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Analysis of Tourist Destination

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Introduction to Tourist Destination

The main aim of the report is to provide details about tourism destinations in terms of different factors such as culture, social and physical features and also their popularity etc. Besides that, present study identified the tourist destinations current trends and characteristics of destinations which appeal tourists to visit the country (Baggio, Mottironi and Corigliano, 2011). Along with several advantages of tourism destinations, issues faced by tourism places are also explored in the report. In order to better understand the scope of UK and worldwide tourist destinations, different factors including income generated, visitor numbers and tourism statistics have been considered.

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Average Expenditure in UK

Within the European Union, the UK’s standard of living is high and it is significantly ahead of France, Italy and Spain. On the basis of comparison of visitor numbers (tourist arrivals) and income generators (tourist receipts) an analysis of UK with destinations of Asia and Europe can be done.

Rank Country International Tourist Arrivals (2014) International Tourist Arrivals (2013) Change 2013 to 2014 (%)
1 France 83.7 million 83.6 million .1
2 United States 74.8 million 70.0 million 6.8
3 Spain 65.0 million 60.7 million 7.1
4 China 55.6 million 55.7 million -.1
5 Italy 48.6 million 47.7 million 1.8
6 Turkey 39.8 million 37.8 million 5.3
7 Germany 33.0 million 31.5 million 4.6
8 United Kingdom 32.6 million 31.1 million 5.0
9 Russia 29.8 million 28.4 million 5.3
10 Mexico 29.1 million 24.2 million 20.5

From the given figure of International tourist arrivals, it is clear that as compared to 2013, number of tourist arrivals in 2014 was increased by 32.6 million. This report from online dissertation writing indicates that popularity of UK as a tourist destination is continuously enhancing day by day. Excellent global connectivity, living standards, health and education services are the major attraction of UK which magnetizes visitors to visit the country and spend their leisure time. From the critical comparison between UK and other tourism destinations including China and Mexico, it can be said that tourist arrivals in UK was high (32.6 million) as compared to Mexico (29.1 million) but it was low in the year 2014 as compared to China 55.6 million (Janson, 2015). In addition, British Museum, Flamingo Land in Yorkshire, cultural, technological, and archaeological achievements are the major tourist destination of UK. As per the statement provided by Hutchinson (2015), over 6.7 million visitors in the year 2013 visited British Museum and National Gallery which was the second most popular visiting place of UK.

Appealing Elements of UK France and India

Culture of UK: Culture of the UK is one of the important element which appeal visitors towards the different tourist destination of nation. It is observed that museums and galleries contribute to the major earning from cultural heritage tourism activities. These museums and galleries are visited by large number of domestic and global tourists including research scholars, students, etc. with an to conduct research in their respective domain. Other than these, cultural elements of UK includes theater, afternoon tea, shopping, outdoors and sports. There are the major endless cultural activities of UK for visitors to enjoy. Victoria and Albert Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, Natural History and British Museum are most famous museums which appeal visitors to visits different cultural destination of UK. Oxford Street such as H&M, Dorothy Perkins or Top Shop and Westfield City of London are also included in the major shopping centers also make up the appeal of different tourist destination of UK (English Culture, 2015).

Physical Element of France: Different physical features of France help in making up appeal of different tourist destination of France in visitor’s mind. Eiffel Tower is the most poplar tourist destination in the world. It has become the identity of the France throughout the globe. It is one of the highest paid monument of the country. In addition to this it is the tallest among all the structures in Paris. Thus it can be said that it the most appealing physical element of France. Apart from this, other elements include Rhine River, Pyrenees Mountains, Island of Corsica and Beaches at Normandy. These physical features of France make up the appeal of France in various business visitors. Including this, Alps Mountains, Mediterranean Sea, Pyrenees Mountains and Atlantic Coats are also play important role in increasing the appeal of tourism destination of France (Geographic Landmarks of France, 2015).

Cultural Features of India: There are different social features which make appeal of different tourist destination of India. These include different social groups such as regional, religious and national. These groups helps in meetings the needs and requirements of every visitors of nation which helps in developing strong association with them. Along with this, different societies of India focuses on sustainability development of nation. Including this, local and national government policies of India are also very favorable for visitors. So, all these social features helps in developing a good image in visitors mind. Therefore, this is the important element which make appeal of India in tourist minds.

Comparison of UK with Nepal

Popularity: As per the Ranks UK is more popular as compare to Nepal because its international tourism ranking is 6 and for Nepal it is 112the position.

Change in Visitor Numbers: Visitors numbers in UK has also increased year by year but in Nepal due to the earthquake in April 2015 number of visitors have decreased. Along with this, it has also shows the low income in tourism industry in future years.

Types of Visitor: UK is a developed country so it is popular in business and professional educational, medical, international and national visitors. But on the other hand, physical and cultural features of Nepal is more popular so, major types of visitors on this country are adventures, cultural and educational visitors (Martin and Woodside, 2011).

Change: Climate of Nepal changes very frequency as compare to UK so, it also affect the tourism industry of Nepal. It has been observed that people who are prone to health issues tend to reject tourist destinations that have frequent climatic changes. In addition to this, frequent changes in climate also affect the number of those travelers who prefer to visit the place to enjoy a particular season.

Product Life-Cycle: Product lifecycle of UK is short as compare to Nepal because it is a developed nation so, it also attract visitors highly as compare to developing countries.

