Employee Resourcing

Impact of Flexible Working Hours in Organization

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The business environment is quite dynamic and for every business enterprise there exists a complex challenge as they have to meet there current staffing needs and need to plan their strategic future want. Employee resourcing can be defined as a method where organization uses its potential human resources to achieve their goals and objectives. This process is related as a part of Human Resource Management only. This present report has been prepared to understand flexible working hours within the legislative framework in EU. Further, this report will study the impact of flexible working hours on organization as well as on employee's performance.

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The organization undertaken for the present study is Sysdoc Group which is a management consultancy firm and it deals in business process improvement and the change management functioning. Further, the cited firm have competent employees who work with the high profile clients like Vodafone, IBM, Network Rail, etc.


a) Flexible working hours within legislative framework

The company is operating its business in many countries and they are focusing on serving in the best possible way to their globally connected clients. Further, Sysdoc group is required tio follow the acts and laws which are prevailing within EU as well as in the country where they have their operations (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013). Moreover, the cited firm emphasize on creating a work culture which gives flexibility to their employees and with this, individuals are also able to balance their personal and professional life.

Further, with the concept of flexible working hours the employees were also able to work with best of their efficiency and capabilities to achieve their individual and organizational goals and objectives. Moreover, being a management consultancy firm, it is treated as a male dominator firm where employees are expected to work for long working hours and also for long period away from home. Sysdoc is also planning to build a talented team of consultant who can stand on the client’s expectations.

Moreover, the cited firm has to abide all the acts which are given in EU and also in the state legislation (Galli and et.al., 2012). Avoidance of such act can pamper their goodwill and can also result into breakdown of clients trust on them. However, employees are quite dedicated towards their work and they have positive approach towards their work-life balance. Mentioned company will also focus on Equality act, Equal pay act, Working hours act, etc. Further, by giving freedom to employees in their work profile, they will be work with best of their efforts. By giving cusotmers quality of work, they become a loyal clientele base for the firm. As per the working hours act, it is clearly evident that no employee is required to work more than 48 hours a week. However, if someone does so, then he/she will be liable to earn overtime in term of excess pay. This law is sometime known as working time regulations act.

b) Discussing the implications for good practice and also at time of recruiting the staff

Recruiting staff is a major concern for the cited venture as being a consultancy firm, they need individual who possess best of the talent and work with best of their efforts to achieve their individual as well as organizational goals and objectives. Sysdoc is planning to recruit more of the talented workforce so that they can develop goodwill and increase their profit and revenue. Flexible working hours has helped the business venture and their turnover has been increased almost 40% in the accounting period 2008-2009. Further, the expectations in the form of result have been increased and almost 96% of clients stated that the firm has met their expectations.

Moreover, cited firm now is focusing on recruiting new workforce and to attain best of the candidate, organization has to imply with different source of recruitment. Although cited firm is required to develop job description and job specification statement to recruit candidates for a particular position (Marler and Fisher, 2013). Some of them have been discussed down under:

Sysdoc focuses on receiving the application and scrutinize them so that they get best of the candidates who possess all the basic requirements of job description and specifications. Apart from that, a written test is conducted which evaluates knowledge of individual and after that personal interview and group discussion takes place (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). For personal interview, a panel of experts has been set who judges the personality and effectiveness of the candidates. On the other side, group discussion will help the venture to know the mental ability of individual that how they can react on particular situation.

Furthermore, each and every business venture has own recruiting process and it differs from one venture to another. Recruiting process conducted in retail firm like Tesco, Asda differs from the recruitment done in any of the hospitality firms like Ritz- Carlton, Marriott. Thus, organization focuses on best of the ways through which they can grasp multi talented or skilled candidates who can perform the business operations in an effective manner.


a) Impact of flexible working hours on organization and employee's performance

In today's time, flexible working hours is becoming important to the workplace and business venture are giving flexible working hours to their employees so that it give benefit to both employer as well as employee. Further, higher productivity of employee and higher organization profitability are the most common benefits of flexible working hours. Moreover, it also promotes and facilitate work life balance. Flexibility in work not only express variation in time and place of job, it also includes sharing of job, part-time or term time working. Sysdoc group having their operations throughout the globe and cited firm provides flexible working so that their employees work as per their requirement with best of the results.

Further, employees need trust of their employers so that they will be able to work with best of their dedication to achieve the desires results. Apart from this, Sysdoc positive approach regarding the flexible working hours has an positive impact on the employee's performance. From a report it has been revealed that almost 71% of women access their work from home and this gives them freedom to work independently. Moreover, almost 25% of employees have reduced their working hours and suits up their home life. The best advantage which cited firm has got after flexible working hours is that the staff turnover been reduced to almost 5%.

However, many men feels like such practices might result into lower down of income and can lead into higher employment insecurity (Wilson, 2014). Further, this practice is much more suitable for the women as compared to the men because of ideology belief of motherhood. With the flexible working hours, employees able to make balance of their life in more easy and positive manner. They can accomplish their task and duties from home without having fear of loss of pay or retrenchment. Flexible working practices helps in fulfilling the work- life responsibilities and might result in better work life balance.

Further, with stress a person will not be able to work with best of his capabilities and will lead into tension and other problems. Moreover, each person defines stress in different manner. For some individual stress happens by working overtime and for some due to pressure in order to meet the deadlines. Moreover, high level of stress can lead into headache, depression, heart attack and cancer. Employees within the venture have to work with free mind so that they can give best of the output (Impact of Flexible Work Hours on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction in Small Business Organizations, 2016).

Benefits of flexible hours for an organisation

Sysdoc group is the organisation which is processing change management and knowledge management. It is well utilizing the resources available to it. One such method adopted is leveraging the knowledge and information of their employees in the most lucrative manner (Kang, Morris and Snell, 2007). The use of flexible hours' system enables the organisation to leverage many benefits in different forms. It refers to the planning of work with the control over working time and duration.

Attracts potential employees

Availability of flexibility in working schedule, attracts the large number of efficient employees who are specialists in their functional areas as time boundation in some companies deviates the flow of capable persons away from them.

Increased productivity

Flexible working packages enables the employees to manage their work as per their convenience. Due to the absence of any reluctance over working time and freedom to adopt self initiated planning enables the employees to process their work according to their suitability which further enhances their productivity level and profitability to the organization.

Reduces employee turnover

With the availability of the favourable and suitable working conditions, employees drive towards work increases. It increases their motivation level and dedication towards the tasks and projects allotted to them. Benefiting multidimensionally, it increases the other motivating factors such as commitment, loyalty and satisfaction level of employees towards the Sysdoc group.

Creativity and Innovative ideas

In the proved studies, it has been figured out that employees working in the strict environment results in less productive outcomes as compared to the employees who are given flexible environment of working (Ngo, Lau and Foley, 2008). The management consultancy company seek innovative and creative ideas to provide services to their customers. Hence, it is found that with the inclusion of flexible hours working in the management, better ideas and creativity comes out.

b) Recommendations and Conclusion

Sysdoc group should appreciate the work done by their employees in order to develop their goodwill along with the revenue and profits. Flexible working hours gives them a positive upfront and with the trust of their employers they will be able to work with best of their dedication to achieve their individual as well as organizational goals and objectives. Further, to strengthen their workforce, they can hire skilled and multi talented employees from online job sites as well like Monster.com and different others. These cite give platform where employer and candidate can get in touch.

Moreover, organization promoting the flexible working hours and this is the only reason for their success as employees are able to manage their personal and professional life. Apart from this, they can hire candidates from different countries and with that they will be able to promote and increase their workforce throughout the globe which will be a major upfront for the cited venture.


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