of communicating within an organization and one of the most effective and useful ways of conducting business. These technologies are very beneficial with respect to the future trends of the travel retailing sector. In current market context infrastructure, economic conditions, government policies all these are suitable with the business and industries can lead to the successful business (Reynolds, 2004). For future trend various services such as online booking and direct ticket booking and holiday packages booking can help the industries to getting success. Tradition travel and retail outlets are required to increases the profit and reputation of their hotels or business. They need to provide various different services with large expanding options such as internet marketing, online transactions etc. Business-to-business e-commerce has changed the cost and profit picture for companies worldwide. Current trend is expected to slow down compare to the review period as high IT investments. For future trends this sector required to improve their IT services and recruit well trained and experience candidates.  It will be necessary to improve consumers booking and online experience, which will be difficult to put in place given the overall economic outlook.

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