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Characteristics of Tourist Destination

Economic Characteristics of UK: UK is the 6th Largest Economy in the world as per the GDP (Current prices). It is a strong economic member of EU (European Union) and OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). It has positive impact on appeal of tourism destination because strong economic positive play important role in increasing the spending of nations on tourism activities which help in attracting visitors towards different tour destination of UK. But, on the other hand, UK has faced the economic crisis in 2008 which affect whole tourism industry and economic position of the country. As UK is a part of EU so, government of nation ensures about the free movement of people, goods, services and capital within the members states. So, it also increases the number of visitors in UK. Labour force of UK is one of the major characteristics of UK economy. It has 20th largest labour force in world with 31.9 million workers. But on the other hand, unemployment is very high in UK which is 8.02%. It also affect the economic position of UK as well as it has negative impact on number of business and professional visitors (UK Economic Structure, 2013). Therefore, economic growth and development of UK play important role in tourist destination of whole nation.

Physical Characteristics of UK: Physical infrastructure of UK has developed by using latest technologies which improves improve attractiveness of buildings and structure. It helps in attracting international visitors. Major physical features of UK include highest mountain Ben Nevis, Longest River Sevem, Wales, Largest lake Lough Neagh, etc. All these are the geographical features of UK which attract international tourist. Including this, deepest lake Loch Morar, highest waterfall Eas a’Chual Aluinn are also considered as major tourist destinations of UK. In addition, deepest cave is also one of the important feature of UK which attract visitors. Therefore, all these physical attractions and tourist destinations help in increasing international visitors in UK (Kavin, 2010). Including this, UK has very strong transportation network and communication facilities which help visitors in travelling all tourist destination in little times. But, there are some tourist destinations which are in rural geographical areas. In these areas, visitors face different problems related to transportation and communication which have negative impacts on tourism. Along with this, UK is a developed economy so it provides all the necessary utilities to all international and national tourist which can satisfy their needs and requirements in effective manner. Overall, physical characteristics of UK has positive as well as negative impacts on international and national visitors (Pearce and Schott, 2010).

Social Characteristics of UK: It is included in the 6th largest and developed economy of the world so, level of poverty is very low. Most of the populations are enjoying their lifestyles above the poverty lines. It increases the living standards of local people. It has positive impacts on values beliefs and life styles of international visitors. Along with this, quality of life is also very high of local communities which also have positive impacts on living standard of tourists. Government of UK has developed different favorable rules and regulations for improving literacy rate of nation. Literacy rate of UK is 90% which plays improvement role in growth and development if social and economic life of UK (Morgan, 2007). Therefore, all these social factors have positive impacts on tourist destinations and number of visitors in UK.

Political Characteristics of UK: government of UK has developed favorable policies for tourism industry which help in attracting large number of international visitors. Along with this, members of EU can visit in this nations very easily and freely because UK is also one of the strongest member of EU. Government tourism policy 2011 help in improving the economic and cultural position of UK. It helps in attracting more visitors. In addition, some time, government of nation uses tourism as a political tool which have negative impact on tourist and total number of visitors in UK (Heeley, 2011).

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Issues Experienced by the Host Community

There are different issues of various countries which affect the tourism industry of host community. Along with this, different issues also affect the popularity of the tourism destinations. Major issues of different tourism destinations and their impact on host community has negative impact which are described as under:

Natural Disaster: Earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 is one of the major issue which affect the tourism of the whole country. It has negative impact on economic and geographical development of Nepal which affect the tourism of the whole country. Along with this, weather condition of Nepal was also very change which reduced the number of visitors in Nepal. This is the major issue which reduces the sustainability development of the whole country which reduces the attraction of business visitors also. In earthquake most of the major physical attractions of Nepal have damaged which reduces the value of them as well as government of the nation needs to spend lots of time and money to improve their physical appearances (Impact of Natural Disasters on The Tourism Industry, 2014). Therefore, natural disaster have very negative impact on tourist destinations of Nepal.

Terrorism: Tunisian beach terror attack in July 2015 has lots of negative impact on tourism on this tourist destination. It increases deflation, crime and other economic social and economic ills which reduces the attraction on international visitors towards this place. Along with this, this attack has increased the terror in mind of all visitors which also reduced the appeal of this tourist destination in all over the world (Heeley, 2015). It leads drop the demand of tourists which have negative impact on economic position of whole country.

World Disease: Outbreak of swine flu in India in February 2015 was one of the major issue which affect the tourism industry in negative manner. It has reduced the number of visitors due to the reason of life of danger. It has created the negative image in visitor’s mind which reduced the total earning of tourism industry of India. Due to this issue India has lots t\its biological diversity which also affected the number of visitors in India (Pastor, 2014).

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Discussion of the Potential for Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is an approach of tourism management which helps in improving economic, social and environmental benefits of different tourism destinations. Along with this, is also helps in reducing the extra cost of tourism destinations. Therefore, potential of responsible tourism will helps in resolving the all three above discussed issues in effective manner. Along with this, it helps in improving the lifestyle of the local people of tourism destination. Along with this, it will play important role in enhancing the looks of different physical features of destination which will help in appealing the demand of tourism destination. Responsible tourism also help in reducing terrorism at that destination as well as also help in improving the quality of health and social care services which reduces the probability of world diseases. Overall, potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community in the three issues. Major measures of responsible tourism include, number of visitors, spending of visitors, etc (Pechlaner and, 2012).


The current research report has concluded that different tourist destinations have their own physical, social and cultural features which help in attracting customers. Along with this, different tourist destination faces the various issues related to the natural disaster, terrorism and world diseases. So, every nations needs to focus on responsible tourism which help in resolving these issues and enhancing the tourism appeal of host community.


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